Thursday, 28 April 2011


Blackburn, one of my favourite runs through rural Lancashire, this time chauffeur driven by the Blue Vic, who, unlike the Ed can park a car without having to drive miles to find a space half a mile long!
The boy made his way to The Fernhurst whilst we were invited to sit outside a little café by the lady owner (presumably) and partake of refreshments. Somehow, in conversation we were admonished for probably not going to church like she did every week. She was taken aback when we pointed out that the Blue Vic was indeed a vicar!
As for the game we should have scored when we dominated proceedings but finally Bob made a change and Dzeko notched the winner ‘on the decko’! I thought Mario was a waste of space.
Apparently journo’s have picked up on the latest song “who put the ball in the munich’s net” and the mock outrage has been picked up by MCFC and fans groups who, fair dos, are starting a campaign. Obviously KK has long campaigned against the detestable runway song but I’m not so sure about some of our younger fans referring to them as munichs, which is just a word to them which scans and winds some rags up. I mean “who put the ball in united’s net” doesn’t have quite the same impact does it, it’s almost respectful, nor does “who’s the rag in the black” or “town full of nasties” HOWEVER it does give the mock horror paranoids ammunition, we have to be whiter than white, and we should therefore cut it out. I remember once gliding into work at the Airport, for heavens sake, and being accused of doing a ‘munich’ by a red, which was utter rubbish (and so was he).
Sadly the rags are the most despicable club in the world and bring out the worst in people. They, of course can do what they want, and even sing proudly about it. Fuck me, we can’t even wink at the bastards now, without being accused of disrespect. Disrespect, who are they, the fucking mafia? So let’s see some journo doing stuff on their behaviour at the semi, (sticks and stones ‘n all that) criticism of David May, on that banner coming down at O/T (it came down for the 50th anniversary of Munich, then went back up again). Let’s hear no more MV Foe chants or references to sinking Russian Submarines, Adebayor’s parents, Wenger, or Hillsborough by the swamp life eh. I’m with Oliver Holt (and our bloggers) on this one – he’s recovered from his daft blinkered stance on the Rooney swearing – and penned a decent article on unacceptable and offensive chants this week. Talking of articles Angela Epstein in the muen did a bit of selective journalism on Wayne Bridge being a sulker. I’ve written to them on this one. Will they print it?
I missed the United Munich drama this week but hope to catch a recording soon. Tonight it’s Bobby Charlton’s turn – I read his book and enjoyed the read of his early years in the fifties. Hopefully tonight’s programme will reveal the truth about the alleged ticket touting scandal, but don’t hold your breath.
Anyway Monday’s win put us 4 points ahead of Spurs so a win on Sunday whilst they’re at the Bridge could do us a lot of good.
Barca won at Real, Schalke didn’t turn up v rags, so it looks like a rags v Barca Euro final. I was hoping that Real would play them and Ronaldo do one of his trademark dives, encouraged by Fergie, copied by Nani and Valencia, to win a pen in the 96th minute to score and win the cup, but it don’t look like they’ll get a taste of their own medicine now. Sods.
PS thanks for all the KK 188 articles, we’re busy checking, editing, correcting where necessary, and finding pics and doing drawings etc for them.
Stay Blue.

Sunday, 24 April 2011


Big Bob’s been round to collect the zines for the Risley boys. He tells me that they were doing the Poznan in the exercise yard last weekend!
I just saw the start of the rags game v Everton. Spotted that Peter Walton was the ref, you know, the one who didn’t give Blackpool a stonewall penalty when they were 2-0 up against ‘em at Bloomfield Road in the second half. “Well, you won’t get a penalty today” I told my Everton supporting son-in-law. Guess what? They had not one, but two stonewallers turned down. It’s bloody relentless. This is partly why everyone hates them, it’s not jealousy, though we’re all jealous of the decisions they get in their favour. Incidentally my eight month old grandson’s best words are “Ya-Ya”
I hear that rags were sarcastically holding up routes to Wembley last week – we should hold up routes to Manchester for them.
Good result for the Baggies at Spurs, and Liverpool are lurking not too far behind now, making a win at Blackburn even more vital. Arsenal have cocked up again at Bolton, with Sturridge starring.
Blackburn tomorrow, here’s the it’s A Fix extract/update :

Promoted last in 2001 so currently in their 10th Prem season, winning their last pot, the League Cup in 2002. Recent connections are Santa Cruz and Benjani, and this is the 110th league meeting.

