Monday, 26 July 2010


Thanks for that Tony. I wasn't chasing Denis but the ref , a Mr D. Martin from Scunthorpe who gave Leeds two penalties in the last ten minutes and failed to give City one when Charlton handled in the box!


  1. Just because Scum hate us more thane you doesn't mean you have have hate us more than scum.


  2. Ah,The Lawman. Saw him play at Maine Rd in his home debut. Thought it was against Villa but having just looked it up see it was West Ham.But that's not bad given it was 50 years ago! Have a memory of Denis pointing and telling Colin Barlow where to run as he played a ball inside the full back and Barlow finally cottoned on. took off and scored. But can't recall the Lawman's goal.
    Met him at Crewe station sometime in the late 70's. He was off to Ipswich to cover a game for the BBC. I'd just bought a football quiz book for my lads and asked him to sign it suggesting that there was bound to be a question in there about him scoring seven goals in a cup tie and being on the losing side. Nice bloke and very down to earth.

    And what are the chances of meeting Mario Bartolli on Crewe Station. Pretty slim I guess.
    Still ambivalent about all the money we are spending. Are we buying success or just buying! But then Bobby Manc will never be given 3 years to build a team with home grown young players so why not spend the money. What's the worse that can happen. He gets the sack and we buy a new team in January! Is it turning us into the most hated club in England? I doubt it! United have that title on a permanent basis but if we win anything/everything this season we might even nick that title from them.
    Was given the Manchester Compendium by ed Glinert last week. As a pocket guide to the history of the city it is enjoyable, accessible and informative. That is until you get to his comments about City and Utd and I have rarely read such a load of biased bollocks. But then he is a Londoner!

    Roll on August.

  3. Help. Am I missing something subliminal in 'Peace Frog's' message? Is it a Leeds fan misinterprating Dave's post?

    Must say I have my concerns about our buying spree, mainly because I'm still not convinced Mancini is the right man for the job. I think Capello's blown the myth about Italian Managers and I already felt Mancini doesn't quite 'get' the English Premier League. Time (though he won't get much) will tell.

    So far, the only Summer signing that I fully applaud is that of Kolarov. We were in desperate need of strengthening in this position and everything I've read about him is good. Last night a Spanish soccer correspondent was interviewed on 'TS' and he said Real Madrid are devastated to have lost out to us.

    I'm sure we HAVE become the most hated club in football and am getting sick of reading or hearing us being slagged.

    Over the last couple of weekends we've been the hot topic on TS. One pundit - I can't remember which one but he's an ex-pro - said "They've bought all these players but I look up front and see Tevez, Adebayor, Bellamy and wonder, where are the goals going to come from?" I ask you. Quite apart from the fact we're trying to bring in more striker's, how many goals Tevez score last season? I think even Adebayor got 14 in 26 games and at Arsenal he was always challenging Ronaldo for top scorer.

    On Saturday a City fan called in to stand up for City in the face of the stick. Afterwards, Micky Quinn said City fans have lost their sense of humour. What the f*** does he expect?

  4. I think that he must have misinterpreted something Glyn, but Lord knows what he could have taken offence at. I too have my doubts about all things Italian, apart from the food. I loatehed their football in the '70's which was always ultra defensive and full of sly tackles. However I think Mancini has done well signing Boetang and Kalerov, not sure about Silva. I heard that spat on TalkSport too

  5. Most City fans have a sense of humour ,especially when Spurs charge £49 for a ticket.

  6. No idea what Peace Frog is on about.
    I must confess to having mixed feelings about the bottomless well of money we have,like the rest of us,having suffered over the years watching this club we love so much plumb the depths of mediocrity it's certainly a good feeling to know we are in with a shout of joining Europes elite at some point in the future and the prospect of watching some of the best players in the world in a sky blue shirt next season is a very exciting one that should enthrall all football fans,but of course the jealousy will intensify this season and the
    'can't buy success" stories are already beginning to surface,(to which I would reply "yes we know but what's the harm in trying"). The problem I have is just the fantasy aspect, 3 seasons ago we had a to let a potentialy good player in Daniel van Buyten go because we could not raise 3 mil. now we can afford to spend 100 million on players and pay them 10 million a year to stay at home,as with much that happens at this club we love so much much it has the air of absurdity about iteven so I am like a kid again waiting for the new season to start,with expectations at fever pitch,and if we can add Milner,Balotelli,and Dzeko to an already impressive squad who knows we might even beat Wigan this year.

