Sunday, 29 May 2011


Friday’s manumirror sunk to new depths again. Take a bow David McDonnell with his article – saved by the boss – Valencia feared for his career after horror injury….unitil Fergie worked his magic again.
Do you know what magic was worked? You won’t believe it. Ferguson actually visited Valencia in hospital. Wow, how magical was that!!!
On another page McDonnell reckons Kolo’s ban will cause outrage at City’s neighbours Manchester United who had Ferdinand banned for 8 months. One - united actually haven’t yet been outraged (but wait for it) Two – Ferdinand was banned for deliberately forgetting to take his drugs test. No wonder everyone hates them and their sycophantic journos.
Hopefully we’ll try and review the journo pricks of the year in the next KK. Off the top of my head the frontrunner is Michael Calvin.
Friday night in the pub (and I never mention football) I was subjected to the usual rag crap about what they were gonna do to Barca. You have to hand it to rag fans. No matter how much they rely on refereeing decisions to win them games they always think they can win without them, even against the very best. So to Barca. Frankly I was disappointed. On that performance it should have been 5 or 6 nil. Even united’s goal came from a foul, handball and offside. How do they do it? As for Giggsy he’ll never pull another woman if he can’t get a shave. Haven’t seen much on the Fergie /Rooney spat – imagine if that had been City – a player remonstrating with the manager – they’d all be at it. Clive T only mentioned “that night in Barcelona” once. I’ll let him know, don’t you worry.
Here’s a few texts I got –
* Catalan 3 Matalan 1
* Rumour has it that Barca fans are going to sneak into O/T and unfurl a banner with 19 on it to show how many times united touched the ball last night.
* After their practice at the semi, united cleared their end even quicker this time.
*U-N-I-T-E-D, not much luck at Wember-ley
With Ya-Ya’s goal and Messi’s class
Stick your treble up your arse!

Tomorrow it’s Swansea v Reading in the play offs for promotion to the Prem. Ged will be rooting for the Swans so he can visit a new ground.

Friday, 27 May 2011


Testing Ryan Giggs loves his missus

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Thursday, 26 May 2011


How pleasant was that? Finishing off with a win and confirmed 3rd place. It was a gusty day and I said to Steve P that the goal would probably come from a fluke, and it did! Thankfully for us, then Edin finished em off, and Sturridge was sent off though I didn’t really share in the glee.
On to Monday and I was asked to go on Granada so had to turn down Look North. Thought it’d make a nice change to be in a positive situation after the trials of the last twenty or thirty years or so.
Had to be there at 4.30, then was taken to Albert Square with Lucy Meacock, though wasn’t being interviewed til the players came out round about six! Finally did the interview with the music booming out but was told it was fine but just a ‘run through!’
Then just about to do the real thing when Lucy spotted Mike Summerbee, called him over (not Rover!) and asked him all the questions she’d previously asked me!
Then made my way to COMS for the long arranged Former Players Association dinner. James H hosted brilliantly, and after the meal we all filed out into the ground to watch the celebrations. Brilliant. Then went and stood next to Jim, and we had a big tearful hug! Back in the Citizens suite the F A Cup was brought in by Micah and photos were taken by one and all (I’d forgot my camera!)
Sue and the kids didn’t have such a good time though. They got in the ground about 6, little food available and no entertainment, little kids getting very cold and hungry apparently, waiting for the celebrations which started about 8.20Pm. OK Badly Drawn Boy came on but that was just as things livened up and slow melodic music tempered the mood somewhat.
Anyway, practice for next time eh?
Giggsy’s buggered up his chances of being knighted. Erm, weren’t the O/T faithful booing him a couple of years ago?
I see the rag hoodies smashed up journo’s cars outside his home too. Nice.
Haven’t see any articles saying how had it will be for football if the beautiful play of Barca doesn’t ensure they win the Euro Cup. Has anybody? And the rags are at it already, wanting a referee who won’t fall for Barca players diving. Don’t remember them diving in 2009 do you, but I spotted a few rag players at it. No wonder everyone hates ‘em

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Just under one week ago, I viewed the interview with the Chairman on the City site. In his interview he stressed that for the coming season fans should not expect the kind of incoming transfers that we have made in the previous two years. He added that we have the nucleus of a good squad and that perhaps four quality players will be targeted but stressed that it will be quality rather than quantity. If you were to ask 1000 City fans, 999 will more or less give the same answer on who should be shipped out of the squad to make room. So why then did today's copies of the Sun and Daily Mail both have stories indicating a break down between Mancini, Cooke and Marwood over transfer policy and that Mancini was off to Abu Dhabi for showdown talks with the owner.