This season so far, at COMS in September it was a disappointing 1-1 draw, Kalinic opening for them in the 25th minute, and Vieira equalising in the 55th. The crowd was 44,246 with 1081 t’rovers. They’re currently in 16th place with 35 points from 32 games and 6 wins 6 draws and 4 losses at home. They went out of the Carling Cup 3-1 at Villa in the 3rd rd and the F. A. Cup also at Villa and also 3-1 in the 4th rd

Form at Ewood, last season, on the opening day we had that wonderful 2-0 win. Adebayor opened the scoring as early as the second minute, and Stevie Ireland wrapped it up in the 90th although we didn’t have it all our own way. Crowd was 29,584 (7,448 Blues).
Prior to that, mixed, since our previous win in 2003/04, 3-2, it’s been two draws and three losses.

Comment : Gone are the days when we played three games over Easter, and now we have to hang on until Monday night, but at least it’s a short hop to Ewood. Their new owners flirted big Sam and appointed Steve Kean but it’s been a struggle and they’re just a point above the relegation zone. They still have a few big guns, Roberts, Pederson, Kalinic, but we need the points and must get them, to put a bit of daylight between us and Spurs.

Groundwise, no change since our last visit, and we should get the whole Darwen end, but whether we’ll fill it this year is another matter after all the recent expense. I hope we do, the lads deserve a massive thanks for last week’s performance. Tickets are comparatively reasonably priced at £35.

Ewood Park : Capacity : 31, 367 (7,500 for City)

Their crowds were down to an average of 5,826 in 1985/86 before Jack Walker moved in and their current average is 24,069. Last season it was 25,428.
Sat Nav : BB2 4JF


