Saturday, 30 January 2010


No game today but our rivals have stolen a march with Liverpool and Villa winning and Spurs drawing – well done Brum for a late equaliser.
Nothing much in the Guardian or the manumirror today about the disgraceful nature of the rags win, and how can Rooney with one semi-final goal be rated higher than Tevez with three?
Anyway, a chance to put us back up there with tomorrows game at home to Pompey. Here’s the It’s A Fix update :
Last promotion was in 2003, last league title 1950, last pot F.A. Cup 2008. Most recent connections: Ben Haim, James, Benjani….Big name supporters : Erm, don’t really know of any, so we’ll still go for KK subscriber Ian Cunningham (he’s not the bloke with tattoos and a ‘Slash’ type top hat) 78th league meeting.

Avram Grant’s squad includes : Begovic, James, Kaboul, Hreidarsson, Ben Haim, Mullins, Wilson, O’Hara, Yebda, Belhadj, Piqulonne….

This season so far : At Portsmouth in August we managed a 1-0 win with Adebayor scoring on the half hour mark. We had a good goal disallowed but by keeping our 4th clean sheet on the trot secured the win in front of 17,826 with 2,085 Blues.
Their poor results continued. Paul Hart was fired and Avram Grant took over. They’re in financial meltdown and struggling to pay their players.
Currently they’re in bottom place with 15 points from 21 games and 1 win 2 draws and 7 defeats away from home.
In the Carling Cup they went out at home 4-2 to Villa in the 5th round.
In the F.A. Cup they drew at Coventry won the replay and beat Sunderland at home in the 4th round to face Saints in the 5th round which will be a quiet, gentile affair!?.

Our form at home to Pompey : Last season, we beat Harry Redknapp’s charges to the tune of 6-0 although it has to be said that David James had a stinker. Jo started the rout after 13 mins, Dunney scored from a corner, would you believe, after 20. Robbie got one after 57, followed by SWP after 68, Ched after 78 and Fernandes on 83. Crowd was 40,238 including 853 Chimers.
In Manc they haven’t won here since their 2-0 in 1963 and we’ve had 4 wins and 2 draws in the 6 Prem meetings.

Comment: Thank goodness City got rid of that Sheikh fella shown on the front cover of KK 172, who was quickly flirted after his cocky comments, by our new owners. Garry Cook be afraid, very afraid…..
You’d expect, with their record in Manc that we’ll notch up yet another win, and another double, and after the Carling Cup exit we need a boost.

Wind ups generally include : small town in Southampton, ‘oh when the Saints’ , Shit ground etc., going down… bye bye Pompey, Pompey bye bye….

Wwtwtwshite? Av’d 8,544 in 81/82 (highest in Div 3) – so not bad!
This seasons current average home att. : 27,217

Friday, 29 January 2010

this week

Wednesday night. Pretty chocker on Trafford Road but clear after that, so parked up comfortably, and quiet walk to the ground. The steward held his arms out to indicate how he wanted me to be searched and I gave him a big smiley hug, which he didn’t expect (you can get away with it at my age!) Sue was unimpressed!
Now we know that you have to have everything going for you at the swamp to get a result, top of your game, little bit of luck, strong referee etc. So we were well prepared.
Fergie didn’t play the kids, like we did, and he’d pulled a flanker on Rio, appealing against his disgusting elbow on Fagan in the Hull game so he could play and also banning the Sky reporter to boot. Surprised that Nedum wasn’t playing, and Alan Keegan’s vocabulary has really slipped since he left Maine Road – “welcome to the theatre of dreams, home of the Carling Cup holders”, this was repeated ad nauseam.
Fairly comfortable first half, Rooney and Da Silva should have been booked, SWP was hacked down and we could have had a pen plus Rio elbowed Carlos but no sending off (even the MUEN rag reporter agreed on this one) So the usual pattern. Second half we pressed well, but as Bellers was about to take a corner he was felled by one of a number of missiles in the theatre of dreams (don’t forget). Full marks to VDS who ran across to intervene. The game was stopped for a couple of minutes, and we were unable to take a quick corner which would surely have resulted in a goal. Instead the intimidation got to us and Barry and Garrido cocked up Petrov style at Everton, and they went up and scored. I’m told Given was hesitant coming out to Giggs but I’d need to see that one again. Soon it was 2-0, Rooney (him) missed a sitter and some heads went down. But not Carlos’s who scored his third in the two games to totally eclipse Rooney, the bald Pele. Three, not 4 or 7 minutes of added time were announced and Rooney finally got one, though I’m told that Shay should have cut out the cross, but I’d have to……We needed a couple more minutes of added time to force another goal and extra time but guess what? So that’s it for the Carling Cup, but we’re still in the F.A. Cup (unlike the rags). The missile throwing incident turned the game which should surely now be replayed but the FA have backed down. C’mon City don’t be soft, get into them instead of silly forecasts about world domination.
Liked Neil’s story about the Norwich scarves and what a card that Keith is fellas! Newtown Heath (cliffe) indeed! I thought our three stars stood for 1) us giving the rags our players so they could win a trophy 2) For giving them Busby 3) loaning them our ground (cheers Tony) 4) Our lights so they could play in Europe – oh that’s four, and still counting.
Now then Keith, take your songs about Shankly, the 96, Russian submarines etc, and your missiles and you can stick your fuckin flares up your arse. If you can’t have sensible debate get back to your own sites - if they let you on them that is..
Incidentally I’m trying to find out from Peter Fletcher what happened re the alleged lighter throwing incident at COMS last week. i.e. did it hit Evra, have they got the culprit etc

