Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tomorrow it’s the Europa Cup game and here’s the It’s A fix extract :
It’s the return match with Salzburg, after the comfortable 2-0 away win in September. Since then, in the group, they‘ve lost at home to Lech Poznan and have managed a commendable draw at Juventus. They’re bottom of the group with 2 points, and it surely must be a win for us, if Mancini doesn’t do owt daft.
It was a very friendly visit to the lovely city of Mozart’s birth and we should extend a similar Mancunian welcome to the Austrians. All eyes will be on the Lech Poznan result at home to Juve as a win for us and win or draw for Poznan would put us safely through to the knock out stages, with the game in Turin being a non event and we might even be able to gloat a bit.
Currently they’re third in their league with 29 points from 17 games, 5 points behind leaders SV Josko Ried, and 1 behind second place SK Sturm Graz, having strung 3 wins in a row together by beating bottom club Linz with two games to go to the winter break.
Our club are now selling tickets at £5 each owing to the low interest level. Not sure how this impacts on the previous £50 deal for the three home games. Anyone any thoughts?

This weekend

This weekend
Stoke was cold. Snow in the car park and pitch looking a bit frosty in places. I bid a thank you to my personal policemen minders standing behind me, must have thought the bully boy was lurking!
I went into the ground to the tune of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck booming out – why didn’t our club use it at City like I told em to? Pitch was frosty in parts and like other KK posters have said we were a shade lucky in the first half. Bliss at half time when I was able to sing along to Alice Cooper’s Poison, it was like a karaoke afternoon for me. Second half we were magnificent but Stoke fans booed our vintage football – “remember when we applauded Arsenal for playing like that at Maine Road in the 5-0 drubbing that time?” Ged’s men (Jason and Mick) said over a hot choccy at Keele services. Different class City fans.
We had it won at 1-0 and Chris Kamara on the Sunday show made me laugh when he said their goal wasn’t due to the long ball, as the screen showed their goalie booting it the full length of the pitch before Tuncay’s exquisite back heel! Did they deserve a draw? It’s how strongly you finish is my view, and on the second half showing we wuz robbed. “I wanna go home, Stoke is a sh*thole, I wanna go home”
At night we nipped out to watch London Boulevard at Belle Vue, only Sue and I in there. Main theme music was the Yardbird’s ‘Heart Full Of Soul’ I think. I remember my good pal Noel Bayley (before his apoplectic paranoia when I rightly became ‘fan on the board’ all those years ago, when he told me he didn’t want “anyone with a vested interest” to do it, not because of the pathetic line - he couldn’t support me “as I was vague about being FOB”!) giving me his spare LP copy which I thanked him for profusely. Noel’s been saying some naughty things on the Blue Moon fanzine forum recently regarding KOTK (and others) and refers to all KOTKers as cronies. I would never call any BTH (Noel’s excellent but defunct fanzine) people that. They, like us, are all good genuine passionate Blues, Worthy, Bibby, Steve R, Josh, Mike ‘n all.
Well done to Phill, Prestwich Blue, Dante and others for standing up to him on that forum this week, by the way.

LongsightM13, thought I was a stuck up tw*t when selling KK and disregarded his opinion, cos he was young. Well, that could have been the freezing day that we’d lost in the last minute and I had toothache and my piles were killing me. I can, however, assure him, if he reads this (doubtful), that whilst my 24 year old youngest son can’t change a lightbulb or pump up his car tyres, his cooking, computer and football knowledge are far superior to my own, and I value his opinions and those of others greatly. So there!

David Anderson in Monday’s MU Mirror said we would never be Champions because, unlike Chelsea or the rags (who never win at Fulham but no similar story last week) or Spurs we can’t win at Stoke. Well we may not be budding Champs yet but a top four finish is our aim this season. Bloody Spurs beat Liverpool in the last minute, though.
Oh and in detention I’ve written out inaccuracies one hundred times! Should have spotted that little red line underneath!
Jimmy Jewell (without wig) and Hilda Baker!!

