Sunday, 24 October 2010

Saturday night

Saturday night
Just back from a week in South Wales, so a bit of catching up to do. Tried, and failed, to get an interview with Craig Bellamy whilst down there but we’ll try again later. Good win for the boys over Poznan, and well done Ade for his hat-trick, but David Silva put in a stupendous performance. Watched it on TV I’m ashamed to say, but hey half a dozen, maybe, home games missed in the last thirty years or so ain’t too bad is it? Thanks go to Frank, Ged, Steve, Tom, Dave, Andy and Steve Woodhouse for selling the new KK, and daughter Marnie and grandson Joe for using our tickets. Those pillars of society kerb crawler Pleat and woman basher Collymore commentated and reviewed, whilst Pat Nevin was pitchside and drooled over Silva’s performance. The week has been dominated with the rag cheap publicity stunt over Rooney, to try and get the message over that they’re a great club, which pretty well fooled everyone. Rag fans, including Eamonn Holmes were particularly vitriolic. Was this rag stunt aimed at trying to lift Rooney to get him to perform (on the pitch) again? We’ll see, but even the despicable united can’t get much lower than this. No wonder everyone hates them…… Todays results saw us stay in second place, and tomorrow we’ve got another massive test with Arsenal at home. Here’s the It’s a Fix extract :
Ever present in the top flight since 1915, last pot the F. A. Cup in 2005, 5 seasons ago, going on 6, recent connections Toure and Adebayor, 165th league meeting.
Arsene brought in Chamach, Koscieiny, Ebecilio, Squillaci for very little and out went, amongst others, Eduardo, Senderos, Silvestre, Campbell, Traore, and unlike last year when Toure and Adebayor came to us for big bucks, recouped very little. Squad also includes Almunia, Sagna, Denilson, Clichy, Song, Wilshire, Nasri, Arshavin, Rosicky, Fabianski, Eboue, Walcott, Van Persie, Bendtner, Walcott, Ramsey, etc…
Last season at COMS in September it was an unforgettable 4-2 win for the Blues, Richards, Bellers, Adeand SWP scoring for the Blues with Van Persie and Rosicky replying for the Arse. The game best remembered for Ade’s goal celebration, then later being banned for 3 games for an alleged stamp.
Crowd was 47,339 with 2,846 Arses, some of whom disgraced themselves.
As if that wasn’t seventh heaven, the Blues also knocked their young team out of the Carling Cup in December with a 3-0 home win, with goals from Teve z, SWP, and Vlad. Crowd was 46,015 with an impressive 4,787 Gooners, who behaved very nicely thank you very much!
At the Emirates in April we failed to capitalise much on Spurs loss at O/T with a dull 0-0 draw. Crowd was 60,086 with 2944 Blues.
After 8 games they’re 5th with 14 points and 1 win 2 draws and 1 loss away from home.
In the Carling Cup they won at Spurs and travel to Newcastle in the 4th round, and in the Chimps League they’re progressing well, with a big mid-week win.
At home to Arsenal there’s been 13 games in the Prem and 3 wins (1-0 in 06/07, 3-0 in 2008/09, 4-2 last season) one draw and nine losses. Three wins out of the last four at COMS and the away draw means we’re picking up against them after years of heartache. No reason why we can’t continue this way, especially if we pressurise their goalie, whether it’s Almunia or Fabrianski.
Their crowds were down to an average of 23,824 in 1985, and this season it’s 59,977.


  1. Good morning all.I watched Arsenal midweek in the CL.and knew this would be a tough game so when Boyata fell for the ploy of nicking the ball away as the challenge comes in it looked like it was all over,but one goal was down to Barry's slownness (is he carrying an injury? I don't recall him being so slow at Villa)and Wayne Bridge having a right foot that might as well be a stick of celery with a football boot stuck on the end,the third was down to plain tiredness.
    Mancini after the match said that he thought we were the best team in the Premiership which was dismissed by the pundits as a ploy to lift the players spirits after a disappointing defeat,but while he may have overstated it we played very well and will not be up against an Arsenal side with 10 men every week.

  2. Yep fully agree with all that especially re Barry and Bridge. I winced every time he was forced inside.

    Don't know how much we can read into it, but Silva looking very much the part now. Can't handle the physicality of the EPL eh? Balotelli looked a bit limpid off the ball but made one good burst down the right. Which was nice.