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


It’s hotting up. I’m just about to don my hard hat, safety glasses, stab vest and set off to the theatre of debt. They’ll be trying every dirty, snidy, cheating trick to try and do us tonight (is Rio playing, or is he banned?) so we must overcome the dark side and evil empire. Don’t forget Fergie’s words that “united fans NEVER boo one of our ex players” and let’s hope they don’t throw things or invade the pitch again. C’mon City. Full support for 98, 128 minutes or penalties whatever. C’mon you Blues, the City is ours……

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Scunthorpe, and an uneventful and quiet journey over the M62, M18, M180 and M181, just a bit more pleasant than the trip up to ‘Boro. £2 to park was reasonable and despite the ground diagram in KK176 I had to ask a local where the away end was - “yon end” he said, which I thought was a bit cute!
I felt confident to be honest. Some City fans were expressing worries but I told them that if we were to exit the cup it would’ve been at ‘Boro what with the weather and our previous record up there. They told me they felt better already!
So lots of united debt type songs, a couple of “one Kevin Keegan” chants and an adequate display where they gave us a couple of shocks though their first was offside.
Thankfully then, no giantkiller story for the rag media to gloat over . We heard the draw as we left the ground, Stoke at home, not easy, but not beyond us and we might have to pull the next KK deadline forward.
Did the media make anything about our young players coming in?

So to tomorrow night. The press have all been at it, trying to convince everyone that none of our players wanted to join City really. Seen any condemnation of Ferguson and Neville’s comments and actions?
Any condemnation of the flares?
Any condemnation of the despicable antics of Rooney, Giggs and Van der Sar whiklst Carlos was shaping up for the spot kick?
Will City say that Ferdinand should be banned instantly for 3 games like the rags did for Adebayor so he’d miss the CCCup semi? Did the press ask for our view?
The MUEN managed to get UWS editor Andy Mitten to regurgitate one of his derby articles, but at least this time he didn’t go on about Munich songs. I waited with baited breath for tonights MUEN to read a City fanzine subscribers article on the derby from our point of view but guess what?
Oh, and why do they print messages referring to us as bitters? Would they print City messages referring to them as rags?
So we go there with a 2-1 advantage. General blog view is we should go for it. Whether Mancine will or not remains to be seen but I don’t think any of us want to see an attempted Italian defensive effort cos you just know what will happen. They’ve got every advantage (Rooney’s 4 goals v Hull were all crap by the way!) but with 9,000 Blues cheering us on, we can do it.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