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hee hee

It’s Thursday already
Have you come back down to earth yet? Well, what a weekend. We thought Chelsea away would be our last trip to London this season but what a pleasant bonus the cup semi- final was.
We opted to travel down on the Friday, only seeing Blues, no rags, and at the hotel there was a couple staying who travel up from Bournemouth for every home game at COMS. On the Saturday we drove over to friends at Regents Park. Had a stroll in the park and bumped into Blues from the Swinton branch, again, no rags. I was almost starting to feel optimistic. Met up with our friends at a London restaurant, and was horrified to find our party included a couple of rags, but they were OK, making the number of decent rags I’ve met in my lifetime as nine. Boarded the train at Marlybone and headed for Wembley Stadium. Again nearly all Blues, apart from a few rags wearing Norwich scarves singing “Stockport, Stockport, give us a song….” I kept my temper you’ll be pleased to know.
We were at the West end of the stadium and again it was all Blues. Uncanny. We bumped into plenty of friendly faces and took up our seats on the upper tier a few rows from the back. City end full, United end empty until just before kick off.
Berbatov missed a chance. Not two as they both came from the same move, and we were still in it at half time. Then came the goal, and there should have been more. Just the free kick from them which Joe tipped onto the bar, Scholes sent off by brave referee Mike Dean, 5 minutes of Fergie time but no real danger and at the final whistle incredible emotion. Who’d have thought? Of course the rags had to display their mardiness, soft shites. Camelgob using the word respect. Rio, respect and manu don’t go together.
Did City players or fans abuse Rooney when he came over to us after scoring in the last derby? Did we pelt him with missiles? No, so just f*ck off you thick get. No wonder everyone hates em….
Too exhausted to dive in the fountain in Trafalgar Square or anything at night. Sweet dreams. Was it a dream? Pinch me again.
Sunday we had brekkie in St John’s Wood, then drove home, the sweetest journey ever, after a great weekend thanks to Raymond and Chrissie. Are there any City fans who didn’t want the game played at Wembley now? Passing through London the pubs were full of Stokies singing Delilah, out of tune as always. Just saw one Bolton fan. 5-0 amazing. That’ll be some game at Wembley again. Can they play their usual thuggish game in a Cup Final? But we MUST win it. We MUST.
Our semi-final attendance was 86,549 – incredibly an ‘anagram’ of our record attendance of 84,569 versus Stoke in 1934!
I didn’t think much of the programme, apart from Gary James’ piece on the 1926 semi-final.
So have you spotted any rags to have a gloat at this week? No, nor me! Missing persons list is growing.
Last night it was the Norf Landan derby, and a cracker it was too. Todays papers reckon MANCHESTER were the winners. NO. Manchester wanted Arsenal to win, but it keeps Spurs 2 points behind, though 3 would have been better!
We’ll be working on KK189, the Cup Final special next week and articles are coming in already. Bring it on.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Wembley Here’s some thoughts : It’s our eleventh F A Cup semi final. We’ve lost only two, and have won the last six plus we beat united 3-0 in 1926. In the Cup the teams have met in six rounds plus a preliminary round : 1891 prelim 1-5 1926 SF 3-0 Bramall Lane 1955 4th rd h 2-0 1970 4th rd a 0-3 1986 3rd rd a 0-1 1996 5th rd a 1-2 (Alan Wilkie giving United an outrageous penalty) 2004 5th rd a 2-4 United have won the last four, all at O/T, though they have never beaten City in Manchester or on a neutral ground. Comment : Games between the two have been fairly tight for a number of years, but since City’s double in 07/08 united have had the edge, narrowly winning five out of the last six league games. City did win the first leg of the League Cup semi-final 2-1 at COMS last season but lost the return leg 3-1 at O/T. Currently, despite not playing well, but with the benefit of many refereeing decisions, gifting them about ten points so far, they’re top of the league with 69 points from 32 games, 7 ahead of Arsenal who keep cocking up but have a game in hand. They’re 13 points ahead of us and will be odds on favourites, but so were Ipswich, the best team in the league in 1981 and we overcame them so you never know. They reached the semis by overcoming Liverpool, the mighty Crawley Town and Arsenal at home plus Southampton away. They’ve just played two legs against Chelsea in the Chimps League, winning at The Bridge 1-0, Chelsea having a stonewall penalty turned down near the end, surprise, surprise. The rapist then had the cheek to come on TV before the return leg saying they’ve not had the decisions recently, thank goodness for a foreign referee. Do they really believe this shite? No wonder…. Second leg they won 2-1, Chelsea having a man sent off for supposedly fouling the little cheat Nani, so we’ll have to watch out for him. Expect fun and games to and from and around Wembley, but hopefully it’ll all go off peacefully and City will wipe out 35 years of hurt in one fell swoop. Look out for City banners such as their 37 trophyless years; Denis Law 1974; and, of course, 35 years since the biggest Wembley upset of all time when the rags lost 1-0 to lowly second division Southampton's ageing team in 1976 the year we won our last trophy. So we face their eleven plus subs plus 4 officials management and the media, but right must overcome wrong, and the Evil Empire must be vanquished. C’mon City FFS! So enjoy the weekend, put the Liverpool debacle behind you, cheer the lads on to the final whistle and beyond, it must be our turn. Let's hope we get a strong ref and Nigel, Vinny and co. make sure that Mario and Edin know they're in a game and how important it is. Groundwise : For some reason they rebuilt Wembley on the same site and it went way over budget and beyond programme. It’s a shitty place in London, we thought we’d never see! Inexplicably, despite England playing in white with (now) blue shorts, all the seats are f*ckin red. How biased is that? Capacity is 90,000 and each club gets 31,500 each. Where do the rest go? Work that one out. Tickets are priced at £30, £40, £50 and £60. Sat Nav : HA9 0WS