The fact is that the Chairman told us this one week ago, the manager has also indicated in interviews that he knows they have to be careful of the Fair Play rules and can't go on a spending spree. The MEN has subsequently rubbished the story, but I would ban both these papers until they can learn to behave themselves. Don't tell me it can't be done. Yesterday at a press conference prior to Gargoyle's testimonial, a reporter cheekily asked Ferguson if Giggs was an important player. He answered that all the players are important. Unbeknown to him, the microphone was still on and you could hear Fergie telling a lackey "Who was that?. Make sure he doesn't come in again."

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New Red and Black away Kit Unveiled

The new Manchester City away kit for the 2011/2012 season was revealed at Monday night’s FA Cup homecoming event at the City of Manchester Stadium.
The inspiration for the Umbro kit is taken from the most famous shirt in the club’s history – the black and red shirt worn in 1969 and 1970 during which time City won the FA Cup, League Cup and European Cup Winners Cup.
To achieve the ‘tailored’ look for the 2011/2012 away shirt, the Umbro kit designers draped black and red fabric over the silhouette of the modern day ‘arms out’ goal celebration.
The shirt is designed so that when a player celebrates a goal or links arms with team mates, the black and red stripe remains consistent. For this reason, there is no seam on the underarm as traditionally stitching can distort the shape and flow of a stripe. The stripe width on the shirt was inspired by the old 1969 kit. The long sleeve version features an all-black forearm so that there is a unified stripe-look when the players link arms in goal celebrations.
The club crest and sponsor detail is key-lined in gold in order to give standout against the black and red.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


Well that was easy peasy wasn’t it? Good win for City, Carlos back to form, (is he staying or going?) and finally a headed goal from Lescott.
The rain didn’t quite come and we sold out of KK188, though Sue found some in the back of her car that she forgot about so a few to sell at Bolton tomorrow.
We had our Superbia package from City, but too many questions and £2500 the same price for an OAP as everyone else, no thanks.
Usually get a request from Wigan re a season ticket but a leaflet from Bolton dropped through the door. Tickets available from £285 for adults, no mention of prices for owd codgers but hypothetical anyway.
I see the rags Youth team are following in the footsteps of their seniors with a goal given at Sheff U which didn’t cross the line.
Got the season ticket renewals today – Gold or Platinum? Gold for me and it seems pretty reasonable to be honest.
Renewal date is between June 7th to the 26th, no good for the lad who’ll have to renew a few days before his holiday when he’ll be strapped for cash. I’m sure he’ll manage something.
Picked up Manc the City mag. Over a week since the Final but not a mention?
Fergie’s got the Manager Of The Year, despite being in disgrace for most of it. Still, he can always do the right thing and pass it on to the refs at Stoke, West Brom, Blackpool, Chelsea, West Ham, Arsenal and Blackburn, he appointed or bullied – that’s 21 points they were gifted. No wonder everyone hates ‘em…….
Mike wally Walters in the manumirror reckons “ none of Mancini’s team will ever be loved like Hartford in his two spells under the Blue Moon” They never give up do they? F A Cup winners, possible 3rd place. Fuck off Walters and take Calvin and the rest with you. We’re very happy with the current team, heroes all. Tomorrow it’s Bolton away. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK 188 : GAME 38) SUNDAY MAY 22ND : BOLTON (AWAY) KO 3PM as per the Sunderland prog but actually 4PM!
Now in their tenth Prem season, last trophy the F. A. Cup in 1958 beating united comfortably 2-0. Recent connections Martin Petrov, Danny Sturridge. 110th LG meeting

This season so far : They’re in 10th place with 46 points from 37 games and 10 wins 5 draws and 3 losses at home.
At COMS in December it was a 1-0 City win with Tevez scoring after 4 minutes and Kolarov getting sent off. Crowd was 46,860 with 2431 Trotters turning out in force for a change.
In the Carling Cup they went out 1-0 at Burnley in the 3rd round. In the F. A. Cup they lost in the semi-final to the tune of 5-0 to Stoke, the score that most pundits thought The Nasties would beat City by, to scupper a repeat of the 1904 and 1926, encounters.

Form at Bolton : Last season in December, goals from Tevez (28,77) and Richards (45) gave us a 3-3 draw, Bolton’s goals coming from Klasnic (11, 53) and Cahill (43). Clattenburke was responsible for the most ridiculous sending off ever seen on a football pitch since Kevin Horlock at Bournemouth, when he dismissed Craig Bellamy for supposedly diving, when it should have been a penalty. Crowd was 22,735 with 4,634 Blues.
Prior to that it was two losses, 2 draws and 2 wins in the last 6 Prem meetings but our last win was 1-0 in 2004/05.

