Wednesday, 24 March 2010

this week

This week
Firstly an apology for the ‘massive attack’ video bar put on by a typical united fan re MFV. I’ve not read it as it’s been removed but I understand how offensive it was and thanks for the response. I’ll talk to Chris, our blog guru, about it and keep you posted.

Fulham away, and the manumirror dragged out Dickson Etuhu this time in their series of ‘players who never want to play for City’. Apparently he wouldn’t trade European glory nights like Thursdays win over Juventus for City. Well, if he’d stayed at City, European glory nights could’ve been Dickson’s LAST season!
Good run down to the idyllic setting of Craven Cottage on a fine day as usual down there. Always interesting selling outside. Stewards left us alone and just one little altercation with a copper “I won’t tell you again, move down the road” “ Why? I sell here every year” “Because I say so, and I’m here every week”!
No bother. We were on the back row of the stand ‘entertained’ by a group of Blues in front of us who were having an enjoyable time, bouncing around, singing songs, breaking wind, and taking the piss out of unsuspecting neutral fans nearby. "My dad reads KK, but as you know kids don't read" "I know, that's why we put in cartoons!"
Two nil up at half time, surely this time we weren’t going to do our usual? Well we nearly did but got away with it, thankfully, though we did spurn a few chances.
Rags beat Liverpool so that keeps the scousers down a little and tonight it’s a crucial game against Everton at home.
Here’s the It’s A Fix extract : Their last promotion was in 1954, since then they’ve won the title 4 times, the cup 3 times, last in 1995, their last trophy and the European Cup Winners Cup once.
154th league meeting.
Most recent connection : Joleon Lescott, Big name supporter : Freddie Starr. 152nd league meeting
David Moyes’ squad includes : Howard (boo), Heitinga, Distin, Neville (double boo), Rodwell, Osman, Arteta, Donovan (?), Pienaar, Yakubu, Jagielka, Cahill, Senderos.
This season so far : Over at Goodison in January they gave us a 2-0 battering and it could have been more. Pienaar scored from a free kick in the 36th minute, and we gave away a soft stupid penalty just before half time which Saha tucked away.
They’re currently on the up with wins v us, Chelsea and united plus have just hammered Hull 5-1, so not a good time to play them. It would’ve been better earlier in the season.
They’re currently in 8th place with 45 points from 30 games and 3 wins 4 draws and 7 losses away from home. They’ve just gone out of the Europa Cup to Sporting Lisbon.
Our form at home to Everton : Last season at COMS in December they stole all three points with a last minute headed goal from a corner needlessly given away by Dunney. 41,344 (2,846 Toffees)
Since our promotion in 2002 we’ve won 4 and lost 3 including the last two. Time for a win again in what will no doubt be another grudge match, though Lescott's out injured, which we must make to our advantage.
Comment : Check out Tony Petrie's message on the blog.
Wind Ups : Usual anti-scouse and Moyes stuff.
Wwtwtwshite : Averaged 19,343 in 1983/84 season
Their current average home attendance : 36,567


  1. Sorry but that video clip is still being shown at the side of the screen.

  2. “We're not aspiring to be like Everton, we're aspiring to be like ManU(re), Arsenal, Chelsea, etc.” – There are a lot of idiots on the internet-forums but you are their king for sure.

    However I don’t want to waste my time and talk to idiots I just want to take their money so I will propose any City fan a bet up to 500 EUR at 2:1 at Bet Fair( I bet 500 EUR – the City fan 1000EUR), as the new powerhouse of the English football I think it would not be unreasonable to expect City to finish in top 4 – 4out of 5 seasons, after all you guys are spending close to 100m per year, can allow yourself to loan out 32m reserve player and of course you are striving to be like Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal (stop laughing back there).

    There will be some penalties as well if the average league position of Everton, which are going nowhere (net spending for the last 2 seasons 000) for this period is higher than City’s (100m per year for the last 2) I get 4:1 on my money. If City within 5 years ends up in Championship or League 1 – familiar environment for you guys I get 5 and 7:1 respectively.

    If anyone of the “illuminati” here can put his money where his mouth is I will be happy to set up this bet.

  3. Gawd I was just gonna congratulate someone for deleting the crap we've had to endure the last day or so, then up crops this childish jerk, Stefan.

    Why don't you take a hint and just piss off to where you BELONG. It's idiots like you that turn people off the modern game.

