Saturday, 24 July 2010

This week

This week
Paul Hince in the MUEN penned his latest ‘I love Fergie column’ by suggesting that the senile old sod would be the best man to manage England. Well, last time he managed an International team, Scotland, if I remember right, he disregarded the captain (Alan Hansen) of the double winning team (Liverpool) and the Scots were dumped unceremoniously out of the World Cup (or was it the Euro Championship?) Anyway they were shit, and Fergie was a crap International manager. I was going to write to the MUEN in this respect but they haven’t printed my last two letters on the feisty and fearless silly rag, Diane Cook’s columns so decided not to bother.
Malaysia has now cottoned on that the rags are in league with the devil and banned rag shirts. No further comment necessary!
Well we’re still chasing a few players – Milner in particular, but should we pay more than £18M for him and allow Villa to strengthen their squad with two or three additions? I don’t think so.
Looks like the Kolarov deal is done so there's another decent looking signing. I see we lost to Sporting Lisbon last night. You can trot out the old clichés and excuses but if we are ever to get into a winning frame of mind we should be doing our best to get results in such games, even with a below strength, not yet fit squad, or am I being picky?
Thursday we attended the funeral of City legend, both on the playing, coaching and scouting staff of Ken Barnes. It was a packed gathering with lots of star names past and present, a fitting tribute to one City's and the games great characters, which should be reflected in KK 180. If you’ve any Ken memories send em in please, but quickly.
So how’s it coming along, KK180? Very nicely thank you very much.
We’ve stuff on the defence of Bernard Halford, Colin looks at the rest of the Prem, we’ve articles on the players, plenty on the World Cup, 80/81 season, Summer 'City World' diary, How Was It, It’s A Fix, Desert Dispatch, Ged Sound Off, Jim Whitworth, Tangled Up In Blue, Nicky Weaver interview, the Mad Hatter, Tony Petrie’s thoughts (including a cracking photo of Rooney, Points of Blue, Trautmann book review and lots more. Hopefully we’ll hit the streets for the Valencia (stick yer head between yer knees and whistle up yer Barcelona) friendly game.
Cheers for now- Dave


  1. I heard Nicky Weaver on Talksport the other night, trying to get a job. I find it hard to believe he can't find a club - even harder to believe he's still only 31. Good luck Nicky.

  2. PS thoroughly recommend checking out the penalty by Spain U19 player Ezequiel Calvente against Italy. I found it on my Yahoo home page this morning. Brilliant.

  3. Nicky Weaver! I was convinced that we had unearthed another future England goalkeeper. Just before the season start (2000/01) I was on the bus coming home from work. There had already been rumours of Nicky liking a pint and a couple of seats in front of me were a group of lads who were discussing a great night they had enjoyed in the pub over the weekend. The name Weaver was mentioned several times and I got the impression that young Nicky had been, shall we say enjoying a pint or two. Three weeks later, we lost 0-4 to Charlton. Just watched the Ezequiel Calvente penalty. I think it emphasises just how foreign players are still allowed to exhibit unorthodox skills (ala Rodney Marsh) whilst our players (like the country in general) are all trained to conform.

  4. Alright, Dave. Just to mention my blog link appears to be going back to stuff even I couldn't find anymore. the current stuff can be found at:

    Cheers, see you in Lisbon for the Europa League!