Saturday, 2 October 2010


First a point about the rags 34/35 year flag at the Swamp.
Arsenal’s Gooner fanzine had a back page with Spurs 49 years since their last league title, even though Spurs have won a few cups in the meantime. I did comment on this blog that the rags would do the same with their flag until we won the Prem. However, that’s all well and good for a fanzine, but could you imagine a dignified and classy club like Arsenal allowing such a flag to be displayed at The Emirates? We should treat the rag flag with the contempt that it deserves as it shows the rags up to be the small minded back street shit on the shirtlap type outfit that they are, and always will be, despite the media hype about them being something else.

Anyway, Thursday was intriguing, Joe Hart worrying, and lots of intelligent posts on the blog, and one or two new posters, who we welcome, cheers to Guardi and company.
Europa, and a bit of a gaffe in the MEN saying we only had one solitary title. No wonder others think we have no history when slips like this are made in our local rag. Regarding the result of Lech Poznan 2 Salzburg 0, it looks like the Austrians are the group’s fall guys, so we can only hope that they can get some results from their other games except against us, of course. Lech are a bit of an unknown quantity but if we can do well against them, and we need to, we should progress.
Round and about there’s plenty of good teams left in the competition, so you could say we’d’ve been better off in the Carling than this marathon trog. As for it being either 4th spot or bust …..why not 4th AND a trophy? We were the first club to do it so why not do it again?
Loss of £121M loss reported so brace yourself for the usual Sunday tabloid rubbish we’ve become accustomed to.
Sven looks to be on his way to Leicester. How does he do it?
Tomorrow it’s Newcastle, here’s the It’s a Fix extract :

They’re back from their gap year, winning promotion at the first attempt somewhat surprisingly considering the Cityesque turmoil the club was in. So they’re back where they belong, but remain trophyless since the 1969 Inter Cities Fairs Cup win. Recent connections Shay Given, Joey B., James Milner. This is the 149th League meeting.
Chris Hughton has spent nothing bringing in Perch, Gosling, Campbell, Tiote, Ben Arfa on frees or loans, whilst recouping nothing on Butt, Lua-Lua and a couple of others. Squad includes Taylor, Ameobi, Barton (boo?), Smith (double boo), Harper, Nolan, Routledge, and Andy Carroll.
Last meetings were in season 2008/09 where on an October Monday night on Tyneside, we managed a ‘Desmond’, Robinho putting us ahead from the penalty spot in the 16th minute when Beye was sent off, a decision they’re still moaning about. Get over it. Then we had some kami-kazi defending gifting Ameobi the equaliser just before half time, then in the 63rd Dunney continued the buffoonery with an own goal and it was left to Stevie Ireland to save our blushes in the 86th minute. 45,908 (1359 Blues)
At COMS on a January Wednesday it was a 2-1 win with goals from SWP in the 17th, Bellamy in the 77th, with a Bridge blooper allowing Carroll to convert the cross in the 81st minute to make us sweat after coasting through the game. Crowd was 42,289 with 1840 Geordies.
After six games they’re 10th in the table with 7 points, and one win one draw one loss away from home and mixed results.
In the Carling Cup they won at Chelsea in the last round and face Arsenal at home in the 4th round.
At home to Newcastle, we’ve lost only once (0-1 in 00/01) in the last 11 meetings.
They’re still feeling their way in the Prem. but look to be making a decent fist of it, though our strong home form against them should see us through. Andy Carroll is the danger man and I was shouted down when I suggested we should sign him up before the transfer deadline (Jo, Santa Cruz, Adebayor swap plus cash?!)! Ben Arfa could be tricky too.
Usual wind up which really gets up their nose is “where were you….”
Crowds averaged 16,001 in 1980/81 and are currently 45,019, which is what you’d expect from a one city club! Last season it was 43,388.

Just a reminder that it’s KK 182 deadline day on Tuesday October 5th with lots of stuff coming in. It’s the derby issue so lots of rag bashing stuff needed to complement the Manchester derby compendium I’m working on, three pages so far! Van de Vaart scored 2 for Spurs today. Why didn’t we sign him?