this week

United home, and it got a bit hairy near my selling pitch, the cops moving me on for “my own safety” as the mobs attacked, well handled by the cops.
United fans were slow to get into COMS owing to being searched for orgeries, weapons (plenty found) etc.
Some of them managed to get flares inside, it’s a wonder the silly bastards didn’t set fire to each other, photos appeared in the press – why encourage them?
They did a lot of passing but didn’t get far until they scored a soft goal with their only attack. Bobby Manc changed it then a repeat almost of Saturdays penalty for Everton saw us level the scoring despite the rags pathetic and unsporting attempts to put Carlos off. Bit of banter with Neville, nothing more.
Second half our diamond notched another and we held out to win 2-1, after Nedum came on for Boyata (69), then Benjani for Tevez (79), Sylvinho for SWP (84). Why?
Will 2-1 be enough/ You wouldn’t really think so, but it’s still game on.
Manumirror’s David McDonnell’s only criticism of City he could find was “they scored a massive own goal with a ‘commerative’ match programme". Bitter rag? You bet.
Gary Cook’s been at it again, telling a meeting in New York that we’re gonna be the biggest club in the world. Stop it.
Tomorrow we’ve got Scunny away and it’s down as being an upset. Here’s the It’s a Fix extract : Well it’s an interesting and winnable draw but surely won’t be as easy as the recent Carling Cup tie. They’ve now dropped to 18th place in the Championship, with 27 points from 25 games and 5 wins 3 draws and 4 losses at home.
In the third round they beat Barnsley 1-0 at home.
We met in October in the Carling Cup 4th round when Stevie I put us ahead in the 3rd minute. Their shock equaliser came in the 26th minute by Forte, but we made them pay for that with goals from Santa Cruz in the 38th, Lescott in the 56th, Tevez in the 71st and Johnson in the 77th. Crowd was 36,358 with 3,803 scunts.
Prior to that it was a 6-0 home win for the Blues in the second round of the league cup in 1974/75, Bell 3, Barrett, Marsh and Doyle being the scorers in front of 14, 790.
We also met at COMS in 2006 in the 3rd round of the FA Cup, when they went one up until a Fowler hat-trick gave us a 3-1 win. Crowd was 27,779 with the biggest away following yet recorded at COMS, 6,129.
In the league, we doubled them at Christmas in 1963/64 8-1 home, 2-1 away, at The Old Show ground.
N. Adkins squad includes : Still no familiar names – Lillis, Wright (A and J), Byrne, Mirfin, Williams, Thompson, O’Connor, Woolford – who wants to win cos he’s a rag, Hayes and possible danger man Gary Hooper who’s just terrorised the Derby defence in the 4-1 away win.
Recent connection : Peter Beagrie
Comment : No excuse for us not reaching the next round though we’ll have one eye on the Carling Cup second leg and Roberto’s selection will no doubt follow the same pattern as up at ‘Boro.
Wind Ups : I suppose it has to be “you’re the C**ts in Sc**Thorpe” but I wouldn’t like to hear it sung!
Groundwise : And it could be classed as a new ground to visit, although plenty of Blues made it to the friendly in 2001/02 when we managed a 2-2 draw courtesy of Dickson Etuhu if I remember right. It’s one of those matchbox type grounds with little character compared to the OSG which boasted the first cantilever stand in the country. We’ll be behind the goal in the South stand presumably in what should be a sell out 8,775 crowd. And there ARE stanchions holding up the roof!
Glanford Park : Capacity : 8, 775 (2,000? for City)
Sat Nav : DN 15 8TD
Parking ; At the ground presumably

