Thursday, 28 October 2010

this week

This week,
Well we could have been a couple of goals up before Clattenburke struck. Boyata was sent off to the letter of the law – Vidic not sent off in last years Carling Cup Final as it would have been harsh to send someone off so early in such a big game, and Neville not sent off at Stoke. Plus Fabregas, should have had two yellows. MOTD continue to disappoint – not showing the big decisions. I wanted to know if the ball was out before their third but again not shown. We are still not a big four club yet decision wise although we have had some luck recently.
Over at Villa Dunney notched his 8th Prem league own goal – Dave Ewing still holds the record for us with ten, and John McTavish once scored three in four games!
Yesterday it was the funeral for Big Mal. I went along to the ground and whilst no-one knew what was happening regarding parking, timing etc it was still a moving experience as you would expect. The courtege drove slowly past the City square/Store and was applauded by the few hundred Blues lining the short route. The procession then proceeded to Southern Cemetary where Mal’s family had requested a limited attendance for mainly family, close friends and ex players. But when I saw the coverage on TV I must admit I’d wished I’d gone along.
In the evening it was a meeting of the Swinton Branch at Clifton Cricket club. A venue where I’d been humbled on too many occasions with the sound of ball hitting wickets behind me as I then trooped off back to the pavilion after yet another duck. Happy days.
Andy Morrison was the guest, and he was, as you’d expect very entertaining with tales of joining the Blues, escape from the Second, and First Divisions, and ….Stan Collymore, plus much more, but you’ll have to wait until his book comes out next April for the full stories.
So, Joe H and Adam Johnson are in trouble for hitting the bottle, Santa Cruz doesn’t think he’s had a chance – West Brom anyone - and King Carlos has gone home to see his family and have treatment on an injury. So it’s all a bit depressing. Some good news is that Balotelli could be back to being fully fit though I thought he was a bit greedy on Sunday, and that’s about it so far.


  1. Something tells me that City desperately require a victory without Tevez in the starting eleven. Not only will it silence the media, but it might also make Tevez wake up and smell the coffee.
    Personally, Tevez’s attitude is beginning to grate. Football is a team game and we can’t keep blaming Santa Cruz for comments taken out of context or Adebayor for suggesting that Tevez is unhappy. We can’t take Tevez’s side every time he has a blazing row with Mancini at half time.
    Mancini’s style might be questionable, but his commitment to the cause is relentless. I’m not convinced that Tevez shares the same thirst for City’s success.
    Don’t forget that Tevez has already won major honours. His goals have carried the team, but Balotelli and Silva are both Mancini signings. Perhaps the long term vision is a team that doesn’t rely on one player scoring all the goals.
    One of the most impressive tactical insights from Malcolm Allison’s was the quick realisation that City would prosper without Derek Kevan in the team. The analogy might be poor, but Kevan was the top scorer from the previous season and hugely popular with the fans. The nucleus of the George Poyser era blossomed from the moment of Kevan’s departure.
    I’m not suggesting that City should sell Tevez or even withdraw him from the team. I just feel that a few opinions might change if Balotelli does the business.

  2. I was in the car listening to Talksport following the Santa Cruz statement re Tevez. The presenters had as a guest an agent I think who knew Tevez well as he has dealt with several South American's. He said that Tevez was desperately home sick as many S. Americans are in Europe and that the only reason he was doing the "Europe thing" was to ensure a good future for his daughter. I reckon Tevez earns around £150.000 pw with add ons etc. Why the hell doesn't he bring his wife and daughter over here for six months? Why doesn't he fly them over for weekends one in every three? He can afford to make the kind of arrangements that most families that are forced apart through work can only dream about. I am beginning to come to the same conclusion as Neil, We can't rely on one player and any player that isn't happy should go. We need to build the same kind of camaraderie and team spirit that United have no problems in creating. Having said that, I think we are coming together nicely at times, the team spirit on display against Arsenal could not be faulted. I am surprised that nothing more has been said or done about the goings on involving Hart, Barry and Johnson. I saw the video and it didn't look good. Barry looked out of the game. Dave I watched the game on the internet with a Spanish commentary. In the build up to the third goal, I too was convinced the ball went out of play and so did my son sat next to me. In the replay, you could clearly hear the commentator shout "OUT" in English. Finaly, Silva is impressing me more every time I see him. Kalarov is ready to return, Johnson (M) is approaching match fitness and there is a strong rumour that we will be signing Dzeko or Ibrahimovic in January. We will continue to get stronger whilst as MoTD pointed out, those clubs in the Champions League who can't field weakened sides for that competition will start to pick up imnjuries and suspensions.