I’ve just eagerly picked up the City Mag with SWP on the front cover, and had a quick flick through. Needless to say the mistakes jump out.
Page 21, when was the last time City played at Wembley? 1999 ticked but answer given is 1986!
Page 46 to 49 has a piece on united fan Ian Brown. Page 57 advises we can buy trousers for £350 like what Stu Taylor wears. My 25 year old son says he can’t afford ‘em!
Top ten semis on pages 60 to 67? We’re told we reached our first F A Cup final for 30 years when we beat Reading 1-0. Don’t tell united but let’s hope it comes true!
There’s a cracking photo (as all the photos are) of City 1 Sunderland 0 at Villa Park. No actually it’s v Spurs at White Hart Lane! Derby County 2 City 3 at Leeds Road, well it looks more like WHL again to me but I could be wrong! City 3 united 0, David Ashworth’s team? Well maybe it was but Ashworth resigned in the previous November ?
I’ve put it down now. Anyone fancy a proof reading job?

I’ve just turned down an interview with the MUEN re City players for the semi – not in the right frame of mind, and if they can’t print my carefully crafted letters….!

Well the rags got through to the Chimps Cup semi, no concentrating on Saturdays game for them. They play our old friends Schalke so I’d expect our club to show their fans much hospitality when they come over for the game at the Swamp.
Spurs dream is over having lost to Real Madrid, compounded by an error from joke goalie Gomes. Why doesn’t he do that against us? And you’ve got to say that Spurs Chimps league run has been far better than ours in the Europa so watch out for all the “Spurs deserve 4th place rather than City" headlines from the gutter press. How’s the trajectory looking? We’re on 56 points from 32 games, 3 less than last season, so we need 14 from the next six games to reach 70 - Blackburn, Everton, Bolton away, West Ham, Stoke, Spurs at home 18 points, so we can afford to lose 4 points! Why are we so shit in the second half of each season?
Anyway, on that optimistic note, we’re off to Wembley.
More on that later
Dear KK,
I wonder if I could ask you to take up an important matter on my behalf? I know you have a much wider audience than I can access.
As you know, the FA have issued a letter with all FA Cup semi final tickets drawing attention to Match Tickets Conditions of Use. On the back of the letter are the conditions. The letter draws particular attention to sections 3, 4 and 5 and goes on to state that "the FA will treat any breaches of these provisions extremely seriously".
Condition 3.3 reads "For the avoidance of doubt, any attempt to gain access to the Ground wearing the colours of a team other than those of the team endorsed on the face of your Ticket may result in admission being refused or you being ejected from the Ground and in such circumstances no refund or alternative seat will be offered". (I can't see that there is any mention of colours that were once worn in the past or occasionally part of away, or third colours)
Now for the reason why I am raising this with you. It has come to my attention that there are a significant number of people intending to try and enter the Ground wearing the colours of Norwich City. Clearly to do so would be a flagrant breach of the FA's Condition 3.3. A particularly disappointing thought at a time when the FA are making such determined efforts to ensure respect from all those who are genuinely interested in the game.
Against this backdrop, I think it is vitally important that the FA are seen to stand very firmly behind their published conditions and, in their own words, "treat any breaches of these provisions extremely seriously"
Perhaps I could ask you to draw this potential breach to the FA's attention and ask for their immediate reassurance that they will treat this matter with the utmost seriousness?
Best wishes,

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Even City can't cock this one up?

