Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hi Glyn'
Re SWP I Couldn't agree more. Me thinks its about time that he received a wake up call.

What If

Found this on the news page today. It's a series that asks, "What If" things had been different (some guy has obviously read the same book I have) and in this case asks the question, "What if Alex Ferguson had been sacked in 1990" They say -
Manchester United's 1989-90 season was a patchy affair. The team began with a win against Arsenal, but suffered an early run of six defeats and two draws in eight games. The press singled out manager Alex Ferguson for culpability. Then in January 1990, after losing seven games in a row, Manchester United faced an away game at Nottingham Forest in the third round of the FA Cup. Speculation over Ferguson's future intensified. Tabloid papers bristled with certainty that the man would be sacked if his team failed to beat Forest. In the event Manchester United won the game 1-0 thanks to a goal from Mark Robins, and went on to reach the final and win the FA Cup itself. Alex Ferguson's future at Old Trafford seemed secure. Might Ferguson have been dismissed had his team failed to beat Nottingham Forest? If he had been relieved of his job, the story of the last two decades of English - and possibly international - football could have been very different.
I would argue that English football would have been very different. Liverpool were about to lose the dominant position they had held for two decades and in the early 90's, the first division/premiership seemed relatively even (compared with today) There were a number of teams who were regularly finishing in the top six, including Aston Villa, Arsenal, Leeds Utd, Blackburn (thanks to JW) Sheffield Weds, Notts Forrest, QPR, Tottenham and dare I say it Manchester City. Had Ferguson gone in 1990, there would most certainly not have been an Eric Cantona playing at Old Trafford, no change in the youth policy to bring them Giggs, Beckham etc and more importantly with no United domination of the mid to late '90's, the spoils of European soccer and TV money would have been spread more evenly between those other clubs. Meanwhile, Ferguson's successor (United's eighth manager in twenty years would have had to have grappled with the same problems every manager from Wilf McGuiness to Ferguson experienced that being the live ghost of Matt Busby and too high expectation from fans.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

West Ham

Another good result against the 'ammers. We look like we can score goals every time we go forward. Only problem is, we still look fragile defensively. It's early days yet, but Lescot is giving me as many nervous headaches as Dunney did. We were extremely lucky (did you catch that admission all you reds eavesdropping on this blog, we were extremely lucky) last night that the linesman spotted an invisible foul on him, as West Ham's disallowed goal looked good to me. It was worrying the way the WHAM forward brushed him aside so easily. Big test will come at Villa in a weeks time, although in a way every game is a big test for us.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

This week

This week
Monday’s manumirror had Craig Bellamy on the front page with the headline ‘Bellamy Belts Fan’ Time to sue, City. Tuesdays has the ‘fan’ telling us what he said to Bellamy, oh and Beckett and Taylor convince themselves that the ref was RIGHT to add on 7 minutes. The best team won, apparently, well maybe in the second half, but surely the Blues, up against it at the cesspit where you’d expect the home team with a biased referee and hostile atmosphere (Whipped up by Fergie) to do the business, deserved a point. Wednesdays manumirror has a doctored pic of Bellamy punching the ‘fan’ with the caption ‘WHACK’ (it was a shove!)
We had the 2-1 win over Fulham reserves. Made hard work of it but two headed goals from corners can’t be sniffed at and we’re through to the next round. Scunthorpe at home so we can’t complain at that.
Thursdays manumirror, I can’t put my hands on at the moment but remember it being the predictable “City’s multi million pound team etc etc. Friday they’d run out of steam a bit and ran the Stephen Ireland story plus a small piece on the reaction in Spain to Owen’s ‘golden goal’ It was without a doubt a Fix.