Friday, 26 November 2010



It’s Stoke tomorrow. Can we build on last week’s success? How will Balotelli do if he comes on? Here’s the It’s A Fix extract :

Now into their third Prem season, last, and only trophy, League Cup in 1972, recent connections Carlo Nash, Glen Whelan, 83rd league meeting.
Tony Pulis has brought in Carlo Nash, Cuvelier, Jones, Walters, Diao for about £11M and released Griffin, Simonsen, Faye, Arismendi, Sonko, Wedderburn, Beattie, Dickinson, Marshall for bugger all to add to the existing squad of Sorensen, Faye, Shawcross, Huth, Delap, Wilson, Collins, Whelan, Pennant, Etherington
Last season at COMS in December it was a 2-0 City win in Mancini’s first game. Petrov (28) and Tevez (45) scoring in front of 47,325 with 2,844 Stokies. Then in the 5th round of the Cup it was a 1-1 draw SWP (11) and Fuller (57) equalising. Crowd was 28,019 including 3,295 Stokies.
Then, in February it was off to the Potteries for a 1-1 draw in the Prem. Whelan opened for them (72) and Barry equalised (85). They were down to ten men with Faye sent off but had a last minute goal disallowed for very little. Crowd was 26,778 with 2242 Blues. Vieira also got a retrospective ban
A couple of weeks later we managed to lose the 5th round of the Cup replay 3-1 aet. Kitson opened (79) with Bellamy equalising (81) Adebayor was sent packing then Shawcross (95) and Tuncay (99) finished us off for the 41st consecutive year, Crowd was 21,813 with 2,557 Blues. Both away games were night matches.
In Stoke, prior to last season's draw, and the previous season’s 1-0 defeat, we had the 1-0 win in 1998/99 and the 5-2 in 1997/98 end of season win, when we both went down to the old Division 3 in 1998.
After 14 games they’re in 8th place with 19 points and 4 wins1 draw and 2 losses at home. They had a big 3-0 win at WBA last week.
In the Carling Cup they lost 3-1 at West Ham in the 4th round.
This is another of those games we need to win and we should be able to match their physical approach this time then polish them off with our greater skill. The ‘Delilah boys’ make the atmosphere intimidating but so what. Joe coped well, better than Shay, with their long throws last time he played there so there shouldn’t be too much danger, ho ho. Balotelli should be back “to get sent off against Shawcross” (Neil Shaw says!) so we’ll pack more punch up front.

The Britannia Stadium Capacity : 28,218 (2,800 for City)

And don’t forget “Stoke, are a f*cking joke” and “there’s only one City, US”
They averaged 8,288 in 1985/86, and their current home average is 26,611

We’ll get half of the stand behind the goal for an estimated 2,800 Blues. Their zine is The Oatcake (buy it if you can)
Sat Nav : Mathews Way ST4 4EG, and there are plenty of car parks round and about, but eating and drinking places are scarce.
KOTK will be on sale, so time for a big thanks to all contributors, buyers, sellers, readers, friends and colleagues over the years for helping to make it the longest running, best selling City zine of all time!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

lasst few days

Last few days
It seems a long time ago now but Thursday evening was the grand opening of the new City store on Market Street. Plenty there from the club including Garry Cook who was a bit puzzled when I told him he was on the front cover of the latest KK. “You should get it in here, in this shop” he said. “I used to” I said “but the Directors made them stop stocking it when we were a bit critical” “we’ve gone past all that “ he said.
Well we don’t want to be compromised so I don’t think you’ll be seeing it in the shop, even if they were prepared to stock it.
Next day after my visit to the eye hospital we picked up the zines and dropped them off at Aleef and Urbis, then joined the queue outside the new store. In front of us was an Asian lad with a rag baseball cap on back to front. To our left was another Asian lad wearing a rag top. Very strange. “What’s going on?” said a mature looking woman from behind “It’s the opening of the new City store” we told her excitedly. “City” she said “ugh” and promptly fucked off in a huff. Rags eh! No wonder everyone hates them.

