Thursday, 25 March 2010


Everton, wow what a response from the anonymous toffee fans (not usually acceptable on this blog). Why do fans of other clubs want to come on to a City blog? Would any of us dream of going onto another club’s blog? Well not me for sure.
Anyway it was nice to have a warmer night for selling and we did OK.
As for the game, a few poor refereeing decisions, a few poor performances, naivety and dosiness for their goals but overall I thought we were a bit unlucky. Like I’ve said, the game should have been played months ago and that’s another issue.
Still, it must be great to be an Everton fan these days. One trophy in 25 years, none whilst under Moyes’ tenure, what a great manager he is. How far did they get in Europa? How far in the Carling? How far in the F. A. Cup?
A crumbling ground – Watford have built more stands than they have. No buyer or new ground on the horizon. Still, a double over City constitutes a great season, the sooner we get back to putting 5 past them the better. Obviously the Prem is crap, no question, but spare us your bile/bitter crap and get back to your own blogs/message boards and gloat in your mis-placed glory.
Don’t forget that the editor’s word is final and no further messages or correspondence will be entered into!


  1. Because you came up in with your petty references to David Moyes you blert, that’s why we came on here & that’s the ONLY reason, & then reading your bullshit, even going so far as using Hellenic words to reference Moyes, xaaxaa!!!

    Then funnily enough, your page is down the following day, after we've kicked your arse's yet AGAIN this season!!!

    Honestly, you really are Nob, Lipon (that's Greek look it up), it’s not that doing the double over you guys is great because prior to this season (i.e. your lottery win) it wouldn't be anything because who the fuck are City, dya know what I mean!?

    It’s just your fucking short term memory & attitude now that you have shit loads of Dirham, giving it the bifters left right & centre (yesterday) & pre season when you we're trying to get J Lo, you all really need to remember it wasn't long ago that both sets of supporters had a great relationship which you guys have since pissed up the wall because you think now “it’s time to be successful”, well let me tell ya, it doesn't work like that & that my smelly blue manc is why it’s been great to do the double over ya's this season because in this day & age when EVERYONE thinks throwing money at something achieves immediate success, we have just shown you twice this season that it doesn’t, & another thing us beating you has shown, money cannot buy class haaahaaa, I really hope you don’t qualify for the champions league (this season) because you simply just don’t deserve it.

    Now go & crawl back under your GCSE books & make your parents proud that a Manc can get some qualifications!!

    NIL SATIS NISA OPTIMUM (& that ain’t Greek)

  2. come on shitee fans,
    You were beaten to a pulp and we should have beaten 4 or 5 at goodison.
    you mention what we have won lately ,well at leat we have and at least w get to wembely teh new one that is , not teh one you guys emeber from teh 60's and 70's.

  3. 'Why do fans of other clubs want to come on to a City blog?'

    Erm, because the 'NewsNow Everton' page brings up any new articles on 'Everton'. Why would a Man City fan criticise Everton? Can't they talk about their own team?

    'One trophy in 25 years'

    Actually, I think you'll find that's 4 trophies in 25 years (2 league titles, a European trophy and an FA Cup), 8 trophies if you include the 4 Charity Shields won in that time (1985, 1986, 1987, 1995), plus 5 FA Cup Finals in that time too.

    Better than City's record of literally 1 trophy in 34 years, wouldn't you say?

    'A crumbling ground – Watford have built more stands than they have.'

    Given that Vicarage Road has 3 and 1/2 stands (I would have thought you'd known this due to your many years playing them in the lower leagues), another factually incorrect statement from our Shameless friends.

    How many FA Cup Finals or World Cup Semi Finals has the council house hosted?

    Jealousy is a terrible thing. Seeking out injustices that weren't there ('Oh that terrible referee!' blah blah blah) to mask the simple fact that you just aren't as good as us, despite the millions you've wasted.... it must be so hard for you.

  4. The page was down because of vile abusive comments by idiots like yourself who find it amusing to use obsencities on a site that is read by women and children alike. Congratulations!

  5. Ive just come across this on Newsnow and feel compelled to reply!
    What a load of bitter utter absolute shite that was written by somebody who is meant to be editor!! Your a disgrace to your title!

    If you had United after 'Manchester' I may have said fair enough but that is the biggest load of tripe Ive ever seen written. When was the last trophy you won? The last time you had no money as a club you ended up in the old 3rd division you fucking knobhead!

    Lets hope United win the league and Champions League, long live Fergie, the KING of Manchester!

  6. Take me home,
    United Road,
    To the place I belong,
    To Old Trafford,
    To see United,
    Take me home, United Road

    Long Live Sir Alex

  7. Now I am confused. Everton are skint, but what's it got to do with Norwich?

  8. So what's the difference between a sour tasting barley sugar sweet and an Everton fan? None they are both bitter and twisted toffees and have a nasty aftertaste.

  9. Its common knowledge and a fact that Everton is a far greater club than Manchester city, City are a fucking laughing stock, a fucking pathetic small club who have only had the pleasure of being managed by greats of the 4th most successful club in English football such as Howard Kendall, Alan Ball and Joe Royle

  10. I will interpret the Kazmad post for those of you not fluent in "Bullshit" "Yaddah Yaddah Yaddah, expletive, Yaddah expletive, Yaddah Yaddah Yaddah.

