Friday, 29 October 2010


We’re off to Wolves on Saturday, here’s the it’s A Fix update : 10) SATURDAY OCTOBER 30TH WOLVES (AWAY) KO 3PM
Second season in the Prem. this time. Last pot the Lg Cup in 1980, 105th Lg meeting, recent connections Keith Curle, Mark Kennedy.
Mick’s brought in Van Damme, Fletcher, Mouyokolo, Hunt, Bent, Bia, Bujangi, Guedioura, Mancienne for around £12M, and let various players go on loan or on frees. Squad also includes Hahnemann, Craddock, Berra, Foley, Ward, Henry, Jones, Jarvis, Doyle etc.
Last season at COMS in August it was our first home game which we won unconvincingly 1-0 with a strike from Adebayor. Crowd was 47,287 (2,809 Wolves)
At Molineux however it was a very convincing late December 3-0 win with two goals from Tevez, and one from Garrido. Crowd was 28,957 with 2691 Blues along the length of the pitch, lower tier.
After 9 games they’re 19th with 6 points and 1 win, 2 draws and 1 loss at home.

Molineux : Capacity : 30,000 ( 2,700 for City)

At Molineux prior to last season it’s not been too happy a place for us. On our previous visit in 03/04 we lost 1-0 and our 2-0 win in 01/02 when we were heading for the Prem was only our first win after 4 losses and a draw. Prior to that though we’d won 3 and drawn 2.
In the Carling Cup, they’ve just played the rags in the 4th rd at the Cesspit, and went down 3-2 to a last minute goal.

Mick’s boys seem to be playing a tougher game this season but Silva, not Carlos, who’s annoyingly gone home again, will probably be targeted by Hunt and co. Otherwise we can expect a win, vital again, surely, to get us back on track………

The ground is the same as last time, completely re-developed but not as interesting as the old ground. We get half the paddock pitchside. Get your hats on ‘cos they sometimes drop stuff on us!
There’s some handy car parks nearby and you can grab a bite and a coffee at the local ASDA supermarket if you don’t fancy a pint.
Crowds were down to an average of 4,020 in 1985/86, and they currently stand at 27,702.
Away day zine is A Load Of Bull, who swap with KK, and is well worth picking up if you can.
Sat Nav is : WV1 4QR


  1. Shambolic is a word that springs to mind,Milner had one of his best games for a while Silva and Adebayor provided some threat and Richards had a good game, Balotelli and the rest looked hapless and Kompany having lost faith in his fellow players resorted to hoofing the ball upfiel.Wolves must have been pleased to see Johnson only play the last 20 minutes,a very poor performance and I would suspect that some of the players will have a good set to in the dressing room after the match.

  2. WTF was that all about? I think we should've taken that league cup match more seriously!

    Can't believe we've taken just one point from Sunderland, Wolves and Blackburn and been lucky to get anything off Blackpool and Newcastle. Bloody worrying.

  3. Tony have you had the blog in your TARDIS? Thought the clocks got altered tonight!

  4. Sorry Glyn, I'm not with you, although that is probably a good thing with my hairstyle. We had four chances to score before we scored from a dubious penalty. Two for Ballotelli, one for Adebayour and one for A.N Other and wasted them all. Strange substitutions from Mancini today who seemed determined to keep Balotelli on the pitch. Why take Adebayour off and bring Zabaleta on?? I agree guys this was a big wake up call with another bogey team, West Brom to come and then United. We could be behind Everton before long if we continue to play like this.

  5. Oh, I see what you mean Glyn, I posted at 6.15 and the date and time is showing 5.15???

  6. Aye that's it mate. I've just been on the MEN website and can't remember the last time I saw such an overwhelmingly angry reaction from the fans.

    I think Mancini is in for a very rough ride, rightly so, but the players have a lot to answer for. For me, only Silva and, to a lesser extent, Adebayor emerged with credit. I couldn't agree more with Tony on the substitution.

  7. Tony:Just to clear up any "chronal" anomalies ,on the previous blog I commented that your prodigious memory was down to the fact that you had a TARDIS and wondered if you had seen Billy Meridith play.
    As for the match he had to keep Baotelli on IMHO firstly for the sake of the players confidence and also to get him fitter,but he did not impress but has to be given time.

  8. I know Steve and just to show you that I do have a Tardis, I have taken the Blog back one hourin time. I wish I could go back four hours. I might have been able to put a stop to that horror show. See what you mean Glyn, just been on the MEN site myself.