Just seen a bit of the weekend’s games. Scholes’ deliberate hand ball not even carded then they got their second from a very dodgy free kick. Dunney looked a bit erm hesitant for Villa and gave away a pen for handball. Good article on Craig Bellamy in The Observer.
Tomorrow night it’s West Ham at home, here’s the It’s a Fix extract :
Last promotion was in 2005, No league titles and last F. A. Cup win was in 1980. Most recent connections: Craig Bellamy, Carlos Tevez. Big name supporters : Russell Brand, Phil Jupitas.
Last season : After sacking Curbishley and setting on Zola they finished 9th with 51 points and 5 wins 7 draws and 7 losses away from home, one point and one place above the Blues. Boardroom problems didn’t help.
At Coms it was a 3-0 win for City in August, 38,635, (1275 Hammers), but down at Upton Park in March it was a 1-0 loss, 34,562, 1889 Blues.
Zola’s squad has lost Nsereko, Bowyer and Collins, (Total £5M) gaining Kovak, Diamanti, and Da Costa (Total £8M) adding to the existing squad
This season so far : They’re 18th place with 4 points from 5 games, one away win, one draw, one loss and have just lost at Bolton in the Carling Cup (aet).
Our form in Manc v West Ham : In the eight Prem meetings it’s been 5 wins, 2 draws and one defeat, in 02/03 0-1.
Comment : It’s a game we’d expect to win and maybe a chance for Craig Bellamy to shut up their boo boys, whilst Carlos Tevez will be hailed as a hero, no doubt.
Wind Up : You can stick your effin bubbles up your arse
Stats : 16 pre-war and 64 post make it our 81st lg mtg
Their current average home att : 33,701
WWTWTWShite ; Averaged 17,699 in 55/56 so not bad

Incidentally we missed off the final couple of lines of Andrew Heydeman's article on page 12 in KK 172 which should read.....on cup final day....I'd go to ....Wembley!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only joking again my darling red!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Further to Tony, Neil and Glyn’s postings I would add that Gillingham was TEN years ago. If you’d read the postings properly instead of coming out with “You’re a clown Wallace” you’d see that we have already expressed concerns about our defence. United were the better team in the second half against our patched up squad. Better teams don’t always win – Bayern Munich, Chelsea in the Euro Cup and Arsenal at O/T a few weeks ago – fact is, and not for the first time, you cheated. And don’t tell me you’re not concerned about Foster? Now take your monkey chanting, bottle and coin throwing bias elsewhere and if you wish to discuss further I won’t be down in London until December when we play Spurs, but I won’t hold my breath.

Monday, 21 September 2009


This week
Couldn’t agree more with your comments fellas. We knew we’d have to hang on and give it our all in Fergie time after three stirring fight backs but just couldn’t do it. My question is – where did the FOUR minutes come from, never mind the seven? At Chelsea they had two players stretchered off and only played 8 minutes extra. only one more than us.
Tell you what, if I was a rag I’d be a bit worried about that ‘England class goalie (remember Watford?) and centre half.
The Burf ’says “what a surprise that the F. A. appoint a ref who fell out with baconface the last time he reffed at the swamp and would thus be determined to worm himself back into rag favours….. he also predicts an F. A. incitement charge for Neville (a reserve right back who won’t be missed anyway) so they can justify banning Adebayor as “part of a wider crackdown”!
Oh and can I raise this one yet again with our club (I will) – at O/T away fans are in a corner away from the cameras with rows of disabled fans in front so no chance of an Arsenal/COMS situation AND we’re let out at the same time as the mutants, again unlike at COMS where our own fans have to circumnavigate the cossetted away fans exits/coach park.
I haven’t had the heart to read today’s papers yet but notice that the front page of the manumirror has a full page spread of Bellamy apparently twatting that twat on the pitch when the video shows it was quite clearly a little slap. Blimey, he could have had a knife!!!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

this week

This week
Well, just when you thought that the manumirror couldn’t sink any lower, Friday's back page had Fabregas claiming that he had a lucky escape from an Adebayor horror tackle, another one that no-one at the ground saw. They’ve managed to find a new journalist to have a pop at out lovely Blues, his name is John Cross. And listen to this “if Ade had worn studs instead of blades Van Persie – wait for it- could have – still waiting - lost an eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey and that fan at Palace could have – had a knife!!!!!!!!!!!! ) I just threw that one in!
So a three match ban for Ade, nothing for Rip Van Persie but they daren’t do anything about either 'celebration' I wouldn’t have thought? maybe a yellow for VP?

David Conn in Friday, Saturday and Sunday’ s Guardian/Observer has articles on the Blues and the Abu Dhabi influence. I was astounded to read that Hughes and Cook hadn’t checked out the situation thoroughly before signing up and were a bit relieved, to say the least, that the Arabs came in. More tomorrow.