There’s been a thread on the BlueMoon website forum regarding fanzines recently with some good mentions for KK which I thank folk for. However, having gone out of my way a few years back to allow Noel Bayley to bury the hatchet I was very, very disappointed to read his posting on this subject. I won’t be posting on the forum as it will only exacerbate that situation from all those years ago, but I will go as far to say that I would have thought by now, especially as he’s a prospective Labour councillor that the lying would stop.
Other postings made me smile with their innacuracies, but particularly the one from the unnamed 64 year old who was going to “spark me” outside the ground. I’m pleased to say he got short shrift from other posters! Who’d be a fanzine editor eh?

On to the weekend. Chelsea and the Arse both lost, Spurs and Bolton catching up. Rags beat 9 man Wigan who should have had a penalty when Vidic did his usual stuff, so the top of the Prem is wide open. We went down to Fulham, enjoyed selling KK 183 outside the ground where everyone was very kind to us in a ‘spark free’ zone. I stepped out of the ‘limelight’ and we joined the ‘rank and file’ (in jokes from the BM forum) 'pompously' to take our seats in the ground. We were treated to an awesome performance, which finished off the weekend nicely. Coming back on the Fulham Palace Road we were behind ‘Helios’ the ‘Blue Moon Rising’ boys’ mini bus, now upgraded.

So Stoke are up next, and we’ll look at them, and us, later in the week, meanwhile keep those posts coming, I read every single one.


Monday, 22 November 2010

Neil Young

Just read on another blog posting that Neil Young has terminal cancer. Not sure if this is 100% accurate as there is nothing on the M(U)EN page. Very sad if it's true.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

extra bit!

As I said, we’re at the printers with KK183 and I was told that they’re shutting down for Christmas, so we’ve got a revised deadline date of Wednesday December 8th, just after Bolton and before West Ham. I look forward, as always to your brilliant contributions and thanks for keeping the blog going guys.

this week

This week

Birmingham. It was one of those games where the ball just wouldn’t go in. Not many Brummie fans there but they had a good time. I thought David Platt made a reasonable analysis in his after match assessment. Apparently Carlos asked to come off, so some of the Mancini abuse was unjustified. Sadly we’ve gone backwards since last season’s 5-1.
Last week fans were singing Mancini’s name, this week they booed him. Disappointing but understandable, though I hate to hear it. If we’d drawn at West Brom and beaten Brum would we have been happy, or happier?
Gunnar was in goal for the Faroes, Joe should’ve been in goal for England, and Shay was in goal for ROI. All lost.
England 1 France 2, Joleon, Barry, Milner, Micah, and AJ all appeared at some stage. What do you make of that?

Anyway, thanks to everyone for contributing to the latest issue of KK, number 183 – it’s at the printers now and should be out on Friday in the outlets of Urbis and Aleef, plus it should be on sale at Fulham and future games.
Front cover has Mancini saying “no need to panic” but with someone looking a bit like Garry Cook lurking ominously behind him saying “yet” (we were hoping to put Fergie on the front with a “is that noisy enough for you” caption but it didn’t happen!
There’s stuff on Big Mal, Turin revisited, the Derby, the Poznan experience, League Cup reflections, match previews and reviews, City and Spurs comparisons, Sierra Leone connection, and all the usual regulars. Subscribers should get their copies early next week.

Today’s manumirror article by Ollie Holt blamed England’s demise on one man – Gareth Barry – well he does play for Manchester City!

