Monday, 29 March 2010


Tony, don't feel guilty about your original post - I've just remembered that in Everton's zine WSAG they had an article slagging off City, fair enough if that's what they think. If I come across it I'll send it on but we're in turmoil decorating at the mo.
Also Newcastle have had a similar article but I generally tend to disregard such stuff as they're usually inaccurate and off the mark - a la the recent Everton postings, though they were a trifle more personally insulting. Well done guys for showing them up, and why don't scousers have proper or surnames?
Anyway it is Wigan tonight and despite our spending, wages, history, celebrity fans etc. we still see it as a possible banana skin. How arrogant is that?!


  1. A painful performance, but at least we’re pulling away from a tired Villa and plucky little Everton. Funny how the Media have stopped asking why City sold Richard Dunne.
    On the downside, we’re lacking the conviction and confidence of Tottenham and Liverpool are beginning to threaten.
    Worryingly, we’ve developed an alarming lack of pace and despite the abuse from a sizeable minority we can’t blame it all on Vieira. De Jong is one paced and I’m dreading the thought of Garrido against Aaron Lennon in a Month’s time.
    Last Season we were brilliant at home, thanks largely to the flair of Elano, Robinho and to a slightly lesser extent, Ireland and SWP. Unfortunately those same players were proved to be too brittle against the more physical teams.
    This Season we’re replaced the inconsistency with a motley crew of dependable, but, pedestrian holding midfielders. The results are improving, but when we’re bad, we’re terrible.
    Given’s distribution is awful and Zabaletta is a red card, or a penalty waiting to happen. Toure appears to be a spent force and what the hell is happening with SWP? Not for the first time this Season, I find myself asking why City’s best performances have rarely featured Adebayor.
    Johnson was promising, but still appears a little intimidated. Bellamy was more direct and alongside the brilliant Tevez his energy eventually overcame a slightly unlucky Wigan.
    I thought the sending off was harsh, but Wigan’s time wasting was irritating the crowd. Eventually the ref was persuaded into a rash decision.

  2. It is difficult to play the expansive flowing football we would like to see when the nucleus of the team have barely played together for more than a couple of games.I looks to me that anxiety takes over when the clever stuff does not work, players start to do crazy things wild tackles, passes going astray, running offside getting out of position.I agree with Neil about SWP and Zabaletta although I thought Johnson had an excellent game his tackling and determination impressed me.The tackle did not look worthy of a sending off at first glance but replays showed that if Tevez had had his foot planted on the ground it could have been a very serious injury.
    I think our first goal was a bit fortunate as Adebayor had a foot up but anything but a win for us would have been a travesty.
    There are signs that we could be a very good side eventually and as ever mixed in with some appalling mediocrity were moments of dazzling brilliance.

  3. I'm afraid I agree 100% with Neil. SWP was god dammed awful last night. How Aderbyour stayed on for the full 90 minutes is beyond me. You guys know my feelings on Santa, yet I was pleading with Mancini to bring him on in place of that lumbering, clumsy former Gunner. The number of times he passed to a yellow shirt, I lost count of. Garrido makes Bridge look world class and as he says, Zabaletta also looks poor and faces a two match ban anyway. We can only pray that Tevez stays injury free, because if he is out for a few games, who else will score? I find it ridiculous that I am missing Lescott after the amount of complaining I have done about him, but again, Tourre is dreadful in comparison. On the plus side, I too thought Johnson had a great game and has the makings of a very good player and despite this game looking like at best 0-0, but most likely 0-1, we ended up comfortable winners. We simply MUST take full points from our next two games against Burnley and Birmingham before we face United, Arsenal and Tottenham.

  4. Tried to post this afternoon but kept getting a google error message. Rather than me type it all again just read Neil's comments as they're spookily similar apart from Johnson, who I thought was quite good.

    Steve, I was calling 'Mother' for most of the 1st half!