Comment : Overall not a bad season for them and they’ve stayed up fairly comfortably. They’re always capable of a result though, having beaten Spurs and Arsenal at the Reebok. Some decent players in nice guy Owen Coyle’s squad include Jaaskelainen, Cahill, Lee, Davies etc but they should be no match. Hopefully it’ll be party time for us.

Reebok Stadium capacity : 28,723 (5,000 for City)

Groundwise : Familiar territory to us by now. Ticket prices are reasonable at £35 upper, and we’ve sold out. Hopefully it’ll be a warm one and we can fill both tiers in summer attire, and wave the flags, banners and scarves joyously, after a great end to the season. Matching the Arse’s result at Fulham will see us in 3rd place. Go for it Blues!

WWTWTWShite : Their crowds were down to an average of 4,847 in 85/86, and currently stand at 22,193.

Parking/car parks: £3 here and there, £6 last year at the ground and we raced away afterwards!
Sat. Nav : BL6 6JW
Pubs : Shut to City fans still, on police advice, before and after. Plenty in Horwich though- Beehive, Bromilow Arms, etc.


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

We did it

We did it!
First for Tony – I was just making the point that my letters don’t often get printed either. Perhaps we should assume a non-de-plume like Leslie Holt or Harry Singleton or something!
Anyway we did it didn’t we. Talk about relief a nd euphoria.
More or less the same routine as for the semi for us even though the kick off was the earlier time of 3pm. Stoke fans were confident that they could beat anyone at the moment, and thought they had the Indian sign over us until I pointed out the 3-0 and 2-0 City wins at COMS to them!City fans not quite as up for it but still a brilliant day and result. I didn’t see any of the game on TV afterwards but have just seen the highlights and that save by Joe was really something. I wasn’t happy with the pre match singing of “We are the Champions” – just after the rags had clinched the title with a surprise, surprise – dubious penalty. It has got to stop. No wonder….and I hear they took 250,000 to Blackburn….
So it was another great day for us, and I’m pleased that we’ve wiped out the 35 years AND beaten the rags’ 37 years they went without a trophy. Well done to everyone concerned, a proud, proud day to be a Blue.
Note that if we'd lost it meant more to the rags than them winning the title.
My brother’s rag next door neighbour said “you only won cos Stoke didn’t turn up”. Anyone got anymore bitter rag tales?
So tonight it’s the league match with Stoke, here’s the It’s A Fix update : 37) TUESDAY MAY 17TH : STOKE (HOME)
Well, well, we face em again but I don’t think there’ll be much taunting going on by Blues. Respect to Stokies, they were fine on Saturday and supported their team to the end and beyond, unlike the rags in the semi.

Stoke are now into their third Prem season, last, and only trophy was the League Cup in 1972, (I'm pleased to say) recent connections are Carlo Nash and Glen Whelan, plus summariser Nigel Gleghorn, City one week, Stoke the next who won’t know who to support again. It’s the 84th league meeting.
Big name supporter : Nick Hancock.

Our form in Manc v Stoke : Last season it was a 2-0 City win, with goals from Petrov (28) and Tevez (45) and the crowd was 47,325 with 2844 Stokies. There was also the 1-1 draw in the F. A. Cup 5th round, SWP (11) for City, with Fuller equalising (57) from a Delap throw, in front of 28,019 with 3295 Stokies.. They’ve had only one win here in the last 7 league meetings, 1-0 in 97/98, whilst City have won the other 6, so it’s looking good.

Comment : Hopefully we can make it a double over them in three days to help clinch that third spot, which after the Arse’s loss at weekend is a distinct possibility.

WWTWTWShite : they averaged 8,288 in 1985/86, and their current home average is 26,611


Thursday, 12 May 2011

What's Going On?

What’s going on?
This is for Tony’s benefit! First my piece for The Guardian wasn’t printed, but it was put on their blog. Second my piece on Angela Epstein picking on Bridge’s so called childishness instead of Rio and co after the semi wasn’t printed in the Muen. Third my letter to 4-4-2 regarding our 1957 team’s black arm bands being for Chairman Joe Smith dying and NOT for the Munich victims (the f*cking Munich card again) was ignored. Incidentally there’s a piece on Mario Balotelli in this issue. Fourth, the Telegraph looking for an angle on the O/T 35 year banner didn’t print my comment that it just shows the rags up to be a small minded club. Fifth there was a feature in this months Loaded mag including KOTK covers and cartoons, but we didn’t make the top ten!

Anyway, we did the biz v Spurs, what a difference a year makes, and we’re in the Chimps League prelims. Can’t see us overtaking the Arse as they’ve got easier fixtures than us to finish with.