C'mon you Blues



  1. Mentioning Alan Smith - reminds me of when we were heavily linked for ages to a unnamed striker at Leeds and I thought "great its Alan Smith" and we ended up with Robbie. (was that a bad thing?) more importantly we lost Berstein over it who I, and many overs, believed saved our club.

    As for Barton, I'll never forgive him for handing in a transfer request on the second last day of the window to force a move to a 'bigger club'. God knows what his agent said to him!

  2. Good question Dave why didn't we sign Van de Vaart?I must admit to a severe pang of jealousy after watching him play.If de translates as "of" than that reminds me of 10 day schooltrip to the stunnung Western Isles of Scotland in a Dormobile many years ago.
    I will never forgive Barton for trying to blind two City players one with a lighted cigar and one with his fingers.
    Today proved that we too can dig out a result with some help from the ref when not at our best.
    I thought Kompany was "Colossal" and should have been man of the match by a mile. Lescott at fullback was not a position I would like to see him in again.
    Congratulations to Blackpool,much will be said about a Liverpool "crisis" but Blackpool got what they deserved,well done to Ian Holloway and his team.

  3. Probably our worst display of the season, or more likely Newcastle played us better than anyone else has. Should have conceded a clear penalty. Why do modern defenders allow players to run at them for nearly forty yards without so much as attempting a tackle, untill they get in the area, then they go in recklessly. Surely it's better to make your challenge outside the box. We must strengthen up front in January or hope that Bollatelli is the finished article at 20. For years United have won games they didn't deserve to and that can't be down to coincidence or luck. Well done City.

  4. Never mind inconsistent refereeing. How about inconsistent media pundits?
    Stan Collymore virtually accused De Jong of attempted murder despite, not a single Newcastle player appealing for a foul.
    This is the same Collymore who stuck up for Ryan Shawcross after the Stoke defender launched into Aaron Ramsey last season.
    Incidentally, like every other City fan I wish the Newcastle player a speedy recovery.

  5. DeJong is being crucified for a tackle that was hard, but far from dirty from what I saw of it. It was his trailing right leg that caught the player, AFTER he made a good tackle with his left foot. The ESPN commentary didn't make anything of it and I beleive sky also didn't see it as a bad tackle at the time. It was only later with Stan Collymore on Talksport and then MotD that opinion has changed. Now I understand that the Dutch manager has dropped NdJ, telling him that "there is no place in the game for that type of tackle" I wonder how Roy Keane would fareb in todays game.

  6. The Holland Manager has to make a public statement because De Jong should have been sent off in the World Cup Final. Fair enough, but I don't see why City should suffer. De Jong is being crucified for the outcome rather than the intent.
    They should either ban the sliding tackle or leave the law as it stands. What they can't do is pick and choose when it suits them.
    United had the same problem last season when the media picked up on a Ferdinand forearm smash off the ball.Why was that particular foul any worse than one of the many from Kevin Davies,Tim Cahill or even a later sly Ferdinand elbow on Tevez at Old Trafford?

  7. I am sure that anyone with any knowledge of the game would realise that tackles that cause serious injury are more often than not just bad luck.If we accept that a trailing leg can cause serious injury than the only option is,as Neil says, to ban the sliding tackle,and then there is the shove into the hoardings which on some grounds can cause serious injury,and then there is is the most popular tackle at the moment the studs on the achiles,the list goes on to the point where any tackle that results in serious injury should be banned,the only question that should be asked is was the tackle INTENTIONALY dangerous which according to the ref it was not.
    The line from Kiplings poem "IF" comes to mind.
    If you can keep your head when all about you are losing their's and blaming it on you will be a man.I find it ironic that a woman beater should be pontificating on what constitutes a fair tackle.

  8. Apparently, Kevin Keegan stood up for NDJ, saying he did not think the tackle was malicious. The Talksport presenters discussing this came out with "Oh, but he used to manage City didn't he" have they forgotten that he mmanaged Newcastle too.