So we’ve got Fulham coming up. Here’s the it’s A Fix extract : GAME 14) SUNDAY NOVEMBER 21ST FULHAM (AWAY) KO 4PM
They’re in their 10th season in the Prem., have never won eff all, but were Europa Cup finalists last year, 51st. Lg meeting, recent connection Mark Hughes!
Woy Hodgson left in the summer for the comfort of Anfield and Hughes took over, bringing in Senderos, Greening, Dembele, Halliche, Saicedo, Valle, Kacaniklic, all for nothing, and out went Smalling, Omozusi, Nevland, Payne, Buchtmann, Brown, Callio, Teymourian, Konchesky, for £12m (for Smalling) to add to the existing squad of Schwarzer, Hughes, Hangelaand, Kelly, Davies, Johnson, Dempsey, Duff, Kamara, Pantsil, Etuhu, etc……
Last season at Coms in October we went 2-0 up through Lescott (54) and Petrov (60), then, naturally let them come back to draw 2-2 through Duff (62) and Dempsey (68). Crowd was 44,906, with only 595 Cottagers.
At Fulham in March we also went 2-0 up courtesy of Santa Cruz (07) and Tevez (36) before letting them back in it with a Murphy penalty (75) , and it could have got worse, but strangely didn’t. Crowd was 25,359 with only 1686 Blues officially, many baulking at the £49 ticket prices.
They’re currently in 16th place with 14 points from 13 games and 2 wins 3 draws and 1 loss at home.
In the Carling Cup they went out 2-0 at Stoke in the 3rd round
At Fulham, we’ve generally done OK. Last season’s win made it just the one defeat (2-1 in 05/06) in the last eight visits, all in the Prem.
No change to The Cottage in its pleasant setting, and there’s also plenty of pubs, bars and eating places to savour, round and about.
Again we get a good sized area in the temporary stand next to the neutral section – with its cute pillars, and squash coming out, but the street parking’s been cocked up and the £49 pricing will again put Blues off.

Craven Cottage Capacity : 22,000 (1800 for City)

No doubt it will be an intriguing game today and Hughes will be hoping to have a satisfied smirk on his face at full time. We mustn’t let him, and hope he can be gracious in defeat, as it’s now another must win game.
Crowds were down to an average of 4,057 in 90/91, and this season stand at 25,206
There’s Only one F in Fulham (very good), is the main away day zine.
Sat. Nav : SW6 6HH

As I said, we’re at the printers with KK183 and I was told that they’re shutting down for Christmas, so we’ve got a revised deadline date of Wednesday December 8th, just after Bolton and before West Ham. I look forward, as always to your brilliant contributions and thanks for keeping the blog going guys.

Saturday, 13 November 2010


IWell the derby was a disappointment with the 0-0 draw against a weakened united team, though anyone who believed the hype about them having a virus must be naïve. That club has had a f*cking virus since their formation. Hope it wasn’t catching. In the end though we were pleased not to concede a late goal, and we had taken 2 points off them. On BBC Radio Manc, David May was the rag summariser. He was once a Blue, but when asked how he could turn out for the rags said “haven’t you ever worked for an employer you hate?” Now though he’s definitely red. “Wouldn’t you have preferred to go all out for a win” he asked one Blue punter? What like at O/T last year when we lost 4-3 aet. Or when we were going for a win at COMS and lost in the last minute? Not really, No.
Naturally the rags have claimed it as a moral victory. No wonder everyone hates them.
This makes it an even bigger one today. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract : Game 13) SATURDAY NOVEMBER 13TH BIRMINGHAM (HOME) KO 3PM
Second season in the Prem (this time), last pot League Cup in 1963, 133rd Lg meeting, recent connection Joe Hart, famous fan Jasper Carrott.
Ally McLeish brought in Valles, Foster, Zigic, Derbyshire, Jiranic, Hleb, Beausejour for around £12M and let Lee Carsley and company go out on loans, releases, and frees. Squad also includes Johnson, Dann, Carr, Ferguson, Bowyer, Ridgewell, Larsson, Jerome, Taylor, Fahey etc….
Last season, at St Andrews in November it was a disappointing 0-0 draw, with Given saving a penalty, though it turned out to be a good point with the Brummies going on a decent run after that.
At COMS in April we won our third in a row, after the 3-0 over Wigan, and the 6-1 at Burnley, our manager continuing his negative ways with the 5-1 over the Brummies. Tevez opened it up, Onuoha notched two, and Adebayor bagged another brace, with Jerome getting Birmingham’s.
Crowd was 45,209 with 1193 Brummies
They’re currently in 17th place with 12 points from 12 games and 0 wins 3 draws and 3 defeats away from home.
In the Carling Cup, in the 5th rd. they’re at home to Villa.
At home to Birmingham, prior to last season, we’d won 6 out of the last 7, a 0-0 draw in 03/04 being their only point. You can’t see anything other than a City, (and there’s only one City), win. This is also a test for how far we’ve come since last year when we won 5-1. We’ve strengthened and they’re not doing so well. They’ve also got Foster in goal who gifted us one at Watford that time and also at O/T last season. Wew may even score a headed goal, surely Adebayor will be up front today? More of the same please City!
Their crowds averaged 7,030 in 1990/91 and are now 23,637.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

mid week derbies

The Maine Road mid weekers at City in 70/71 and 73/74 were both re-arranged fixtures

The 71/72 at O/T was also a re-arranged fixture.

