Monday, 26 July 2010

Denis Law Debut for Manchester City

For those who haven't seen it, I have posted a brief clip of Denis Law's debut game for City on YouTube. The game was played in March 1960 at Elland Road and resulted in a 3-4 defeat for City, Law scoring and making a goal. I could swear that the young lad chasing after Law to get his autograph is a young Dave Wallace.

The link is


  1. Thanks for that, Tony. What would he be worth today eh!

  2. Who - a young Dave Wallace? Oh I see, you mean the Law man. Priceless I should think. These really were different players from a different age. Happily playing 60 games per season, they would have felt insulted if they were not asked to play when fit, none of this squad rotation rubbish. If it were only possible to arrange for the City team of 1968 to be brought back magically to the present day, I really would love to see how they fared against today's overpaid and overprotected pansies. Sorry for the rant Glyn, I am either getting nervous as the new season approaches or it must be my time of the month.