Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Liverpool home and a decent point in my view considering ‘Pool’s negative and physical approach. Mascherano and Kuyt were at it again in the press with their “you can’t buy history crap” – “how many cups did we win before their first” asked Ged? None? No. One? No. Two? No. Three? Yes three. I still can’t understand this hypocrisy. I was pleased for their fans at their euphoria when the yanks moved in, and doubly so when Dubai were on their horizon, so I don’t understand why they’re not happy for us now. Or maybe I do. Jealousy pure and simple.
Mascherano? Video evidence? Thought not. Why are our club not pushing for it?
The manumirror dragged up last summers Fergie story of how we will never be like them. Fine, there is no way we EVER want to be like them. And as for the Sunderland story from the 50’s why has that one cropped up again? Like I said before, what relevance has that got to do with 2010? None at all.
Anyway, off to Stoke in a minute to clinch a mouth watering 6th round tie at Chelsea. The pansies have been stoking it up how we‘ll be scared to death tonight. Dream on. Let’s hope for big and loud Blues support to lift the lads to a comfy win.
M6 was full of 50mph crap last week and down to single lanes on the way home, so could be late getting to bed spesh if it goes to extra time and pens, but we should do it in the 90 minutes. See you there!


  1. What must it be like to have normal luck, you know the kind where your star strikers arn't the targets for assasination attempts or have to stay at home for compassionate reasons,or when the opposition commits GBH on your players without conceding a free kick or tries to cripple your players without punishment.where you dont get players sent off for tapping peoples ankles or waving arms about,I could go but whats the point?
    Pulis was crowing again last night about beating a team with our rescources (all ten of them), maybe this will help him get over the play off final.
    I suspect he will revert to type and be whingeing after Chelsea knock them out of the cup,not being able to use jealousy as a motivation will be a severe handicap.

  2. So that's it then for another season with just 4th place to aim for and who can honestly see us making that either. The fact is that under Mancini we look a little bit tighter at the back, I can't see us scoring and in this country teams that don't score goals, don't win much. In hindsight I wish that the owners had done what I wanted and that was leave MH in situ until the end of the season and then decide who would replace him. As for Stoke, I really thought our chance had gone when we didn't see them off at Eastlands. If we can't defend against normal corners, what chance did we have against Delap's "special ones" Ironic, but I have been screaming at Given all seaon to come for crosses and the one time he does, he makes a hash of it.

  3. I haven't seen any of the match and probably won't get to so I am unable to comment with any authority.

    The MUEN report suggests we were the better team but Sky Sports News were saying Stoke played the better football (surely stretching it). Why is it, though, when we play against 10-men the opposition are galvanised whereas in our case we appear to have gone to pieces?

    I just feel sick that we've blown such a great opportunity. United, Arsenal and Liverpool knocked out, a home tie against Stoke, a goal up with SWP terrorising their defence and we then took the pressure off and paid the penalty. And so, another year can be clocked onto the banner at Old Trafford.

    At least my barber in the village of Burntisland near Kirkcaldy cheered me up when I arrived with my glum face this morning. He gave me a 1991 edition of 'Shoot' which has a centre spread of City including with Lakey, Paul White and GARY MEGSON. There was an interview with Niall Quinn who was convinced major honours were just around the corner. We were 4th in the table, a point ahead of United who had 2 points deducted (can anyone remind me what for?)

    We later got talking about 'Priceless Antiques Roadshow' and the mingh jug on last nights program, now worth £200,000. George said "That'll never happen to me but you could frame that Shoot cutting and try selling it to Sheik Mansoor". Made me chuckle and forget for a moment how disappointed I'm feeling.

    Like Tony, I feel the managerial change has backfired and would imagine Mark Hughes is feeling a little satisfied this morning. Spurs and Villa are leaving us standing and I wonder if 'Inside Manchester City' is still happy with our tactics? We can't even win ugly!

  4. Good afternoon all. The match was not shown over here either but it does seem as though we had a good go at them and watching the text version I could see the fouls against racking up.
    Like you guys, although I was not impressed with MH. during the run of draws, I would never advocate, except under the most dire of circumstances, changing the manager during the season. But as it is a done deal I wish him well.
    Organising his staff coping with injuries and the problems with Tevez and Adebayor have made it difficult for Mancini,I just hope that his bosses and the fans give him the time to show what he can do (Mourinho permitting).
    Glyn. There is a second hand shop on Lever street in Manchester that I would like to visit one day to get some of those old magazines.
    Tony will know better than I but that season Nial was on about could be the one where he was injured at the start and we got relegated.