  9. Until the journey back yesterday I had never had the dubious priviledge of listening to Talksport. Talk crap more like. Collymore should stick to a sport he knows how the play. I can let him know a few dogging sites if he's out of practice. What on earth did he mean we are "anti football". I doubt he knows. I once had the pleasure of talking to Collymore in my professional capacity (thats vague enough for him not to recall it) and a more aggrogant shit I have yet to have dealings with.
    There was no fuss on the pitch about the tackle and the ref did nothing but Collymore started off a witch hunt which seems to have cost De Jong his international career. Given what his Dutch boss said I doubt Nigel will want to play for them again. I trust the clamour will not lead to the League charging him but I'm not holding my breath.
    I've heard the expression today that it "was a tackle that didn't need to be made" but I need someone to tell me what it means.

  10. So that's Milner, Kompany and De Jong all given two weeks off. Did someone mention West Brom, Carling Cup?

  11. Does anyone remember that Coventry player whose leg was broken which ended his career a few years ago at Old Trafford? Busst, he was called and I think it was Dennis Irwin who commited the tackle. When I saw it, I thought it looked terrible, yet the referee didn't give a penalty or even book the United player. Jeff, I have listened to Talksport for a year or so now and most times I enjoy the banter between the two presenters. The ethos of the programme is that one presenter will take one side and the other an alternative view. Most times they argue for the sake of it simply to encourage people to phone in. But what Collymore has done is deliberately cause controversy and he was accussed of doing so by a City fan who phoned shortly afterwards. Since then, any blue that has tried to phone in and defend DeJong has been talked down. I believe that the FA can not take any further action because at the time the referee deemed the tackle legal and they can only review the referees decision if he was originally yellow carded they can up it to a red. Can anyone confirm that? My big worry is that DeJong will becaome a marked man by referees.

  12. Good morning all.Tony,having checked on previous incidents, as you surmised,if the referee saw the incident and decided no action was needed then the FA.can do nothing they only have the power to upgrade punishments or take action when the ref admits he missed an incident. but as you say the greater worry is that De Jong will be under the spotlight and that especially at away matches the crowd will screaming for a red card every time he makes a tackle,fortunately we have the two week break and then personally I would tell De Jong not to go to ground when tackling there are some cynical players in the Premiership who will be feigning injury to wind up home fans (and irresponsible idiots in the media).Reputations deserved or not can be hard to shake and I am concerned that the football world will have found another stick to beat us with.

  13. I read the Graham Poll column where he states that (to paraphrase) "De Jong was in the air and made no contact with the ball" this is just untrue and defamatory and I would like to see the club take some action as such comments are fuelling an hysterical backlash against the player and his club by people with questionable motives to say the least.

  14. Hi everyone,

    I'm the hysteria will die down over De Jong eventually. Lets just hope that he has the mental strengh to deal with the stick he'll get. I think he probably has.

    I'm more concerned about the reports coming out today of a bust up at half time on Sunday. Part of me thinks its good that things were said as we were playing like shite, but how has this been leaked to the media?

    I do always worry that our club is like a seive and these sort of stories always manage to come out and it always reflects negatively.

  15. I read that story too Guardi, the article in the Sun can be accessed on
    Some of the comments from fans are interesting, some suggesting that Tevez is trying to get himself sacked. But as one guy says, if this story is true, would you shake hands, forgive and forget a man who just told you to go and F*ck your mother?

  16. Tony - Paul Lake was at my supporters club meeting and questioned our decision to sell Bellamy. I have it on good athority that Bellamy was, how should we say difficult? all the time towards Mancini.

    if you or I told our boss to Fuck Off in front of everyone, we'd be getting our P45. Why should Bellamy be any different?

  17. I thought Bellamy's fawning comments at the post transfer interview were a little too good to be true. He say though that he couldn't understand where this had all come from because he had always enjoyed a good relationship with Mancini. Why then, did he not come out and say that when the newspapers were printing the stories. This is what worries me about this story on Mancini and Tevez. If it were totally untrue, wouldn't one of them or the club threaten legal action?

  18. According to Graham Poll last night the FA have until the end of today to charge De Jong. Remember how they overruled Dermot Gallagher after the Thatcher elbow on Mendes.
    Funny how Kevin Davies gets picked for England the same week. This is a player who according to Phil Brown, "isn't happy unless he's walking off the pitch with blood running down his face"
    Does anynody share my opinion that if Gareth Barry had committed the challenge, the media would have blamed it on bad luck for the Newcastle player.