Monday, 18 January 2010

this week

Everton with a 5.30 pm kick off, and the rain actually held off. Good debate on the blog, so here’s my two penneth. Plumped for the Stanley park car park and a pleasant walk through the park. Bit of a change from the 70’s and 80’s! We’d picked up a few zines from the printers so had them on sale at Goodison. ‘Mancini the Magician’ on the front cover. I’m pretty sure he hadn’t seen that, though he denied being a magician, in the press afterwards!?
We were on the front row again so at least we didn’t have a restricted view, almost wished we had. Crocky off after a few minutes replaced by Robinho not Benjani. Petrov on the right ? We did OK for about 15 minutes, then they took control, and the normally silent Goodison crowd even stepped up the noise. We were appalling. Robinho missed a good chance, soft free kick given away, poor wall, Given slow to react so 1-0 down. The Everton players came over to the City fans to goad/celebrate with a steward but no bookings and plenty of irate Blues, including myself, causing a few evictions?
Then it was back to loopy City. Just on half time Petrov’s pathetic corner somehow found its way back into our half where we pissed about and Micah’s shirt tug resulted in a penalty, duly despatched. For f*cks sake City. Second half we weren’t in it, they could have got more and we had just one amusing incident where Bellers, taking a corner placed the ball outside the quadrant to Everton fans jeers. He then waved to them and placed it inside. It was a better corner than Petrov’s but not much. They could have got a couple more to be honest. Petrov off, Benjani on, Robinho off, SWP on, but we were poor and you just have to hope we had one eye on Tuesday night.
Had a look at the programme when I’d come round on the Sunday. Not a bad effort, and there was a piece in by Jim Whitworth, a recent KK contributor. Moyes commented on the Lescott transfer where he reckons we treated them with little respect, and were acting with no class. What the f*ck would Moyes know about respect and class? Should he continue to be allowed to make disrespectful and classless comments like that without any clarification? I wouldn’t have thought so. Anyway they’ve got to come to COMS shortly so that should be tasty!
Elsewhere Spurs dropped a point at home to Hull, and Villa did the same at home to Wham, so we only dropped to 5th. At the Swamp Burnley missed four sitters before the rags fluked a few.
Anyway, managed to pick up the rest of the zines and they’re all posted out to the subscribers and contributors. Will be dropping them off at Urbis and Aleef tomorrow before the game.
Adebayor (in his Arsenal shirt) looks like he’ll be on compassionate leave for a while. We’ve loaned big Phil out to Malaga I believe. Why? Considering our injury list we could actually do with him, despite me being a bit sarcastic previously!
So to the big one tomorrow, here’s the It’s a Fix extract :

It’s the re-arranged fixture from the postponed game They’re currently wobbling a bit, but still sit second in the table with 47 points from 22 games and 6 wins 1 draw and 4 losses away from home (though the Arse could go above them if they beat Bolton mid-week) .
In the F.A. Cup they lost 1-0 to Leeds at home, the referee only playing 5 minutes of Fergie time. Surel;y he'll have a thrombo soon?
Earlier in the season we lost 4-3 to that 97th minute goal from Owen so we’re smarting for revenge. However after going out of the cup to arch rivals Leeds, Fergie ain’t going to play his kids against real rivals City, so it’s not going to be too easy.
In the League Cup we’ve met in three rounds, winning twice to go on and lift the Cup :
1969/70 SF 1st leg 2-1 home, 2nd leg 2-2 away
1974/75 3rd round 0-1 away
1975/76 4th round 4-0 home
Recent home league form against the rags is 4 wins and 3 losses in the last seven.
Lots of wind ups going round about their (massive) debt, amongst them …nick, nack, paddy whack give a dog a bone, Ocean finance on the phone…. and to the tune of Pig bag, debt, debt, debt, debt debt debt debt debt, etc…
It should be a great atmosphere. Give the dirty, snidey, despicable, distasteful, smelly, cheating (in the) red Glazerboys plenty of stick, and roar the lads on to a comfortable win….

Saturday, 16 January 2010

this week

This week:

Blackburn home was a fitting tribute to our dear departed friend Alan Rowbotham. It was also Sean Riley’s 1000th consecutive City game. Hopefully we’ll have more on that in KK 177. Fantastic performance and Carlos Tevez outstanding again with our first hat-trick for years. Watch out for Fergie making a futile attempt to sign him up and rags chucking coins at “our new Paul Dickov” again in the Carling Cup semi.
We managed to get the zine off to the printers, and with a bit of luck it may even be on sale at Goodison today. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract :
Their last promotion was in 1954, since then they’ve won the title 4 times, the cup 3 times, last in 1995, their last trophy and the European Cup Winners Cup once.
Most recent connection : Joleon Lescott .Big name supporter : Freddie Starr. 151st league meeting
David Moyes’ squad includes : Howard (boo), Hibbert, Yobo, Neill, Rodwell, Baines, Cahill, Fellaini, Pienaar, Bileyaletdinov, Saha, Jo, Wallace, Nash,Yakubu

Last season : At COMS in December they stole all three points with a last minute headed goal from a corner needlessly given away by Dunney. 41,344 (2,846 Toffees)
Over at Goodison in April we took advantage of their pending Cup Final euphoria and took all three points at last. Robinho put us ahead (35) then Ireland made it two (54) but a late goal from Gosling made us sweat for the last few minutes of added time. (37,791 ; 2631 City)

This season so far : They’re currently in 12th place with 23 points from 20 games and 3 wins 5 draws and 2 losses at home. In the UEFA Cup they’ve had a few set backs but have made it to the knock out stages.
In the Carling Cup they went out 2-0 at Spurs in the 4th round
In the F. A. Cup they beat Carlisle at home, 3-1.

