Friday, 26 February 2010

Stoke and stuff

Stoke and stuff
Not a peep from our club after Pulis’s words in the press about how badly they’re done to by referees (a man or two sent off every match).
So, thanks to Shay's daft clearance which led to their equaliser at COMS it was off to Stoke again. M6 was surprisingly clear and we learned our lesson, unlike Ged, (though he won’t contribute to the KK blog!) and parked on the right which meant an easier getaway, after extra time and probably penalties.
Roberto shook it up a little, and Ned finally got on the pitch. The Britannia disproves the theory that all seaters led to little atmosphere in modern grounds, but booing and whistling all match?
As you know we dominated for the first half hour but couldn’t take advantage. Pulis sent on his subs and Kitson scored, taking out Bridge and Kompany, but we equalised straight away, Ade and Bellamy making up for his earlier miss. Bennett, (was he influenced by Pulis’s press statements?) then sent off Ade, having his best game for weeks, for ‘violent conduct’ ridiculous, and he now gets a 4 match ban which, surprise, surprise, City aren’t contesting, or even making strong press statements about. Let’s roll over and have our bellies tickled eh? Bennett then missed the sandwich/elbow on Bellamy. Extra time and came the moment, the Delap throw in. I can vouch that the ball was greasy because I received it in the crowd and threw it back – first time since West Ham in ’87 when I threw it to Mark Ward from whose corner they scored their second to put us down. Sorry. So how is the towel situation allowed? Is a towel part of the game like the referee, goalposts, corner flags etc? Why can’t we put a man in front of Delap? Why can’t the subs warm up in front of him? Oops Shay comes out and misses it completely, 2-1. we had no trouble last year with Joe in goal for Delap’s throws, and it still pisses me off that I was shouted down on Blue Tuesday that time by Nigel Gleghorn and Paul Lake amongst others, for suggesting that Shay should dominate his area more, and we should maybe bring Joe Hart back.
Then, astoundingly, we let Stoke score a proper goal, Tuncay turning Zab and SWP whose half attempts at tackling left him free to score.
And that was that. We couldn’t even keep it going for another week and that lot on Sunday are going to delight in updating their banner at Wembley.
I didn’t think I’d be too bothered about going out as Chelsea away would be a big ask, as they say, but I really didn’t want us going out at Stoke of all places. OK we were a bit unlucky, but it is 34 years now, and we can’t keep using that excuse.
Garry Cook should get everyone together and examine how we handled this whole situation both on and off the pitch because until we stop being nicey fuckin nicey, and I don’t mean turning into the rags, we’re gonna continue to win fuck all.
I don’t even feel better about getting that off me chest.
To other things.
Everton re-arranged date Neil. Steve P has been onto the club re dates for this game to no avail. We’ve managed to put it off until they’ve hit form and no explanation has been forthcoming. We now have Spurs and probably Birmingham to sort out. Is ‘Hall Of Fame’ ex secretary Bernard Halford still drawing a wage at City, and if so why, and what is he doing?
Carlos Tevez – can’t make my mind up on this one though I hear the situation was a tricky one. (Sue wasn’t impressed by my statement that women have babies and men play football!) I believe his lady wanted to have the baby in Argentina and needed caring for by her personal doctor over there. Again, no proper explanation from the club, and as Carlos has bust a gut for City I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.
Wayne Bridge. I’m still confused. Even more so after watching him run 50 yards with the ball across the pitch at Stoke because he can’t kick it with his right foot.
Terry is a complete shit. Did he move in on Wayne’s woman, after they’d split, or was it going on whilst they were together? Whatever, as I’ve said before pretty despicable by Terry and I can understand Wayne not wanting to be anywhere near him in the England squad.
Chelsea tomorrow, and despite everything we need to pull ourselves together, and put in a performance. Mancini’s under pressure, which is a bit harsh I feel, but maybe we ‘ll do better against a top club. Sturridge may play for them and it begs the question as to why Cassell and company couldn’t sort him at City.
Early kick off, ticket prices, saving it for the cup game (ha!) on TV etc, so I’m giving it a miss. Full marks to Blues making the effort, let’s hope you’re rewarded.
Here’s the It’s A fix extract :
Last promotion : Came up with us in 88/89, and stayed ever since, winning everything except the Champions League. You can't but success, or history, apparently! Most recent connections : Danny Sturridge. Big name supporter : Sir Richard Attenborough. 130TH League meeting.

