Thursday, 14 October 2010

KK 182

I'm pleased to announce that due to the continuing superhuman efforts of all contributors and those connected with KK, that issue 182 should be in the outlets at Urbis and Aleef on the corner of Cross Street and Market Street tomorrow (Friday) Subscriptions etc should be sent out over the weekend. It will also be on sale at Blackpool and at future games during October and November.
This issue has King Carlos on the front cover staring up at the Blue Moon with a wistful concern about being standing 'up front' alone (last issue had Joe Hart on the front, a theme now adopted by the superb City mag., after their gaffe of the Corrigan/Given head to head instead of the two Joe's as per KK 181!)
This issue takes in the derby )on a ridiculous Wednesday night which took the club by surprise (surprise!) and, prompted by the dreadful Manchester Compendium book we've managed to unearth about 50 facts on the despicable man u. And I've just thought of a few more already! There is also a gentle reminder that they once went 37 years without a trophy when crowds were down to 11,000, so they were hardly there.
There's also a brief review of Blue Moon Rising, (anyone see the mealy mouthed one in WSC?) the Maine Road magic show, Welsh connection, commentators, Salzburg, Nigel de Jong, season 90/91 review part 2, plus all the usual stuff, great cartoons etc., on all things Blue.
It's A4, 48 pages, and can also be obtained for £3.20 including p and p, cheques to King Of The Kippax, 25, Holdenbrook Close, leigh, Lancs WN & 2 HL
As the man says "thanks for your magnificent support"


  1. Malcolm Allison RIP.
    Hopefully reunited with Joe Mercer.

  2. Just heard the sad news. Big Mal - I prefer to remember your first stint at Maine Road rather than the disastrous return. The pleasure and excitement you brought to MCFC 1965 can never be properly described. No doubt you are already partnering "Jovial Joe" again in taking down a peg or two the side managed by Sir Matt.

  3. Malcolm,Joe were such an important part of my life and what they achieved gave me memories that will endure until I too fall off my perch.RIP Mal.

  4. Amen to all of the above. Even now probably rolling a big cigar on the thigh of some dusky maiden. He took on United, was never scared of them and he had a great record against them. Big Malcolm had an ego bigger than Maine Road. That why we loved him. It was his greatest strength but sadly his biggest weakness. Just a little less and he could have been one of the greatest managers of all time.The less said about the second coming the better but for today we can remember those years with Joe and that Allison Wonderland.

  5. "The like of which English football will never see again..." Rest well, Big Mal, at the giant chalkboard in the sky.

  6. Found this Portuguese blog by Sporting supporters, containing various images of Big Mal's very successful season at Sporting that I had not seen before. Also managed 2 seasons at Vitoria Setubal and a season at Farense on the Algarve. That would have suited him well...
    Well remembered here, the big man.