Monday, 31 January 2011

Tied in Notts

Another decent drive for the 2nd of our three aways in a row. Not a decent team selection – no Nige, Silva, Vinny, Tevez, and Jo included to put out a ten man team. Surprised to find we weren’t in the stand behind the goal – another club who’ve realised it’s not a good idea to give the away fans the stand of their more vocal support!
Thought we were comfortable generally but second half we let them get into it with Hughes always the danger. Goal came from a corner and it looked like another of those City days but a determined Silva came on, Micah sped down the wing, crossed, and Dzeko got his first to shut the bloke up behind us calling him Rocky! 1-1 then and once again you have to question the ‘weakened team syndrome’ when we now have to slot in a further game to knacker us up. OK the team put out should have been good enough but it’s always a risk. Bad news is that Adam Johnson’s out for the rest of the season.

Cultural week for us with the superb play ‘Call Mr Robeson’ at the Lowry, what a story that is, and The Cult at the Academy on Sunday night, Billy Duffy and Bro David doing me and especially grandson Joe proud (but they didn't do 'Edie' my favourite track!)
Next up it’s Brum, here’s the early it’s A Fix extract (done before the transfer deadline):


Premiership yo-yo team, now into their second term this time. Their last pot was the League Cup in 1963. Most recent connection was Joe Hart and this is the 132nd league meeting.

This season so far they’re currently in 17th place with 23 points from 22 games and 3 wins 6 draws and 2 losses at home.
Ally McLeish’s men are finding it tough in the Prem., and it’s tight at the bottom.
However they’ve added David Bentley to the squad, reached the Carling Cup final, coming back from 2 goals down and have just beaten Coventry at home in the F. A. Cup 4th round, coming back from 2 goals down again!
In November it was, of course, that boring 0-0 draw at COMS , but it was up to us to break ‘em down which we couldn’t manage. Crowd was 44,321 with 1065 Brummies.

At Birmingham last season in November it was a 0-0, draw, Shay Given saving a penalty. Crowd was 21,462 with 2298 City (There’s only one City!)
Only 2 wins (4-1 in 77/78, 2-1 in 78/79) in the 25 league post war visits, then 4 wins out of 6 pre Prem. but only 2 wins out of 6 Prem visits. This is another tough ask, but we should be capable of winning it.

Groundwise, no changes since our last visit, tho’ they want to up the capacity to 50,000 – stop sniggering!. We’ll be in the right half of the latest stand they’ve built, behind the goal at the railway end, now named after Gil Merrick, where it rains in through the gap. I like the songs they play pre-kick off – Mr Blue etc, They’ll be singing ‘Keep right on..’, just like Dave Ewing did to them at Wembley in ’56, but we can also outdo ‘em with ‘Blue Moon’ Keep your wits about you too.
Tickets are nicely priced at £24.

Wind ups are “Town full of Villa” “If you can’t talk proper….”
Crowds were down to 7,030 in 90/91, and their current average is 25,008
Away Day Zines: Not sure about Wake Up Blue, Blue News, The Penguin, The Small Heathen, but we usually see The Zulu on sale by a very courteous gentleman, though I’ve just been told that they’ve now finished!,.
Pubs: None recommended near the ground, but there is a handy McDonalds!
Parking: Car parks near the ground or on the street. Be careful out there, trouble reported at the West ham and Coventry games.

St. Andrews Capacity : 30,000 (3,000 for City)

Saturday, 29 January 2011


Nat Lofthouse has gone, oh how we enjoyed his goals in the 1958 Cup final. Don’t feel sorry for Harry Gregg – he was known as the fouling goalkeeper and once disgraced himself with Blackburn’s finest - Bryan Douglas. We sent a sympathy card to Nat’s family on behalf of KOTK.

Andy Gray and Richard Keys, who once referred to your Ed, dressed as the Blue Santa at Blackburn as a gentleman, have both resigned! Cheers Tony for the ‘Employee of the Month’ pic/caption. Quality. The ludicrous James Robson, in the muen, suggests Gary Neville should take Gray’s place – why not go the whole hog, get Neville to take up refereeing and get him to ref EVERY united game. No wonder everyone hates them.

