Saturday, 26 June 2010

Frank Sidebottom

To Tony and Steve in particular : Re Chris Sievey, I'm surprised that there are hardly any photos of Chris and that people have been saying in the media that it would be a shame if no-one knew what he looked like without his head (uncomfy or what, I never thought to ask him!) Having found KK 39 (August 1994) in the loft, I can confirm that on the front page, bottom right hand corner there's a photo of Chris in his City gear in one of the Kippax tunnels, together with myself and Mick Thompson. Looks like it could be a collectors item and we'll do something with it for the next KK. Pleased to see that money has been raised for Chris's funeral and any money leftover will be given to his family, plus there's the possibility of a statue which is a great idea.
Incidentally, due to the lack of first team friendlies, we're not planning to get KK 180 out until the end of July so copy will be required by July 24th latest. Hope this is OK

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Longest day

Longest Day
Fixtures then and away first AND last games of the season AGAIN. COMS Derby on a Wednesday night – or will they change it to 11am? Cesspit Derby in February, close to the Munich thing so we’ll be getting all that again. Otherwise not too bad, bring it on…..
Failed attempt to renew my seasoncard on’t’internet so rang up and did it!
Sent a letter off to the MUEN, but it doesn’t look like they’re gonna print it : I have been away for a couple of weeks so have probably missed it. Can you advise, therefore, if the 'feisty and fearless' Diane Cooke penned a 'big soft baby' type article on Paul 'can't tackle' Scholes, similar to the one she did on Wayne Bridge when he declined to go to the World Cup? If not, why not, and if so where can I now get hold of a copy please?
I also note in today’s article she fails to note that the idiot who got into the England dressing room was a rag from…….Sarf Landan!
Enough of England. Press coverage is totally negative. Surely the team can’t be as bad against Slovenia? C'mon England.

Tributes are flooding in after the untimely death of Chris Sievey, creator of the Frank Sidebottom character. Chris, as well as being a highly talented individual, was also a big Blue, regularly seen at City games, at far off places like Bristol and Portsmouth etc. – often bladdered! - queuing up at the turnstiles. I’m not sure but I think he may have done Moonchester for a while too. He certainly travelled over to the Isle of Man for the early 90’s pre-season tournament that time and put on a show in the evening in Douglas for the fans.
I did meet and chat to Chris on a few occasions, you can see a photo of us with Mick Thompson on the back cover of (I think) KK 39.
He once did me a great favour in May 1992. Linda Cummins, a work colleague, was married to Mark (Nigel Gleghorn’s mate), who was a massive Frank fan. She asked me, as a long shot, if I’d ask Chris if he’d turn up as Frank at Mark’s birthday bash, and top man Chris willingly agreed to do so and put on a little show.
We were in an upstairs Chinese restaurant and Mark was telling us what a big fan of Frank’s he was, once started you couldn’t stop him, and he little suspected what was in store, though we weren't sure if Frank would turn up. Frank then fantastically appeared at the top of the stairs and you’ve never seen such a look of delight and amazement on anyone’s face as that of Mark’s at that moment. Frank did a show for us whilst the Chinese waiters all appeared at the top of the stairs looking on in bemusement. We sang a few Queen songs accompanied by Frank on his Bontempi and he continued with the entertainment in his own inimitable and childlike endearing style to complete a fabulously gentle and funny evening. Certainly one which will remain with Mark and Linda and us all forever
Needless to say he left all his props behind and I had to pop round to his house in Timperley to return them. He did all this just for the promise of a full page advert in KK, but he was always too busy to come up with the goods.
I’m sure there are many more Chris Sievey stories like this one, and today is a very sad day but Chris has left some very happy memories for many, many people. RIP mate.

