Monday, 30 August 2010


Thursday 16th September
Kick Off - 19:00CET

It is critical that we get a feedback on this option ASAP.

As a result of night flight restrictions out of Salzburg, the only option presently available to offer fans is as follows;

Depart Manchester approx. 07:30 hours on the day of the game.

Arrive Salzburg 10:30 hours, transfer to hotel.

Remainder of day in Salzburg is free time and make your own way to stadium

Friday 17th Depart Salzburg 15:00 hours arrive back into Manchester 17:00

Cost per person £349.00 includes flights, taxes, hotel & airport transfers – NO match ticket included

Bookings can be made from

Manchester office (Spike) on 0161 775 7500 or London office (Miles) on 0844 887 1447

Best Regards

Spike & Miles

Brian Campbell
t) 0844 556 56 56
f) 0161 775 3336

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sunderland and stuff

Sunderland, and stuff,
First the MUEN - as you know I’ve always refrained from calling it that UNTIL they started having a rag fanzine editor writing about City (as Nigel Gregory said to me recently). They have never approached KK, or any otrher City zine editors or ex editors to write weekly articles so maybe this is something we should follow up. As for the rags doing things on merit – they’ve NEVER done anything on merit, and have only ever achieved things off the back of City. Anyway, having been down to the third division and having the most despicable neighbours in World football (I will justify this statement in the derby KK issue) surely we merited the Sheik coming in with his money.
Busy week this week – down to Newport after Liverpool, back up for the Timasoura game, back down to Newport afterwards, back up today and off to Sunderland tomorrow, so it’ll be catch up time soon. Don’t forget that it’s KK 181 deadline this Tuesday so I look forward to contributions, and 3 points tomorrow. Well done Wigan, by the way!.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

News to Me

I have just been reading some of the articles in the Manchester Evening News. One concerned United's new teen sensation, Bebe that was signed without SAF even seeing him. It stated that he was dropped from the reserve team to face City reserves in the Manchester Senior Cup because of his poor attitude in training. One guy commented that it was a typical article by the MCEN. Presumably that stands for Manchester City Evening News. Now I take great offence to this. Everyone knows that the Manchester Evening News is really the Manchester United Evening News, yet another attempt by reds fans to alter facts to suit them.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Liverpool – Wow, what was that? How long since a performance like that over the ‘Pool? 3-1 in 1977/78, a long time ago. Didn’t see it myself but Sue thought the City Square was a huge success – about time we replaced the old Social club at Maine Road and it cranked up the atmosphere, and for us the rain just about kept off.
F.C. Timisoara next on Thursday, then we’re off to Sunderland and things are looking good. “What are we going to be like when we gel,” Ian Barton said to me! Surely we can only get better, but you can’t get better than a City slicker….C’mon City

Monday, 23 August 2010

This week

This week
Last Thursday we did the biz in Romania with new boy Mario scoring on his debut. Frustrating for us driving back from Wales – nearly popped over to Cardiff to wish Bellers all the best, but couldn’t be arsed - unable to get the score updates on any radio programme we managed to tune in to, relying on a text from Ged! The Richest club in the world and the game’s not even on TV.
On Sky News last week there was a NOTW reporter, didn’t catch his name, slating us for signing Milner when Real Madrid have signed a couple of foreigners for less money. So on the one hand we’re ruining English football by signing foreigners, and on the other we’re ruining it by paying a lot of money for Milner and keeping the dosh circulating in the English game. Why is our club letting rag journalists get away with such drivel?
No game this weekend, I hate the Monday night shift more than any other TV switch. Some interesting situations and results. Stoke’s goal ‘over the line’ not given. Rag's referees continuing as they mean to go on with disgraceful decisions given by Peter Walton at Fulham, and well done to Mark Hughes for getting a result. Newcastle and Villa? Ireland, after bad mouthing City, strode about and Dunney was shite. Joey Barton!!?? Fantastic debut for Craig at Cardiff in the 4-0 win over Donny.
Worst journalist of the season so far goes to Michael Calvin in the manumirror with his piece on Sunday re the City muppet show which included, amongst other crap, the line “respected international like Roque Santa Cruz must wonder what he’s done wrong” 40,000 City fans could tell you Michael. Incidentally, Olly Holt has done us proud recently.
Henry Winter, quite complimentary about City, and Shaun Custis nearly came to blows on Sunday supplement.
So tonight it’s Liverpool, here’s the It’s a Fix run down :
Their last promotion was in 1962, since when they’ve won the lot but no title since 1990, and their last pot was the F. A. Cup in 2006. Most recent connections : Albert Rieira, Didi Hamann Big name supporter : Elvis Costello. 149Th Lg meeting.