So to the big one. I’ve got a new baseball cap, have changed my sky blue Wembley replica shirt to a bigger size, and polished my marquetry plaque to wear round my neck - City logo one side, Maine Road on the other. It’s a masterpiece, even if I say so myself! Look out for me/it if you want to buy a zine at Wembley, surreptitiously of course! Sue is not amused.

I’ve just read a united zine that we swap with that reckons the refs are against em. It also accepts that there was much mayhem from their ‘boys’ at Wembley, but no condemnation (and certainly no national press reporting)
F*ck me they play the Munich card as a cover and all and sundry fall for it. I’m not saying we shouldn’t condemn the songs with that word in them, certainly the runway song, but let’s get a bit of perspective on it eh?

So the Final is nearly upon us. Here’s the It’s A Fix update : GAME 36A) SATURDAY MAY 14TH : F. A. CUP FINAL : STOKE CITY KO 3PM
We should have been playing Stoke in the Prem today but I’m sure both clubs will be more than happy to have the game switched due to a prior appointment at Wembley!

‘The Potters’ were formed in the 1860’s when a couple of Old Carthusians, apprentices at the North Staffordshire Railway Company, formed Stoke Ramblers, the second oldest English football club. They played at Sweeting’s Fields from 1875 moving to the Athletic Club Ground re-named the Victoria Ground in 1878 or 1883, then to The Britannia Stadium in 1997.
They were founder members of The Football League in 1888 but after relegation folded in 1908 due to financial difficulties.
The new club was elected to Division Two in 1919 and changed its name to Stoke City in 1925.

The teams first met in season 1899/1900 in the First Division playing 14 games until 1907 when Stoke were relegated. City won 5, and drew 4, with 5 losses, all away. In the 1st round of the Cup in 1911, City won 2-1 at home, and by then City had won their first trophy, the F. A. Cup in 1904 beating Bolton 1-0.

Hostilities were resumed in 1923, and 14 games were played until 1938, City winning 6, drawing 3 and losing 5.
City reached Wembley in 1926, losing 1-0 to Bolton, and the teams met again in the 5th round in 1928, City losing 1-0 at home in front of a massive 73,668.
City reached the Cup Final again in 1933 losing 3-0 to Everton, and then came the big one, the 6th round of the Cup in March 1934, 84,569, a record provincial crowd, including plenty of Stokies, in England and Wales for any club outside London and Glasgow, turned up to watch Eric Brook win it for the Blues 1-0. City then went on to win the Cup 2-1 against Portsmouth. This was also before the Platt Lane end was extended and covered. Take a bow, you Blues and Stokies, for your ancestors.

City won their first title in 1937, went down in 1938, and then ten games were played in the 40’s and 50’s with 3 City wins 2 draws and 5 defeats. Stoke were involved in a cup tie at Bolton where 33 fans were killed and 520 injured in what became known as The Burnden Park Disaster. In 1947 they transferred Stanley Matthews to Blackpool.

The years between 1954 and 1966 were barren with regard to league encounters. City reached Wembley in 1955 losing 3-1 to Newcastle with ten men but returned the next year to win it against the ‘Iron Men of the Midlands’, Birmingham, 3-1. So the next meetings came in the League Cup semi-final of 1964, Second Division City losing the first leg at the Victoria Ground 2-0 to First Division Stoke, (after Matthews’ return) but winning the second leg at Maine Road 1-0, going out on aggregate 2-1. Stoke lost the two legged final 4-3 to Leicester and were left still searching for their first trophy.

First Division encounters resumed in 1966 until 1977, with 22 games and honours were pretty even with 9 City wins 5 draws and 8 losses. Most significant encounter was in 1972 when a magnificent Gordon Banks display in Stoke’s 2-1 Easter Maine Road win put a huge dent in City’s Title aspirations. Stoke had won their first, and to date, only major trophy, the League Cup that year beating Chelsea 2-1, but by then City had added a further League title in 1968, the Cup in ’69, League Cup and Cup Winners’ Cup in 1970.

City also recorded a 3-2 home win over Stoke in the 3rd round of 1973, and should have won it that year but went out to eventual winners Sunderland in a 5th round replay. Stoke won the Watney Cup in 1973! City lost the League Cup Final 2-1 to Wolves in 1974, then in 1976 it was a 1-0 loss for the Blues in the 4th round at Stoke, but consolation was attained by winning the League Cup 2-1 against Newcastle, our last major trophy.