Not sure about the Thursday 0-5 at O/t that may have been re-arranged to suit TV?

Just a note about KK 183,we've just about got all the regular features BUT we intend to do a page or two on the derby if it warrants it so if you wish to send a paragraph on an e mail tomorrow it will be gratefully received.


this week

This week
Michael Calvin in the Manumirror penned yet another disgusting article, this time comparing FC united with City. Why not compare them with the rags, surely more relevant?
West Brom’s programme had a good piece on City - then spoiled it with one saying that the Prem lg is predictable as Chelsea or united (who never spend big!!) will win the title but City are ruining the game.
Once again the tannoy bloke only announced West Bromwich Albion when the teams came out. There was a minutes silence before kick off, spoiled by one Blue shouting ‘Blue army’ and shushed by others, and referee Lee Probert made clear his intentions early doors, booking NDJ for nothing but disregarded the stick Albion were dishing out. In fact the foul on Tevez was surely worth a straight red rather than another yellow compared with Balotelli’s handbags at 6 paces. “The referee is the man of the match” sang Blues fans, and “Mancini, he comes from Italee……which pleased him.
Well we put in the kind of performance we expect from our talented team. Personally I managed to misplace my tickets so thanks to the club for sorting out duplicates. It was good to catch up with tales of Poznan, thanks to Halifax Steve for selling KOTK, and Big Bob who stayed in the same hotel as the team said there was no evidence of any unrest in the camp.
At the end of the game I was told I was to be “escorted off the premises” by a not so friendly steward for selling a couple of zines, something I ought to have gotten used to by now at grumpy old West Brom, these days. I always think it’ll change, and go back to those friendly late 80’s days, but never does. One day I might give them something to really escort me out for?
Walking round the ground with Reddish Blue Gary Millar someone shouted out “how did you go on last week at the Wolves” We pissed ourselves.
Anyway it was a good run there and back (in time for the superb Downton Abbey) on a fine winters day and suddenly we’ve set ourselves up nicely for the derby. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract/update : Prem Lg Game 12) WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 10TH UNITED (HOME) KO 8PM
First ever mid-week derby, apart from the cups and replays. What was everyone thinking of?
They’re ever present since promotion in 1975, last pot Carling Cup last season. Recent connection Carlos (Fergie, Fergie, sign him up) Tevez. 143rd lg meeting
Fergie’s brought in Smalling, Hernandez (hideaway), Bebe for around £27M the robbing bastards, and out went Foster,Tosic, Heaton, Gray, Diouf, Welbeck, James, King, Chester, Drinkwater, Cleverley, for £14M or on frees or on loan. Squad also includes : Van der Sar, Ferdinand, Vidic, Brown, Fletcher, Giggs, Evra, Rooney, Park, Berbatov, Neville, Nani, Scholes, Carrick, Kuszczak, Valencia, O’Shea, Obertan, Hargreaves (Fergie doesn’t make many mistakes, ha), Macheda, etc –
Last season at the Warehouse on a September Sunday it was a 4-3 loss, which we won’t dwell on too much as everyone knows what happened.
Crowd was 75,066 with 3,051 impeccables.
Then it was the first semi-final of the Carling Cup at COMS, City winning 2-1 (Note to Mr. Evra?) with 2 goals from Tevez, who else, after Giggs had opened for the rags. Crowd was 46,067 with 5,422 despicables.
At the Cesspit/swamp it was a 3-1 loss, again, we know how they did it. Missilegate cheats. Crowd was 74,576 with 8,944 impeccables.
At COMS in April, they sneaked a late win with a Scholes goal in the 93rd minute. Crowd was 47,019 with 2596 rags as they kidded themselves they had a chance of the title. Silly bastards.
After 11 games they’re 2nd in the table with 23 points and away from home they’ve won one and drawn 4.
In the Carling Cup they’ve beaten Wolves at home and are away at West Ham in the next round.
In the Chimps League they’re and ungentlemanly conduct to a new level this season with the ‘goal’ v Spurs. Big decisions still go their way and they continue to bore teams to death before scoring in injury time. No wonder everyone hates them. Fergie is still riled about the Tevez poster which still hits a raw nerve with him. Perhaps we should put one up with the derby quiz on it? Perhaps they shouldn't condone the banner at O/T. Perhaps they should just fuck off., small time small minded cheating scandalous club.
At home to the rags we’ve lost the last two, 1-0 but prior to that we’d had 4 wins and 2 losses. No draws since 1-1 in 1992/93.
They’re still troubled with the Glazers and the massive debt. Squadwise Rio’s back, so they might be a bit better (or worse) in defence, Berbatov is hitting form, Rooney’s in the USA, after holding them to ransom, and embarrassing Fergie in the recent scam, Valencia’s injured for most of the season, Nani is doing OK, sometimes, for a cheat with a tongue to rival Gene Simmons, Owen is injured and they’ve got the Peabrain, Bebe, Obertan and Macheda (I used to love Roo!) up front where required. We’re back in the groove after West Brom so we’ve a good chance if we’re not daft. What we need is a strong referee, and to WIN, WIN, WIN.
And don’t forget: Stretford may be red, but Manchester is BLUE, SKY BLUE. Oh yes!
Current songs include : Take me home Carrow Road, The city is ours….UNI-TED, that spells f*ckin debt to me…. 37 years and you weren’t there… The baby’s not yours…Adebayor, scores more than Berbatov …. Que, sera, sera, you’re heading for bankruptcy…
Their crowds were down to an average of 11,685 in 1930/31, now that is shite, current average is 75,165 - where have they all come from, Salford, Manchester? Doubt it.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