Even City can’t cock this one up? It’s 5.30 am on Tuesday morning and I can’t sleep and the dawn chorus is really getting on my tits. So this is a knee jerk reaction, but I must say I agree with Glyn and Tony. So Mancini finally stumbles on a City team that plays with a bit of pace, flair and imagination and what does he do? City fans were all questioning his team selection before the game. We’ve had an 8 day break so no “tiredness” excuses” – we have a game to really express our desire and commitment to be a top four club and what the f*ck was that all about? And for me, a daft old fanzine editor to watch the player score 2 against us, that I said we should have signed in the summer and was shouted down by my fellow KOTK ers in the car on the way back from Sunderland, and then missed out again in January – Mancini bleating that “I don’t think Newcastle want to sell him” just beggars belief. Instead we have to watch the lumbering carthorses Kolarov, Dzeko, Milner and company (not Vincent) plus the big tart Balotelli shaming the Sky Blue. Silva made a massive difference in the second half when it was too late. Perhaps if he’d been on from the start Tevez might not have pulled his hamstring. And then, on Sky, Mancini says it was his own fault. Well you could have had any City fan confirm that before the game with that team selection. How much does the manager get paid, and surely he’s not paid to get things so wrong even if he’s honest enough to admit it? So who at the club is vetting these buys? Cook, Marwood? We’ve requested interviews with Mancini, Cook, Marwood and, yes, even Bellamy this season and not heard a f*ckin peep from any of them. Questions are unanswered. Well done to the City fans for keeping the support up last night. We’ve missed a great opportunity for a morale boost before Saturday but the last thing we want is to go there beaten before we start against them. We have not won an away game all year so that would be a good time to start and we take straw clutching to the extreme by remembering that we did lose at Wimbledon and Brentford before the 5-1. So we went out of the League Cup with a whimper, out of the Europa unprofessionally, and now the FA Cup and even 4th place are looking dodgy. So much for how important silverware is, even Coyle or Moyes would have done a better job. Rant over, and I still can’t get to sleep. Bloody City. Dave

Sunday, 10 April 2011

what's going on?

What’s going on? Andy Morrison was at the Warrington branch on Monday. I’d previously seen him at Swinton but still found it an interesting and entertaining evening. On Tuesday I did a T V interview for ESPN I think it was, commissioned by the F.A. at Eastlands. I was asked what I thought about united. “They’re despicable” I said “the events over the weekend just sum the club up and I just w ish one person at united would come out and say he (Rooney) was wrong” So I doubt if they’ll show that. I also find it a bit ironic that the MEN ask my opinion on things but when I volunteer stuff in letter form it doesn’t always get printed. Mid week the rags won at Chelsea who should have had a late penalty. The weekend’s results didn’t do us any favours. Rags beat Fulham and the first goal was offside. Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal all won so we need a result at Liverpool, and we haven’t won away this year! My good friend Raymond sent me copies of the Backpass magazine which has stuff on City’s old boys worth looking at. 442 this month has a One to One with Bert but with a few errors and I’ve sent them a corrective e-mail. Well done to the F.A for sticking to their guns re the Rooney situation but why not a further one day ban? They’ve all been at it. Ferdinand, the one time England captain, Neville, Ferguson “he was sent off for scoring a hat-trick” and worst of all Ollie Holt who should know better and is the Chief Sports writer on the, you guessed it, the manumirror’. Jon in the local, shop reckoned Rooney was swearing at his ugly reflection in the TV lens! I watched Sunday Supplement today which I usually enjoy. Paddy Barclay had a real go at united and the drivel they’ve spouted this week, concluding that Fergie’s bullying, sadly, actually works, just look at the decisions they’ve had recently. They’re an ungracious, undignified club and it’s no wonder everyone hates them. Apparently a precedent has been set – have you ever seen any player swear at the camera like that before? Oliver Holt just doesn’t get it. He can’t tell the difference between his 3 year old son hearing swear words at a match and someone coming up to him and in his face swearing venomously – bet he’d have something to say about that. I was willing Barclay to do it to him to check out his reaction, and I guarantee it would not have been “I don’t mean to be precious….but….” Fool, if I can find the right e-mail address I’ll explain this to him. Anyway, Liverpool tomorrow, here’s the It’s a Fix preview : GAME 32) MONDAY APRIL 11TH : LIVERPOOL (AWAY) KO 8PM Their last promotion was in 1962, since when they’ve won the lot but no title since 1990, and their last pot was the F. A. Cup in 2006. Most recent connections : Albert Rieira, Didi Hamann Big name supporter : Elvis Costello. 150Th Lg meeting. This season so far : They’re currently in 6th place with 45 points from 31 games with 9 wins 4 draws and 2 losses at home. At COMS in August we battered them 3-0, with goals from Barry (14) and Tevez (52,68P) Crowd was 47,087 with 2698 Scousers. In the Carling Cup they went out on penalties at home to Northampton after drawing 2-2. In the F. A. Cup they went out 1-0 at O/T in the 3rd round with dubious decisions by referee Howard Webb, giving the rags an early penalty and sending Gerrard off. In the Europa Cup they went out to Braga, losing 1-0 in Portugal and drawing 0-0 at home. Form in Liverpool : Over in Merseyside in November 2009 it was a ‘Desmond’. Skirtel put them in front on 50 mins, Adebayor nodded one in on 69 mins, after Hughes brought on Tevez. Then Ireland notched the likely winner after 76 mins after which we promptly fell asleep and let them equalise through Benayoun a minute later (not the other way round as per the City/Sunderland programme). 44,164 (2964 Blues) Prior to that we drew 1-1 in 2008/09, but after our rare 2-1 win in 2002/03 it was 5 straight losses. Comment : Well they got rid of their American owners, and in came new….American owners. Woy was given the boot, moving to West Bwom (who’ve just beat them 2-1) and King Kenny was brought back in from retirement to revitalise them. So with the help of January signings, Suarez and Carroll, ruining footy in the process but pulling in £50M for Torres they’ve improved considerably, even giving the rags a good seeing to. So it’s now a tough one for us, but three points are vital just days before our cup semi-final. A win would put us on 59 points, the same as last season after 32 games! Groundwise it’s just the same and we’re in our usual stand and prices are a hefty £46, putting off a lot of Blues including my missus who’ll be just dropping me off at the ground. Anfield : Capacity : 45,362 (3,000 for City) Wwtwtwshite : Av’d 22,742 in 31/32, and this season it’s 42,107. Sat Nav L4 0TH We’ve had a request for which pubs City fans will be allocated at Wembley – anyone know? Dave