Tomorrow we’re off to Notts. As they like to be known here’s the it’s a fix extract/update :

We did scrape past Leicester to give us the visit to Meadow Lane.

They were promoted last season to League One after all sorts of shenanigans behind the scenes with Sven as manager briefly and Kasper in nets. This season so far in League One they’re in 18th place with 31 points from 24 games and 7 wins 0 draws and 5 losses at home.
In the Carling Cup they went out at Wolves 4-2 aet in the 2nd rd. In the F.A Cup so far they’ve beaten Gateshead 2-0, and Bournemouth 3-1 at home then shocked everyone with a 2-1 win at Sunderland before a crowd of 17,582 in the third round, Westcarr and Hughes doing the damage. So Ince and Bob lock horns again in what should be an interesting encounter – provided we win, which we should.

Ignoring the official website’s stat attack, some of which is a load of old bollocks, here’s the facts : In the F.A Cup our first meeting was in 1962, 3rd round with a 1-0 win (N. Young in front of 25,015 – it would have been one more but my mum wouldn’t let me go as I had flu!) Then it was 1991 the 1-0 loss in the 5th round when we hit the post umpteen times and let them score a late breakaway goal. Unbelievably that was 20 years ago. We met again in 1995 3rd rd drawing 2-2 at Notts and winning the replay 5-2. Sweet revenge.
Our last visit though was on the fateful 11th September 2001, the day of the World Trade Centre attacks, City winning 4-2 after extra time (it wasn’t a replay as per the OWSA!), a game of subdued atmosphere which shouldn’t have been played at all.
Meadow Lane, Capacity : 20,300 (4,700? for City)
Groundwise, it’s been neatly redeveloped. Their highest crowd this season was 11,355 at home to Sheffield Wednesday. We get the big stand behind the goal with room for over 4,000, which is sold out but I’ve got a spare if anyone needs one.
Sat Nav : NG2 3HJ

Thursday, 27 January 2011


Congratulations to Andy Gray and Richard Keys on being joint winners of the Sky TV employee of the Month Award for January.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


PS I’ve just read Mathieson’s report on the rags at Blackpool in the muen and the non –penalty is not even mentioned. No wonder……


Good to see Wayne Bridge cross for what should have been the ‘ammers winner at Everton at the weekend. West Ham player sent off for what Vidic did previously at Villa, who wasn’t sent off. Now on to last night and can anyone tell me why Peter Walton didn’t give Blackpool a penalty at 2-0? We need more female referees. That Nicole lady did OK at Streymur. I suggest that Posh Spice takes up refereeing, cos she’d give Fergie nowt. I keep saying it can’t go on but there’s no stopping it. No wonder everyone hates them.
On to Adebayor going to Real Madrid. Good enough for them but not City. We don't really know what's gone on, but is that a Mancini flaw he's frozen him out or is it tough management? I really can't see how Jo is preferred to Ade and if we're not careful we're going to be left light up front. Not to mention the money down the drain, OK we can afford it but it still rankles.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Villa and a clear run down the M6 for a change in the Tom-mobile. Parked up the other side of the park in a cul de sac with a dodgy looking Asian (can I say that?) bloke hovering about offering to ‘mind the car.’ Cop van arrived and he moved back to his house. “what did he want” they asked, then went and had a word. 5.30pm kick off made it a gloomy selling time outside the ground. Nigel Gregory wants us to stop doing the zine as he’s a collector of all things City and thinks it’s too expensive (at 50p less than the programme and £1 less than the City mag where you can read a review on rag fan Shaun Ryder’s cd amongst other things if you like!)
What do you think. Should we drop it to £2 and go bust?
What a let down was Villa. Probably the easiest of our fixtures this month. OK we did everything but score and naturally gifted their new signing a goal. Darren Bent, often scores against us so why didn’t we sign him from Spurs? Typical City, game much debated on this blog. We’re now looking over our shoulders again, and whilst the title was always fanciful, too many question marks over too many of our players, I think we’re going to have to pull our socks up and speed things up to achieve 4th place even.
Superbly produced programme by the way.
What about Andy Gray and Richard Keys then? Ooops, political correctness gone mad or prehistoric views, as that pillar of society drug test dodger Rio Ferdinand reckons?
Roll on Sunday.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sh*t On The Villa

Tomorrow it’s Villa away, here’s the It’s A fix preview :

GAME : 23) SATURDAY JANUARY 22ND VILLA (AWAY) KO 3PM in programme, 5.30PM on the net!!