this week

This week
We went down 3-1 in Poland. Words fail, to be honest. In our last five games we’ve scraped lucky wins against Newcastle and Blackpool, lost against Arsenal, Wolves and Lech Poznan, but did manage a comfortable win at home to the Lechers, and the football and attitude has generally been poor overall.
Balotelli is not happy in Manc, and Tevez is reportedly being treated for depression.
So it’s backs against the wall for the trip to Albion tomorrow and we either sulk in silence or get right behind the lads in a last ditch effort to lift them to a pre-derby win.
Here’s the It’s A Fix update/extract :

The Baggies have had a season in exile in The Championship but have bounced back, boing, boing. Trophyless now since the F. A. Cup in 1968, recent connection Ish. Miller, 127th League meeting
Roberto Di Matteo (decent guy, popular name!) has spent £1.5M on Ibanez, Tamas, Reid, Odemwingle, Tchoyi, Fortune, Myhill, Shorey, Scharner, Dawson, whilst letting Greening (boo) and a few others go on loans or for free. Squad also includes Brunt, Carson, Keily, Morrison, and, of course Ishmael Miller etc.
Prior to the recent League Cup defeat, the last meetings were in 2008/09 season when at WBA in December we lost our third game on the trot 2-1, Moore opening for them, Caicedo/og levelling late on, and then the dosy sods slept as Bednar scored in the last minute (but we beat Hull the week after, 5-1!) Crowd was 25,010 with 1263 Blues. At COMS in the April it was sweet revenge with a 4-2 win, goals coming from Robinho, Onuoha, Elano penalty and Sturridge, whilst Brunt notched two for them. Crowd was 40,072 with 1769 Baggies.
After 10 games they’re in 6th spot with 15 points and 3 wins 2 draws and 0 defeats at home.
In the Carling Cup, having beaten us 2-1 they won at Leicester and face Ipswich in the quarter finals.
After a disastrous opening day at Chelsea, they’ve bee n doing really well, and a win would put them above us. Don’t let it happen City. In the week at Blackpool they were down to nine men and were unlucky to lose 2-1. We’ll have a real game on our hands today so it’s up to the manager and the players to be up for it, cos we, as fans, will do OUR job., if we see the effort going in. I don’t want to hear their fans chanting “you’re getting sacked in the morning”, again.