Our form at Everton : We used to do really well over there but since the 3-1 in 1993, it’s been 6 losses and 4 draws, before we finally cracked it again last season.

Comment : They had a millionaire chairman in the 60’s but no-one said they’d ruined the game having such an advantage. Off we go down the ASBO (A580, thanks to son-in-law Brian, Everton fan!?)
So the millionaires of the sixties meet the billionaires of the noughties. They’re picking up at the mo needless to say and players are coming back after injury. Mancini’s big test, we’re told, C’mon City.

Wind Ups : We’ve got Robinho (if he plays) but better still, we’ve still got Carlos Tevez , you’ve got Phil Neville. Everton, Everton, Everton… everton, everton rah, rah rah. All very childish really, but brace yourselves for a hostile anti Lescott reception, so maybe a good job he’s injured?!
United, united, you are next, united, you are next….”

Groundwise : No changes, and the proposed ground move has now been knocked back. Only answer is to share with Liverpool! We’ll be in the Bullens again, upper and lower, restricted views, with nothing to recommend it in the 21st century.

Wwtwtwshite : Averaged 19,343 in 1983/84 season
Their current average home attendance : 37, 478
Goodison Park : Capacity : 40,260 (3,066 for City)
Away Day Zines : When Skies Are Grey (cracking mag. pick it up if you can) Satis; Speke From The Harbour
Route : A580 to the end and park up.
Sat Nav : L4 4EL
Pubs : The Elm Tree, 5 mins from ground, and a few at the Liverpool end of the park

I’ve just caught the end of Soccer AM - Schmeichel, talking about ‘us’ – he meant the rags, not City his last club, Gary Rhodes talking utter bullshit about the rags making all genuine rags cringe, and Brian Blessed, the big daft soft sod from Mexborough telling us how wonderful the rags are and that united are a family club. What family would that be Brian? Why, the fuckin Glazer family of course………

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


As I remember it, In the 50’s there were often individual fights at games and also scuffles on the terraces between rival groups I remember our scoreboard mob clearing off Everton and Burnley at Maine Road in the late fifties. This situation continued throughout the early sixties but Neil is right – modern hooliganism started at West Ham in the 1967 game which united won 6-1 to take the title and the east end. The eastenders decided that would never happen again. For me I recall being at the opposite end to the Kop at Sheffield Wednesday in 1969 and observing City and Wednesdayites scrapping en masse. A Wednesday fan near me said “this is happening every week now, it’s disgraceful” I agreed but was inwardly pleased, I’m ashamed to say, to see that the City boys had ‘won’ the battle! In the Maine Road derby in 1968 it was notorious for ‘fans’ throwing bottles up into the Kippax roof steelwork, many fans being led out with cuts and bruises. Yup, the good old days!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Alan Rowbotham

Alan Rowbotham’s funeral is on Monday January 11th at 12 noon at Dukinfield Crematorium, followed by buffet at John Street Club Droylsden. Ashes will be spread at the Memorial Garden at COMS. All welcome.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

this week

This week
‘Boro, and yet another nightmare trip in the snow over the M62 and looking dodgy at Saddleworth before clearing on the M1/A1. We were not fooled though, knowing it would be bad again within half a mile of The Riverside.
Listen - the man Mancini is a genius. Anyone who could take a team like that to bogey club ‘Boro, and win, has to be. The test will be on Wednesday when City face united’s reserves said a fairly generous Paul Wilson in The Observer. Ho ho ho I don’t think so, not after that defeat to Leeds. Fergie’s flops will be dropped we were told – so that’s Rooney, Berbatov, Valencia, Neville and Owen out then? Not a prayer. Who cares what team they play, bring em on!

Heavy snow today and both League Cup semis are off. If we weren’t playing Blackburn next Monday night, we could have both played next Wednesday! Not now, so our home leg is now on the 19th and the away leg on the 27th meaning the Stoke game is postponed (and they have a free Saturday to prepare) to add to Everton home which we should have fitted in on December 9th as I’ve previously said!
That ‘s buggered up the next zine which we were hoping would be the Wembley (or not!) Special, so we’ve now pulled the deadline back to this Thursday January 7th in the hope we can get it to the printers mid week next week to be out for the united home leg.
Articles are already coming in so hopefully everyone will pull out all the stops. Fingers crossed, we’ve never missed a deadline yet in 20 years so weather permitting, wind in the right direction, running downhill, by the seat of our pants, and all that, we’ll be there!