Off to the swamp/cesspit/Liverpool warehouse tomorrow. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract :
Last promotion was in 1975, after City put them down in 1974, remember!? Most recent connections : Mark Hughes and Carlos Tevez. Big name glory seekers/bandwagon jumpers : Thousands of them! :

Fergie’s squad (boo) has been weakened with the loss of Eckersley, Campbell, Tevez and Ronaldo (Total £83.5M), but they’ve added Oberton, Valencia, and Owen (Total 19M) to the existing lot of granny shaggers, drug test dodgers, kung fu kickers, too disgusting to mention..

One of the big four doing it the right way? : Persuaded the F. A to ban some of our players in 1906 so they could sign four of them to give them a modicum of success which eluded them for the next 37 years, during which time their bitter fans burned down the main stand at Hyde Road (Uwe’s granddad later got revenge!).
Appointed an ex Blue to manage them, played at Maine Road post war before big crowds for the first time then under the City lights in European games. Had a stand built for them by the Government. Nicked the ground name from Lancs CC, Red Devils from Salford RL, Glory, glory song from Spurs. Milked the Munich Air crash, originators of modern hooliganism in the 60’s, first with fences in the 70’s, went 26 years without a title win until a game carried on after dark allowing them to win it and their first title. Finished the careers of three City players, Bell, Pardoe, Haaland with filthy tackles. Since then it’s been a case of marketing the club in far out places to increase their support and piss off their traditional Salford and Stretford support, and they’ve dominated due to dubious penalties, off side goals, intimidation of officials, wind ups, media bias, tapping up of players, Fergie time, sulks, tantrums, spitting and bullying opposition fans’ women and children. In fact every dirty snidey trick in the book to gain an advantage. and have now got American owners. They really are despicable, which hasn’t been pointed out to their Malaysian hordes….YET.

Last season : They lost to Zenith St Petersburg in the Euro Super Cup but in traditional rag manner still claimed themselves as World Champions. They won the League Cup on penalties and the Title for the third consecutive time with 90 points, 4 more than Liverpool in second, with 16 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss at home. But they lost the one they really wanted, humiliated 2-0 by Barcelona in Rome, who City later beat 1-0 in a friendly.
At COMS it was a November 1-0 loss for City, 47,320 (2,846 Malaysians) and at O/T in May it was another loss, 2-0 this time 75,464, (3,050 Blues)

This season so far: They’re 3rd with 12 points from 5 games, after a home win over Birmingham, loss at Burnley, win in the second half at Wigan and scraped past Arsenal at home who had a penalty and goal denied. Equalised with a penalty after an ‘honest’ Rooney dive, won with an own goal with despicable chants and treatment aimed at that gentleman of football Arsene Wenger. Bastards. They also won at Spurs.

Our form at the Liverpool Warehouse in Trafford : In our last 8 Prem visits we’ve won 1 drawn 4 lost 3.

Comment : We go there with our strongest team in years but without Robinho, Adebayor - “united feel firmly that he should be banned from the derby” and possibly Tevez.
But it should still be one of the best derbies with the atmosphere cranked up further to City’s superior marketing campaign. That banner of theirs should act as an inspiration. We can do it, c’mon City/

Wind Ups : If Tevez comes on and gets the ball it’ll be “Fergie, Fergie sign him up. He once said that united don’t boo the players they’ve sold on so we’ll see what class the rags fans have. He’s already come out with “Tevez will get a hostile reception” so the ‘King Of Hypocrites’ has done it again. He also reckons that City won’t be top dogs (again) in his lifetime asking for trouble, as Tony P's sussed. Check out the history and see how true ‘Only here cos of City’ really is.

Groundwise : Record attendance is still 76,962 for the Wolves v Grimsby semi-final in 1939, still 7,602 below City’s 84,569. It’s uglyville, but we make it beautiful in our corner between the main and north stand with the sky blue so long may it continue!

Stats : 44 pre-war, and 96 post make it our 141st league meeting,
Last pot : Do we care? Are we bovvered?
Their current home average att : 75, 304
WwtwtwShite : Averaged 11, 685 in 1930/31
Away Day Zines ; united We Stand, Red Issue, Red News
Pubs/parking/route : You know the drill by now?!