Premiership regulars, whose last pot was the League Cup in 1996. Most recent connections are Richard Dunne, Stephen Ireland, Gareth Barry, James Milner, and this is the 144th League meeting.

This season so far, they’re currently in 17th place with 22 points from 22 games and 4 wins 4 draws and 3 losses at home.
Tough times for Gerrard Houllier and his Villa boys who’ve dropped into the lower regions of the Prem. We’ve only recently played them, winning comfortably 4-0 at COMS in December, with Mario’s hat-trick and Lescott’s header. Crowd was 46,716 with 2033 Villans.
They went out of The Europa Cup to Rapid Vienna again, lost at Birmingham in the Carling Cup, but in the F. A. Cup 3rd round they won 3-1 at Sheffield United, no balloons there! In the 4th round they’re at home to Blackburn.

At Villa, last season on an October Monday night, it was a 1-1 draw with Dunney (15), inevitably, scoring from a header for Villa. City equalised through Bellers (67).
Crowd was 37,924 with 2,874 City.
In the thirteen Prem. meetings there we’ve won 4 drawn 6 lost 3. It’s a ground where we often do well and holds happy semi-final memories from the distant past. Gareth Barry and James Milner will probably get booed, Dunney will be cheered, and Ireland probably won’t feature at his new happy home. We’ll expect a result, bur as ever it won’t be easy, as they’ll be fighting for their lives, have a stronger squad, and they’re fired up with the debut of Bent.
Wind ups, well you can’t beat the old “Shit on the Villa”
Their crowds averaged 15,237 in 85/86, and current home average attendance is 37, 163.
Groundwise, no change to Villa Park, we’ll be down the side in the Doug Ellis stand again.
Tickets are up to £41, pretty steep.
It’s the West Midlands police plus often over efficious stewards, so be careful out there..

Villa Park : Capacity : 42,602 (3,000 for City)

Away day Zines ; Heroes and Villains, who we swap with, and have been going as long as KOTK.
Post Code : B6 6HE. Parking on industrial premises off A4040 Aston Lane (or on side streets) to North West of ground, then return via A38 to M6 jn 7
Pubs : The Yew Tree, The Cap and Gown on Witton island, The Harriers on Broadway, Barton Arms, High Street Aston.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Leicester and stuff

Leicester, as I said, no zines to sell so a night off from freezing our nuts off but a bit boring to be honest, sorry to anyone looking out for us!
Fine tributes to Neil Young before the game, wonder how those Leicester fans felt having their noses rubbed in it with the cup final coverage, but who cares. Galling as usual to see our most vociferous fans displaced in the south stand which was completely given over to the away fans. Big disadvantage for us I’m afraid, but disappointing that we only managed 27,000. “I couldn’t be arsed said the boy”
Decent team put out by Roberto, but once again we got the jitters after the penalty miss and the Foxes pulling a goal back until Kolarov made it safe. “Leicester did us proud” sang the Leicester fans in Mary D’s car park, so they were happy and so were we. When was the last time we lost a home replay?

KK 185 went to the printers and we’ve just picked it up and dropped it off at Aleef, corner of Cross Street and Market Street, who now owe us for 4 issues! (bumped into Tangled Up In Blue’s Missus, Dolores there which was nice!) Urbis are closing soon so none left there for the time being. Needless to say we sold out on the street but the outlets had about a dozen left so if you’re short of KK 184 we’ve a few left.
And what’s in this one? Front cover has City fans doing the Poznan. We’ve all the usual features such as Scream In Blue, HWIFYou, It’s A Fix, Ged, The Burf, Bunbury, Hockin, Savage Attack, Uncle Ryan, David Mooney’s Quiz of the Year, Worthy’s book review, Desert Dispatch, part 2 of TP’s 91/92 season and Tony also has a topical neighbourly article in there. David Concannon concludes his Manager Merry Go Round feature, Bryan Duffy reflects on his early City supporting days, Richard Burns on Mancini’s year and Raymond Ashton gives another view on Malcolm Allison from the inside virtually. There’s also the Neil Young Appeal, and some odds and sods. One or two articles have been held over til next time and one or two missed the deadline I’m afraid to say, but might keep.
So there you go, another bumper issue for only £2.50 you lucky Blues and thanks, as always, to all contributors.
Tonight’s MUEN had a piece by James Mossop referring, after Balotelli’s blast at Rooney and company, to “City’s expensively assembled squad” then states that united’s next generation will be all conquering, naming Nani, Anderson, and Rafael, but omitting Rooney and Berbatov, - all who cost absolutely nothing of course.
Why are these rag journos allowed to write this drivel and no wonder everyone hates them.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