Carlo Ancellotti’s squad includes : Hilario (Czech, injured) Terry (boo), Essien, Cole A (injured) and J, Lampard, Drogba, Ballack, Carvalho, Malouda, Ivanovic, Anelka, Bosingwa, Alex, Mikel, Sturridge….,

This season so far : At COMS in December an Adebayor own goal put them one up in the 8th minute but he made amends in the 37th to level. Then Carlos made it 2-1 in the 56th, leaving it to Shay to clinch all three points with a late penalty save from Lampard.
They’re currently 1st with 61 points from 27 games and 12 wins 1 draw and 0 losses at home.
They’ve just lost 2-1 at Inter Milan in Europe, went out of the Carling Cup at Blackburn, and play Stoke, not us, next week at home in the F. A. Cup 6th round.

Our form at the Bridge : Last March, it was a 1-0 win for the Londoners courtesy of Essien (18) although it was a mystery as to how City kept it to only one! (41,819; 1,515 City) Otherwise our last win was in 92/93 4-2, since then it’s been 8 defeats, 3 draws, last in 04/05, and we haven’t scored there for 7 games?
Stamford Bridge Capacity : 42,420 (1,472 for City)
Comment: They’re doing OK under Ancellotti, and it will be interesting to see how Roberto does against his old Milan adversary.
The press have been stoking up the Team Bridge situation so it could be a grudge match. Time we got a goal or a point or a win here.

Wind Ups : Where were you….

Groundwise: Once second only to Maine Road, with a record attendance of 82,905. The Bridge is pretty well complete now. We’re in the Shed Stand behind the goal, no doubt ticket prices are up around £47 – outrageous!
Stewards: Stop us selling outside and inside. Bastards. another reason not to go!

Their current home average att: 41,408
Where were they when they were shite? 8,858 v us in 88/89! Averaged 12,673 in ‘82/83.
Away Day Zines: The Chelsea Independent, The Westander, Cockney Rebel, Curious Blue, Mathew Harding’s Blue and White Army, Carefree (all as far as we know)
The Steve Parish Routemaster : As if it’s not bad enough travelling to London, the kick off’s been brought forward to 12.45pm for TV.
M6 to jn 4, M42 to jn 3A (or M6 toll to M42), then M40 to jn 1A for M25 (direction Heathrow), M25 to next junction 15, M4 for London (W). At end of M4 continue to A4 round Chiswick roundabout onto Great West Road and over Hammersmith Flyover, then turn right at second set of lights (B317 North End
Road), cross A3218 Lillis Road, left at Fulham Broadway to A304 Fulham Road.
Stamford Bridge on left. On street parking horrendous.
Parking is difficult and expensive so the best bet is probably to park up and come in by tube: KK usually recommends parking at Greenford station (just off the A40) and using the Central line. Alternatives would be Ealing Broadway or Ealing Common then District Line to Fulham Broadway changing at Earls Court, or using M1 to one of several stations in North London.
Sat Nav: SW6 1HS
Trains M/C to London : Piccadilly to Euston with Virgin, £66.20 off-peak return. Advance tickets leaving very early, straight back from £27/£39 Victoria Line from Euston to Victoria, then District line to Fulham Broadway

Final thought – wouldn’t it be ironic if Dunney lifts the Carling Cup (he’d better!) and Joe the F. A. Cup!


  1. I can't say I am quite ready to join the dump Shay and install Joe Hart club but from seeing him as an heroic saviour when he first came I now seriously doubt that he is any better than Joe Hart and after the world Cup there may be some regrets about letting him go back to Birmingham next season.
    If we had let "Dunney" go on loan to Villa we could possibly have claimed a sort of double,(whoops missed that straw again).

  2. If memory serves me correctly, our last victory at Stamford Bridge was 9th January 1993. Unfortunately, I was getting married that day.

    Everything was okay until we bought the water bed....we just drifted apart.

  3. Neil.Well it served you right for telling her you wanted to see her in something long and flowing.
    I hope we can have another trip down memory lane and 3 points.

  4. Seems we haven't even SCORED at the Bridge since 2000, Neil. Law of averages suggests we'll win.

    Prediction 2-1 for us but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Terry sets up Sturridge for a last-minute winner for them. That would just sum us up.

    Just hope we don't get anyone sent off as the press and radio are really winding it all up.

  5. I just had the wildest of dreams I was watching us pass the ball about to little effect the usual boring rubbish just waiting for the inevitable Chelsea goal which came just before half time I then nodded off and dreamt that we won 4-2 and Chelsea finished with 9 men. Luckily I recorded the game so I will watch the real match later.

  6. It's a rare day when I quote Ferguson but "football, hey, bloody hell." Where the hell did that performance come from?
    Ok Chelsea were poor but once they were in front you must have feared the worse. Given was better than for weeks. Lescott looked like he might know how to play football. And the little Argie! Well it just underlined for me how much we missed him. Both Stoke games would have been wins but for his absence.

