Thursday, 4 March 2010


We need some help!
Some professional friends of KK’s are putting together a book on City’s cup runs of 69/70 and are looking for fan's experiences. If you’ve got any stories, match reports etc please get in touch. Here’s the list :

FA CUP 1969
3 : Jan 24 : Luton home
4 : Jan 26 : Newcastle away
4R : Jan 29 : “ “ home
5 : Feb 24 : Blackburn away
6 : March 1 : Spurs home
SF : March 22 : Everton (Villa Park)
F : April 26 : Leicester (Wembley)

LEAGUE CUP 1969/70
2 : Sept 3 : Southport away
3 : Sept 24 : Liverpool home
4 : Oct 14th : Everton home
5 : Oct 29 : QPR home
SF 1 : D 3 : M. Utd home
SF 2 : D17 : M. Utd away
F : M7 : WBA (Wembley)

1.1 : Sept 17 : A. Bilbao away
1.2 : Oct 1 : A Bilbao home
2.1 : Nov 2 : Lierse away
2.2 : Nov 26 : Lierse home
3.1 : Mar 4 : A.Coimbra away
3.2 : Mar 18 : A. Coimbra home
SF 1: April 1 : Schalke away
SF 2 : April 15 : Schalke home
F : April 29 : Gornik (Vienna)


  1. Was at 13 of the matches - if only I had Tony's memory. Sorry!

  2. I do have memories of and relating to the FA. cup final but I would suspect so have about 10,000 other people, but if they can be any use I will E mail or put them on the comments,I was probably at some of the other matches but like Glyn I do not have Tony's prodigious memory.

  3. I remember not being able to go to the Blackburn FA cup game after what seems like endless postponements due to snow because it was a school night and my dad would not let me!

  4. I was only at five of those games but even with my so called super memory, I can't say that anything spectacular happened worth putting into print. I did say something about the Shalke game when I was giving my memories of favourite Maine Rd games just before the move, so I'll re-send that to you for what it's worth.

  5. I have distant memories of the FA Cup semi and the final in '69. I had moved to Stafford after getting married in 67 and although I was able to attend a lot of games in the title winning season it got more difficult when number one son came along in 1968. I remember getting up for the replay against newcastle but having to spent all night on Crewe Station before getting back just in time for work.
    Just a few days before the semi at Villa Park I was passing a shop in Stafford which ran coaches to matches in the midlands. Think Finglands but small scale. They were running a coach to Villa Park for ten bob. Didn't have a ticket for the match but to my surprise they did and I think I paid 12/6 to stand behind the goal. They might have told me I was going to be with 20 thousand Toffee fans! It was all good natured and I don't think I was ever anxious. You couldn't say that nowadays.
    My recall of the match is sketchy. I don't think we had much of the game and Tommy Booth's winner might have been our only chance. If you are going to win a Semi 1 - 0 it's best to score in the last minute rather than the first. I remember listening to Sports Report on the way back and recall Joe saying about going to Wembley that the important thing was that we were going to the party and sometimes it didn't matter who had the biggest piece of cake.I've nbeen telling my lads that for almost forty years so I hope he did say it.

    In the autumn of 1968 one of my wife's sisters announced she was getting married on the 26th of April. I got my apologies in early and told her not to take offence but I expected to be at Wembley on the day of her marriage. And so it came to pass. I got two tickets at 30 bob a piece from a pub landlord in Stone and sold one on the train for the face value. My kids reckon they can see me behind the goal when ever we watch the DVD.
    My abiding memory of both games is that I don't like going to football matches by myself. You need to be with people you can share the joy or anguish with.I t's something you should do with friends or family and even today forty years on if my lads aren't going or I can't be sure of meeting up with my sister I have to think twice about venturing north.