cup fever again

Pleased to say that the zine's at the printers so here's hoping we get through tonight so we'll have some games to sell it at. It 's a big Neil Young tribute night and I'm pleased to say that my 1969 shirt (XXL) still fits, probably cos I've only had it a couple of years!
No zines left of number 184 so we won't be in our usual places. First time, certainly at Eastlands that we've had no zines to sell at a home game, but we've loads left of number 183!
Understand that Shay's in nets tonight - not sure about that as Leicester murdered us in the air the other week - and it's not his strong point. Looking forward to the game, practising me Poznan, c'mon you Blues. Last time we lost a replay to Leicester we went on to win the league against all the odds, but like I say, let's go for it - Wembley here we come.

Sunday, 16 January 2011


Wolves, another dull, dreary, drizzly Manc. day. Luckily only a few KK’s left so we could actually sell up and go in early to take in the pre match entertainment which included, The Cult’s ‘She Sells Sanctuary’ just like at Leicester. They’re on at The Academy on January 30th. Be there. Nice mention from Gary James in the programme for the Century City book which has now sold out unless you can spot any in the few bookshops who stocked it!
I’m told there was a Wolfburg fan present telling us all about Edin Dzeko. Hm, a dosy start for the Blues and one down early doors before we turned it on, going 4-1 up doing the goal difference no harm at all until Lescott did his Dunney impression to let them back in the game. We hung on, however, to go top of the league, and Dzeko had a decent debut, plus ‘The Poznan’ was great. Elsewhere Bridge had a mare at West Ham and RSC turned out for Blackburn at Chelsea, as sub, without distinction. I turned Sunday Supplement on at the usual 9.30 am and it had started at bloody 9, so thanks for your comments, I hear they're warming to City!
Interesting games today, all draws so we’re keeping nicely in front of the chasing pack for top four. Rags finally had a player sent off – Rafael, so I’ll check if anyone got it right in the KK Komp but I don’t think so.
We’re still slaving away on KK 185, and hope to get it to the printers on Tuesday, and it’s looking good. Thanks again,

Saturday, 15 January 2011


PS _ We are, of course putting together KK 185 and thanks to everyone for sending in their contributions on time. The fixtures, though have conspired against us- we could have had it on the streets by Wednesday but the replay game with Leicester is on the Tuesday night so it looks like we’ll be out at Villa, one of a load of away games in the next month – Bham, united, Aris, F.A.Cup 5th round possibly.


Leicester, another cold day. They played The Cult’s classic ‘She Sells Sanctuary’ before kick off, and the big City contingent chanted both Sven and Bob’s name. Good to see a full house too, some of the other attendances were pretty poor. Despite all the crap about tearing down that banner, doing it for Neil etc we didn’t play our strongest team, with Vinny, Adam and Ya Ya missing. Ok it should still have been good enough, but bluddy hell. Great Poznan show for Neil too. I was annoyed that at kick off we just gave the ball away resulting in their early goal. Doh. It was a lively Leicester performance and in the end we were happy with a draw. Will de Jong EVER score? Will we ever get a decent pair of full backs? Though at least Bridge has been shipped out. So there you go, we rest players and finish up with an extra game to play to knacker them even more. It wasn’t a good time for goalies either with Joe going dosy then Foster doing that at West Ham, betcha Green and Fulop had wry smiles. Manu mirror dreamt up a de Jong stamp on a Leicester player’s wrist, not noticed by anyone. Limp reporting.
Today’s MUM highlighted the old photo of Toure and Ade having a training ground scrap. So what, so fucking well bastard what?
Tomorrow it’s Wolves, here’s the It ‘s a Fix extract/update : GAME 23) SATURDAY JANUARY 15TH : WOLVES (HOME) KO 3PM

Second season this time in the Prem, most recent connections are Keith Curle, Mark Kennedy, Joleon Lescott. Last pot was the Lg Cup in 1980. 108th Lg meeting

Mick McCarthy’s squad includes : Hahnemann, Stearman, Berra, Foley, Henry, Mancienne, Milljas, Edwards, Doyle, Danger man Jarvis, Hennessy, Hunt, Fletcher, Jones, Bent, Doyle, Craddock….