Our League form down there hasn’t been too good recently with a 2-1 win in 2002/03 followed by three losses, 1-2, 0-2, 1-2.
Ground is the same as on our last visit, plenty of local car parks and it’s dead handy to the M5 from the A41.
Past visits have been uncomfortable with over officious stewards, long queues at the few opened turnstiles, but all was fine at the recent Carling Cup game. City fans were still made to walk all round the ground to get back to the cars parked on the main stand side. Bit different from COMS, where away fans get priority.
Post code is : B71 4LF
Crowds were down to an average of 9,134 in 1986/87, this season they’re averaging 23,442

The Hawthorns : Capacity: 28,003 (1500? For City)

Paul Hince in the MUEN speculated that Mancini could soon be on his way, does he know something that others don’t? Any ideas on the next manager? Why didn’t we hang on to Hughes until Hiddinck was available? Could we finally get one who doesn’t do daft things, like the team he put out in the League Cup, and other selections, substitutions etc?
We’ll be putting the fanzine together in the next week so all contributions will be welcome. Deadline is Tuesday November the 9th.
Three wins in the next three games will change the picture completely. Anyone confident?

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Apparently, the bust up between Ade and Vinnie C shows how passionate City are, and how desperate we are to win. Not much sign of that otherwise at Wolves.

Tomorrow it’s Poznan away, here’s our thoughts : 10A) THURSDAY NOVEMBER 4TH LECH POZNAN (AWAY) KO 6pm showing on channel 5.
Well the home game was a lively encounter, here’s Steve Parish's review :
What japes! It was harder to know whether to watch the game or the Poznan fans, whose entertainment value (and ticket money) justified City’s decision to get in as many as they could from the ex-pat community here. The club wrote to everyone who’d bought a ticket for City areas and whose name ended in “ski” to ask if they wanted to move to the east upper tier, which was given over to Polish fans along with the usual South Stand block.
It’d be nice to recreate that sort of atmosphere in England, but – as son Tom pointed out – it was almost exclusively an adult male gathering. It didn’t stop them keeping quiet during the nice old-film tribute to Malcolm Allison put together just before the start.
After that, it was almost constant chanting, singing, jumping, a weird backs-to-the-pitch set piece and a mock mosh-pit battle that really baffled one steward.
Meanwhile on the pitch…. Tevez and others were rested, and Adebayor led the line. With Kolo Touré injured, Mancini gave the captaincy to Nigel De Jong, a real vote of confidence after the outpouring of bile by many who should have known better. City seemed to settle quickly, but Poznan’s draw at Juventus meant no-one was taking too much for granted, and they had a couple of early chances, so it was with some relief that after quarter of an hour Adebayor turned well onto a pass from Vieira to slot a great shot past the keeper.
The bloke next to me was taking notes on the game – perhaps the Sun’s banned journo? (one can only hope) – and he tried to argue with me over “interfering with play” in offside (why don’t journalists bother to learn the rules?) but I opted for just knowing I was right….
Silva was always looking for a decent pass, but it was with an old-fashioned cross from the left that he found Ade, for City’s first headed goal of the season, nicely nudged into the corner of the goal.
That did prompt a little flurry of not-so-nice activity in the away end, but it was a distinct minority, and by half-time everyone seemed back to wanting to enjoy the event. Selling KK around the second tier, it was obvious they’d missed a lot of Poles whose names didn’t end in “ski”… Just like old times with no segregation, and no real problem.
They had even more reason for enjoyment on the 50th minute (and an excuse to take their shirts off) when Peszko went down in the penalty area, and the City defence stopped, perhaps expecting a free-kick for a dive, leaving Tshibamba an easy chance which he put away.
Poznan did then peg City back a bit, but there were plenty of chances at the other end, and eventually Adebayor completed his hat-trick in the 73rd minute, with the silky Silva providing the final pass. Silva went off to a deserved standing ovation, and for once City fans enjoyed a fairly relaxed last few minutes.