    Chelsea fans complete asreholes although we did see a few clapping Bridge when he went off. Thought he had a decent game too.

    Missed a wedding to watch the match and likely to get a bollocking when I turn up at the reception wearing the scarf Mancini style.

  7. Fantastic team performance. I wasn't impressed with the 1st 40 minutes as it looked like we had no ambition to score. However at least everyone was working their socks off.

    How we've missed Tevez in recent games. The guy had no right to score that equalizer and in that one flash he changed the entire game.

    I thought Lescott and Barry were magnificent but Tevez just about deserved the MOM award. Adam Johnson was the only disappointment but I was still impressed with the confidence he showed for one so young against such opposition.

    4th spot really is in our own hands and confidence has to be sky high now. How typical that the match against Spurs is now postponed.

    Finally, hats off to Mark Hughes for his dignity in the Sky studio. Not an ounce of sour grapes.

  8. Not much more to add from the above, except I thought their performance for the whole game was good. If there was one game that I felt that the Gods should let us win it was this one due to the ridiculous press we have had through the Terry/Bridge affair. Bridge has done nothing wrong and behaved like a true professional, yet even today, one newspaper claimed that he had ruined England's chances of winning the World Cup. In the game, we only created one chance in the first 45 minutes (Tevez's goal was in injury time) and Chelsea had more shots at goal, but Given looked like he would save anything. Even their opening goal, he almost got to. Defensively, either everything was aimed at the heads of our central defenders or for once, they got their positioning spot on. The referee was a little kind to us, or more likely to Manchester United as our penalty was never a penalty and to send the man off as well was harsh. Mind, neither was theirs a penalty, but ours came at the right time whilst theirs was consolation. Tevez and Bellamy looked a real handful. I'm sory, but RSC again didn't impress in his cameo role as substitute. Well done all the players and especially the fans who did their best to show support to Bridge when he was being booed. On one occasion, the guy went over to collect the ball for a throw in and a Chelsea fan got up and from only a couple of feet away could clearly be seen mouthing "Fuck off Bridge, you cunt" and something else that I couldn't quite make out but I'm certain it was something about Ms Bridge.

  9. That particular Chelsea fan disgusted me, too. Bet his family are really proud of him.

    I've just broken off from watching Stoke/Arsenal. my ears are ringing after 40-minutes of constant boo'ing and whistling EVERY SECOND that Arsenal have possession. The gunners have got right up my nose this season but I found myself cheering when Bendtner equalised to shut that morons up for a few moments. Precisely what Dave was describing in the original thread.

  10. Good morning all. That win certainly lifted my spirits after some disappointing results,It also seemed to me that we started to play a lot better at 3-1(as sides often do) as if a cloud had been lifted,I hope we can hang on to any new found confidence for our next game.Re. Stoke.It is a pity there are no sanctions that can be imposed on crowds for unsporting behaviour,support your team of course,but to constantly boo the opposition every game is beyond the pale,hopefully their better players will go to pastures new next year and we can get shut of them.
    Tony, I think we are getting brainwashed by the phrase minimal contact,it WAS minimal contact on Barry but if you are moving at any kind of speed a gentle push in the back is all it takes to knock you over.I do think we were lucky inasmuch as Chelsea did have an off day,but it was a great win and hopefully a sign of better things to come.
    I noticed Micah had his daft head on again diving in and giving away unnecessary free kicks,I am not a fan.

  11. Hi Steve. The world is a better place this morning (Tsunami warnings excepted) I saw the penalty incident on MotD again last night and although I do understand what you mean, there was no contact at all, the guy even had his arms up to show that. It really seemed to me that Barry stumbled over his own feet. Later, Lescot (who had his best game to date) commited almost an identical foul on a Chelsea player and even caught him in the face with his hand and no foul was given. But hey, what the hell do I care. I have been complaining about enough decisions that went against us this season. I don't know if Chelsea had an off day, they did as much as you would expect in the first half, they just didn't take their chances which isn't our fault. I just don't think they could handle the extra pressure that was put on the game due to the Bridge/Terry affair. Perhaps some of them even supported Bridge because if Bellamy is to be believed, "Everyone in football knows what JT is like" especially Chelsea players I would have thought. Like you. I really hope THIS is the game that turns our fortunes around, just like that win in injury time did for Manchester United over Sheffield Wednesday in the early '90's. But I wont hold my breath.