This season at Molineux it was a 2-1 loss, City opening through Adebayor (23p), with Wolves equalising through Milljas (30) and going ahead through Edwards (57) Crowd was 25,971 with 2505 Blues, in a massively disappointing performance, with strange substitutions.
Currently they’re in 17th place with 21 points from 21 games and 1 win (Liverpool) 1 draw and 8 losses away from home.
In the Carling Cup they were narrowly beaten at the swamp in the 3rd rd.
In the F. A. Cup they drew 2-2 at Doncaster in the 3rd rd. and if they win, face Stoke or Cardiff at home in the 4th

At home to Wolves, last season we managed an unconvincing 1-0 win early doors in August before 47, 287 with 2809 Wolves, just after we’d beaten Barcelona 1-0 at the Nou Camp.
Season’s 2001/02 1-0 reversed their three 1-0 wins against us at M/Rd. In 03/04 it was a 3-3 draw as they headed for the drop. 47,248, (2,907 Wolves)

“We’ll get the double over yow this season” they told us after their win at Molineux. On the local radio we got all that crap about big hearts being better than multi-million pound buys. They then went on an appalling run of games, with a bit of bad luck to be fair, whilst we never (quite) looked back. They’ve picked up recently beating Liverpool and Chelsea, and whilst we usually find them difficult opponents, nothing less than a thumping good win will do, and a great debut for Dzeko, Dzeko, iko iko Iyea….c’mon you Blues

Wind ups are Wanky, wanky wanky wanky Wanderers, Going down, going down, going down, small town in Walsall, You’re not famous anymore,
Crowds averaged 4,020 in 1985/86, so don't let them get away with "where were you....." and now stand at 27,201.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cup fever

Arsenal and what a great result considering we were without Silva, Balotelli and Jo made it a ten man team.
So, after 2-0 at WBA, 4-1 at Fulham, a late equaliser by Stoke for 1-1, 3-1 at West Ham, 3-1 at Newcastle, we were happy to settle for a 0-0. How often have City set out for a draw and lost?
A good night too with Spurs and Chelsea losing. 3rd place don’t look impossible if we keep up the good work with just the one loss against last term’s top four.
Good to see that City won the Zab appeal, makes a change.
Manumirror couldn’t rustle up a ‘no spirit’ story so had to settle for a ‘Dzeko didn’t want to come to City’ one. He wanted to go to the once mighty Juventus apparently, who lost at home 4-1.
Popped into the City store to pick up the black’n’red scarves, a great idea, and it was well meant for the Neil Young appeal but it was shoddily carried out. Cash had to be crammed into a couple of buckets, most unsatisfactory and surely open to abuse. Surely it should’ve been a minimum fiver donation? (don't call me surely!)
Today’s MUM was quite complimentary in the form of Brian Reade and even the Sky pundits weren’t too scathing.
Some shocks today in the cup (plus Hodgson’s out at Anfield). Leeds nearly pulled it off at (great at home!) Arse, but the draw clogs up their fixture list. Sunderland are out also Blackpool, WBA and Newcastle. Unbelievable.
Tomorrow we go to Leicester. Here’s the It’s A fix update :

GAME 22A) SUNDAY JANUARY 9TH : LEICESTER (AWAY) F.A.CUP 3: KO 4PM Red’ n black day with respect to NEIL YOUNG

Well, well who’d have thought it? Serge Pizzorno of Kasabian drew out Leicester and Noel G. drew out City, for their dream tie, lovely.