  5. That would be about par eh. I was thinking about Tony and his latest excellent KK article when I was reading the mags.

    Just heard the news about Wayne Bridge. With Cole being injured this may have been his opportunity (although Bale might well have had a say in that). I therefore think it's quite a selfless decision. Don't suppose it will embarrass Terry but it should. Good luck to the lad.

  6. Without knowing the full story I suspect that Wayne felt betrayed by a good mate and is not pepared to sacrifice his self respect to play in the World Cup.I hope that the the phrase what goes around comes around applies to JT.
    I was watching the Villa v Palace game and was reminded once again just what a valuable asset James Milner is to Villa strong quick reliable,I would like to see the Sheik forget the Ribereys Kakas etc. and try to prise him away from Villa.

  7. I watched the game on the PC. The pictures were being beamed by ITV5, which I didn't know existed. My son reckons that it is the Pay to view internet channel for ITV. We were the better team for the opening half an hour and had a great shot by Aderbyour saved by the keeper and Bellamy was put clean through by Aderbyour, only for him to take too heavy a first touch and the ball ran away from him. But in the second half, Stoke became more physical and we simply couldn't cope. Delap's long throws were causing panic both in the City defence and in my head. Can't complain, they wanted it more than we did. Santa came on and looked annonymous again. I heard a rumour from my cousin that United are planning a bid for Ireland. The season you refer to Glyn was 1990/91 and City finished 5th, one place and three points ahead of United. United and Arsenal had points doocked for a mass brawl in the match at Old Trafford and Arsenal went on to win the league by beating Liverpool 2-0 at Anfield in the last game of the season. At one time it looked as though we would finish level on points or one point ahead of united, which would have given reds fans the chance to say that we only finished ahead of them because of the points deduction. That seaon was the first time we had fisnished ahead of them since 1977 and to date is tha last time too.

  8. It all comes back now, Tony but what a memory you have!

    Sad to say, I don't think I'd be too sorry to see Stevie ireland go provided the fee is right. Just can't see Ferguson fancying him now though -to be honest I don't think he was that good even LAST SEASON when he came up against their more powerful midfield.

  9. Yeah, it's that good I forgot to put the handbrake on my car a couple of days ago when I went to collect my wife from her school. I turned round to see the car rolling back, hitting some metal gates. £425 worth of damage. Do you think that the City players would chip in. After all I have given them enough of my money in the past.

  10. I have not only given City a lot of my money,but when I was playing they never came to watch ME.
    The season I was thinking about when Niall Quinn was injured pre season was the 95/96 season (I checked up,not having Tony's prodigious memory) and from our first 11 games we managed 9 defeats and two draws from which we never recovered and began the slow descent towards the third tier.
    I will be rooting for RSC on Saturday as with Bellamy having a dodgy knee he will probably start with Tevez up front,(assuming he is fit)
    I can recall us getting rid of Niall Quinn and Richard Dunne after below par seasons and then seeing them become heroes at their new clubs so I would prefer to see Stevie have a spell in the stiffs to see if he can regain his previous form.

  11. Anyway, Ferdinand's injured again.

    Is this what they mean by the straw that broke the camel's back?

  12. Talk about cradle snatching, Tony!

    Seriously, I bet you got some stick from the school kids when your car took a tumble. Still, I can talk. I did same with my car a few years ago and my disabled Mam was half-way out of the passenger door as it started rolling! Luckily it slammed into my house wall within a few feet, otherwise she could've been a gonner!

    Oh I do feel so sorry for Ferdinand. Serves the dirty get right.

    I know what Steve means re Ireland having a spell in the reserves but this doesn't seem to happen these days does it? Even when RSC was on his way back after such a lengthy lay-off he didn't play in a reserve match. Beats me.

  13. Three Red Cards in our last three games at Stoke and all for retaliation.
    Does that make them calculated thugs or does it reflect on our inability to beat a physical team?
    Didn't Petrov once fall for the same trick against Everton?

  14. Whilst I'm on the subject of things that annoy me about City.
    Within hours of reaching Wembley, United had brought forward their league game against West Ham.
    Why has it taken almost six months to rearrange the Everton game?
    Perhaps somebody could ask it on my behalf at the next Points of Blue meeting.
    I'm writing this on the assumption that the Spurs game will be switched to the midweek after their cup game at Fulham.
    If not, then make that two questions.

  15. I was at Stoke last night and while not as disappointed as after The Carling Cup semi, I'm still feeling pretty gutted. I really thought this was going to be the year where we would finally reach Wembley. When is this side ever going to repay us for all the time, expense and emotional energy we put into them?!