Woy Hodgson’s squad includes : Reina, Carragher, Skirtel, Mascherano, Torres, Kuyt, Cavalieri, Babel, Gerrard, Agger (dooo doo doo), Voronin, Ngog, Shelvey, Wilson, Jovanovic, Joe Cole ....

Last season : They finished in an unheard of 7th place with 63 points and 5 wins 6 draws and 8 losses away from home. Rafa went, at last, and Woy took over as the new Shankly. We’ll see.
Over in Merseyside in November it was a ‘Desmond’. Skirtel put them in front on 50 mins, Adebayor nodded one in on 69 mins, after Hughes brought on Tevez. Then Ireland notched the likely winner after 76 mins after which we promptly fell asleep and let them equalise through Benayoun a minute later. 44,164 (2964 Blues)

Comment : The Yankee owners continue to infuriate the scousers after the initial euphoria and demonstrations are taking place, but still no real sign of a takeover, and the Chinaman has pulled out. Woy is very proud that he’s spent no money compared with City, but he has still got the backbone of an expensive squad, which should make for an interesting encounter.

Wind Ups: Hopefully “You’re not famous anymore”

Our form in Manc v Liverpool : Last season in February it was a dull 0-0 draw in front of 47,203 with 2,704 scousers.
In the Prem it’s : Played: 13 Won 2 Drawn 8 Lost 3

Wwtwtwshite : Av’d 22,742 in 31/32
Last seasons average home average attendance : 42,864

So it’s the first home Prem game of the season with lots of interest in the new City Square, opening tonight. How that, and the closed East car park affects KOTK we’ll have to see. Here’s hoping that the rain keeps off, we see a good performance and a win.

Monday, 16 August 2010


Well it all worked out OK in London. The rain kept off and City fans gave as good as they got outside the away end in face of the ‘Yid Army’. One Spurs fan at least bought the zine, giving me a Scottish pound note, and another was amused when he chanted “Champions League, you’re having a laugh” and I told him “No I think you might do OK”.
Well we were battered first half and Joe did us proud I’m relieved to say. I did suggest, and was shouted down, on Blue Tuesday last Christmas, that we should bring him back to replace Shay, and I’m sure he’d have saved some of those goals that Shay let in. Never mind. Early days and you can’t take too much from the first game, away, at a tough place. Spurs’ theme was the 1960/61 season, when their moneybags team won the double with superb football. City, were, of course the first team to take a point off them in a 1-1 draw at WHL, but I didn’t see that mentioned anywhere.
Traffic out of London was a bit of a mare, but the early start meant arriving home at a decent time.
All the speculation surrounding Mancini is beginning to grate, in particular the ludicrous suggestion we’ll go for Capello. Hiddinck would have been my choice, and we should have held on for him, but we’re stuck now, have spent a further mint, and need to stay with it – do I sound convincing? Onewards and upwards.
So we now look forward to the trip to Rumania, and KOTK will be well represented over there with Sean and Neil.
Disappointing, but not surprising, that the club couldn’t sort anything out for the fans.
Timisoara are another of these normadic type clubs like Milton Keyne Dons, with merges, name changes and a move to a different part of the country. They were formed in the present state in 2002 and play in the Stadion Dan Paltinisanu, which is an open bowl with a running track and holds 32,019. Their fans joined together in an admirable series of protest marches etc and reversed decisions which meant they could retain the club ‘s identity, colours, badge and records.
Last season they finished 5th and dumped Shakhtar Donetsk out of the Champions league.
City’s squad for the two games included surprisingly Logan, Michael Johnson (who should surely have gone out on loan), Robinho and Santa Cruz. Whilst David Silva, Steven Ireland and (not surprisingly) Craig Bellamy have been omitted.
On a lighter note, there is a new addition to the Wallace clan with 8lb 13 Isaac being born today to youngest daughter Kaye, 34 (yes I know). All suggestions to call him Kolo, Uwe or Yaya have been ignored I’m afraid. The dad is an Everton fan so some work has to be done.
Come on City on Thursday, let’s take the first steps of the road to Dublin.