  7. Jeff, I missed Denis' first debut, but I remember his second coming against Birmingham in 1973. A lovely warm day, an expectant crowd, Bell and Marsh seemingly happy to be playing in the same side (all thanks to the Law man's presence)and two good goals from Denis to boot. I took the clip from the 90's video, Soccer Legends featuring Law, Best and Charlton. I know that Denis still has an affection for City, but it's sad (but understandable) that his loyalties are still with United despite how shabbilly they treated him. Neverthless, Both sets of Manchester fans can feel proud that they both witnessed such a great player. Steve, are you coming round to my way of thinking? I have always said since the takeover that it's great that money is unimportant to us, hence I understand why you defended Hughes' signing of Lescott even though we paid far too much. But my worry is that the owners will use Chelsea as a blueprint. They achieved success within a year of Abramavich opening his cheque book. My nightmare is that despite all the spending, we still achieve nothing more than top five, which will not be acceptable.

  8. If Everton win the League, then I'll hold my hand up and admit that you don't need money to succeed. Alternatively I'm looking forward to the most exciting period of watching City since my first game in 1971.
    It's only three years since Joey Barton was our best player and we were hanging on to Premier League status by the skin of our teeth.It's all a bit strange, but I know which scenario I prefer.
    It's not our fault that the takeover has coincided with the self destruction at United and Liverpool. We should stop feeling guilty and enjoy the ride. See you in Dortmund.

  9. Good morning all fom overcast Thailand.Tony,I can see both sides in the more money than sense versus the quest for success debate,and the truth is if the manager decides he needs a player then it's up to the board to back him,or not,the Milner case is an example,as Dave pointed out why should we give Villa 30 million so they can buy 3 players at the real market value,while we pay 15 million over the odds,on the other hand Milner,apart from being a very useful player also qualifies for the squad under the "home grown" rule and if we do fail to qualify for the Champions League there will be a nagging feeling that if we had stumped up the fee Villa are trying to screw us for things may have been different. If we do become a top four side our bargaining position will be stronger and the days of being held to ransome by managers who moan about how "moneybags" Man. City are destroying the game will come to an end.. I would not consider it a nightmare as it is not my money,but we would look foolish if we failed to reach the top four this season and face the possibility of the owners chucking the towel in,but to be honest I can't really see either happening.
    I echo Neils sentiments,and say let us forget the overpriced players the jealousy and enjoy what could be a very exciting season.

  10. The nightmaqre is not finishing 5th, but the new owners becomming disillusioned with spending so much money and still not achieving success. But I agree, it is extremly unlikely that will happen. They have already shown in several of the projects being undertaken or planned at COMS that they are committed for the long haul. It doesn't stop those mischief makers at TalkSport mentioning the possibilty though, just to put the wind up us.

  11. From ESPNsoccernet. How pathetic.....

    Manchester City have demanded British record signing Robinho return to England on August 5 to sort out his future at the club.

    Robinho spent the end of last season at Santos.
    Robinho, who cost City £32.4 million from Real Madrid in August 2008, is on loan at Brazilian club Santos and is still being paid £150,000-a-week.

    Santos can only afford a small proportion of Robinho's wages, and City need to find a resolution for a player who has fallen out with manager Roberto Mancini. Indeed, there seems little hope of reconciliation.

    A source close to Robinho told soccernet: "Manchester City have asked Robinho to come back and report on August 5, the player has no choice, even though he wants to stay with Santos.

    "He loves the lifestyle, the football, and the beach. He doesn't want to swap that for the Manchester rain! There was an offer from Turkey, but it wasn't enough money for City, and in any case could you see Robinho going to Turkey? Hardly. He wants to be back in Santos.

    "That is his hometown, they love him there, he walks down the street and he is the biggest celebrity in town, and after training he's straight to the beach. After a game, he's back on the beach. The football is great for him, he can show off his skills.''

    But with City keen to offload him, the Brazilian's future looks unclear and he may even struggle to find another club in England.

    "With City he is expected to run for 90 minutes, if they pick him, that is,'' the source added. ''He might be tempted to play for a club in London, though, if anyone could afford his wages, but they couldn't.

    "So, the big question is what do City do with Robinho, what can they do with him? Having invested so much money in the player it is a tricky problem for them."

