Sunday, 7 February 2010


Paul Heaton's deffo Sheff United - replied to the poster as I couldn't get on the net yesterday before Hull.
I though that Samuel was West Ham - he looks like a Hammer but Colin Savage who'd been in conversation with him after Colin's Daily Mail article on Shindler told me he was Arsenal. Kevin Cummins last week confirmed he was West Ham and this morning's programme seemed to confirm it too. Sorry about that, I'll admonish Colin accordingly next time I see him


  1. Maybe you should stop these comments appearing on Newsnow, the world doesn't want to know what you're having for tea tonight and other useless facts.

  2. Dave, thanks a lot for clearing that up.

    Not quite sure what John's comment refers to - whoosh went over ma heid.

    Below is a link to Youtube vid of Robinho's "fantastic" debut winner for Santos. The goal aint bad but not sure I'd describe it as fantastic. He clearly looks VERY happy to be back in Brazil though. I really hope he recaptures his form and has a brilliant World Cup.

    I see Mancini is coming out with strong words after Saturdays no show and it seems heads will role tomorrow, with Irelend and Bellamy tipped to be dropped. Whilst I've some sympathy for Ireland who was played out of position, fact is he's hardly had a decent game all season. As for Bellamy, I'd be tempted to excuse an off day as he's worked his tripe off in most games and we really do miss him when he's out.

    Apart from the likes of Caicedo, Bojinov and Benjani, 1st team players I'd like to see offloaded in the Summer are Petrov, Robinho, Zabaletta, Vieira, Onuoha and possibly Ireland if we can get a decent fee from Arsenal (ack Stuart Pearce).

    On the Mourinho story, that arsehole Ian McGarry said recently that it's a 90% certainty to happen. However, he said pretty much the same last season when Hughes was under fire.

    So far I'm far from convinced by Mancini. I think the results have been quite disappointing considering the opposition but more to the point, the performances themselves have been quite uninspiring considering the players we have. I keep thinking we'll give someone a thumping but with the exception of Wolves away it never seems to happen.

    The defeats at Everton and Hull were a throwback to our away form of last season but also, compare our win against Pompey to United's slaughter of the same team 6-days later. The FA cup wins at Boro and Scunny were very ordinary. The tactics at home against United lacked ambition and, I'm still convinced, resulted in our ultimate defeat. Call me fickle but at this moment in time Mourinho (or Hiddink) sounds very appealing.

  3. Oh with apologies to Mancini I forgot Blackburn.

  4. My apologies to Neil on the previous thread. It was reported today that Bellamy is expected to be out for one month, in other words the rest of the season. I don't suppose that we can complain as the Welshman has been by far Hughes' best buy and we did know that he was injury prone when we bought him.

  5. If Mancini knew about Bellamy's problems, letting Benjani go out on loan may not have been the shrewdest move.

  6. I'd rather he kept Weiss than Benjani, Steve. Can't quite understand why this lad wasn't given more of an opportunity, first by Hughes and then Mancini - particularly as the latter has taken a far bigger gamble with Boyata.

    I see RSC is 'fit' again and sincerely hope this aint yet another false dawn. Quite a few people are suggesting he be picked in favour of Adebayor, but I'd stick with Ade as he's scored in both full appearances since his return so I'm hoping it's the start of a long overdue scoring streak.

    It would be nice to see Tevez back on the scoresheet too as he's run a little dry since Andy Gray suggested he might be one of these players who scores in spurts!

    Although we've been very unlucky with injuries ourselves, I was very sorry to read about Bolton's Cahill. It must've been alarming when his arm ballooned up due to a blood clot. Hope he makes a full recovery.

  7. I agree totally about Weiss and although I understand that the player would have been keen to go on loan for first team football as he is a big part in his country's world cup preparations, it still seems a strange decision to allow a young player who is practically a regular for his country go on loan and then pay £7 million for a young player from a championship side who has only a handfull of U21 international caps.

  8. Apart from the last time I saw him Weiss did look to be a good prospect.Personaly knowing how unlucky we are with injuries and with the possibility of suspensions I would have kept both of them as they are totaly different kinds of players. We will soon be playing two games a week and hopefully have continuing FA Cup commitments. There was some logic to Weiss going on loan as the more competetive football he gets under his belt the better. But as ever these are the decisions a manager has to make, thats why he gets the big bucks and thats why we will be screaming for his head if it goes wrong.

  9. Looks like Bellamy will be out for a week rather than a month and contrary to my earlier belief, it is the injury rather than loss of form that led Mancini to talk of leaving him out tonight. It was good to read how much Mancini recognises the players importance.

    Interesting to see Robinho having a swipe at the Manager. Hard to see him coming back now eh. What a pillock.

    I see Kevin Davies is the latest to have a go at us so I REALLY hope such criticism from outside stirs a better reaction to the one we got at Everton. We should be hell bent on stuffing his words down his throat.

  10. I think It is starting to become apparent that despite his magical skills Robinho is immature physicaly and mentaly,I think he will do well in a sunnier clime and in a less competetive league,I doubt if we will see him in a City shirt again,which is a pity,but good luck to the lad. I have never known Kevin Davies to make such remarks before,it may just have been the way the question was put to him.
    I would really like to see us flying at Bolton tonight they are not a counter attacking side and rely on Davies winning free kicks and flick ning the ball on. With sides like Bolton I think we should go for the jugular even it it means over committing, for any goal they may score we are well capable of scoring two so long as we get stuck into them from the kick off.

  11. On a slightly different note.

    One of my Staff was in the Blackburn end at Stoke last Saturday.
    A group of Blackburn fans were playing head tennis at half time. Nothing unusual until you consider that they were using a metal bin rather than a ball.
    After a few minutes of stupidity the bin was thrown into the air and landed on an unsuspecting supporter.
    The supporter was pronounced dead on Sunday morning.