Into the 80’s and 8 games were played between 1979 and 1983 with 2 City wins, the 3-1 at Stoke with the stunning Trevor Francis debut, and the 1-0 at Maine Road in 1982 which heralded the opening of the new main stand roof, but, after the departure of Trev for a pitiful £800K to Sampdoria, the attendance of 27,847 showed a significant 7K drop from the previous season’s average. This was consistent throughout the season and relegation at the end of that term signalled City’s demise as a big club. There were also 3 draws and 3 losses
In this period, however, City lost the Cup Final in a replay to Spurs in 1981 3-2 and Stoke and City met twice in the League Cup, City winning through on both occasions, 4-1 on aggregate in the second round of 1980/81 and 2-2 on aggregate then 9-8 on penalties in the 2nd round of 1981/82.

After a lull the teams met again from 1987 until 1999, City winning 7, and losing 3 of the ten encounters. Boxing Day 1988 saw around 10,000 Blues in a 24,056 crowd descend on the Victoria Ground most in fancy dress when the banana craze peaked, City losing 3-1 after going a goal up. In the return fixture Stokies filled the Platt Lane end brandishing Pink Panthers as City won 2-1 and managed promotion that year. Stoke won the Football League Trophy (whatever that was) in 1992, and again in 2000.
In 1998 however, both teams found themselves in the Second, (old Third Division). Stoke won 1-0 at Maine Road but City won the final game of the season at the Britannia Stadium 5-2, both teams being relegated owing to results elsewhere. City fans were bottled and bricked by angry Stokies, gaining a hooligan reputation as the naughty forty, after the final whistle.
Christmas 1998 saw City take the points at Wrexham then beat high flying Stoke at Maine Road with a 2-1 win, which marked a turning point in City’s fortunes, ending in promotion in the play off Final v Tony Pulis's Gillingham. Stoke had to wait a few seasons longer before salvation, though they did win the Auto Windshields Trophy in 2002 and were owned by an Icelandic consortium.

So it came to pass, after all the trials and tribulations of both clubs that Stoke Chairman Peter Coates took over in 2006 (for the second time) from the Icelandic owners appointing Tony Pulis to his second spell as manager, who guided them back to the top flight - the Premiership in 2008.
At COMS City have had the upper hand, winning the two games comfortably 3-0 and 2-0, the latter being Mancini’s first game in charge as a supposedly ‘easy fixture’. At Stoke however, there’s been a 1-0 loss and two 1-1 draws.
The teams also met in the 5th round of the Cup in 2010. It was a 1-1 draw at COMS but Stoke won the replay 3-1 after extra time, making it three wins and three losses in the competition.
Recent games have been marred by players of both clubs being sent off, in City’s case retrospective bans being also dished out to SWP and Vieira.

This season so far they’re in 8th place with 46 points from 36 games, have just tonked Arsenal 3-1, and, thanks to us, are in the Europa Cup next season whatever happens.
At Stoke in November it was a 1-1 draw with Richards netting for City after 81 minutes and then we got silly to allow a last minute equaliser by Etherington. Crowd was 27,405 with 2836 Blues
In the Carling Cup they lost 3-1 at West Ham in the 4th round.
They’ve reached the Cup Final for the first time in their history, by beating Cardiff away 2-0 in the 3rd; Wolves away 1-0 in the 4th; Brighton 3-0 at home in the 5th ;West Ham 2-1 at home in the 6th; then Bolton 5-0 at Wembley in the semi-final, the highest score since Wolves beat Grimsby by the same score in 1939. (Nervous Wolves lost in the Final to Portsmouth!)

Fred Eyre gives KOTK his views on Stoke : “ I was quietly confident that we’d beat united in the semi-final as we’d run them close recently, and I predicted a 1-0 win on various radio programmes. Stoke, however will be very tough for us. Tony Pulis has a game plan which we’re all aware of, though I must say that every goal scored against Bolton in the semi was what you might call a footballing goal. Tony looks at, and signs players to fit in with the usual Stoke plan though. He’s got wingers and defenders who get forward and pump the crosses in. They work hard at set pieces in training and everyone knows their role, and we all know how good they are at it. So they will be formidable opponents. I feel sorry for Danny Higginbotham, who’s injured and is a solid pro who deserves a Cup Final. Fuller is also out and Etherington will be sorely missed if he doesn’t make it, but they’ve still got the likes of Pennant, Walters, Huth (maybe), Shawcross, Whelan, Carew, and Jones who on his day is top class. However Roberto Mancini has played them enough times to know what to expect, and even without Tevez, we won the semi and at Blackburn without him, and we’ve got quality players who are made of sterner stuff these days so it should be an enthralling encounter, and hopefully City will come out on top.

