Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Chelsea - gave this one a miss – doing the fanzine, tickets too expensive, difficult to park, live on telly etc etc.
Guess you all saw it – early goal, tearing them apart, penalty not given, chances scorned, Chelsea gradually got back into it, cross to Sturridge not cut out, cross from Sturridge not cut out 1-1. Silly little fouls given away, Ya Ya not punished, crying out for changes, Clichy sent off, penalty for ball to hand, lost 2-1, Cole gloating in the tunnel after the game.
A few years ago they were beating us 6-0 and now they were relieved to hear the final whistle. So only two points clear at the top. A year or so ago you’d think the wheels might be falling off, but now we think we’ll bounce back quickly. Don’t we?
Bring on Arsenal.
Anyway I’m pleased to say that issue 193 is at the printers. Every new issue I wonder what everyone’s gonna find to say in the next one, and all the contributors inevitably come up trumps, which they’ve done yet again this time.
It’s A4 48 pages with a colour front and back cover showing what a wonderful year 2011 has been for us.
This issue includes stuff on the record debt and FFP, 92/83 season review, late goals, Gary Speed, Napoli, Max Woosnam story, tributes to Blues Dot Hill and Colin Brinkley RIP, Us and Them book advert, 35 year book advert (bigger than Us and Them advert, how magnanimous is that!) and all the usual magnificent regulars – Ged, Burf., Neil, Gene, Uncle Ryan, Shell, Paul, Tony, David, Sean, Bryan, Tom, Richard, Simon etc…
It sells at just £2.50 (unbeatable value) is on sale at Aleef (corner of Cross Street and Market Street from Friday afternoon, and can also be purchased for £3.50 (inc P & P) from King Of The Kippax, 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL.
Tomorrow I’m off to Media City to chat to a group of BBC people on credibility, so knees are quaking already – how credible is that?
As for the Us and Them book it’s going into Waterstones Stockport tomorrow afternoon all being well, otherwise you can send off to KOTK with a cheque for £18 inc P and P


  1. Almost thought Clattenburg was on the road to being a decent ref after the O.T. game.
    Guess not after that performance.
    Will it ever change???
    That result is Chelsea's season. Totally!


  2. Now here's a funny thing from OPTA Stata

    Since the Premier League started in 1992 United have played 190 more games than City, due to our five seasons in the lower leagues.
    However City have now suffered more Red Cards.

    Pretty incredible since City have twice qualified for Europe via the Fair Play League.
    It probably says more about United's dubious ability to avoid dismissals than any dirty play on our part. In fact I wouldn't be that surprised if SWP had received more Red Cards than Paul Scoles or Roy Keane.

  3. Also, according to OPTA, City are the only Premier League team who haven't benefitted this season from a contested decision.
    Ironically, this stat appeared before the Chelsea game.