  19. Yes, I agree Neil. But I thought we had already established that the FA CAN'T act in retrospect. See Steve's earlier post. The referee can hardly claim to have mised the incident as the player needed to be stretchered off. Old Asspoll also reckons that Holland have done football a favour dropping NDJ

  20. Bellamy has not been sold to Cardiff he is on loan and yes he is second best striker at the club but has missed at least three games through injury,and Guardi I agree about his attitude to Mancini you can't realy have a player around who has no respect for the manager,although I suspect he was trying to engineer a move to Spurs.Neil,I think if anyone but a Wolves player De Jong or Lee Cattermole made a similar tackle it would have passed unnoticed,and if the player had not had his studs in the turf,again the incident would have passed without mention.

  21. Probably Neil - what about the West Ham player who elbowed Demspey on saturday? no mention of that.

    It has become obvious (many months ago) that the media, the FA and everyone else is out to get us. We all know why. The club should use this to their advantage though and create a siege mentality - just like them trafford lot do all the time.

  22. Tony. The referee can imply in his match report that he didn't have a proper view of the original incident. This would give the FA a chance to throw the book at De Jong.
    Also, remember that the Thatcher challenge on Mendes was spotted by the ref, but deemed only a yellow card. The FA invited Gallagher to change his mind and Thatcher was banned for 6 games.
    As far as I'm concerned there's no difference between a reckless challenge and a reckless challenge that breaks a player's leg. Barry actually committed a worse challenge against Chelsea, but it was soon forgotten because Essien got up and played on.
    You either ban tackling completely or you accept that every now and then a player is going to get injured. Unfortunately because De Jong's got a bit of previous I suspect that he's going to get banned one way or another.

  23. Tony,over the course of a weekend I probably saw at least 10 challenges or more that could have resulted in serious injury,the player rides the tackle,the tackle is so late the defender is no longer there etc etc.ergo as you imply to take sanctions against a player based on the severity of the injury would create a very scary scenario where the onus would be on the tackled player to avoid the challenge,I could see a Vinny Jones type hardman letting the superstar striker know he is ready to take a six match ban so to stay out of his way if he wants to continue playing(I'll be back after 6 matches Carlos,will you?)

  24. On City's page on Sporting, Arsenal's Nasri has declared that he doesn't think that Premier League players are evil.. He then adds: "Apart from Joey Barton"
    You couldn't make it up.

  25. Samir Nasri, the man with his finger on the pulse, compared to Joey with his finger on the eyeballs.

  26. Hey guys, what did I tell you pre-season about Tevez & Mancini ha ha!

    On the De Jong topic, 'Talksport' are acting in exactly the same way they did with Adebayor a year ago following the Arsenal match. An absolute witch hunt. Did anyone hear the Alan Brazil breakfast show today, where AB said he's now watched the incident again as well as the one in the Holland v USA match, and now feels De Jong is being unfairly slaughtered. Then on comes that useless overpaid podgy bag of shite Gordon Taylor. When Brazil made his point, Taylor said "De Jong has got previous" and the fact Holland's manager has kicked him out says it all. Talk about hanging him out to dry.

    Having said all of the above, I have to admit I was uncomfortable with the challenge!

  27. The Newcastle assistant manager reckons that the tackle was not malicious. I also read in the MUN that the FA is taking no further action. As they only have until the end of today, I think we can safely say, that NDJ is OK in that respect. I watched the tackle again and again Glyn on MotD and freeze froze it several times. In my honest and completely unbiased opinion, I struggled to find a foul in the tackle. Whetehr NDJ meant it and did his best to make it look accidental, I can't say. Also, Tevez was clearly outside when the initial contact was madeleading to the penalty.

  28. Red Herring Number One is De Jong being dropped from the Holland squad.
    Holland were totally embarrased by their antics in the World Cup Final, when as many as four players could easily have been dismissed. Dropping De Jong is their form of a public apology and a statement that it will never happen again.
    There was a period last season when Everton, Wolves and Stoke all pinpointed Garrido as a potential weakness. Tim Cahill knocked him out after five seconds and don't forget the Ricardo Fuller challenge that almost sliced him in two. Alan Wiley didn't even give a foul despite all the Stoke players retreating for a free kick. De Jong doesn't hold a monopoly on reckless challenges.