Friday, 1 January 2010

this week

This week
Firstly a Happy New Year to everyone and I hope the holiday period was enjoyable.
Wolves, as expected was a tricky drive down, missing chunks of the M6 to avoid the jams. Usual parking street had double yellows added but found a little car park for a fiver ,then off to Asda for a snack .
Well then, how about that. A polished performance it has to be said. Once we got sorted after the initial onslaught it was fairly comfy I thought, making the quick getaway and journey home a delight. MOTD punters were drooling over some of our football for a change, so we’ve gone from ruining football to becoming the great entertainers in a matter of days/weeks/months. So far the Mancini gamble looks to be paying off.
On Tuesday morning we heard the sad news of Alan Rowbotham’s passing. Thanks for all the messages on the blog. I’ll miss in particular his pre-match City chats and the phone calls we had.on all things Blue.
Wednesday evening it was the Former Players Association Christmas ‘do’ at COMS with Pete MacClaine and the Clan performing rock ‘n’ roll from the 50’s and 60’s. Good to see most of the old players bopping away. Alan would have loved it.

Tomorrow it’s bogey team ‘Boro, and another test for our new manager. Here’s the It’s a Fix extract/update :
Boro’ s last promotion was in 1998 when they also lost in the League Cup final to Chelsea, but won it as their only trophy, in 2004 beating Bolton 2-1. They went down last season. Most recent connections : Danny Mills, Alan Kernaghan Big name supporters : Free/Queen’s Paul Rodgers, Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown, Bob Mortimer,

Gordon Strachan’s squad includes : Coyne, Jones, Williams, Wheater, St.Ledger, Pogatetz, Arca, O’Neill, Yates, Osbourne, Johnson, Kitson, Lita

Last season : On a Wednesday October night we lost 2-0 to a dodgy Alves penalty, and a last minute O’Neill goal. 25,731 (1227 Blues) At COMS in February we managed a 1-0 win thanks to a Craig Bellamy goal in the 51st minute. 40,588 (1349 Smoggies).

This season so far : They were second in the Championship table but with gates dropping alarmingly when they finally decided to give nice guy Gareth Southgate the push and set on Gordon Strachan. Currently they’re 11th with 32 points from 24 games and 4 wins 2 draws and 4 losses at home. They had a handsome 5-1 win at QPR but followed it with a 3-0 loss v Blackpool at home when they were booed off by the majority of the 18,089 crowd. Picked up with another home win but lost at Barnsley 2-1.
In the Carling Cup they went out 2-1 at Forest in the 2nd round.
Riverside, Capacity : 38,049 (3,000 or more for City)
Our form at ‘Boro : This has, inexplicably, been a real bogey ground, as was Ayresome Park, for City in recent years. Thought we’d finally conquered our demons with a win there in 2006/2007, only to then capitulate 8-1 in the last game of season 07/08. Prior to that win it was the 2-0 in 77/78 as the lone victory.
In the F.A. Cup it’s been :
1904 : 3rd round : 0-0 home, 3-1 away in the replay
1972 : 3rd round : 1-1 home, 0-1 away in the replay
1992 : 3rd round 1-2 away (we also lost 2-1 in the league Cup there that year)
1997 : 5th round 0-1 home
So we’ve lost the last three.

Comment: Middlesbrough is a freezing, smoggy, dump and strictly smalltime. The City team should be driven round the town, which would take about two minutes to show them how losing to this lot should be unthinkable. So come on boys, we’ve come away from here too depressed too many times so it’s gotta be revenge time. Are you listening?

Wind Ups : The “shagging your kids” one is wearing a bit thin now. I suppose it’ll be “small town in Darlington/Hartlepool.

Groundwise: No change to the Riverside.! Sit down, shut up (as if!) and listen out for Pig Bag

WWTWTWShite : Averaged 5,135 in 84/85
Away day zines : Fly Me To the Moon;The Boys From Brazil
Parking : A couple of car parks close to the ground but a bugger to get out!
Pubs: Dodgy, unless you know otherwise.
Sat Nav : TS3 6RS