My condolences

Well, they kept it a secret, but Fergie seems to have let it slip out. I would like to offer my condolences to Alex Ferguson's family and despite the rivalry between the two clubs, I feel we should unite in wishing Mrs Ferguson our best wishes in these difficult times. Naturally United fans will be sad at learning the news, but all I can say that time is a great healer and in time, you will learn to live with your loss. I can't understand why old purple nose didn't make it common knowledge earlier, but for those who haven't heard, Alex Ferguson only has a couple of years to live. He let it slip out during a TV interview when he was asked if United will ever go into a derby as under dogs and he replied "Not in my lifetime"
Good luck tomorrow boys

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

this week

This week
Arsenal at home and amazingly another hot sunny day considering the rain we’ve had all summer. Thought I could hear the strains of a band outside the south stand with a few Beatle numbers drifting across to my pitch on the Ashton New Road. This was the first of our BIG tests. Pitch looked a bit ropey, and we gave them a bit too much respect until Micah’s goal. Couldn’t make out the abuse Adebayor was getting from the Arsenal fans, though this has been going on all summer on websites etc and they were glad to see the back of him, so having got shut for a decent fee what’s their problem? He was getting plenty of stick on the pitch too, but rode it nicely. It was revealed on TV that Van Persie’s equaliser caused him to mouth off obscenely at City fans, but it’s ‘a man’s game’ is it not and I’m sure he got plenty back?
Should V/P have got a straight red after his lunge at Ade before the latter accidentally caught him with his boot, or otherwise? “Ooooh it could have taken his eye out” Anyway, we went two one up and Arsenal wilted. We were all willing for Ade to score to shut those Gooners up. “C’mon Ade, stick one in, c’mon, you can do it” Yeeeees 3-1. If I could have jumped down on the pitch from the second tier I would have and joined in his celebratory run as if following the Pied Piper of Hamlin. One of the finest things in life is to see someone get their cum-uppance, and you just have to hold your hands up and take it when it happens. (He did a similar celebration to us at the Emirates last April after his first goal without having to run 100yards, but we didn’t throw owt at him) We’ve had a good relationship with Arsenal fans – you know, our self deprecating humour whilst they were stuffing us by 4 or 5 – but today they behaved like great big mard fuckin babies. Then Shaun put the icing on the cake to make it 4-1 with about ten minutes to go and like we say you can’t relax with City even at that score! Sure enough we went a bit silly and sloppy, not holding onto the ball and gave the Arse chances to pull back. Luckily they only got one more. 4-2. First time we’ve scored 4 against them since 1928. lovely stuff and our arrival is announced.

Oh dear, the media and gutter rag arse licking press are now having a field day. Martin Samuel is the voice of reason in the Mail, despite an OTT reaction elsewhere, but Oliver Holt blotted his copybook after a decent match write up by comparing it with Gary Neville’s angry, apaplectic and aggressive reaction to Liverpool fans (Ade'a was a happy one) , and even more absurdly to Cantona at Palace who was sent off, and not for the first time, for snidey, dirty fouls. Sometimes abuse is deserved.
So we wait and see. There should be no further punishment for the celebration. If there is the F. A. will have pathetically succumbed to the mob. They’ll go to town without a doubt on the alleged stamp, after the press campaign and the predictable "Manchester united feel quite firmly that he should be banned from the derby"especially as we’re not yet part of the big four cartel. Proof will be if Van Persie isn’t charged - and Eduardo's just got away with his dive.

Incidentally, not a mention anywhere of Scholes’ latest attempt to maim an opponent, for what should have been a straight red. As for Phil Neville’s lunge at Dickson…..

Points Of Blue meeting tonight – 6.30pm at he C/B stand Mancunia suite. I’ve slapped in ten items –1) O/S items from last mtg. 2) rag fans in City shop, 3) Cup tickets, 4) naiveity in letting Arsenal getting their oar in first on the Ade situation, 5) ticket office update, 6) East car park situation, 7) museum/tour bus, 8) catering no pasties, 9) state of pitch, 10) Bert Trautmann stand name, 11) Badge campaign (Tho I think the laurel thing is hideous) 12) We should make more of the 84,569 than 1894
See you there?