Comment : So there you have it – it’s a tough one and no mistake. Hopefully they peaked in the semi-final and we won’t be resting on the united result being the b all and end all. That’s not enough. We need to win this by hook or by crook and need to fight tooth and nail to make sure we do. It must be “Bye, bye bye Delilah” and the Blue Moon must boom out again in a Poznan type of way. Don’t forget there’s only one City - us, but Stoke must no longer be treated as a joke, and we mustn’t let them sing “2-0 up and you f*cked it up” to us!.
Winning the Cup would be a fitting tribute to Big Mal and Neil Young. All we ask for is 100%, nothing silly, like sendings off and bad mistakes, plus a little win. We must support our team right to the end and beyond. C’mon City

Groundwise : We’ve got the West End again so know all about it. It’s a shitty place in London, we thought we’d never see, and now we’ll have been there twice, in a matter of weeks!
Wembley was originally built in 1923, and lasted until 2000. So where did all the money go from 77 years of Cup Finals and Internationals?
Capacity is 90,000 and each club gets only 25,000 tickets, the majority of the rest falling into the hands of the touts. Get it sorted F.A. once and for all
Sat Nav : HA9 0WS

Wembley Stadium Capacity : 90,000 (25,000 for City)


Mark Radcliffe

Mark Radcliffe – Reelin’ In The Years

Wednesday May 11th. Off we toddled to Waterstones on Deansgate, where, at 7pm, Mark was hosting, nay, headlining, a reading session on his latest book ‘Reelin’ in the Years’. (Pleased to say that Steely Dan’s ‘Can’t Buy a Thrill’ nestles snugly in my vinyl collection). He‘d already been to Leeds and Bradford for similar sessions earlier in the day but drew the line at popping over to Hull (southern based publishers thinking it was just round the corner!) before arriving back in Mancunia.
There was a very polite gathering of about fifty people, of mixed gender, with plenty of Blues, including Paul Lake. The writer Stuart Maconie (Sue’s read his book, but I haven’t yet) was present but I’m told he supports Wigan.
Mark, in his own inimitable style, read passages from his book which included his observations on Cliff’s ‘Move It’ the first real British rock n ‘roll record (spot on there) his lust for Sandie Shaw, fascination for Thunderbirds, and observations on space travel for all.
This was interspersed with wit and humour, a little genteel heckling here and there, with particular emphasis on whether it should be reelin’ or reeling, and Cliff Richard Junior in Thunderbirds.
Mark can’t understand why anyone should want a personalised number plate (we got off lightly on this one!) and picked on various other annoyances.
Any questions? Of course we all went into freeze frame. Afterwards I wanted to ask if he’d read Bill Bruford’s autobiography (I never knew there was so much to drumming) and when he touched on 1967 if he thought that the Moody Blues had been short changed publicity wise for their concept album ‘Days Of future Passed’.
Anyway, we picked up a signed copy of the book, and as soon as we got home I started reading it which is very annoying because I’ve the grass to mow and have to go to Wembley, so little time.
Basically Mark has covered every chapter of his life from 1958 to 2011 with a significant song title and relevant tales for each year. Personally I did pretty well up to 1997, not bad I think as many of my peers (including the trendiest kids from school) are still stuck in the sixties. Maybe songs in the noughties are not good Karaoke numbers, though The Calling, Kaiser Chiefs, and Oasis are not included which would have brought me nicely up to modern times.
It’s a cracking read and I can’t wait to get back to it. Hopefully we’ll have a chat to Mark about his book, and City, who do get a mention here and there, in the summer. With a bit of luck he’ll do the foreword for the ‘Us and Them’ book, if he doesn’t think that chapter G (Grimsby, Gornik etc) I left with him as a sample isn’t too boring. I was, incidentally, particularly pleased that he features ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ which includes this track, as the 1973 feature on page 111.
‘Reelin In The Years, published by Simon and Schuster, autobiography by Mark Radcliffe, £12.99 from all good bookshops, is a must read.

Monday, 9 May 2011


It’s Fulham v Liverpool tonight, and a ‘Pool win will put them on 58 points, 4 behind us, with 2 games left, one of them against Spurs. who we play tomorrow, here’s the It’s a Fix extract from KK 188 :
Last promotion was in 1978, since then they’ve been successful in the F. A., League and UEFA Cups, and their last pot was the League Cup in 2008. Most recent connection : Vedran Corluka. 124TH League meeting

This season so far : They’re in 5th place with 56 points from 35 games and 6 wins 5 draws and 6 losses away from home.
At the Lane on the opening day of the season in sunny August we rode our luck to clinch a 0-0 draw. Crowd was 35,928 with 2,945 Blues.
They went out of the Carling Cup 1-4 at home to Arsenal aet in the 3rd round, the F. A. Cup 4-0 at Fulham in the 4th round and the Chimps League 5-0 on aggregate to Real Madrid in the quarter final.