Thursday, 12 August 2010


It was good to be back on Saturday for the Valencia friendly, and great to see some familiar faces.
Gates were locked at the Ashton New Road entrance to the south stand for some reason and the programme was £3, so I guess the Liverpool programme will be up to £3.50.
Good to see splashes of blue here there and everywhere and the City square is coming on – how long were we asking for a fans narquee to be erected? As long ago as at Maine Road, and will the prices be reasonable? Seats removed on Joe Mercer way, so the old and infirm could struggle and there were massive queues at the ticket office. East car park shut and North car park is now £10 – a 100% increase. Otherwise a decent performance put us all in good spirits.
Martin O’Neill‘s quit Villa. Bet Mark Hughes wished he’d hung on for a couple more weeks instead of taking the Fulham job, and Coppell’s quit Bristol City after two games, even less than his stint with us, although a longer time period. By the way he left City because he was promised money for players and when he lined up the targets he was told there was actually no money at all. So that’s cleared that one up for once and for all!
England beat Hungary 2-1 and Adam should have scored. Bellamy did well for Wales. Situation’s worrying though, he reckons Mancini hasn’t spoken to him since February. Well they may have shouted at each other, but that doesn’t bode well for the man management side of things, and it will be a shame if Bellers goes. We’re not much nearer with the Milner and Balotelli deals, so let’s hope there’s some action soon, one way or another.

It's here at last - Spurs on Saturday and it’s always a bit worrying as to how we’re gonna do with the new signings and opening games often throw up odd results and scores (Everton 1 Arsenal 6 anyone, and didn’t they lose 4-1 at home to Forest once only to go on and lift the title?) I got slated on the blue moon website for being nervous when, with Sven’s new signings, we went to West Ham (and won) a few seasons ago, so on that basis we’ve nothing to worry about. Here ‘s the low down :

Their last promotion was in 1978, since then they’ve been successful in the F. A., League and UEFA Cups, and their last pot was the League Cup in 2008. Most recent connection : Vedran Corluka Big name supporters : Chas and Dave. 123rd LG Meeting

Harry Redknapp’s last season’s squad included : Gomez, King, Woodgate, Corluka, Huddlestone, Palacios, Assou-Ekkotto, Bentley, Keane, Defoe, Lennon, Kranjcar, Pavyluchenko, Jenas, Modric, Cudicini, Hutton, Bale, Crouch……
Since then In : Raniere, Sandro…

Last season : : They finished 4th with 70 points, and 14 wins 2 draws and 3 defeats at home to take the last Champions League place, clinching it with the 1-0 win at COMS. How did they do it? Good manager, good players, shrewd buying and selling i.e. Crouch, Defoe, Keane and we boosted their fee for Berbatov by £5M! They charge a fortune for season tickets and just by the way have a billionaire on their board!

Our Form at Spurs : WHL used to be one of our favourite away trips, but after our 1-0 win in 91/92 we went 5 games without a win until the 2-0 in ’03. Since then we’ve had a draw, five 2-1 defeats, a League Cup loss and an F. A. Cup win (4-3!!).
Last season at the Lane in December we went down 3-0 in a poor display. We started off reasonably well but goals from Kranjcar in the 37th and 90 th minute, plus a Defoe strike in the 54th had us well beaten, and signalled the end of Hughes’ reign, in the following game.

Comment : First game of the season and it could have been better. Kick off’s been brought forward to 12.45pm for TV so at the end of the day we’ll be either top, or bottom!
It is now an unbelievable twenty years since the 3-1 defeat in the first game of the 1990/91 season in the Gazza and Lineker show. KOTK 11 hit the streets that day and I was spat at by Spurs fans. The situation hasn’t improved over the years and it has always been the most aggressive place to sell the zine in the face of the ‘Yid Army’
Good to hear that ‘arry thought we’d bullied them in the transfer market, so nice to know we’re not always a soft touch. £20M for Craig Bellamy?

Wind Ups : 3-0 up and you f**ked it up …but they still go on about that bloody Ricky Villa goal, 29 years ago, give it a rest. Now it’s “you won 4-3 and won eff-all” What about “We all agree, Mackers was better than Villa’s” and, hopefully “Champions League, you’re having a laugh” Also "You're getting sacked in the morning" would be nice! And what about "You're getting dumped in the morning" to crouchy?