Monday, 14 September 2009

Arsenal report

Thought you might like to see Tom's match report, done after the match on Saturday :

What a game!! If this is how City are going to attempt to break into the top 4, then we will win over the press sooner than we'd thought. Heck, we might just get there this season! People may well start salivating over the thought of City after today. Certainly, we've shown we can contend, although Arsenal certainly aren't the strongest team in this division.Our gameplan was to frustrate, and the first half was pretty dire. Gallas' free header from a corner was a slight worry but then Barry took a free kick into the box, Richards looped his header towards the far post, the ball ricocheted off the post and in off Almunia. Dodgy goals panel will have a fun time deciding but for me it's Micah's as Almunia touched it onto the post. The worries lifted and Arsenal had to do all the work. We just sat back, waited for the breaks, and took our chances. With de Jong especially, we compressed the midfield, and it was frustrating, but in the second half Arsenal were better. We barely attempted to leave our half for 15 mins before they equalised. City just watched and waited. When Van Persie expertly turned Lescott into space and lashed an equaliser past Given, we knew our mettle would be tested. And boy, did we respond.Petrov came on for the anonymous Ireland, and Bellamy was pushed back into the middle. Adebayor used Petrov as a decoy, ghosting along the touchline past 5 players but somehow SWP missed from 6 yards. Possibly the best run I've seen since Kinkladze. Then Shaun won the ball near halfway, and saw Richards bombing forward. Micah skipped past Song and gave it to Bellamy who made no mistake from 12 yards. With Arsenal reeling, Adebayor leapt to make it 3-1 from SWP's cross. Ade's celebration was to run full length to goad the Arsenal fans, and he was booked. It's a shame that we gave them something to complain about, but it's so funny to see us worrying the big boys that you want to forgive such childish behaviour. However, there was a possible stamp before the goals by Adebayor on Van Persie. It wasn't particularly clear as Ade was off balance after Van Persie clattered him from behind.Thankfully the 'typical City' attitude only affected us after we'd dismembered Arsenal. They continued to come at us, but we defended resolutely. Bellamy broke away from deep at speed and put through Shaun to deliver the coup de grace, we were in dreamland, and the Gunners fans walked out in droves. City then started to lose concentration. Ade was dispossessed by Fabregas whilst faffing about wasting time, and for the next few minutes Arsenal ploughed up the other end until Rosicky scored. From then on we did wonder if we could cock it all up, as Van Persie hit the post, but despite continued pressure we held on for 4-2. Scoring goals against the run of play is a great way to win games and this was no exception. With the tides turned there was simply no stopping us. Not a bad warm up for them over the canal next week, but they are a much less flaky outfit.

Proportion and Distortion

There have been some terrible scenes throughout the UK over the past few days. Protest marches, effigies burnt, witty slogans on banners, pins in the eyes of voodoo dolls… All because of two separate incidents in one football match. I suppose it’s a good thing we’re not looking for a paedophile here.

Adebayor’s stamp on Robin van Persie deserves a ban, that isn’t in question. As a football fan, I’m supposed to be shocked. And I am: his behaviour was shocking, I’m shocked. There. He was wrong to do it and, more likely than not, will be punished for it.

But, the thing is, I don’t believe for one minute City’s forward began the game with the aim of stamping on one of his former team-mates, with the aim of injuring one of the opposition players or with the aim of doing somebody some damage. Robin van Persie, on the other hand, disagrees:

"We are both professional footballers and I know that the game is physical, I too have made hard and sometimes mis-timed challenges but never with the intention of hurting an opponent. He set out to hurt me today.

He had his own agenda today and that is bad for football. It's bad for the game we all love.

The statement issued through the Arsenal website suggests that van Persie thinks that Adebayor began the game wanting to kick either him or his fellow team-mates. From what I witnessed yesterday, Adebayor started the game with the aim of helping his side to victory.

Then what happened was as follows: City were on the back foot and the ball was cleared to half-way. Adebayor was on his own and in possession. As he tried to skip past one tackle, he knocked the ball too far and lost it. At that same moment, van Persie comes flying in the two feet recklessly, failing to win the ball and ends up in front of Adebayor. Who then, in my opinion, decides stupidly to kick out at him – not in some pre-meditated attack, but because of an ill timed and two-footed challenge.

That, by no means, makes Adebayor’s actions right or above punishment, he deserves whatever punishment he gets – I don’t want to be accused of condoning his actions or the injury to van Persie’s face. But neither am I condoning a witch hunt of somebody who looks to have reacted in the spur of the moment and who probably now regrets what he did.

It’s not as if Robin van Persie has never lashed out in the heat of the moment, or been a bit careless with his elbows. I don’t recall other victims of such incidents issuing statements on club websites. Thomas Sorensen didn’t feel the need to when he was stamped on and shouldered by the very man who has “made hard and sometimes mis-timed challenges but never with the intention of hurting an opponent”.