  11. A brave effort from Kazmad with only two swear words. I wish we had class!

  12. And dignity Neil don't forget the overwhelming dignity as exemplified by our lovable "scousers.

  13. Im sorry to all our Manchester city about the language used by my fellow blues, but i notice a comment, made by dave about us only winning 1 trophy in 25 years. dave this is too true but Iam only 28 years old and I cant remeber city winning a thing at all unless you want to include when you got promoted but to the premier league. YOUR TOTALLY RIGHT DAVE CITY ARE A BETTER TEAM, STEEPED IN LOADS OF HISTORY

  14. Just to repeat this so regular users wont miss it. Mine or Dave's post was posted onto the EFC blog yesterday, hence the reason there is no restbite from these little shits. They are like cockroaches, you reply to one point and another five come scurrying out of the woodwork. The commennts are so clever, one girl at least I assume she passes for a girl in that part of the world, even posted a little poem about Man U on one thread, sying long live Fergie. Oh, I'm so upset. All that will happen now is some other moron will read what I have put and write some bile or other, they don't follow the previous threads and discuss a topic as a whole. Yesterday, one or two were re3asonable but even they thought I was wrong to have a go at Moyes. Can I suggest that for the time being those regular users of the blog contact Dave and give each others e-mail addresses so we can communicate without this crap. We can include ourselves on a mailing list so that everyone will see what the other has written and respond if he sees fit. In the meantime, Dave is going to speak to the guy that does the blog and see if he can make it more secure. I never thought I'd say this but even MU fans have more class than these prats.

  15. Come on suckers,

    still no takers for the bet?

  16. Come on Tony ,

    I dont needd class I need sucker's money, pls accept the bet

  17. you should know a lot about watford,city played them enuf in the past,gillingham and brentford the end of the day they`l always be just man shiteh

  18. What a silly little boy you are Mr Editor ... If you are going to write ' bullshine ' you should expectbig lumps of it to be thrown back ... and trying to bellittle a team who have just thrashed your ' team :) ' twice in a few weeks and the manager who plotted your demise is just plain stupid ... get it straight .. even though you have had far more money than David Moyes has had at his disposal for a number of years now .. you still cannot produce a better team than him .. the sooner you accept that and realise that trying to laud it over teams that have got more class , history and dignity will just get your arse bitten , the sooner you'll drag yourselves out of that stinking pit of misery that City insist in jumping into , despite the lottery windfall

  19. As an Evertonian I used to like Manchester City and had a lot of respect for Manchester City Fans, (with no jibe intended) when you were relegated to the 3rd tier of English Football I was impressed by the fact that you still attracted 20k+ attendances. I also felt something of a bond that you were the 'other blue team' in the North West that was looked down upon by your red counterparts.

    The sad fact is money changes people, when 'have not’s' become 'haves' overnight, a proportion tend to coat their house in black and white tiger print soft furnishings because that's how they perceive the other half live, which is how I see City now.

    You've never had what you would call a glittering past (the number of times you have won the 2nd tier league speaks volumes) and now you have money you intend to buy your way to the top instead of building something that you can feel proud of. Every Evertonian feels connected all the more to our club because we have grown organically, we've built ourselves up with relatively nothing to the cusp of champion’s league football. City are the nouveau riche who haven't earned their place at the top table.

    Yes our ground is old, but it has a soul to it, a good chunk of it is a listed building because of it's architecture and heritage, plus it's owned by Everton and wasn’t built by someone else and loaned to us… You would not have been able to afford to build your own stadium yourself, something you will do well to remember. You look down on us for being less well off, but remember you live and survive on hand outs from outside sources. If your owner who is quite clearly bank rolling your clubs wage and transfer kitty pulls the plug you will have to sell your assets to stay afloat.

    We live within our means and there has to be something said for that. When you consider that we are the only team outside the sky 4 to finish in the top four places since 02-03 with next to no outside money, in recent seasons we have also reached the semis of the carling cup and the fa cup final too… all on a comparative shoe string.

    So fine slag Moyes off, slag us off for responding to a jibe against our club (which has been stated, appeared on the Everton newsnow feed). I think it speaks volumes that Evertonians would comment on another team’s blog and city fans wouldn't (as you put it) to me it simply says that we care about our team, manager and staff and will defend it and them when they are disparaged. It says a lot that you don’t appear to have the strength of feeling to want to do that.

    Good luck for the rest of the season. I actually think you will just make 4th, as for next season, if we can maintain our squad and bring in a 20 goal a season man you’re going to have a hard time finishing a head of us.

