Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Regarding your comments Neil, both united and City fans were doing this last season at half time. For some reason bottles and bins were flying, it was a very dangerous situation and there were kids there who were extremely frightened and worried. I'm surprised to hear that this is still happenimng almost a year on and if action had been taken - they're very quick to stop us selling zines at theses places - then that Blackburn lad may still be alive. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends but you can't help thinking that it could have been avoided. We are at Stoke next week and I'll talk to the cops


  1. Hopefully this tragedy will help ensure police and stewards stampt out such lunacy.

    Well here I go again with my negative views on another ALMOST totally uninspiring performance. Thank heaven for Adam Johnson who, for the 2nd time in 4-days, was our only real shining light.

    I'm now getting really worried about Mancini's negative tactics. If Arsenal, Spurs or United had been in our position before the match you just know their ambition would've stretched beyond the 3-points. 4 goals would've taken us above Liverpool.

    With all due respect to Bolton, we shouldn't be needing De Jong, Barry and Vieira in midfield to protect our defence and it was obvious after 10-minutes that we were in for another display of monotony.

    What was Given playing at? The ridiculous punch when he was unchallenged was bad enough but how often does he escape by the skin of his teeth when casually preparing for his clearances? He was very lucky to escape last night.

    Toure was just hopeless and should've conceded a penalty. In fact our defence looks vulnerable every time it's attacked. Nobody, and I include Kompany, is showing any command.

    Sky showed a montage of Vieira clips at the end, which I felt was misleading. In truth he looked a pale shadow of the Arsenal player we remember and though I accept he's bound to be rusty, I can't believe he'll be upto the demands that Chelsea, Spurs and even Liverpool will present.

    Mancini's post-match interview was yet another embarrassment. I don't know why Sky and ESPN are even bothering asking him questions as he doesn't grasp what they're saying and consistently mumbles an inane babble of cliche and tripe.

    I'm convinced we would be no worse off had we stuck with Hughes and for sure, the football would've been much more entertaining.

    Apart from Johnson's performance, another Adebayor goal and 3-points gained, please someone give me a reason to be cheerful.

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  3. I agree with all you have said Glyn. How the Daily Express could report that Vierria. When I ysed to play 5-a side, if I had done that, my team mates would have gone spare. These however are supposedly top class players earning upwards of £100000pw. We could be hit with even more bad news if Pompey go under as we will lose six points.

  4. Sorry about the last post, something went wrong somewhere as it looks as if I wrote it whilst under the influence of LSD. Here's what I meant to say. I agree with all you have said Glyn. How the Daily Express could report that Vieria had a good game is beyond me. What was more annoying was the number of times that a City player, under no pressure, pasased the ball to a black shirt or sent it soaring into touch.. When I used to play 5-a side, if I had done that, my team mates would have gone spare. These however are supposedly top class players earning upwards of £100000pw. We could be hit with even more bad news if Pompey go under as we will lose six points.

  5. Tony. I have checked up on the Portsmouth results and there is only one top six club that would gain from all the Portsmouth games being null and void and that is Liverpool, who having being beaten by Portsmouth would in fact gain 3 points on us,I would hope that the FA would find some way to allow Portsmouth to complete their fixtures and avoid the ensuing chaos.
    I thought Vieira looked unfit and may take some time to reacclimatise to the pace of the premiership.Toure looked to be carrying an injury and was slow at times.
    I think Mancini and the players should be given time, injuries and new players have meant that we have had a very unsettled side and the belief that you can throw a lot of talented players together and expect them to look like a team is unrealistic.
    Johnson looked the business and could be a very important player for us.
    I find it ironic that SWP can be the victim of brutal tackles and while lying on the floor should he flick a foot out he could get a red card.
    Stevie Ireland has not looked the same player since his health scare, I hope he stays and recaptures the form we know he is capable of.
    Given has made some superhuman saves for us but looked decidedly mortal last night,if he does not buck up he could be understudying Joe Hart next season.

  6. Perhaps someone could explain the tactic of the fastest player on the pitch being overlapped by Adebayor and the move breaking down because nobody's in the middle.
    Sorry, but Tevez doesn't look as impressive with Adebayor in the team. I don't care how many goals Adebayor scores, our tactics look disjointed with him in the team.
    Imagine if City had signed Berbatov and United had signed Robinho. Bizarrely, I think both teams would have benefitted.

  7. Absolutely,I was gutted to read the teamsheet on my arrival last night. IMHO we've definitely gone backwards since Hughes' departure. How I miss SWP, Robinho and Tevez standing on the halfway line at their corner and City breaks at lightening speed. I have serious doubts whether Mancini can deliver. That means ANOTHER new manager and reports in the Times of Ireland's discontent are disturbing. He was superb last season and must surely be the way forward rather than "my old buddy" Patrick. Very concerned!