  12. A 32.4 million "white elephant" maybe we could raffle him off. So much sublime talent in an immature body.

  13. Why don't City just buy Santos and make him Captain?
    We could loan them Jo and Santa Crus and they'd probably win the Laeague

  14. Robinho was quoted as having begged City to let him go in today's paper. Come on City, don't be cruel. Set the poor thing free, so what if we will lose his £32 million transfer fee and around £10 million in wages. Now that Mark Hughes has taken over at Fulham, he may come in and buy some of the players reported to be surplus to requirements - like Jo. I also noted that Dietmar Hamann has shown his true colours. He stabbed us in the back in this morning's newspapers saying that we will be lucky to make the top six. However, he tips Liverpool to return to greatness under Hodgson. Perhaps Hamann should concentrate on getting his own life in order. I couldn't help noticing that when De Jearman was in the news for being drunk and crashing his car, he was according to the press "a former Manchester City player." However no doubt when he does something good, he will be "former Anfield favourite"

  15. Re.Robinho I think it may work out cheaper if our owners paid for our holidays and cancelled his.
    RE. Hamaan, as ex players often do he is trying to curry favour with LFC. for his own reasons anyway the money dosn't guarantee success remark comes from people incapable of an original thought,now wouldn't it make a refreshing change if someone in the media congratulated our owners on on a brave venture and looked forward to seeing world class players in the premiership next season?

  16. Saw this on another blog. Hilarious!

  17. I am compiling a list of the doomsayers,and calling it the
    "Money Doesn't Guarantee Success League"and at the end of the season if we have achieved anything I will name and shame them.I only have three recent ones on my list at the moment as I have little interest in the drivel that comes from most media sources.
    The latest member of this merry band of morons is the Spurs goalie Gomes.

  18. Didn't he used to be in the Adams Family?

  19. No you are thinking of Larry Gomes the West Indian cricketer,or was it David Bowies the "Laughing Gnome".I wish the season would start soon.

  20. Just watched the highlights from the Milan game and it reminded me why I hated everything to do with Italian football when in my teens in the the 70's. Vieira jumped up for the ball and caught the hit the defender on the top of his head with his arm. Cue for the Italian actor to clutch his face and roll around the floor in the style of Rivelino and Riva.

  21. I agree Tony,in the days when they were the masters of the "Dark Arts", but still the game we love survives,until we destroy it of course,(cue maniacle laughter).

  22. Aye the Italian was a disgrace. From what I saw our performance wasn't a great deal better but friendly n all that eh.

    Something that has encouraged me on this tour is Adebayor's attitude. He seems to be much more team focused and I have a feeling he now realises he now has a lot to lose if he doesn't improve on last seasons casualness.

  23. OMG, so we now even have Carlos Tevez struggling to motivate himself after the World Cup. "For the first time in my life, I’m having problems to find something that motivates me.”

    Doesn't this just illustrate how top footballers aren't living in the real world? Bloody pathetic.

  24. Footballers and Poliiticians, they are both cut from the same cloth. Most politicos these days have never worked anywhere in the real world, never mind working in a factory or supermarket doing a back breaking or mundane job. Hence, the UK government proudly announces that people will no longer have to retire at 65 as if they are doing us a favour, seemingly unaware that all but 1% of the population can't wait to reach retirement age and be able to stop work. Footballers tend to be spotted at school and go straight to a club at 13/14. Only those that don't make it know what the real world is like. You would not have thought that to be the case with someone like Tevez, who probably had a hard life in Argentina before being spotted by a scout. As Glyn says, if footbalers earning £100000 pw can't motivate themselves when all they have to do is play the game that we all enjoy playing for nothing, what chance is there for the rest of us. Is it Monday again?

  25. "They've spent all that money on Boateng and Kolarov yet they still can't defend properly"

    I can now reveal to Talksport and Ray Houghton the real reason why Boateng was unable to block the first goal.

    He was 3000 miles away.

  26. The comments about"motivation" remind me of the story about the "method actor who asked the director "what is my motivation for doing this scene" "well" replied the director if you don't do it, and do it well you don't get paid".
    I think Tevez and the rest of the overpaid "prima donna's should spend more time with the fans if they want to know about motivation.

  27. Maybe we had better hurry up get the players we want signed up before this Chinese billionaire buys Liverpool and starts splashing the cash about? Although I can't see any takeover being completed before the 31st of August.

  28. Although he won't have as much cash as our guys, if the Chinee does buy Liverpool and spends big money, it will be interesting to see whether LFC is accused of destroying the game and trying to buy the title, just like Chelsea and United didn't.

  29. Without a doubt if he does splash the cash all the fawning sycophants and hypocrites in the press will be cooing about how wonderful this will be.
    Add Kalou and Koscielny?(Arsenal) to the the list of "money dosn't guarantee success league of idiots".