  20. Michael
    Firstly, thanks for a sensible and intelligent posting. Perhaps you might be interested to read my response.
    Firstly, rightly or wrongly your assertion that City and Everton have a common bond has never been shared by the vast majority of City supporters. We’ve never disliked Everton, but similarly, we’ve never considered ourselves as blood brothers.
    In theory City and Everton enjoy a few similarities. We both play in blue and we’re both in the shadow of our more successful neighbours However, the reality dictates the opposite.
    Was it the Chinese or the Arabs who declared that my enemy’s enemy is my friend? For this reason and this reason alone, City have always preferred Liverpool.
    United’s obsession with Liverpool has created a strange relationship between City and our Anfield cousins. United’s misery when Liverpool beat Milan in Istanbul was compounded by the sight of City fans punching the air.
    So the wheel has turned and City have won the lottery. Everton feel betrayed, but I must have heard at least three phone-in’s on the subject of a ground sharing or a takeover at Goodison Park. Meanwhile the relationship between City and Liverpool has remained fairly friendly.
    Another stroke of luck for City (but often overlooked) was the Commonwealth Games coming to Manchester in 2002.Most of us didn’t want to leave Maine Road, but the wheels of progress propelled us into the twenty first century.
    I keep hearing these false accusations of arrogance and empty insults about class, dignity and history. Perhaps you’re referring to Gary Cook, but we’re still the same supporters that you admired not so long ago.
    Not sure where all this abuse started, but don’t be fooled into thinking that Tony deliberately posted on an Everton website. Next thing we’ll be blaming Dixie Dean for his goal celebration at Wembley in 1933
    Not so long ago my Company worked on a Market Research project for Everton regarding a proposal for their Season Ticket holders. If anything it confirmed my belief that apart from a few idiots, most football supporters want the same thing.
    Everton have won fifteen major trophies ( I don’t count the Charity Shield ) and City have won seven. Goodison Park is a traditional ground, but so was Maine Road.
    In a couple of weeks time, Bert Trautmann will be the guest of honour when City host Birmingham. It will be an emotional occasional, because Everton don’t hold the monopoly on history.
    David Moyes has done a fantastic job, but can he achieve success at Everton without major funding?
    It’s a question continually repeated and if Everton aren’t careful, they’ll lose Jack Rodwell and Seamus Coleman to one of the many clubs with more money in the Premier League.
    Sorry, but money does buy success We’re not going to go away and even if we don’t finish fourth this will still be our best season in the premier League.
    Don’t take it personally, but if City don’t finish Fourth, I hope it’s Liverpool

  21. For the record I never said or hoped to imply that we were blood brothers or anything of that ilk... I simply felt more empathy with city than any other club in the top flight which doesn't really say a lot. Having said that, out of all the other clubs I felt we had more in common than most.

    There is a similar theme for Evertonians with Man U as there is for your support of Liverpool, in that most Evertonians were made up in 96 when United beat Liverpool in the FA cup final. Liverpool fan's gloating over our demise during the 90's caused us to take solace in their misery. I imagine the same is true for City Fans with United. I'm sure you wanted us to beat united in 1995 and in last season's semi but want liverpool to beat them more than anything because you know how much it means to united fans when they get beat by Liverpool.

    I think the rivalry (whether perceived or actual) between our clubs has now only come to the surface because like it or not, we have the same goals each season, European qualification is the expectation, champions league football the desire and winning the league is the dream. That you have money makes your goals slightly more realistic, but we have things that evidently more than make up for our lack of money.

    I know how newsnow works and I don't believe that there was any intent to annoy Everton fans in the initial article. Although the two subsequent blog posts were considerably more calculated.

    I sort of understand why you'd want Liverpool to finish fourth, simply to stifle the glee that Man U fans will have if Liverpool don't qualify for the Champions league and the unbearable glee if Man U also win the league again and take the record off Liverpool (who in that event will no doubt state that the number of domestic championships is not the important record... it's the number of European cup/champions league wins).

    I disagree that money alone buys success, it certainly improves your chances, but without a team ethic, mental strength and a good manager who can build this ethos, It won't get you over that last hurdle. Spurs have been spending money like it's going out of fashion and haven't finished in the top 4 since 1990. Liverpool's gross spend was second only to Chelsea before you your Arabian money arrived and whilst they have won a few trophies they have lacked the consistency to win the league.

    Money isn't everything; you need some of the more intangible assets in order to get to the top. What has annoyed most Evertonians is that we feel we have everything we need to challenge at the top consistently, except for the money to retain our best players and to buy the two or three players needed to take us to that level.

  22. Hi Michael.Just a coulple of points,if we went around onto all the sites that have been uncomplimentary to our club we would be very busy indeed. Of course we we care abot our club, go back an check out some of the blogs.
    Find an article or blog anywhere where a city fan has said that we have any right to win anything just because we have a load of money.
    The arrogance no class no history jibes are just sticks to beat us with motivated by jealosy.
    One thing our years in the wilderness have taught us is humility,after being in a very precarious financial position and losing players to richer and "bigger" clubs we now have the financial muscle to TRY to BUILD a team that we hope will put something in the trophy cabinet.A work in progress at the moment.City till I die is not just a chant and as you pointed out we got the same crowds at Main Rd(32,000) when we were in the 3rd tier as we got when we were in the top flight.
    The best fans the most passionate fans in the world but then I must admit to being very biased.