Thursday, 25 August 2011

This week

This week
Bolton was interesting to say the least. We had a day in South Wales for grandson Isaac’s first birthday, and I was blackmailed by inadvertently drinking out of son-in-law’s Everton supporter’s mug. It was caught on camera! In defence though I was almost feeling a bit sorry for him after their home defeat to QPR. Good run back up, didn’t see any Blues and it was straight over to breezy Bolton for the top of the table clash with the Trotters. (Potters v Trotters in the F A Cup semi last season!)
Standing on my pitch I watched an entertaining group of drummers pass by with a risqué scantily clad lady gyrating riskily at the front. “I felt her arse” said one young Blue, inevitably I suppose. He wasn’t arrested. Spotted Tommy Booth in the exec bit behind us and eventually the “he’s here, he’s there” chant was boomed out.
We were in row Z but never touched the ball. You’d’ve thought we might at Bolton!
Good win for the boys and Bolton were fairly happy with a battling 3-2 defeat. “With a ref like that, Davies looks like a good player” we overheard some Bolton fans say! Honest!
Saw a Blue get manhandled and cuffed after the game by the Bolton over zealous Bobby’s. Completely over the top. Anyone else see it? Let us know.
Carling Cup time and Sunderland, QPR and Norwich crashed out. Draw’s on Saturday I hear.
Today’s Champs (not Chumps now!) League draw paired us with Bayern Munich (3-3 draw there in a friendly in 1953/54), Aston (!) Villareal we’ve never played, and Napoli (1-2 loss there in a friendly in 1978/79) . Could have been worse. Dates awaited before frantic bookings.
Plodding on with the editing of the Us and Them book and deadline for next zine is next Tuesday so trying to get finished before then. Stuff coming in already for KK 190 I’m pleased to say so please get cracking.
Sammy Nasri's joined us from the Arse which looks good.

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  1. We got the toughest group of the English teams. I'm kinda like Frank Gallagher and not worked in ages so sadly won't be going to the away games, they're already biggin' up that Napoli one with the Maradona Aguero family connection. Least I steward at ours so can't wait for those. As for Davies he was never off his arse and got a decision every time.