Tuesday, 2 February 2010

this week

This week
Livewire AC/DC were tremendous on the Saturday night at Bolton. Couldn’t get tickets this last time for the real deal as all the Johnny Cum lately’s have latched on, so a good second best..
Portsmouth, was a bit flat but after the missilegate defeat at the swamp we were happy to get the three points. Not without a few scares though, but as we well know, teams at the bottom get no luck and it DOESN’T even itself out over the season.. Good to see Ade back and notching a goal too but Bobby Manc must get him in the middle and away from the wing. Remember that Cloughie documentary when he shouted at Francis “I don’t pay you to be out on the fuckin wing, get in that box. Lesson to learn.
Transfer window’s closed and we’ve signed Johnson, a good prospect from ‘Boro. Robinho’s gone to Santos on loan and Benjani’s off to Sunderland on loan. Why can’t we get fees for our players? Mealy mouthed write up in the manumirror on the Pompey game by David McDonnell. Meanwhile the Terry debate hots up.
We’re on with KK 177 now, having brought the deadline date forward owing to playing Stoke at home in the F. A. Cup and stuff is already coming in. And hey fellas – what’s wrong with 4th place AND the F. A. Cup, but if it has to be a choice then it’s the Cup for me. I thank you!


  1. Good afternoon all from the land of smiles.I can recall Anelka playing as the wide man and while it used to drive me mad I began to accept it as one of the oddities of the modern game like twin centre halves, left wingers playing on the right wing, strikers who cannot head the ball and/or have to shuffle the ball onto their GOOD foot,have to stop now blood pressure is r i s i n g.
    The Benjani situation is a bit strange considering our history with injuries,but I can recall an article saying that Mancini asked Benjani if he wanted to go or stay,it sounds a bit "iffy" but it seems to be part of his philosophy of only having players at the club who want to be here,as ever we shall see.
    How about 4th place the FA. Cup and beating UTD in the final, sweeeeet.

  2. Steve, I presume you mean LEEDS United?

  3. Don't forget Glyn that there is a time difference between where Steve is to here in the UK. Don't spoil it for Steve by telling him the result of the United/Leeds game.

  4. Do you mean Tony that we can still beat Leeds in this land where Steve lives? Anyway, Hull are my new number 2 team.

  5. I didn't say what season this would happen!

  6. At the risk of treading on a few eggshells, I've always had a soft spot for Leeds. Perhaps it was because my Dad was always telling me how Don Revie had played for City in the 1956 FA Cup Final
    They thrived on a terrible reputation, but they undoubtedly suffered more than any other Club from a series of diabolical refereeing decisions:
    1967 FA Cup Semi Final, Home v West Brom 1971, Cup Winners Cup Final 1973 European Cup Final 1975
    In 1981 I was on a Coach from Marple to watch City at Stoke. The game was postponed so a few of us went in the Leeds end at Old Trafford. Leeds won 1-0 and the scorer was Frank Gray.
    I didn't realise until their FA Cup victory that Leeds had never won at Old Trafford since that strange afternoon.

  7. Neil,It is a small world, up until 1964 I used to catch that coach at Marple when I lived in New Mills and later Birch Vale.
    I remember the Revie Leeds side well masters of the football dark arts,I hated them at the time with a passion.

  8. Steve

    Sounds like we've trodden a similar path.I lived and was educated in Marple until 1980 when I moved to Whaley Bridge. As far as I know the Bullocks coach is still running
    Not sure why, but there's a huge City following in all the High Peak villages.