  3. I too have an uneasy feeling about Tevez and think Neil makes a great point.

    Tony, the guy on Talksport was Tim Vickery. Apparently a renowned authority on South American football and the one who said Jo would be ideally suited to the English Premier League!!

  4. Piecing together remarks attributed to Tevez I think he may be suffering from clinical depression,and that homesickness,not winning the W Cup playing for UTD may trigger such episodes an illness that while it may be acceptable in some aspects of life in the testorone driven macho world of football is not,and if it is City should have a word with him and offer help,the problem with Tevez is that he seems to think that going home quitting football will make him feel better which it may do for a while and as stated I think we should prepare for life without him.
    I remember Derek Kevan and his quote "I will drown the critics in my sweat"

  5. Morning all and apologies to Femi, who posted almost identical comments to mine regarding Tevez and bringing his family to the UK. I honestly wasn't copying, I just didn't realise that you'd posted on that thread. Anyway, great minds etc. I agree Steve, I have heard too many "Tevez is unhappy" comments over the last few months for there to be no substance in them.

  6. Apparently, Derek Kevan scored 48 goals for City in 68 games. Strange how we prospered from the moment we sold him.

  7. Neil. I think what you are saying is that the club is always bigger than any individual for which their are many examples. While it would be a sad moment if Carlos did quit football,if he cannot be helped and his mental health depended on him retiring then tell him OK as from next summer take a year off but as requested you do not play at all,for anyone.
    One of the stated reasons for him leaving UTD was lack of playing time so his reaction would be interesting.

  8. Steve: I just have this nagging feeling that Tevez talks about being homesick and quitting football, but at the same time enjoys the limelight of being City's most popular player.
    As stated yesterday, I would love Balotelli to score a couple of goals at Wolves tomorrow. It would silence the media and possibly make Tevez realise that the club will continue to grow with, or without him in the team.

  9. Just finished the latest KK and pleased to say I got more than 70! I thought this was the best issue for some time - Tony, I loved 'Don't like it up em' and how the hell do you do it with your recollections from 20-years ago (Liverpool/Arsenal excepted!)?

    David Concannon again stirred mixed emotions though. As an Englishman living in Scotland I agreed with his response to Paul Bunbury, but I don't like the way fans desperate for silverware are described as "too dim" to realise it won't result in that banner being removed. All debate-stimulating stuff though.

    Re Tevez, I do think the club has bent over backwards by letting him have so much compassionate leave at a crucial stage of last season, making him team captain even though he hardly speaks any English and now, allowing him to return to Argentina so sort out a "family problem". I think it's time he rewarded the club and alleviated some of the pressure on Mancini by stating his commitment IN WORDS.

  10. Neil:I don't think that being in the limelight is what Tevez is about hence his unhappiness at the poster campaign but he certainly gives his all on the pitch and takes great delight in scoring goals and could have a similar problem to "Gazza" and many performers in that when they are doing what they are good at all other anxieties are forgotten for that moment. I can understand the stigma attached to successful people having mental health problems,how can a young man of 24 doing what we blokes dreamed of, earning vast amounts of money not be in a constant state of ecstasy? As the generation before mine would have said "pull theself together lad" just before they went to the pub and got bladdered. I could be way off base with all this but if I am right it would be a shame to lose him for the sake of a few hours of psychotherapy.

  11. I can remember stuff that happened a couple of days after I was born, but can't remember my sisters birthday. Sounds like the early stages of altzheimers to me. My brother in law, a red but reasonaably sensible when it comes to football, warned me after we signed Tevez that "he never stays at one club too long" I really shoud have named that piece, "Wer'e Doomed" or "Don't panic" but thought about it after I'd sent it in.

  12. Why don't you come clean Tony I think you have a TARDIS. So what was Billy Meridith REALY like?
    How many top players do stay at a club these days. I worked with a guy who was forever saying our jobs would go,the factory would shut down etc. As was pointed out people who prophesy doom and gloom will get something right eventualy.
    The factory is still going he took redundancy and the warehouse closed down 10 years later.Somebody told me he died, if not I wonder if "Lucky Lukey" has a season ticket at Eastlands?