Monday, 15 February 2010

this week

This week : Forgot to mention there was a POB meeting last week. good turnout lots to discuss, official minutes awaited.

We all bust a gut to get KK177 to the printers last week to be out for the home game with Stoke. My hunch was if Spurs beat Bolton, and City go out or we’re away (at Chelsea) that would’ve meant one home selling day Liverpool, and maybe a run of 5 away games on the trot – Stoke (FA Cup replay), Chelsea, Chelsea (F.A. Cup ) Sunderland, Fulham. Good planning eh?
So it was a disappointment all round. A cold, cold day again, poor crowd, 28,000 – late kick off, on TV, ticket prices fairly high on Stoke’s insistence, and folk who used to stop and chat and buy a zine walking past without a wink or a nod. Depressing.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, we had the game. Started brightly, then faded with some appalling passing. Funny how Stoke were supposed to kick us off the park yet it was they who had men injured. It looked promising at 1-0 then it all went to pot culminating in Shay’s pathetic clearance into Delap area touch and the inevitable. Joe dealt well with the throws last season. I was shouted down by Lakey and Gleghorn on Blue Tuesday that time for having the temerity to suggest that Shay should come out for crosses now and again. Does his shot stopping compensate?
I sat there wondering what I was doing there. Barry nearly nodded in the winner but we now have to face two trips to Stoke and maybe two to Chelsea. What a draw that was.
So, off to Stoke tomorrow with batteries recharged. We’ll miss Tevez but Johnson’s back and we still should have too much for them. Here’s the It’s a fix extract :
Into their second Prem season, and their one and only trophy was the League Cup in 1972 when they beat Chelsea 2-1. Most recent connections : Glen Whelan, Peter Reid. Big name supporter : Nick Hancock. 82nd league meeting.

Tony Pulis’s (Two nil up and he f**ked it up) squad includes : Sorenson, Wilkinson, Ab Faye, Diao, Delap, Collins, Huth, Shawcross, Lawrence, Fuller, Whitehead, Etherington, Beattie, Simonsen, Tuncay, Higginbotham (boo) Whelan, Kitson…

This season so far : At COMS in December it was Roberto’s first game in charge and we strolled to a comfortable 2-0 win. Petrov opened the scoring on 28 minutes and Tevez finished ‘em off on the stroke of half time, in front of 47,325 with 2,844 Stokies. Obviously we've just had the cup game. Nuff said!
Currently they’re in 11th place with 29 points from 23 games and 6 wins 3 draws and 3 losses at home.
In the Carling they went out 4-0 at Portsmouth in the 4th round.
In the F.A. Cup they’ve beaten York City 3-1 at home in the 3rd and Arsenal 3-1 at home in the 4th round
Our form in Stoke : Last season in January it was a 1-0 loss with Beattie getting their goal just on half time. Delap was sent off for a vicious foul on SWP which seemed to affect our little maestro who was retrospectively banned on video evidence for a few games owing to a mild retaliation. 27,236 (2,818 City)
Prior to that we’d won 3 and lost 3.

Comment : Could be another double on the cards. It’s a pretty intimidating atmosphere there at the moment and Delap’s throws are tricky, so keep the throws down to a minimum in the danger areas City. A moral;e boosting win is much needed.

Wind Ups : There’s only one City plus pansy Potters and Stoke you’re a F**kin joke (pity that Manc rhyymes with Wank!) .

WwtwtwShite : Averaged 8,288 in 1985/86
Their current home average attendance : 27, 027

The Britannia Stadium Capacity : 28,218 (2,800 for City)

Groundwise : We’ll get half of the stand behind the goal. Last season at half time there was lots of bottle and bin throwing by Blues for some reason and the cops with dogs came in. Surprised therefore to hear that it is still going on at other games and culminated in the death of a Blackburn fan recently when a bin hit him on the head. Why have they still got bins instead of the plastic bags utilised elsewhere? I’ll hopefully have a chat with the cops to try and clarify the situation.
Away day zine : The Oatcake (buy it if you can)

Steve Parish route: M6 to jn 16, then A500, under the new flyover junctions, then left onto A50 (signed Uttoxeter) and first exit left and back on other side for the stadium. In previous years, away fans have been directed to Trentham and the A5035 entrance to the ground. (Leave M6 at jn 15, at the roundabout take A519 right, then left at lights (B5038 Whitmore Road) down to A34 and turn right, then left at roundabout on A5035, road to stadium on left after about a mile.
Parking : Plenty of car parks round and about
Sat Nav : Mathews Way ST4 4EG
Public transport : Off peak day returns from Piccadilly to Stoke from £8.90 (limited trains) to £12.90.


  1. Guess who - "I was happy in the first half on Saturday because we played well. But when we score one, we have to score again, because Stoke are dangerous at free kicks and throw-ins."?

    Mancini here saying precisely what we've all been saying. Encouraging to hear but we've heard similar before so there is clearly conflict between his words and the teams actions.

    Heres hoping...