  9. Mancini’s brief was to finish in the top four and hopefully win a trophy. His immediate response was to pick a shambolic eleven for the league cup tie at West Brom. This isn’t the time for knee jerk reaction, but his indifference has made things a lot more difficult than they should be.
    Firstly, I thought his initial selection yesterday was too bold and lightweight. We missed De Jong, but Silva should have been behind Adebayor or Balotelli, rather than all three isolated from the rest of the team and City outnumbered in midfield. Zabaletta would have given us more bite and presence.
    Secondly, Adebayor’s indiscipline starves Silva of possession. On the surface he played well, but too often, he chases the game and finds himself on the wing, with the ball bypassing the more intelligent Spaniard. In short, you can’t give both players a free role.
    At the end of the day this wouldn’t have mattered if City had been more clinical. I suspect this is why Balotelli stayed on the pitch and Adebayor was substituted. Mancini obviously rates Balotelli and sees him as the long term solution.
    Adam Johnson looked lively, but he always does when he comes on as substitute. He doesn’t help himself with silly errors like the one that gifted Poznan a goal the other week. Mancini has made mistakes, but it’s too easy to blames him for Johnson’s inconsistency.
    Strangely, City appeared more settled when half the team was injured. Now that Boateng and Balotelli are fit we look slow and wooden. Assuming that Kholarov is nearing fitness he needs to be eased into the frame rather than thrown in at the deep end.
    As I alluded on Friday the media have jumped on the fact that City can’t win without Tevez in the team. Yesterday was the perfect opportunity, but we blew it. If anything we looked less of a team with Adebayor arguing with Kompany and players shirking responsibility when the going got tough. This is going to prove a delicate situation especially if Tevez remains injured and the stories continue to leak.

  10. In the cold light of the next morning, I have calmed down a little. What was unacceptable to me is the way we looked like we could score at will for the first fifteen minutes or so only to look as if the Invasion of the Bodysnatchers had replaced our team with look alikes for the remainder of the game. Clearly Bollatelli needs time and match practice. Silva looked far from impressive for the first few games but now looks like a world class player, hopefully as Neil says, once the three injured players have reached fitness and become accustomed to the premier league, they will improve as he did. Events at Old Trafford showed though however much we spend and however good we are, if the referee is against you then you may as well stay at home. We may be ruining football, we may be employing a group of foreign merceneries, but at least we have any cheats like Nani, encouraged by his manager and fans alike. Clattenberg can't help himself it seems and if I had my way I would never let him referee another game.

  11. Neil: Amidst all the hyteria from some fans and the media your comments are much appreciated, I agree with the main thrust of your argument Adebayor is not a team player and relies on the type of killer passes that gave him his hat trick,he and Balotelli were guilty of trying to slam the ball from ridiculous distances. Johnson is a typical tricky winger and as is the norm with that type of player will only be seen in bursts,I am a fan and believe he will be an important part of the team. The speed of the passing movements depend as much on the movement of players,and the hesitancy could be down to a lack of understanding or trust amongst players who have not played together enough.On the plus side every successful team has a player that makes it tick and Silva is ours, Mancini and the players have to realise this.

  12. Tony: I agree about Clattenburg and get the feeling that if Nani had picked the ball up and thrown it in it would still have been given, I don't know why the Spurs players waste their time complaining somebody should show them a DVD collection of bizarre refereeing decisions in UTD games.

  13. The Wolves fans had a great chant yesterday:
    "If that was us...he'd be off"

    What part of the RESPECT campaign was Ferdinand showing towards the linesman once the goal had been allowed.
    Even more irritating was the fact that Alan Hansen found Ferdinand's abuse amusing.

    Remember Richard Dunne at Chelsea?
    "If that was us..he'd be off"

  14. There ar some incidents,as when the ref blew for time when Everton were about to put the ball in the net in a UTD game when fans can rightly claim they were hard done by, but often with tackles, offside (active or not) when even after countless replays it is hard to make a judgement,did he make contact with the ball? was it intentional? did he follow through? the amount of play acting that goes on does not help,apart from some very obvious errors they do have a very difficult job. I saw the Karl Henry sending off and would have few complaints if a City player was sent off in a similar situation.

  15. Re the Wolves game:On reflection after careful consideration and reading many comments and blogs, for me Glyn's comment "WTF was that all about" just about sums it up.

  16. Thanks for that, Steve. My Mam would be so proud of me ha ha.

    I feel a bit happier this morning, having listened to Henry Winter pleading for time and praising the club what is going on behind the scenes. Also by Kolo Toure's comments.

    I must say John Burfield hit the nail on the head in the latest KK, when he talked about the snake in the grass. I'd love to know who is leaking all these damaging stories and I hope the club is trying to identify him.

  17. The Sun's latest back page headline is "Dead Manc Walking" and the story is credited to have come from a club source. I wouldn't be suprised if that "club source" is the Sun newspaper itself.

  18. Or "Leroy at the "Claremont".That bastion of journalistic integrity The Sun make a story up?That paper is good for one thing and as I prefer soft tissue so I would not even use it for that.

  19. No I don't think the source is Leroy as I'm certain the Claremont has shut down - the smoking b.....sorry, I mean the credit crunch has caused it to shut down and Leroy has to drink in the Beehive...hang on that shut down too along with the Welcome and those three little pubs around the Summer Place/Nelson St area. The Nelson, The Victory and the other one.

  20. At one time pubs were recession and b. proof,maybe "Leroy"is on the staff at the Sun although where he gets the "Ganga" that inspire his "inside tips" is anybodies guess.