    Although Adebayor drove me mad too, I prefer to give him a chance as his season has been so fragmented he's bound to have lost his touch and his understanding with Tevez.

    Something that really wound me up was the post match interviews. Given was almost laughing about Mancini's half-time rant and admitted we'd been playing at too slow a tempo. Then Mancini said he was as unhappy as the fans about the 1st-half performance. Trouble is, we seem to be doing the same thing every bloody week so why is this? Also, why does it have to wait till half-time to put things right? These are all experienced internationals, surely to God they shouldn't need telling!

    Vieira can't be allowed to play again. He's a liability - though I must concur with Neil about the likes of DeJong. For me, SWP has also blown it. Hard to believe he's hoping to go to the world cup.

    I actually thought the sending off was correct. For me it was the scissor action that showed his clear intent to take the man. Tevez impresses me in so many ways, not least of which is his toughness - take the assault from Ballack. He just gets up and on with it and is rarely injured. Fantastic.

  5. Could someone also explain the infamous Shay Given "Short Goal Kick Routine"
    You know, the one that's aimed at head height towards a flat footed, unsuspecting Full Back, ususally resulting in a throw in to the opposition.

  6. The better one is the one where Given is holding the ball in his hands and instead of kicking it upfield, he plays a short throw to a defender who neither wants the ball or has any clue what to do with it. So he kicks it back to Given who can't now pick it up and instead has to hoof it upfield under pressure from the advancing forward. Or there's the one where one of the defenders has the ball at his feet at around the half way line, bereft of ideas, but rather than just hoofing it into the opposing teams penalty area, he plays it back to Given who can just about reach the half way line with his kick upfield. What a joy it must be at City training sessions.

  7. What about the City long throw that hasn't worked since Clive Wilson's goal v Liverpool in 1985.

  8. I wonder if the discontent shown for Given on this forum is being shared amongst the City Heirarchy.Buffon keeps making grand statements about how he wants to spend the rest of his career at Juventus and will not sign for us, implying that he has been asked the question,I would think at 32 his club would want to cash in and his age and the price tag of around the 30 mil.mark would rule out most clubs. Joe Hart must be watching events with interest.

  9. Good morning all, I don't remember that Clive Wilson goal Neil but I was always impressed with that ploy that UTD used where Peter Schmeichel would hurl the ball into the path of Andy Cole or Ryan Giggs to set up an attack.With so much at stake these days the speculative punt downfield is just not good enough and as with practicing with the "wrong" foot is a basic football skill that should be worked on even if the time spent training affects the extra curricular activities of some of the players.
    And speaking of a wrong foot it did look as if Adebayor missed a good goal scoring opportunity while trying to get the ball onto his "right"foot.

  10. Anyone been listening to Talksport this week? How many times have both presenters and Arsenal fans said Almunia is crap and Arsenal should sign Joe Hart? Not once have I heard anyone ask why City would ever let him go - especially to rivals who have turned so bitter. Hope I'm right here!

    Speculation bound to re-surface about Mourinho following his funny comments about Italian football. I know this might not go down well but I really do fancy him at City. Trouble is would he come if we're not in the Champs league? ... and then if we ARE in the CL Mancini will really have earned the right to stay. Hmmm.

    Totally agree with Steve's old chestnut about 1-footed players. It's astonishing how many supposed top level players are like this - and that supposed top level defenders like Micah Richards (just an example) fail to show such forwards onto their wrong foot!

  11. Glyn.For Micah to work out how to get players onto their wrong side like other aspects of his game would take a level of intelligence I don't believe he has. I watched Wayne Bridge a few games ago get into a tangle when pressurised in a defensive position when just the ability to pass back to Given or hoof the ball upfield with the right foot would have got him out of trouble.In the days when we had to accept limitations in players due to lack of funds this may have been OK.(but still does not explain why the coaching staff cannot take some action) but now we have the financial clout some skill with both feet could be made a job requirement.