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Been back from holiday for a week now, but have suffered from some sort of cold/fluey/ withdrawal thing since, and the front lawn needs mowing. Early start at Manc Airport, no rags spotted (Manchester, see!). Destination, first was Santa Ponsa, Majorca, – it just happened to be the Glasgow Celtic Convention 2010, so the green and white hoops were everywhere. No problems, but a few dodgy songs.
One rag shirt spotted in the Hotel, the blue thing with the grotesque AIG logo (and didn’t they do well!) on the front, not seen again, thankfully.
Then we had a cruise round the Med. No ground tours at Monaco’s ground so had to settle for a team photo with Ali B. on it, including Thierry Henry and Fabien Barthez of the Gary Neville/Shaun Goater memory. Spotted a chap with the blue rag shirt on in Florence, pushing someone in a wheelchair, then in St. Peters Square, Rome, as the Pope addressed his audience noticed a Blue with a City baseball cap on, now that’s what I call class. Back on the boat there was a Blue with a Thomas Cook shirt on, then a thuggy type with MUFC tattoed above his arse, and the dreaded blue rag shirt again, worn by a chap with a strong American accent. So, including myself it’s 3-3 so far, as that one doesn’t count. Thought that was it, but on disembarking the ship an ugly sod with a red rag shirt on sat next to us. He was off back to Birmingham and had a strong Brummie accent. Can you imagine anything worse than that? No. But I tell you what, not one City shirt seen in any shop anywhere, so this policy of selling only in City stores is not gonna give us global domination, if that’s what we want.
Before you ask, as usual, the girl with the big boobs, who forgot her lines, won the Karaoke final – I was in the following week’s but flew home on the Saturday morning and the Final was at night!
Read Trautmann’s Journey whilst I was away, enthralling, despite the clangers on the footy bit in the final chapters. We’ve got a review coming for KK180. Also read Steven Tyler’s biography (yawn), Nick Hornby’s excellent Juliet Naked (As Sue and daughter Marnie reckon I’m like one of the characters – couldn’t see it myself!?) A nice Bradford family in the Hotel lent me Chris Kamara’s autobiography, but I got as far as Page 2, and this bit ”I always draw the line at taking liberties at Old Trafford. The thought of getting a Sir Fergie ‘hairdryer’ scares me, although I have to say I get on well with him these days” and that, my friends is what’s wrong with the British media, no matter how tough they pretend to be, and so I put it down pronto. Finished off with Bill Bruford’s biography, where you could send off for a free CD, which hasn’t yet arrived, needless to say! Wow, it gives a real insight into music and the business, and is a stunning read. Best biography for me since Andrew Oldham’s Stoned One and Two.
So there you go. The World Cup is upon us. Derek McGovern, who is quite amusing, in the Manumirror has finally latched on to KOTK’s twenty year old observation re a 2-2 draw being a ‘Desmond’ (Royalties awaited), and what a nice surprise to see Osibisa performing at the opening ceremony – must dig out my 1972 album and give it another whirl. Good to see rag rejects, (boy can that club try and ruin a player) Veron, Heinze and Carlos, doing the business for Argentina. Ok Park did well for S. Korea, but Fergie never picks him!
City TV pundits include Adebayor, Vieira, and Adan Johnson popped up on James Corden’s show last night. On the pitch we did OK, good to see SWP on (the wrong wing) but Green’s howler did for us, though we had bags of time to still win it. Wayne Rooney, best in the world, yeah right.
Emily’s Nicky Weaver interview arrived just after KK179’s deadline, here’s what Nick thought of the goalie situation :
EM : With the World Cup on the horizon, which goalkeepers would you take on the plane to South Africa?
NW : It’s a really tough one. Joe Hart should definitely be going. Rob Green will definitely go too. David James should go as long as he plays enough games for Portsmouth before the end of the season. But Paul Robinson’s had a good season too. It could change though. Chris Kirkland’s playing well too. But I really hope Joe goes because I still keep in touch with him, he’s a good lad. I know Jamo as well and if he does well he’ll probably go as number one.

So there you go. 1-1 was a disappointment, but I still think we’ll go through OK.
Looking forward to seeing Boateng perform for Germany, and any of our other signings/targets. Mancini’s staying, Vieira’s got a new one year deal, and Roberto’s next test for me will be if he’s got the ball’s to replace the lightweight Given, with Joe Hart. Did you fill in your City mag questionnaire? Have you renewed your seson ticket?
Enjoy your summer.