Monday, 29 August 2011


Aw Fergie thinks that the FA have got it in for them by punishing every misdemeanour that the rags commit!
According to the press, no player has ever joined a bigger club for more money in the history of the game, except when they sign for City.
Isn’t it time that some of these hacks started to earn their money by doing sensible articles?
Spurs - Watched this one in the pub in Westhoughton with stalwarts Joe and Dolly and a few Blues plus the obligatory rag and a couple of Bolton fans. A couple of early scares for us then in went the first. “Lucky” said the rag. So we greeted the next four goals with “another lucky one, you’re just a bunch of mercenaries, only here for the money, you can’t buy success, a group of individuals not a team, boring, boring City, no history type stuff” Very adult, but satisfying!
I’ve missed two City games at Spurs in the last 30 years or so. Today’s, and the 4-3 Cup win! Bugger. All those other times I’ve had Spurs fans in my face, win or lose (mainly) whilst selling the zine. “Will you ever beat the Spurs” was one particular chant. Well this win makes up for all those losses, so well done to the boys, for a fantastic performance.
Today’s manumirror was true to type. Apparently the rags, who could only manage a 3-0 HOME win over Spurs upstaged our 5-1 away win.
Ollie Holt had us down as rivalling the rags for the first time since the 60’s, another of the usual ‘no history’ type calculated errors.
Check out the seventies Ollie – City League Cup winners twice, runners up once, Euro Cup Winners’ Cup winners once, runners up in the league in 1977. Rags FA Cup winners in 1977, humiliated in 1976 and 1979. City 7 lg wins to rags 6.
Pride of place goes to David McDonnell who replaces Michael Calvin as rag c*nt and arselicker of the season so far. As John Burfield more or less said in KK 189 – the rags can’t win, or lose, anything with grace, style and dignity, it always has to be accompanied with a sneer, dig, swipe and a snarl :
Anything you can do, we can do better. Blah, blah, blah then a totally unnecessary and incorrect swipe: When City ended their 35 year wait for a trophy with victory in last season’s F A Cup United upstaged them by claiming a record 19th title the same day (he didn’t mention by a dodgy penalty) It was in fact City who upstaged them by winning the Cup AFTER the rags win at Blackburn and the City parade far upstaged that of the rags damp squib. We won’t even mention Barcelona. Still, it's what Fergie wants rags fans to read.
No wonder everyone hates them.

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