  8. I don't think Ireland's been the same player since the day we signed Bellamy. Suddenly his lung burstting runs weren't as visible
    Ireland was running from deep, but now we've got Bellamy and the perpetually offside Adebayor.

  9. I see Portsmouth have had a short stay of execution.If they go into administration they carry on but lose 10 points. If they go bust, out of business and do not complete their fixtures would we lose the points we have accrued against them. If yes it might be worth giving them 6 million or so just to make sure they stay "trading".
    Last night was more of the same. Papers seem quite positive about Viera but if he is a Premier League player there is hope for me yet. His performance mirrored the teams; laboured, stuttering, slow. Stephen Ireland will not regain his form sat on the bench. He needs games. Johnson looked very promising but I take the point that letting Weiss go and then spending £7 on a similar player does look silly. We would threaten a lot more if we played with two wingers. How come Ade and Carlos can't click. When Ade was in Africa Tevez was scoring for fun and now he looks well out of sorts.
    The natives down here in Potsville are professing a degree of anxiety about the Cup on Sat. If I've heard "we've got no chance against City" once I heard it twenty times.I don't believe it and reckon if Stoke are committed they will give us a hard time. That might be the key word "committed". Pulis is one of those managers who would rather take 3 points off us next week and lose the cup tie than make progress in the Cup at the cost of league stability. Where do our mangers instincts lie? I think we probably know but I'm sure Bobby knows how important progress in the Cup would be for the fans. Wembley or 4th place. The former for me but as the Ed said whats wrong with both.

  10. BTW. According to the FA. Rules impeding an opponent is punishable by an indirect free kick.So had the referee deemed Toure to have committed an offence it should not have been a penalty.
    I think we are vulnerable at the moment,pressure on players can make them do strange things and this is a team under the cosh.
    I would like to see SWP and Johnson playing as orthodox wingers against Stoke with Adebayor staying put in the middle and Tevez or Ireland playing in the hole behind Adebayor and then depending on the state of the game bring on Tevez,Ireland or De Jong later.
    I am not too concerned about Portsmouth,yes we could lose 6 points but then so does everyone else in the top half of the table if not actually then potentially, apart from Liverpool who were beaten 2-0.

  11. So you think our lot would've defended an indirect free kick from that position, Steve? Fact is Toure was hopeless and we could easily have had another Hull/Fulham/Burnley result.

    I thought we bought the likes of Toure precisely because he's been there and bought the t-shirt, so I don't think pressure is a legitimate excuse.

    I agree with the comments about Adebayor/Tevez and think RSC was bought with teams like Stoke in mind. I'd therefore team him up with Tevez for the next two games - assuming he is, indeed, fit again!

    The big winners if Pompey are wound up would, indeed, be Liverpool. I gather if it had happened today they would've replaced Arsenal in 3rd place.... and wouldn't it just be typical of ours and their luck if this made the difference between us finishing in the top four.

    I'm a big fan of Ireland's and would love to see him back and playing well. However, I think he's had plenty of opportunities and just hasn't looked the same player. I appreciate he's been asked to play in unacustomed roles but facets of his game that shouldn't be affected by his position - eg his interceptions, tackling back and covering, have also been well below par.

  12. PS. Steve, I've just checked Chelsea's fixtures and they aren't due to meet Portsmouth till March. Doesn't this means they'd lose only 3 points compared to United's 6, and that Liverpool wouldn't be the only top six 'winner'?

    Every cloud, what!

  13. Many fans accused Hughes of playing the big name signings without any regard to form. Mancini appears to be doing this. I agree with Neil that Tevez is a much less effective when playing alongside Manu. 3 goals in 3 games, I know, but he's been anonymous apart from that.

    As I said to my mate last night, the team he played is never going to finish in the top four.

    We've undoubtedly got the players to achieve this. I hope Bobby Manc can see that too. Has he got the ability to take us further? I honestly don't think so.

    Please please, prove me wrong!!

  14. Call me a crusty old cynic, but any news on the "Nothing too serious" Bellamy injury?

  15. Acc to todays MUEN he should be available for Tue at Stoke, Neil.

    Pretty decent night for us, with Wolves in particular doing us a favour. It's all in our own hands.

  16. Good morning all.Glyn.I think Chelsea would lose 6 points as I doubt they would fail to beat Portsmouth if they played them,although having a blank weekend, so no injuries and no yellow cards would give them the edge over UTD.It will affect the goal difference as the reds have beaten Portsmouth 9-1 on aggregate.
    In the last three games we have looked more like a mid table side,but as you say it's in our own hands that 4th spot is ours if we are good enough

  17. My understanding is if Portsmouth are liquidated next week, their results would be effectively erased. As Chelsea aren't due to play them until around 8th (I think) March their current points total only includes 3 gained at Portsmouth's expense whereas United have 6.