Since we last met in season 2003/04 they’ve slipped down to League One (2008) and back (2009) finishing 5th in the Championship last season. Last pot was the Lg cup in 2000, and latest connections are Roberto, Paul Dickov, Sven and Darius Vassell.
Mandaric has departed as chairman, and the club is now owned by a Thai group AFI (there’s a novelty!) Sven took over in October 2010

Sven’s squad includes : Weale, Naughton, (City loanee Greg Cunningham’s just broken his leg, get well soon son), Davies, Hobbs, King, Oakley, Wellens, Abe, Gallagher, Vassell, Waghorn, Bendner, Howard, Logan, Morrison, Vitor, Dyer

This season so far they’re in 12th place in the Championship with 35 points from 26 games, having strung together some impressive results. They went out of the Carling Cup 4-1 at home in the 4th round to West Brom. (should’ve been us)

At Leicester in the last three in the Prem, we’ve won 2 and drawn 1, including our last visit in 03/04 a 1-1 draw. We also played them in the F.A. Cup 3rd round, drawing 2-2 at COMS, winning the replay 3-1 at the Walkers crisp bowl – Sibierski (12), Anelka (89) and Macken (90), with Sir Les scoring for them in the 73rd. 18,916 (1896 City).
More of the same please.

First meeting in the Cup was in 1920 nothing then until the late 60’s when we met seven times plus a final, and twice in the League Cup.

In the F.A. Cup, meetings in 8 rounds, plus a Final :
1920 2nd rd 0-3 away
1966 5th rd 2-2 home, replay 1-0 away
1967 3rd rd 2-1 home
1968 4th rd 0-0 home, replay 3-4 away
1969 Final1-0 Wembley
1989 3rd rd 1-0 home
1994 3rd rd 4-1 home
1996 3rd rd 0-0 away, replay 5-0 home
2004 3rd rd 2-2 home, replay 3-1 away
In the League Cup :
1965/66 2nd rd 3-1 home
1967/68 2nd rd 4-0 home

Wind Up “There’s only one City – and it’s us”.

Result obviously depends on which team Bob puts out, but I don’t see him making the West Brom mistake again. Hopefully we’ll take the competition seriously, and go all the way.

As you’re aware Sven wasn’t the Eds choice at KOTK, short term stepping stone etc but once he became manager in 2007 we supported him 100% . We had a good first half of the season, signed some players, (Bianchi, Fernandez, Geovanni, Petrov, Bojinov, Garrido, Corluka, Elano, for £40M) good and bad, we beat the rags twice, went out of the League Cup at home to ten man Spurs, out of the F. A. Cup ludicrously at Bramall Lane in a season when Cardiff and Portsmouth reached Wembley, so it went downhill from Christmas and ended with a tragic 8-1 defeat at ‘Boro, no-one wanting to play as all knew the axe was imminent. We still thought Sven deserved another year but the Doc thought otherwise.
So Sven went, and spent no time in getting fixed up with Mexico, pocketing a £1.25 M pay off plus a £500K bonus for taking us into Europe. Mexico was a disaster, as was his stint at Ivory Coast and Notts County, but he’s settling in at Leicester and we mustn’t let him have the last laugh, and surely Vassell won’t score? Will he?

Groundwise: It looks just like St Mary’s Stadium. Tickets are £15. don’t forget it’s Neil Young (who has terminal cancer) tribute day so hold those scarves aloft just before kick off.

Walkers Stadium Capacity: 32,000 (3,000 for City)

Crowds were down to an average of 10,157 in 87/88, and against Doncaster recently they topped 27,000.
Away day zine ; The Fox, swaps with KK, is A5 and has a great attitude.
Parking : on the streets and local car parks
Sat Nav : LE2 7FL

Last season in this round we won 1-0 at ‘Boro with a Benjani (just seen 'doing' Liverpool) classic just on half time.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Today the papers are full of a training ground spat between Adebayor and Kolo Toure. So what?
The rags went 3 points clear with a home win over Stoke last night and tonight we take on the Arse at Highbury, looking for our first win since 1975’s 3-2 in the dark blue shorts.
Balotelli and Silva are both out which is a major blow and it looks like we won’t pressurise Arsenal’s dodgy defence too much with just one up front. If we lose we’ll be on the same number of points as last year after 22 games and a result is vital if we’re serious about top four.
I can’t make it myself, so Tom will be selling KK at the ground, so be nice!
Spurs go to Everton, Jagielka’s out so no own goal there, and Chelsea go to Wolves. Points could be dropped.
Here’s the It’s A Fix extract :


Ever present in the top flight since 1915, last pot the F. A. Cup in 2005, 5 seasons ago, going on 6, recent connections Toure and Adebayor (wanna fight?), 166th league meeting

Arsene Wenger’s squad includes : Fabianski, Almunia, Squillaci, Djourou, Sagna, Song, Clichy, Denilson, Fabregas, Bendtner, Diabi, Nasri, Arshavin, Van Persie, Eboue, Eduardo, Walcott, Rosicky, Ramsey….