  12. I will watch the Barry incident again but shielding the ball and waiting for the push is a big part of his game and earns us many free kicks,so it's just me and Mike Dean thought it was a penalty? A well!
    I thought up until the goal they were as turgid as we were and when they scored I thought it was all over but some poor defending and goalkeeping let us back in the game and from then on the self belief started show.
    I watched the Spurs game and they look really impressive,as has been pointed out if just 3 of those drawn games under MH had been converted into wins we would be sitting pretty now, but even so if we are good enough that fourth spot will be ours.

  13. Tony.I don't want to appear argumentative but these kind of incidents have occupying my thoughts a lot recently and commentators although speaking with great authority arn't always right. I have just watched the penalty incident 5 times from both angles Belletti did not seem to push Barry but possibly caught his left leg,Mike Dean seemed certain and he was very close,Belletti looked guilty(the quick glance to the referee is usually a sign of guilt) and did not object to the decision.The video evidence was not conclusive either way which reminds me of a debate we had a while ago after the Henry goal.If I had to decide on the video evidence alone I would have say it was inconclusive and therefore no penalty.

  14. For what it's worth I thought it was a generous decision at the time but every single pundit I've heard (Talksport, Sky commentary, MOTD and Goals on Sunday) has said definite pen and that Barry was really clever. On this occasion I'm more than happy to bow to their (and Steve's) better judgement!

    I actually thought the ref handled a potentially explosive match fantastically well and not just for the penalty decision. The only thing I'd complain about is giving Ballack a 2nd yellow instead of a straight red. How can it be right that he gets just 1-match whereas Adebayor gets 4 and Vieira 3 for relatively minor offences. There I go repeating myself again.

    After a win like that you just want the next game to come quickly. How typical then that we now have an enforced break. Given the amount of time he's had off this season, Adebayor should certainly be fit & raring to go by the time he comes back!

  15. Good morning all.I think the Barry incident and many others over the weekend show what a difficult job referees have and most of the time do a very good job,I really would like to see more officials around the penalty area.
    That is a good point about the Ballack suspension Glyn,It seems that at the moment the petulant retaliation type offence warrants a greater punishment than the nasty tackles or so called professional fouls. I think it is part of our bad luck that we have the enforced break just when we could be hitting a purple patch.(Why can't these friendlies be played at the end of the season?)

  16. I can recall watching Carlos Tevez prevent West Ham from being relegated knowing that he would be going to the swamp but thinking"Wow! If only he played for us" and although he will never replace "King" Colin in my heart and mind, at this moment in time he is just as important a player for us and I for one will cherish every second he plays for us. I hope his baby girl and missus are ok.Thanks Carlos, with you on the pitch we can at least dream.

  17. Here here, Steve. It's a pity there has been so much controversy about Tevez's ownership as that aside, he epitomizes everything that's good about the game.

    I'll never forget my first glimpse of him in a city shirt in the pre-season match with Celtic. The hoops were passing it around at the back and he was chasing the ball from one to another for about 2-minutes. Adebayor was stood watching him with an expression that said "What the f.... and this is a friendly!"

    What a prize prat he's making Gary Neville look eh.

  18. I am always wary of players who turn it on for certain matches,(like Adebayor). I seem to recall that Mike Summerbee was sent off in a pre season friendly,Tony will know for sure.

  19. Don't know if it was a pre season friendly, but it WAS a friendly against QPR at Loftus Rd. Buzzer took exception to a tackle by one of the opposition and smacked him one. Just watched the Vidic foul on Sunday and I really feel for Richard Dunne and the Villa players. Why Vidic wasn't sent off is a mystery, but why he wasn't even booked is something for the Villa board to question the FA about. The rule is clear as Chelsea found out, foul a forward when he is through on gola and it is a penalty. If you are the last defender too, then it's a sending off. As far as I know there is nothing in that rule that says "except if it's in the first five minutes of a cup final and then discretion can be used" You could see that O'Neill was deeeply upset, but had to use his words cautiously for fear of turning referees against him and putting paid to his chances of managing the "Worlds greatest club" Incidentally, the comments from MU fans in the MEN sports pages are pretty lame consisting of the usual digs about how many trophies they have won since 1976 - yawn!

  20. Wasn't Summerbee sent off in the Frank Sibley Testimonial?

  21. Can't remember the name of the guy whose testimonial it was, but I remember Buzzer being interviewed on TV several years back and telling of how Francis Lee, who had been substituted a few minutes earlier, came out of the showers to find Buzzer getting changed.

  22. Hi Tony

    The incident is mentioned in Mike Doyle's original autobiography.
    I don't remember Sibley as a player, but I know he managed QPR in the late 70s.

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