  4. I checked yesterday and could not see the video and just checked again,maybe the "sicko" that put it on tried to re.submit it.
    Just ignore them Glyn and hope they get bored.
    I was quite pleased with last nights performance we had a good go at them and lost to two breakaway goals. We still arn't the well drilled organised unit we have to become, but that will come with time. I think that when the heat is on we tend to lose shape as players try too hard. Kompany is looking better every game,and there were glimpses of good things to come. If only we had shown the same determination in other games 4th place would be a formality.

  5. I deleted the posting Glyn as I thought things were getting out of hand. There were 99 posts when I deleted it and no signs that they were going to end. So by deleting the original thread I thought it might defuse the situation. I used to have a lot of respect for Everton fans and scousers in general. Not anymore, though. The original posting was a bit tongue in cheek which I thought was obvious with the way I asked pleeeease in such a begging manner and likening Moyes to fly. No matter how many times you try to swat him, he wont go away. For a time I thought some of the posts from EFC fans were also jokey and responded in a jokey way. But I soon realised that most of the posters were far from friendly. A United supporting mate of mine doesn't have a good word to say about scousers. He lived in the city for six months and they made his life hell. In the past, I have always defended them as from my experience of working in Liverpool, everyone was great and when they found out I was a City fan, they were even friendlier as we had a common enemy. Not any more though and we can thank David Moyes for that. HE is the one that is continually commenting about us, not the other way round. I have to say though guys, I am reluctant to post anything in future. I feel that the blog is too accessable to anyone. Plus hardly any of the Everton posters used their own names, all nicknames. I foolishly have given my full name and there are not that many Tony Petrie's about, so I'm easily traced. I just want to say though that the amount of bile and spite that I received was far out of proportion to what I said about Moyes. As for the massive attack clip. sometimes it does not appear for a few hours and suddenly there it is. But the clips change every few seconds so unless you sit there and stare for an hour or so, you probably wont see it.

  6. Breaking News…Everton have just announced an open top bus parade this afternoon at Goodison Park.
    So that’s nine points from our eight games against Hull, Everton, Stoke and Bolton. City have always struggled against disciplined thuggery, but to be fair to Everton, we only had one player carried off. We can’t even point to our missing players as Moyes holds the monopoly on bleating over injuries.
    Ironically, , we’ve achieved as many points in our three games against Chelsea and Arsenal. If we knew the answer we’d be millionaires.
    I’ve only just logged on so I’m guessing by the other comments that our Evertonian cousins have continued their war of vile abuse.
    It’s strange how the Everton fixture is the only game where you can actually hear the opposition appealing. They contest every decision and they’ve even turned time wasting into an art form .Cahill is an irritant, but he’s also the best Assistant Referee in the Premier League.
    That said, I’d rather have Cahill and Arteta in our team than Ireland and SWP. Not sure what the hell’s going on, but our body language is appalling. Even Bellamy’s goal celebrations appear muted, bordering on sulking.
    In true hypocritical style we probably need Everton to do us a favour against Villa in a fortnight. I still think Liverpool will finish fourth, but our next three games will give us a clearer picture.

  7. I suppose while we were the great entertainers but not a club to be taken seriously and one where if a result was desperately needed, we were the team to play (a sort of "points in need charity")most fans and pundits loved us,but now we are looking like serious contenders, the jealousy and vindictiveness is being thrown our way.Apart from the at times bitter rivalry between us and UTD it all seems a bit strange as I have never known any City fans directing the same level of vilification that this forum has seen this week at any other club.
    I believe we should turn this to our advantage by playing a more controlled style of football rather than descend to the level of kick and rush as we do at times and not let other teams intimidate us,although this ploy would depend on some protection from the ref. I also believe that such hatred could unify us as a club and as fans replacing the old pessimism with a "can we do it? "Yes we can attitude" and maybe cultivate a superiority complex that has motivated our local rivals for so many years. I have never seen a ref blow for time (as was the case last night)this season just as the ball was about to be crossed which would have taken about 10 seconds,but then again some things never change.

  8. Hmm, still no takers for the free money - believe in you new "yes we can attitude" and anyone pls acceppt the bet

  9. Sorry, but I haven't a clue what you're going on about. Can someone translate using proper words,verbs and nouns?

  10. So Stefan you will be happy to set a bet up for me(an ex betting shop manager) so what do want us to do put the money in an envelope and post it to you? Why don't YOU put all your money on the Mighty Everton finishing 4th and winning the Champions League I can assure you of really huge odds.