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Sunderland home, well that was a pleasant surprise. Fast speedy, footy and at last we’ve put a team to the sword. OK we rode our luck a little bit but, as Ged said at half time, “any team whose fans chant Rooney at us deserve to get 6 knocked past em” Well 5 was OK. And the rain kept off until ……it chucked it down at the end of the match. Stood in my usual spot I noticed a couple of fans go flying after tripping up over the Kerb on the way to International Way. I’ve mentioned this to the stewards previously but have taken it higher this time so let’s see if some action can be taken to flatten the kerb in that area. So we all feel much better now, and if we can continue this form at Liverpool we’ll be set up for the semi. I was a bit down after the rags win at West Ham but hey we beat the 'ammers 3-1 and didn’t give them any goals start and they are near the bottom of the league. As for Rooney and his latest misdemeanour a two match ban is thoroughly deserved, let’s hope the FA stay strong. The rag apologists are all out in force totally missing the point that swearing when you, say, miss a chance is different than swearing with venomous anger at the TV cameras and seen all over the world. Is there any other club whose players misbehave like this, not to mention Cantona and Neville, plus their manager’s been banned from the touchline for insulting referees? No wonder… Harry Redknapp, said he was a silly boy and shouldn’t have done it. Ferdinand twittered that “is swearing banned on the pitch totally?" Pathetic, can someone from MUFC please come out and accept that he was totally out of order. Frankly, the ugly get should be banned from being on TV at all as that is REALLY offensive to kids. But, if you want a laugh read Oliver Holt in the manumirror on why Rooney shouldn’t be banned. And we await the predictable fawning rag article from Paul Hince. Surprise us Paul. Dave