Our form at home to Spurs : Last season they took the last Champions League place, clinching it with the 1-0 win at COMS, in May, courtesy of Crouch’s goal in the 82nd minute. Crowd was 47,370.
How did they do it? Good manager, good players, shrewd buying and selling i.e. Crouch, Defoe, Van de Vaart etc and we boosted their fee for Berbatov by £5M! They charge a fortune for season tickets and just by the way have a billionaire on their board.
Out of the 13 home games in the Prem we’ve only managed 2 wins, 5-2 in 94/95 and 2-1 in 07/08. Otherwise it’s been 9 losses and 2 draws. Woeful.

Comment : Good season for Spurs again with terrific performances in some games and particularly in the Chimps League with Gareth Bale starring ( though he’s out tonight). This seems to have affected League and Cup form though, but they’re still neck and neck with City for 4th place. It’s a shame that the game was re-arranged a few days before Wembley but a win would give us a massive boost before the final - no doubt they’ll trot out the “one Ricky Villa” song but always remember “3-0 up and they f*cked it up!” Also it’ll be nice to chant back at them “Champions League, you’re ‘avin a laugh!”

Wwtwtw shite? Averaged 20,859 in 85/86, so not bad, and their current average is 35,833.

Obviously a win tonight would put us on 65 points, out of reach of both Spurs and Liverpool, C’mon you Blues….

men in black

Ouch Glyn - 20 years after all other 'football firms' deceased, the 'men in black' are united's self appointed 21st century firm. No wonder.......

Sunday, 8 May 2011

avin a moan

Everton – I chatted with Phil Hamnet/Shakespeare before the game who’d read the blog. Apparently united fans in the semi hummed the runway song enticing City fans to pick it up, which sadly they did. After the semi the 'men in black' were indiscriminately smacking innocent City fans saying “that’s for singing songs about munich” and Phil concluded by saying “why don’t we just cut it out”? I agree, but how do we get that point over to those who do sing those songs? Surely then you’d still get the ‘men in black’ using violence against Blues for whatever reason?
What a splendid performance that was in the first half at Goodison, though we didn't take all our chances. We knew it would change in the second so why didn’t Mancini?
I found it really worrying that we wimped out again just like at Liverpool. Joe’s sack of spuds for their first goal was a joke, and we let in two headers – as many as we’ve scored all season. Why can’t Kolarov cross the ball? What have we done to Milner – he was a absolutely dreadful again – Dzeko? Balotelli? Jo? FFS. How many goals did Lescott score for Everton in the past? Bloody hell. Pulis was there taking it all in and he’ll use a similar game plan, maybe better, than Everton did in the second half, next week.
Blackpool did us a bit of a favour at Spurs, Fulham play Liverpool Monday night. Sunday Supplement were unanimous that we’ll be too good for Stoke next week. Do they know something we don’t? Today Stoke beat Arsenal comprehensively without Fuller and Etherington. Mancini needs to sort it out, like he did for the semi, before next Saturday.
KK 188 DID hit the streets, despite the initial downpour, and they’ve all been posted out to subscribers/contributors. Three stamps needed to make up 92p. Why does the Post Office have a 92p charge when they haven’t got a 92p stamp? Ridiculous. The country is going to the dogs!
Garry Cook was at the Swinton branch last week, and put on an honest and polished performance as you’d expect from someone earning probably a million a year. However he reckoned that the FA justify giving only 25,000 tickets to fans for the Cup Final as “most clubs outside the top four have average crowds less than 25,000”. That’ll be
Blackburn (24,479), Blackpool (15,754, Bolton (22,685), WBA (24,544) and Wigan 16,490). The most recent Cup Final appearance of any of ‘em was WBA in 1968, 43 years ago!
Gissa job!
Dave (avin a moan)

Friday, 6 May 2011

Whio's the bitter?

Who’s the bitter?
Went out for a warble at the local last night. I never really mention football as time on the mic is my release from our trials and tribulations. Mark who does the karaoke reckons he’s a red, but can’t go as he weighs about 25 stone having lost about 5 stone due to having a gastric band fitted. He knows I’m a Blue and has tried to gently, in a smirky kinda way, take the piss for the last ten years or so. Goes right over my head. So there I was, halfway through the Walker Bros ‘ No Regrets’ when he pulls the plug “that’s enough of that “ he said “I’m pulling it cos you’re a City fan” (he likes country shite music)
So, come on, what’s the most insulting offensive thing I can call him?
Having walked out I popped up to another pub where I’ve been a regular for the past nine years, and the karaoke bloke, a lapsed red, greets me with “hello, they’re all coming out of the woodwork now” However, I was allowed a couple of songs, Spencer Davis’s ‘Keep On Running’ and Echo’s ‘Seven Seas’ so he wasn’t that bitter.
So there you go. Send in your bitter rag stories to the blog…no wonder everyone hates them.