    Boyata though: every time I see him play he looks like he's going to get sent off through his sheer technical uselessness. Why does Mancini like him so much? Is he trying to build a defender from scratch in his own tactical image perhaps? Because it's not working. Boyata's apparent rise is seriously reminiscent of Kasper Schmeichel's breakthrough, at least to me; luck and ball-blocking ability masking (to the manager?) an utter paucity of quality.

  3. I read that cheeky cnut Fabrgarse today who reckoned they would have won even if we had fielded fifteen men. Firstly, Cesc - lovely name by the way, I wouldn't mind trying that sometime if you fancy it, but realistically, next time it will be eleven vs eleven. Secondly, I can recomend my eye specialist as you are clearly suffering from the same myopic condition that Arse Wenger has. I think what you meant to say was "I think we deserved to win, but credit to City, they gave us a really hard game considering they were down to ten men for 99% of the game." If we could give you such a tough time with ten men, I don't think much of your chances of winning the league. Enjoy your stay at the Arsenal and I hope you enjoy the League Cup Final against Man united reserves, as that's the only trophy you have a chance of winning this season.

  4. Don't think Boyata is that bad, but with hindsight(a wonderful thing) it was a mistake to play him v Arsenal. Some of Mancini's other decisions worried me more;

    When we were down to 10 and playing 3 at the back, why wasn't Lescott brought on at h/t rather than Bridge? Was Yaya injured, Mancini's post-match comment didn't make this clear. He wasn't doing bad playing at the back. Boateng however was all over the place.

    Further up the field, Milner and Barry both had below-par games. When Barry was subbed, Johnson or Vierra would have been a better option than Balotelli, not used to either the pace of the prem or the extra defensive work needed given that we were a man short.

    Arsenal were one of the better equiped sides to exploit their extra man, but I agree it would have been a different story with 11 v 11

  5. I was flying home from Germany on Sunday afternoon so the Arsenal defeat was the first game I've missed all season. I think we have to move on and concentrate on the Wolves game.
    Boateng needs a few games to reach the pace of the Premier League and the only chance of giving Tevez a rest is for Balotelli to fit into the system.
    Personally, I don't think City will ever be successful with Adebayor in the team and our immediate future will depend largely on the success or failure of Balotelli. I agree with all the comments on Bridge, but until Kholarov and Boatend are fully adjusted we're going to have the same problems as last season.
    Most regulars will know my opinions on City's total ineptitude when it comes to players reaching full fitness. Call me a crusty old cynic, but when Mancini says that Tevez only suffered a kick on the knee, I think of a similar comment he made about Balotelli in Romania.

  6. Sorry about the childish rant following Fabregarse's comments. I was a bit wound up following the match. It won't stop me calling him Fabregarse or the Arsenal, the Bummers though. I see Santa Cruz has thanked us for our hospitality whilst convalescing at our expense by stating that he wants to leave in January and that Tevez is unhappy amd also wants to leave.

  7. Cheers Dave/Phil for helping me find a ticket at Blackpool. It's good to know there are decent fans out there not looking to make a quick profit whilst other so called 'fans' were asking £120 for theirs. Thanks again, Marty

  8. Tony.I think Cesc was a bit wound up after the match as well and if he has an ounce of sense will feel way more silly. Football,passion, opinions,it's all part of the fun.

  9. Injured(homesick) Tevez flies home for treatment on a slight knock in an effort to be fit for the derby,is this the same knock that was so minor he would be OK. for the Wolves game?
    I think we have a world class striker with a lot of emotional baggage who may be suffering from depression,I wonder how the other overseas players feel that are also missing their families.

  10. Agree with Steve it does seem that players do like to go home and see there own specialist (witness Balotelli recently) which does seem to give them an opportunity for some time at home.
    Why doesn't Carlos Tevez have his family brought over here? Perhaps I'm missing something so excuse me if there is an obvious reason as it would surely be good for him and his career if at all possible. I know one of his children was sick last year and that would be tough enough if his family was in this country let alone halfway around the world. Anyone who has worked away for a period of time and had family become ill has had a glimpse of what this is like. This issue has been around for some time though as Tevez was at two different clubs in England prior to arriving in Manchester! -:) Honestly I think anything we can do to keep him at the club and wrap him up in cotton wool is fine by me as we need him to help us achieve success.