Monday, 12 July 2010


On behalf of KOTK we did give a donation to the Chris Sievey fund, and I attended the tribute evening last Thursday which gave him a decent send off.
I have noted the Beatles debate on the blog fellas, and (at Tony’s request) would add the following: I first saw them on ITV in about September 1962 when they did ‘Love Me Do’ brilliantly (with John on the mouth organ) on Gay Byrne’s early evening show (Scene at 6.30/People and Places?)
After that it was the Orbison (pindrop)/Beatles (bedlam)/Gerry and the Pacemakers show in 1963 – just after ‘From Me to You’ had gone top.
They changed social attitudes in this country, but you know what? None of them could kick a ball!
So what’s been happening? World Cup’s over and what a job Howard Webb had refereeing THAT match. Thought he should have sent Nige off and how did he miss the corner when a goal kick was given and Spain scored shortly afterwards? Otherwise the old Steve Parish joke is relevant “The referee ruined the game by blowing up for EVERY foul” Love it.
Here at KK We’re trying desperately to finish the ‘Us and Them’
I’m struggling with a few European ground diagrams – Fenerbahce (1968), Airdrie (1970’s), Bologna (!970’s), Borussia M (1970’s), Linfield (1970) Gornik (1970), Honved (1970), Lierse (1969/70), Schalke (1970), Standard Liege (1970’s), Streymur (2008), and Widzew Lodz (1970’s). Anyone ideas – not much found on the net so far.
Just a reminder – next deadline is July 26th – plenty stuff in already for KK 180, usual format for the first of the season, let us know if you’re planning anything, look forward to it


  1. I'm sure I speak for all KK readers and contributers when I say thanks for donating to the Chris Sievey fund on behalf of KK. I have been a Beatle fan since the momment I heard She Love You, but I can honestly say that in all the stuff I have watchesd or read since 1963, I can't remember ever hearing of any of the fab four having an allegience to either of the Liverpool clubs. Quite amazing really or was it a clever ploy by Brian Epstein to ensure that they didn't lose any Merseyside fans? Does anyone know differently?

  2. Thanks for making the contribution Dave.
    Tony.Paul had some family history relating to Everton but seemed to switch his allegiance to Liverpool when they became successful. John did a painting of the 52'cup final between Arsenal And Newcastle when he was 11. Ringo was an Aresenal fan as a youth but his two boys have season tickets at Anfield. George once quipped that there are three teams in Liverpool and he preferred the other one.
    So as there is no mention of any of them going to a local stadium I would say there interest in the sport was minimal,or Lennon may have added the line "Imagine no more football,I wonder if you can"

  3. So was George a Tranmere fan? Just hear that Ken Barnes died over the weekend. Never saw him play but a legend from Dave's era.

  4. Ken Barnes always struck me as a true gent and was one of my Dad's all time favourite City players.


  5. Having just read the MEN article about Ken Barnes I visited their news page to find the piece about Kelvin Etuhu.

    Quitye sums up the difference between the football era's eh.

  6. Ken Barnes was a cultured footballer in the days when wing halves were either thugs or creative ball players. It was said that he was the best of his era not to play for his country but in those days Winterbottom would name the 11 who were going to play about a week before the game and there would be one reserve. Ken had that role a few times. Didn't he once score a hat trick of penalties? He was signed from Stafford Rangers a non league club circa 1950 and when I moved down here in '68 there were some people who I worked with at GEC who remembered him and had fond memories. Same for me.

  7. David Silva passd his medical today apparently if a player can walk unaided to and from the medical centre that is OK.and if a player cannot perform this function a letter from his agent will suffice.
    The fixture list for the sicknote squad will be published next Thursday.

  8. Re ground diagrams - Dave, Monchengladbach in the 70s/80s was a terrifically atmospheric ground, which I went to 3 or 4 times as a student out there (down the road in Duisburg). Very steep on all four sides, held 35,000 and both ends and the Kippax-like side were simple open terraces all the way round. The side stand linked to the ends but as there was no running track, it was a pure rectangle and fans were very close to the pitch; a great ground to watch the footer in