Sunday, 18 July 2010

This week

This week
No new signings, unless you count Platt and Lombardo, further to Toure, Boateng and Silva, though we’ve re-signed Stuart Taylor!. Lots of rumours, so many that we’ll wait and see what transpires. What and who else do we need? Always worth a bit of speculation, over to you!
Kids school concert nights this week and I can’t resist giving a mention for grandson and big Blue Joe, now eleven. On a recent school trip wearing his City shirt it was spat on by a bitter ragboy. I won’t expand but he sorted it! Something we’ve all had to get used to over the years from the despicables.
Anyway it was rock night and an incredible 70 pupils performed, singing and playing in separate bands to the likes of Bon Jovi , La’s etc. Joe played lead guitar on Highway to Hell – no granddad influence here, just the Westleigh teachers tuition and coaching who have to be commended.
Thursday night I was invited to the launch of the new kit in town. We seem to accept these days that there’ll be a new kit or two each year so over to those who want to buy them. Certainly my youngest son is always happy to get the latest.
Sad news was, of course, the passing of Ken Barnes, a player from my era. It was always a pleasure to watch Ken play and later to talk to him on various occasions. He did a first class scouting job for City later and will be sadly missed. RIP.
It was a rainy night in Manchester (not Georgia!) There was a good crowd present including Badly Drawn Boy, Mark E Smith and, I’m told, Adio off Kid British, and the Doves. We were given a sneak preview of the soon to be released City film, Blue Moon Rising. A bunch of mad Blues being followed over last season. One said “my priorities are City, beer and women, which is why I’m still single!” Another received a text from his City daft mate which just said ‘City!’ So we look forward to the release in August some time.
As for the kit it’s been difficult to follow last years. The gorgeous colour, so envied by other clubs, and goalies even, just look at those who use it as a second kit (and didn’t Forlan shine in the World Cup wearing the sky blue, lesson there somewhere) has been retained. Main difference is the collar or lack of it and I’m not sure how this will look when the polo necked undershirts are donned in the winter, by the big soft sods. Socks revert back to sky blue with maroon tops as worn in the famous pics of Colin Bell and Franny Lee etc in the good old days. Second strip is now navy blue, to reflect the dark side of the moon, we’re told. Not sure about the stripey socks though. One particular feature was inside the collar, a mini City scarf. Cracking idea but would look great outside the collar. Maybe next year eh?
We then repaired to Thomas’s restaurant on Thomas Street, where we were wined and dined, and I enjoyed the company of Alan Galley, Steve the Blue Vic, and Kevin Parker. All in all a brill night. Thanks to City and Umbro.
So the boys are in the US of A (and that’s not the other side of Atherton!) So are the rags. Hmm wasn’t David Gill pooh poohing Chelsea’s visit there a couple of seasons ago as the USA was not a big market interest to them?Glazers rule – OK.
We kicked off with a 3-0 win over Portland Timbers, (I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK) Willie Donachie’s old club if I remember right, which is good as we usually just piss about in pre season friendlies. Jo got on the team sheet, so he’s still hanging on in there. We did a review of City’s American tours in KK 19, so here’s another one to add to that list.
Still tracking the grounds for ‘Us and Them’ and I’m pleased to say we’re getting there. Thanks here to Tony and Neil for your help. Foreign grounds are a bugger though with those running tracks round the pitch!
So there we go for this week, not long now is it? Bring it on!

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