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Saturday night

I had to pick up on Mittens’s observation in his MUEN column Talking Football that City and united were meeting for the first time on a neutral ground but unsurprisingly my letter wasn’t printed, here it is anyway : I always enjoy Andy Mitten's 'Talking Football' column in the MEN, and I'd like to think that maybe Andy was inspired by my own fanzine King Of the Kippax all those years ago (I have a letter to that effect). As a more reasonable red, Andy does though, get the odd made up dig and mischievous put down in about City - I've never met any Blue who claims there were 250,000 at Blackburn in 2000, or our tall flood lights were a claim to fame. In his latest column he has fallen into the infamous Manchester United selective memory trap The teams HAVE met before on a neutral ground in 1926 when the semi-final was played at Bramall Lane, Sheffield. Whilst even I wasn't around at the time I understand fans of both teams were pretty miffed that they had to cross the Pennines to see the game, instead of a short trip to, say, Bolton. The result was, of course, 3-0 to City but no red would want to be reminded of that would they? Regards So it’s been a busy week and thanks to magnificent contributions again we’ve managed to get KK 187 in the outlet at Aleef, to sell at the Sunderland game and in the post to all subscribers and contributors. Postage goes up on Monday from 81p (3 stamps) to 92p on Monday, so it now will cost nearly £1 to send a 32.50zine out second class. Ridiculous. This issue is, of course, the semi-final special, and the front cover shows Paul Power scoring against Ipswich in 1981 whilst posing the question "can we rekindle the '81 spirit?" This issue contains articles on Neil Young, Big Mal in Portugal, match previews and reviews, a cracking piece on the 1926 semi-final, a bit of a stinging review on Mancini's reign so far, an interview with ITV's Semi-final commentator Clive Tyldesley, and all the usual regulars, Burfield, Ged, Colin S, Uncle Ryan etc., cartoons and pics. It can also be obtained from 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN7 2HL, with a cheque to King Of The Kippax for £3.40. What better way to set yourself up for the semi showdown with the rags when we should wipe away 35 years in one fell swoop! Today, Saturday we witnessed as already commented on the blog, we witnessed outrageous decisions in their favour at Upton Park. Vidic should have gone and the rags were awarded a ‘ball to hand’ penalty obviously awarded By lee Mason to compensate for the two stonewall ones he gave to West Ham. Rooney, after scoring, embarked on a foul mouthed tirade at someone which surely deserves a ban. No wonder everyone hates them. Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea all drew so a win tomorrow will be very handy. Here’s the It’s A fix extract: GAME 31) SUNDAY APRIL 3RD : SUNDERLAND (HOME) KO 4PM Promoted in 2007, so this is their 4th season in the Prem. (this time!) Last Pot F.A. Cup 1973. Most recent connections : Nedum Onuoha Niall Quinn, Marlon Fulop, High Profile supporter : Steve Cram. 120th league meeting This season so far : They’re in 9th place with 38 points from 30 games and 3 wins 6 draws and 6 losses away from home. At the SOL in August we battered them in the first half, Carlos missing a sitter, but faded in the second when Darren Bent scored a 93rd minute penalty to deny us a point at least. Crowd was 38, 610 with 2,629 Blues. In the Carling Cup they went out in the 3rd rd 2-1 at home to West Ham. In the F. A, Cup they went out 2-1 at home to Notts County in the 3rd rd. At home to Sunderland : At COMS in December it was that bizarre day when Hughes was fired before/during or after the game which City won 4-3. We went two up through Santa Cruz and Tevez with a pen, our first of the season in the 4th and 12th minutes. They pulled them back with goals in the 16th and 24th minutes by Mensah and Henderson. Bellamy made it 3-2 at the break, they equalised again in the 62nd minute through Jones but Santa made it 4-3 in the 69th minute before Turner was sent off for them after elbowing Barry which was an obscene decision according to Bruce. A typical day in the life of Manchester City. Crowd was 44,735 with 2,696 Mackems Which made it six wins out of the last six. Comment : Sunderland are doing reasonably well with 38 points so far, and probably another three needed for safety. They’ve bombed in the Cups, and were upset at losing Darren Bent in his strange move to Villa in January. Rag loanee Welbeck is doing well and there are rave reviews about Henderson plus we always owe Steve Bruce one, or two. Their most notable away win was the 3-0 at Chelsea which included Ned’s wonder goal, but nothing less than three points for us will do today. WWTWTWShite : Averaged 13,601 in 86/87, and this season’s average is : 39,351