Neither Robin van Persie nor Arsenal needed to bring this incident to the media’s attention – it was already there. They could have complained to the FA in private, who would probably have looked at the incident anyway: the referee clearly didn’t see it, otherwise he would have punished Adebayor.

The second incident, on the other hand, has been blown out of all proportion. And because it was from the same man as the first, then needless to say the gallows are being prepared and the black cap dusted.

So then, Adebayor scored. Then he proceeded to run 90m down to the other end of the ground to celebrate with the opposition fans. Fans of his former club. Fans who hadn’t a good word to say about him beforehand. Fans who had booed and jeered every touch of the ball he had.

I wrote something not so long ago about removing homophobia from football and was told I was overreacting and it was just banter. You wouldn’t call racism banter, so why would you call homophobia banter? Celebrating a goal against a set of fans who had been mercilessly taunting you right in front of them, I would say, is banter.

A lot has been made of Adebayor’s celebration, but not a lot has been made of the behaviour of some of the Arsenal fans. Now I know most Arsenal fans are like most City fans and most fans of other teams – sensible and hate Manchester United – but the minority who hurled themselves at the stewards, threw coins and hot dogs, and tried to burst onto the pitch shouldn’t go blameless here.

Adebayor was ill-advised to celebrate how he did, but if the Arsenal fans that reacted can’t take a bit of banter from an ex-player when they had been perfectly willing to dish it out to that ex-player, then football probably isn’t the sport for them.

If we as people can’t rise above retaliating with violence to a counter-taunt, then we should be taking a long, hard look at ourselves. Not at the man who simply celebrated a goal, dishing out what he had taken throughout the game. Why should the fans be allowed to be offensive, but not be offended?

As far as I’m concerned, the matter should be finished. He was booked for the celebration and, as Graham Poll explained on Sky Sports News, that’s the punishment that applies in the rules for what he did. Other players have done it in the past – even van Persie turned and ran towards the City fans when he equalised to celebrate in front of them, shouting a few obscenities.

It was heat of the moment stuff. He was booked and he’s apologised for doing it. Players have done it in the past and been booked, they’ll do it in the future and get booked. There’s no need to punish them on the pitch with a yellow card, then off it with a ban. And didn’t Henry do something similar in one of Arsenal’s matches with Tottenham?

Adebayor did exactly what the vast majority of us in that position would have wanted to do. He knows what he did was wrong in the circumstances and was punished accordingly with a yellow card – they add up over the season and result in bans, too. Try and tell managers with key players banned for receiving one or more of five yellow cards for celebrating by taking their shirt off that cautions don’t mean much post-match.

And in this entire furore, most people have forgotten the stern defensive display that City put in and their excellent finishing on the break. You’d have thought that these two incidents happened and then some football broke out, not the other way round.

David Mooney

Friday, 11 September 2009

this week

This week
It’s been a busy and exhausting one at KK Towers – we finished the zine off at 4am on Tuesday morning, after much editing and a few omissions saved for next issue and it’s still 56 pages!
Just picked it up from the printers and delivered to Urbis and Aleef on Cross Street/ Market Street. As you’d expect some really good stuff – Colin Shindler article responses, comment on the media preservation of the big four campaign, premier prospects, curses etc etc.

So England qualified for the World Cup, Brazil were inspired by Elano, Tevez’s injured and just when we’ve got money to spend we may be prevented from spending it as we’ve allegedly ‘poached’ a French wonder kid who is actually reputed to be no good! You couldn’t make it up.

There’s a Bert debate going on the blog. I, of course have a goalie’s jersey and when I asked the lad in the store with a City tattoo on his arm to put Trautmann (two n’s) on the back he asked if that was my surname! I kid you not, and yes, it’s true Bert isn’t so well known in Manchester never mind Germany. Garry (two r’s) Cook should know of him though as he’s a Birmingham fan and it was against them in the 1956 cup final that Bert broke his neck. Bert did open the new Kippax stand a few years ago at Maine Road, but yes it is an item to bring up at the POB meeting next week.