    What a game this is though eh. Saturdays match at Hull and Tuesday's uninspiring performance left me feeling so low but this morning I'm more hopeful and Spurs fans will be holding their own similar inquests.

    The way the league is being played out it's not beyond the realms that we could finish top 3, never mind 4th. Doubt it'll be pretty to watch though, which I find quite sad as we have the players to maintain our tradition of attacking football.

  18. I had a difference of opinion with a mate concerning the outcome of United’s game at Villa.
    My argument was that if we wanted Villa to beat United then we didn’t deserve to be in the Champions League. He thought about it for a moment and suggested a draw wouldn’t be a bad result. I hope for his sake we don’t miss out by one point.
    From City’s point of view, last night’s results couldn’t have been much better, especially the Spurs defeat at Wolves.
    Suddenly, the two Stoke game assume a greater importance, we’re all thinking the same thing so let’s hope that Mancini goes on the offensive.

    PS anyone fancy a wager that Bellamy won't be fit?

  19. I'm still not sure that Tottenham or Villa will last the pace to challenge for that 4th place. Then again, I'm not sure we will either. I'm worried that this season will end in a lot of what if's. What if, we had held on against Burnley, beaten Fulham and Hull and most importantly defended better for that Owen goal? The points dropped in those games are ultimately what may cost us a top four place. Tottenham's Honest Harry was up in court yesterday and although the case has been adjourned until April, it is bound to be hanging over him. I'm not convinced he will avoid prosecution as he just looks dodgy. Villa may very well be distracted by their run in the League Cup. Liverpool are still the danger team. We do have our destiny in our own hands though as we have to play Villa, Liverpool and Spuds all at home. Win all three and we'll make fourth. Oh and to beat United at home preferably with a goal in the 145th minute to stop them winning the league would be a bonus.

  20. Hey Neil, thing is, if Ballamy is fit for the Stoke league game will he be PICKED after Johnson's performances?

    Not too impressed with Ireland's complaint about Hughes.

  21. I am not too impressed with Ireland either Glyn,I seem to recall him saying what a great manager Hughes was a few months ago.Johnson has to play if fit so who would he drop to play Bellamy?
    I am sorry I did not make myself clearer about Portsmouth,of course you are right UTD would lose 6 points and Chelsea 3, at this point in time, but by the end of the season as it is fair to assume Chelsea would beat Portsmouth,and that would be 3 points Chelsea would not have gained had they played them.
    According to the Mirror the FA are aware of the possible fiasco and to maintain the integrity of the Premiership would probably bail them out until the end of the season.
    I think we should last the pace Tony as we have not exactly been pulling up trees recently so "burn out" should not be a problem and with players coming back from injury I am optimistic.
    Neil,I think for the sake of Bellamys ego Mancini will say he is not fit so he can play Johnson.

  22. The Stoke game is our first game in hand, but there’s a big danger that we become too obsessed with defending their set pieces.
    Although Johnson played well on Tuesday, Bellamy gives City that little nasty edge that you need in these sort of games.
    Alternatively, we could play Johnson on the right and Bellamy on the left. Fortune favours the brave, but I think Mancini will prefer the cautious approach. Expect lots of slow tempo and short goal kicks to full backs who don't want the ball.
    I don't know about anyone else, but I always feel more confident about qualifying for the Champions League on the nights when City aren't playing. Villa lack ambition, Spurs have an inferiority complex and Liverpool are going backwards.
    The confidence drains from the moment City kick off.

  23. Although the intervening cup tie might reveal other needs, I'm with Neil on Bellamy for the game at Stoke. Perhaps unfair on Johnson but I think he'd be good to have on the bench to make an impact if things aren't going too well.

    As stated previously, I'd like to see RSC partnering Tevez - for the cup tie at least but this is just because it's Stoke. I do think Adebayor/Tevez promises to be our best combination but they probably need time AND COACHING to develop a better understanding.

    It does seem like nobody wants the 4th place. As you say, Villa appeared too happy to settle for a point against Spurs and a 10-man United. Liverpool were just the same at Arsenal. The fear for me is that Mancini would be just the same.

  24. I thought Johnson was cup tied for the FA Cup?

  25. Presume you're referring to me, Tony. You're quite right but that's why I've referred to the Stoke league game and started my last post "Although the intervening cup tie might reveal other needs," and .... "the game AT Stoke."

  26. A thousand apologies as a Character on Mind Your Language used to say.