This season so far : At COMS in October it was a 3-0 Arsenal win, Nasri (20), Song (66), Bendtner (88) Boyate was sent off after 5 minutes which virtually ruined the game as a spectacle. Crowd was 47, 393 with 2819 Arses.
They’re currently in 3rd place with 39 points from 20 games with 6 wins 0 draws and 3 losses at home City have 6 away wins, 2 draws and 2 losses).
In the Carling Cup they’re through to the semi-finals and face Ipswich as favourites.
In the Euro Champs league, they’ve made it through to the knock out stages, but face Barcelona.
In the F. A. Cup 3rd rd they’ve got Leeds at home.

At Arsenal last season in April it was a dull 0-0 draw. Crowd was 60,086 with 2944 Blues. No wins in the Prem with 10 losses and 3 draws including last season’s 0-0, 1-1 in 04/05 and 0-0 in 93/94. Last win was in 75/76 3-2, so could this be the night?

Groundwise : How anyone could build another ground in London with major parking problems is baffling. We’ll be in the lower tier and the view isn’t great. Tickets are up from £35 to £48, and they’ve sold out already, with only 1400 allocated and accepted.

After shaky home performances against West Brom, Newcastle and Spurs it looks like they’ve used up all their home losses. Or have they? Good chance for City to finally lay the bogey and cement 2nd place.
It’s usually a decent visit to The Emirates, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a result this time.

Emirates Stadium Capacity : 61,000 (1400 for City)

Their crowds were down to an average of 23,824 in 1985, and this season it’s 60.035.

Away Day Zines : The Gooner (first class and swap with KK) ; The North Bank, Highbury High, Up the Arse, Arsenal Mania
Sat. Nav : N5 1BU (not much use though!)Pubs : The Drayton Arms, Drayton Park; White Swan 251-256 Upper Street; Tommy Flynn’s, Holloway Road

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Tuesdaty thoughts

Tuesday thoughts
Anyone see the Giggs ‘tackle’ at Birmingham? MOTD pundits thought it was funny in the Paul Scholes mould.
At West Brom we saw Neville give away a penalty and get a red card – well he should have but no, like at Stoke, once again he got away with it and the rags managed a win. We keep saying it can’t go on but it does, on, and on, and on and on as the song goes. No wonder everyone hates them.
Blackpool - folk are saying we ground out a result. Are you kidding, it should have been four or five. I was looking forward to seeing the Adams ‘tackle’ on Silva on MOTD but as usual it wasn’t shown. Who edits this programme? Surely major incidents such as this should be investigated. They are for other teams, particularly Arsenal, why not us?
Round and about the Arse had a good win at Brum. Spurs beat Fulham, Everton lost at Stoke. Can you really believe that the Everton gloaters on this blog after the COMS result are happy with this season and have NO money to spend in this window?
Villa got a draw at Chelsea after Dunney jumped under the ball for Chelsea’s late what looked like winner – just like he did for the rags equaliser at Villa Park a couple of weeks ago. Leicester won at Hull and City loanee Greg Cunningham unfortunately had his leg broken.
Transfer window’s open and we await news.
David McDonnell in the manumirror has a rag fanzine type pop at Tevez’s looks. I’m just reading Keith Richards’ book and in it he confirms Andrew Oldham’s story in Stoned about Andy and mate visiting a journalist who wrote naughty things about Keith. They put his hands underneath one of those drop down windows and suggested that if he wrote anything similar in future they’d come back and drop the windows down on his fingers with force and he wouldn’t be able to type ever again. It seemed to do the trick.
Just a thought, anyway look out for a similar article on Gary Neville……or not.