Tomorrow it’s the Arse, here’s the It’s a Fix extract :
Last promotion was in 1915 (fix), and last pot was the F. A. Cup in 2005, 4 seasons ago. Most recent connections are Toure and Adebayor. Big name supporters are Roger Daltry, John Lydon and Alan Davies ….
One of the big four doing it the right way : Cheated their way into division one in 1915 when they finished 5th in division 2, poached Huddersfield's manager Herbie Chapman in the late twenties to become successful in the thirties. Introduced a bond scheme to rip off their fans, picked a foreign manager who flooded the team with foreign players, charge exorbitant prices for season tickets, had a new stadium built for them which now costs a fortune in interest rates, oh, and pay their players high wages…
Last season, it was trophyless again, finishing 4th with 72 points, 18 behind the leaders with 9 wins, 7 draws and 3 losses away from home.
City won 3-0 at COMS in November, 44,878, (2842 Arses), but lost 2-0 at the Emirates in April, 60,097, (3,004 Blues), with a certain Adebayor scoring their goals.
Our form in Manc v Arsenal : In the last 3 games we've had 2 wins (1-0 in 06/07, 3-0 in 2008/09) and one loss.
Arsene Wenger’s squad, has lost, notably Adebayor and Toure, gaining them £40 million of which they’ve spent £11.3 million on Vermaelen, Martinez, and Edge to complement the existing big names.
This season so far : They’re 6th with 6 points from 3 games had a great start winning 6-1 at Goodison, then bear Pompey 4-1 at home, lost to united 2-1 at the swamp unluckily but knocked Celtic out of the Euro Cup, at a cost, Eduardo now banned for a couple of Euro games because of diving.

Comment : This is the real test. Whilst we beat them here last year they’ve still got a phenomenal record against us, but with our upgraded squad we should be able to give them a real game. No doubt Ade and Toure will get some stick but a couple of good performances should shut them up. Bring it on.
Wind Ups : Well we won’t be hearing any of those disgusting rag type Arsene Wenger chants
Stats: 64 pre-war and 98 post-war make it our (massive) 163rd league meeting,
Wwtwtw shite? Averaged 23,824 in ’85.
Their current average home attendance: 60,040

Bert Trautmann

I watched the lovely feature on YouTube about Bert Trautman, featured over in the corner of the blog. Although Bert was not of my generation of City players, I would have had to have been crazy not to have heard of him. I wondered if the general German public are as knowledgeable about Bert and after watching the clip, I got the impression that he is not as well known over there as he is over here in the UK, does anyone know? The YouTube clip is in German and my schoolboy knowledge of the language is nowhere near good enough to understand it all, but what seemed to come across was that the narrator was having to explain to the watching audience much of Bert's history that we take for granted. Watching the clip made me feel very proud and it is clear that he still holds a very strong torch in his heart for the club. He is 86 this year and obviously can't last forever, although to look at how well he looks, he might. Does anyone know if he is due to come over for another visit and if so I'd like to see the club honour him in some kind of special way, perhaps re-naming a stand in his honour. Anyone any thoughts

Thursday, 3 September 2009

this last week

This last week
Like we said it was off to Spain on the Monday to visit the Costa Blanca Blues courtesy of Colin and Margaret Brinkley who did us proud as usual. There was to be a meeting on the Saturday with Bert Trautmann present but this had to be cancelled due to numbers being down as many branch members were back in the UK! So a meal was arranged on the Tuesday night which was well attended and a lot of fun with the added bonus of a photoshoot and interview (not to be missed!) with the Costa Blanca News.
On the Thursday it was down to the Breeze Bar for the Palace game on Sky. New signing Lescott played and there were a few dodgies in the first half but we killed ‘em off nicely in the second, even scoring a headed goal from a corner! So we beat the second round bogey at last, and not before time. Fulham next at COMS.
On the Sunday it was the Breeze Bar again for the Pompey game with a good turnout of Blues including Neil and his missus on hol from Prestwich, Rob, and Geoff etc. Sadly there was the token rag cheering for Pompey. No class, no respect, but he was soon quietened. Again, a headed goal from a corner – equalling the total from last season and also the number of away wins.
So far so good. In the last issue of KK I listed some of the thngs we needed to address to be taken seriously. I missed out a couple of vitals – luck, which we’ve had a little bit of, and referees and linesmen. Two goals wrongly disallowed so far for offside and at least one penalty turned down. Needs looking at by the F.A. and Premier League.
I see they’re addressing the diving issue now that the ladyboy has left the rags – closing the door after the horse has bolted.
Transfer deadline saw Dunney go to Villa, after a wrangle over his testimonial – Niall Quinn gave his to charity, and there was no swap deal for Bentley and Petrov, thankfully.
We’re currently putting together the next KK so if you’ve not contributed yet, you’re too late! It’s another monster issue and our 21st anniversary of course.