Friday, 12 February 2010

Bridge of Sighs

I see that Ashley Cole is likely to miss the World Cup, leaving Wayne Bridge as the obvious choice as his replacement. However today the newspapers are concerned that he and Terry wont be able to play together and suggested possible alternatives - to playing Bridge! So let's get this straight. JT shags Mrs Bridge and Mr Bridge has to miss out on a World Cup trip because of it. Oh and whilst I'm on my soapbox. JT is sacked as England captain because he had an affair so he is replaced by Rio Ferdinand but it's OK because his only misdemenours include missing a drugs test and leaving a big question mark as to whether or not he was guilty and being recently banned for four games for giving an opponent a forearm smash in the penalty box. What great role models our footballers are and what a strange country we live in.


  1. Fotballers as role models? I can recall a story about Brian Clough relating that when a new player came to the club he would ask them "so what are you into booze, womanizing, gambling" and these days he could add some other "hobbies" to the list.Anyone who chooses a footballer as a "role model does so at their own risk.
    Wayne is being given a choice, kiss and make up to a guy that helped to destroy his marriage or miss out on a World Cup,so what price principals?
    Ferdinand should not be captaining his country for the reasons you have stated Tony,but then again the moral high ground in football was irretrievably lost when Joey Barton signed for Newcastle.

  2. Bellamy hoping to be available for Liverpool. Just call him mystic Neil!

  3. Don't be too surprised if Giggs returns before Brllamy. As I've stated on more than one occasion United are streets ahead of City in this Department, not just in the general treatment, but also in the way they deliberately overestimate the recovery period.

  4. There's a very interesting article on the Daily Mail site by Martin Keown on how to defend against former javelin thrower Delap's throw ins I hope someone is taking notes.

  5. Role models? Can't think of anyone in the modern game who you could look up to as a model of morality. If you widen the search it doesn't get any easier but it was ever thus and even my great childhood hero, Bert Trautmann, had his peccadillos. I guess Billy Wright might have been a virgin when he married one of the Beverley Sisters but I won't put my mortgage on it.
    Anyway on a lighter note. Had a chuckle at this yesterday. You might of heard it but things take a while to reach sleeply Staffs.

    Mancini, Wenger, Benitez and Ferguson meet for a drink in the Midland. Bobby is first to the bar and brings back some vintage Italian wine and four glasses.

    Wenger, takes his turn with a Gallic shrug and treats his colleagues to some high class French bubbly.

    Benitez, counting his pennies without taking his hand out of his pocket, goes to the bar and returns with some Spanish plonk which no one had heard of but was still overpriced.

    Fergie, feeling a touch uncomfortable, says he is going for a pee but nips to the Tesco Metro and comes back with 4 cans of Tennants super.

    Bobby goes to the bar and returns with a single drink, a fancy cocktail, just for himself. The others start to moan asking why Bobby is treating himself.

    "Gentlemen, this is the Fifth Round and you're not in it".

    Come on City. I have to live and work in Stoke and Stafford and I don't want the locals having any excuse for urine extraction come Monday morning.

  6. Nice one, Jeff.

    I see Stoke are currently 'Talksports' team to follow in the FA Cup. It will be quite novel if and when we knock them out and become the stations adopted team.

    Listening this morning it was suggested we might win as Pulis is more interested in the league. I'd like to think we MIGHT win regardless of what team Pulis puts out!

  7. From a sarcastic point of view I think they were trying to say was that with over 100 million quids worth of talent on the pitch playing at home against a side who are not fully committed (who's kidding who) with a bit of luck we may just scrape through but only if we can defend against a spearchucker who can throw a ball faster than a guided missile. As ever we shall see.