Over in Poznan a few years ago for the Groclin game, we had happy memories of entertaining the locals in the town square, watching the movements of the figures in the clock tower, and eating, singing and drinking in the bars.
Hopefully it’ll be a similar situation - buses are laid on and taxis cost about £5 to take fans the 8 miles or so to the ground where full body searches will be carried out, prior to entry. There were some nasty encounters between fellow City fans at Groclin so we don't want any repeat of that either.
Hard to estimate how many travelling Blues there’ll be, but there’s plenty going by all sorts of different routes, and full reports are expected from Neil and co for the next KK. Good luck to also to Halifax Steve who has taken over a few KK’s to sell.

This season so far they’re in 14th spot and have just beaten Wisla Krakow 4-1 . They now play in Stadion Lecha, capacity 45,000 after the move from the Stadion Miejski with its strange floodlights. It’s a modern ground but with reputed poor away viewing and after their performance at COMS you’d expect a lively night in the stands from the home fans.

We need a result to wipe out the memories of our last two games v Arsenal and Wolves and to set us up for West Brom and the rags, and to show that we really do mean business…..and save Mancini’s job…..?


Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Today in Gary Owen’s tedious MUEN column he tells us that he couldn’t understand Mancini’s substitutions at Wolves but reckoned he was a tactical genius when he brought on Silva at Blackpool and Johnson v Newcastle. Oh yeah, the fans were screaming out for those substitutions and we scraped a win in both. Any views....?

Monday, 1 November 2010


David Lacey in the Guardian confirmed the early sixties headline/banner in the Pink ‘un “Reds in 10 goal thriller” after a 7-3 loss at Newcastle. See, I wasn’t foolin’ in the Manchester derby Compendium! (and I’ve thought of a few more now!)
Wolves then, we were looking for our third successive win on the road, and to bounce back after the Arsenal defeat. The stats told us that we’d been caught offside 31 times so far, most in the Prem along with Blackpool; that we hadn’t yet scored a headed goal and that Wolves hadn’t won since the opening game of the season. Step forward then the Manchester City Benevolent Society. First twenty we did well going 1-0 up then that was it. Mancini didn’t make changes until too late again, and made the wrong choices. Balatelli looks like a bigger sulk than Anelka, and Kompany and Ade were arguing with each other on the pitch. The bloke behind us who wanted Hughes out this time last year, now want Mancuni out! When we appoint a new manager I usually say how long before he comes out with “that’s the worst performance of any team I’ve ever played in or managed” Today was that day.
In Sunday’s NOTW Neil Ashton had City’s wheels coming off and advised that Milner and Ya-Ya had a bust up at half time last week, then Ya-Ya (on a ludicrous £220K per week, Johnson on £25K) went home without watching the rest of the match to ‘beat the traffic’. Additionally we’ve got the supposed booze culture back again, and King Carlos is obviously not happy. And neither am I.
To top it all off I picked up the MUEN on the way home and the back page had Vieira interviewed by Richard Dawson saying “it’s the most important derby in its 128 year history” followed by another load of tripe. This was written with City having three games to play before the derby, all likely to go pear shaped. How can our club allow such drivel to be printed?

Over at the Swamp the rags were engaged in a spot of cheating that only they could ever manage. Lots on the blog on this one but here’s my two penneth. Nani, the biggest cheat since Ronaldo, went down in the box then tried to pick up the ball. Clattenburke it’s true, didn’t whistle but didn’t indicate ‘play on’ and I thought that advantage is played but if it doesn’t become an advantage the referee can award a free kick? Why was Ferdinand allowed to harangue the referee? Still we were shown lots of re-runs of the Spurs goal that went a yard over the line and wasn’t given. During the week Bebe had one which didn’t cross the line and WAS given! No wonder everyone hates them.

Finally - check out Joey Barton's form at Newcastle, enthusiastic and committed? Just a teaser!