  2. No more excuses. It’s time to stand up and be counted. No shirking or hiding. Contest every challenge and don’t be intimidated. Fight fire with fire and refuse to yield. This is our big chance so don’t blow it. No prisoners City…No prisoners.
    Either that or we’ll lose 2-0

  3. The Premiership seems to me to get faster and more furious every season as exemplified by this match,Vieira will hopefully get up to speed at some point.
    Once again after another "Titanic" struggle against a less talented team I find myself asking the question of the opposition "If you can play like this then why are you not higher in the league".
    My first reaction to their second goal was "Foul" and saw nothing on the replay that would change my opinion.
    The "scouse" expert commentator was really getting up my nose, the shirt pull that resulted in the sending off was not a foul according to his assessment on the grounds that it was just an "automatic reaction" yeah right.
    Vieira did lift his foot up but with both players almost static I am not sure how much damage it is possible to cause,unlike the assault on "Zab" near the end of the game,(Tony you are right about about "Zab" of his first 5 passes two went to Stoke players when he was under no pressure).
    Maybe I am seeing things through blue tinted glasses but I thought there was a lot to like about the performance, we battled well after surviving the initial onslaught and on another night may have got a couple of goals.
    Now is the time to pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and start all over again and get stuck into Liverpool.

  4. Cheers to Steve for pointing out I posted on the wrong page. Below is the post I made around midnight last night....

    OMG what was that all about?

    We had two decent performers on Saturday and both were left on the bench. I suppose if they were carrying injuries it can be forgiven but what I can't accept is yet another performance that bordered on the gutless.

    If I said Vieira was embarrassing on Saturday I can't find words to describe his performance tonight. I'm sure we'd have been better off if he'd received the early red card that he deserved. Hopefully the FA will do a 'SWP' and give him a retrospective red. This way he won't get the 15 games Mancini wants to give him.

    I really feel for the guys who were there supporting the team. Such a rotten hostile bear pit and for the 2nd season running they were given practically nothing to cheer about.

    As stated earlier in the day, Mancini seems to be all talk when it comes to our attacking ambitions. If that team was looking for a win I'll eat my hat. Can anybody honestly say they'd have brought on Zabaletta for Richards when we were a goal down?

    The only consolation is that we stole the point needed to move into 4th, when we all know Stoke's last minute goal should've been allowed.

  5. I'll have some of what you're on, Steve.

    Seriously, I wish I could share your enthusiasm but I honestly thought this was a terrible performance.

    Last season we had a similar ordeal at Stoke, when we also played much of the match against 10-men. I couldn't see any significant improvement last night. I know we took a point (but still dropped two!) but I still believe the Stoke 'goal' should've been allowed. I'd have been darned angry if WE'D had it disallowed.

    I thought Lescott did OK and Johnson had one or two lovely touches but am really struggling to find anything else positive. From conversations I had overnight/this morning and visiting other forums I've found a large majority to be very hacked off.

  6. First the bad news. Like Glyn I thought this was one of the worst performances I have seen this season and I am getting tired of saying it. RSC started and finished the game but you wouldn't have known he was there. Aderbayour was equally anonymous and I can't think of one clear chance we created. Even Barry's goal was somewhat fortunate. Against a better team, we would have been three down before he brought us back into the game. Stoke's disallowed goal looked OK to me, Given simply didn't have the sufficient height or strength to collect the cross under pressure. Another referee on another day would have allowed the goal to stand. Vieria looked as unfit as he hs looked since he arrived, even the commentator said he looks as if he has yet to reach peak fitness, in which case he's a luxury, playing because Mancini won't admit he may have made a mistake. Now the good news, we are 4th and in a champions league place.

  7. Having supported City for for 52 years Glyn I understand the anger and disappointment when they lose, or fail to meet expectations that is why I tend to comment when the sick angry feeling has subsided. I only read this forum and Daves magazine usualy, and call it as I see it.

  8. Gutless, spineless, and clueless, but it could have been worse. Sorry, but I still can't see us winning another game in February.

  9. Hi Steve, please don't think I was having a go. Nothing could be further from the truth - as I've said many times it's all about opinions and it'll be a boring day when we ALL share the same.

    It does trouble me that most of my recent posts have been even more negative than Mancini's football but I'd like to think I'll be one of the first to give praise where it's due.

  10. Good Morning all.Glyn,I enjoy giving opinions and listening to others and much that is said on this forum I find interesting and thought provoking.I appreciate the reasoned arguments we have, no offence was taken.
    I watched the Stoke game again, the masochist that I am,not one of our best performances we seemed so wound up by the accusations of lacking fight that at times we forgot how to play the game,but there were some positive signs De Jong while not a playmaker does a good job for us,Lescott is looking more like the player that Hughes was so desperate to get hold of and Johnson although not in the game much looked capable of providing some ammunition for the strikers.
    Regarding winning a game in Febuary, it will be tough, but if we stay focused and positive, on the day it's 11 blokes against another 11 blokes so we always have a chance. I echo Daves Mantra "Keep the faith".