Wednesday, 10 March 2010

this week

This week
No game of course so the Chelsea euphoria is fading somewhat.
We’ve had the Internationals with our England boys doing well. Robinho starred for Brazil, and Nige broke a Bolton player’s leg, which was a bit naughty.
Otherwise we had to settle for watching weekend games on the box – Pompey v Birmingham, Pompey doing us a favour so that we can still face Brum at home on Cup semi final weekend. Villa won at Reading and Spurs have a home replay with Fulham. So that could affect their top 4 aspirations.
Papers have been full, as you know, of Johno’s latest supposed misdemeanour, and Carlos has been in the news for courting a glamour model. Bridge, SWP (of the girlie boots) and bling boy Micah have been photographed in Miami with a bevy of beauties. All good clean living family boys of course! Wigan did us a favour beating a woeful Liverpool and Sunderland thrashed Bolton 4-0, changing their style to a footballing one as opposed to the high ball and Bent is on form, just before they and he meet us!
Thanks for the response to the help request on the 1969/70 cup games, particularly Neil Bailey, and the Us v Them book is just about ready for proof reading. Anyone go to Bolgna in ’70 or Darwen in 1898! Thought not! Anyway thanks to all contributors.
We’re currently putting together KK 178, and tons of stuff is being formatted. Thanks to everyone for hitting the deadline, even Burfield managed it at the last minute, at his third attempt! So it’s looking good.

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  1. As I mentioned a couple of threads ago. I will send in my experience of that home game against Shalke, unspectacular that they are.