    We were totally on top for the first half-hour and missed some good chances. Stoke had very few chances in the entire 120 minutes, but put them away. I'm not conviced that Mancini has tightened us up at the back. Stoke defenders were throwing themselves into last-ditch tackles, as if their lives depended on it. If you watch the replays of the Stoke goals, check how Kompany and Bridge don't do that for the first Stoke goal and how Kompany could have slid in for a blocking tackle on the third goal, but didn't. That was why we lost - Stoke had more desire, simple as that.

    SWP and Ireland are pale reflections of what they were last season. Until we find a manager who can buy the right sort of players - a powerful, attacking midfielder would be nice! - and get more out of the existing ones, we will continue to struggle. And did anyone see Hangelaand scoring for Fulham tonight? He just stood there and glanced the ball in with his head! If we had someone that size in defence, there's no way those Delap throw-ins would have cost cost us so dearly.

    The irony of it all is that Richard Dunne, deemed not good enough by City, could well be lifting the Carling Cup this Sunday. I hope that he does, for obvious reasons, but at the same time, I would be more than a little annoyed that he won't be doing it in a City shirt.

    So, another season which started with such promise, looks like it will end in more disappointment. I can't see us getting fourth slot, the confidence just isn't there.

    Are we ever going to get it right?

  16. Good morning all.As a fully paid up member of the footballers should be seen and not heard club I was reading how Pablo Zabaleta says the players are going to double their efforts to achieve the fourth place spot,I have two questions for "Zab"(1) does this mean you will be giving away twice as many unecessary free kicks and (2) does this mean the players have not been giving 100%(as it is mathematically impossible to give more than 100%). There are some tough fixtures ahead of us so let's take it one game at a time and make every game a cup final and see where that gets us,as "Bob" the builder would say, "Can we do it?" "Yes we can".
    Hi Pat.I watched Dunne the other night, he was colossal at the back for Villa, no misjudgements no own goals(well just one this season)or daft sendings off cant really explain it. I think Stoke are on a roll at the moment,I don't know how you saw it but the sending off sounded like a good slice of luck for them. As the seasons go by it seems we are cursed in these competitions balloons, punched goals wrongful sendings off I just hope things balance in the league out so we can grab that fourth spot.
    Hi Neil I seem to recall that traditionally postponed games have either been played towards the end of the season or when both teams have a vacant weekend due to being knocked out of the FA.Cup if it is by mutual consent that could be a problem,but however it is worked out I would like to know,can you keep us informed?.
    I will be staying indoors today as it is "Judgement Day" for Thaksin as the courts will be taking his fortune from him,so the poor soul will have to scrape along on the pittance he recieved from the sale of our beloved club.

  17. Possibly good news for us depending on how we shape up between now and the end of the season is the news that Portsmouth FC. are almost certain to see out the rest of their fixtures before they drop into the Championship (or more likely oblivion).
    This is a sad story that should provide a salutary lesson to all fans who unlike us do not have a bottomless pit of money and demand their club be more ambitious.
    I wonder if Wayne Bridge in his darkest moments has thought about doing what Roy Keane did to Alfie Haaland and waiting until the end of the game to make a career ending tackle on JT? well of course he wouldn't, you would have to be borderline psychotic to even envisage such an action (which would affect our season and Englands World Cup chances.)If he goes to shake your hand Wayne just squeeze his fingers as tight as you can and watch the tears roll down he won't be able to react as the cameras will be on him.

  18. Heh-Heh, nice one Glyn. It's OK though, as she turned sixteen last week. When My late father in law first saw my future mother in law in the small village of Vatili, now in the occupied northern part of Cyprus, he was 23 and she was 13. They were engaged within a few months although I don't know if they had to wait until she was 16 for them to get married. I doubt it as this was Cyprus in the 1940's. They were married for over 50 years and had four children. Today, he would be locked up and the key thrown away.

  19. Was it David Moyes who once compiled a video of all the unfair decisions that went against his team?

    I've only just learned that Adebayor has been givern a 4-match ban for what I gather was a yellow card (at most) offence.

    We have SWP, Adebayor and Vieira given retrospective red cards and 3-match bans, yet a thug like Macherano gets away with GBH against us and then scores in Liverpool's next match. Now this. It's just disgusting.

  20. Apparently Glyn under the new terminoligy tapping someone on the calf while sat on the floor is violent conduct as is putting your arm across someones face(although this must happen 4 or 5 times in most games),while giving a forearm smash to an opponent or raking the studs down his achilles is OK.I think the club should kick up a stink about these incidents, I sure UTD Chelsea Liverpool or the Arse would.