Groundwise: No change to the Lane since our last visit. It’s been developed impressively, though the capacity’s only 36,000, but generates a great atmosphere. We’ll be in our usual corner, Apparently there’s a plan to redevelop the whole ground to increase the capacity to 60,000 and local properties are being bought up to accommodate, or they could even move to a new site.
Tickets are an outrageous £48/£44

White Hart Lane : Capacity ; 36,257 (1,800 or more for City!)
Where were they when they were shite? Averaged 20,859 in 85/86, so not bad.
Last season's average home attendance : 35,794
Parking : Expensive but nearby parking at school on right, (ground on left) otherwise pot luck on side streets.
Sat Nav : N17 0AP
Pubs: The Antwerp in Church road, The Park by the station, The Three Compasses in Queen Street

Saturday, 7 August 2010


Oh dear. Dortmund was a disaster, but thanks to Neil for giving us the trip details.
Not a very exciting Europa draw was it? Never mind, tonight we take on Valencia (stick yer head between yer knees and whistle up yer Barcelona!) as we attempt our third win in our last 12 games. Wow. Here’s a bit of info :
Valencia on Saturday August 7th at 7pm., after they played at Villa last night and drew 0-0. So if we can’t beat them?! We last played them in the Thomas Cook trophy which they won 1-0 in 2007, Sven’s first game in charge. Prior to that it was a 2-0 defeat in a friendly at Valencia in 1986/87.
Our only competitive meetings were in the UEFA Cup in 1972/73, first round, when City drew 2-2 at Maine Road in the first leg and lost 2-1 in the second leg in Valencia.
(Alfredo Di Stefano was their manager) Le Che (the Bats) were formed in 1902 influenced by visits to Britain by Spanish merchants and locals spotting British sailors kicking a ball about at the port. They are the 3rd biggest club in Spain behind Real and Barca, stagnated in the eighties then re-emerged in the 2000’s being successful in La Liga twice, Euro Champions runners up twice and UEFA Cup winners under Rafa Benitez before he left for Liverpool in 2004.
Currently they’re suffering financial problems, work on the new stadium has halted and they’ve sold David Silva to us. They finished 3rd last season.
Oh, and Bert Trautmann lives in Valencia.

Well we picked up KK180 yesterday and delivered to the outlets – Aleef, corner of Cross Street and Market Street, and the Urbis shop. Managed to get all the subscriber and contributor copies in the post, and it will, of course, be on sale tonight at the game. Yippee!
It’s looking good, and a big thanks to all contributors.
Front cover shows the walk up Joe Mercer way to ‘the Beautiful City’ inspired by Dot and her mates in a similar situation going up the Yellow Brick Road in the Wizard Of Oz.
There’s the usual regulars plus World Cup stuff, Nicky Weaver Interview, review of the Trautmann Journey book, Points Of Blue, Colin’s season preview, tributes to two Alex’s and Chris Sievey, and loads more. It’s A4 48 pages, and now a pound cheaper than ManC the new spiffing City Mag (Nigel Gregory will be pleased to know!)
See you tonight,

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Just coming up for air after getting KK180 to the printers. Well I was well and truly duped after the 3-0 victory over Portland Timbers, thinking that we weren’t just going to piss about on this tour as we usually do. Just check Lescott out for Inter’s second goal! Close your player down you lazy sod!
Not duped as much as Alan Nixon in the manumirror who reckoned we’d not won a single game. Twat. So today we’re over at Dortmund, (Old joke - "They'll be dancin in the streets of Borussia tonight!) no doubt Neil will give us the lowdown before the week is out. So we look forward to that. Here’s a little taster from it’s A Fix :
We’re at the printers for the away match with Borussia Dortmund, the Borussians or Black ‘n yellows, who we’ve previously played in friendlies in 1956/57 1-4 a, 1967/68 h 4-0, a 1-2 in USA. They were formed in 1909 have won six titles, two Cups, Euro Cup Winners’ Cup in 1966 (first German club to win in Europe). They won the Euro Champions League in 1997 (wow is it that long ago since they knocked the rags out, and my celebratory BVB shorts still fit!) but have struggled financially somewhat in recent seasons despite having the highest average attendance in Europe 0f 77,510 in 2007/08. They’ve billed the game for the Ferrostaal Cup as an acid test or delicacy. They. like us, just missed out on the Champions league, finishing 5th, so we could be playing them in the Europa Cup too!
If it’s any consolation, we did a survey of pre-season friendlies in a recent KK, and how it affected our season. Conclusion was that it didn’t make any difference whether we did well or not. Anyone remember us beating Kilmarnock 4-0 that time then subsequently getting relegated to the third division?
Still, I always think we should go all out to win games. Let’s hope we start tonight.