Anyway it’s Everton tomorrow, here’s the ‘It’s A Fix’ extract :
Ever present in the top flight since 1954, last pot the F. A. Cup in 1995, 156th Lg meeting, recent connection Joleon Lescott (oh dear!).

This season so far they’re in 7th place with 48 points from 35 games with 7 wins 7 draws and 3 losses at home.
At COMS on a perishin’ Monday December night it was a 2-1 loss for City, Cahill, surprise, surprise scoring after 4 minutes and Baines after 19 whilst we were down to ten men, Zab getting lengthy treatment off the pitch. Our consolation was a Jagielka own goal after 72 mins and Ya Ya Toure was sent off
They went out of the Carling Cup in the third round
at Brentford 4-3 on pens after drawing 1-1 aet. In the F. A. Cup they went out at home to Reading, thank you, thank you, 1-0 to a goal by ex Blue Matt Mills.

Form at Goodison : Last season we went down 2-0 Pienaar (36) and Saha (pen 45) doing the damage before 37, 378 rabid Evertonians and 2,626 unhappy Blues.
We used to do really well over there but since the 3-1 in 1993, it’s been 7 losses, 4 draws, and only one win (2-1 in 2008/09).

Comment : They had a poor start to the season, lifted only by their 2-0 win in their Cup Final at Eastlands.
Off we go down the ASBO (A580, thanks to son-in-law Brian, Everton fan!?) where the millionaires of the sixties meet the billionaires of 2011. Their results are mixed and having laid the united bogey, it’s time to do it again here and get a result to boost our 4th place aspirations. All the usual suspects are there – ex rags Howard, Saha,and Neville. Cahill’s back, no Fellaini but Heitinga might try and crock a few of our boys.
Seen their car stickers, “You’re in my heart, you’re in my soul”? A bit odd that, as words in the song include Celtic/united!
No doubt Joleon Lescott will get a hot reception if he plays. No doubt their fans will show their class and dignity as Moyes once said!

Groundwise : Always a favourite ground with its double decker stands, but the newish Park End stand spoiled that, and whilst atmosphere can be good the place is now well past its sell by date. However, the proposed ground move was knocked back, though they’re developing the land behind the Park End. Only answer is to share with Liverpool! We’ll be in the Bullens again, upper and lower, restricted views, with nothing to recommend it in the 21st century.
Don’t think we’ve sold out either – it’s getting too expensive.

Wwtwtwshite : Averaged 19,343 in 1983/84 season, and their current average home attendance is : 35,679
Goodison Park : Capacity : 40,260 (1800? for City)
Away Day Zines : When Skies Are Grey - stopped swapping with KK for some reason. Satis; Speke From The Harbour
King Of the Kippax limited edition Wembley Special should be on sale outside, and it's £3 minimum! Donations welcome!
Sat Nav : L4 4EL
Can anyone recommend any pubs?

Cup final Tickets - sold out

No surprise really, that our meagre 25,000 allocation for the FA Cup final has already sold out. The club announced that they had sold out by Wednesday morning.

Tickets for the final have not even reached the "open sale" stage. They sold out halfway through the seasoncard holders stage.

The annoying thing is that there are seasoncard holders, like myself who will end up missing out on the final. Some, like myself, have attended every home game in the cup, including the semi-final, whilst more "loyal" supporters have chosen to stay at home and watch on the box.

I understand the loyalty points system and actually quite agree with having one. Annoying though that some seasoncard holders are off to wem-ber-lee having not attended any cup ties at all this year.

I'd be interested to hear what other supporters feel about this. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones. Maybe you think the system is wrong, or maybe you think I'm just being a bitter blue! :-(

Chris D

Thursday, 5 May 2011

m word

I must say that I am extremely disappointed that MCFC have fallen for the latest Manchester united ‘mind game’ – which they’re infamous for - namely the so called munich chants which supposedly mock the victims of the tragedy in 1958. The disgraceful ‘runway’ song does this and should be outlawed and criticised at every opportunity when aired.
However with regard to the chants:
Who put the ball in the * net?
Who’s the * in the black?
*Oh Terry Cooke is not a * anymore
Carlos Tevez is a Blue, he hates*
I’m not so sure. It is just a name which scans and winds em up.
How come after all this time it is suddenly a problem and all over the papers?

Because they lost the biggest ever derby, can’t stand it and need a diversion.
At school in Salford in 1958 we used to take the piss out of ‘united lads’ who’d say “I’ve been to every united home game “ then add “since Munich”. I don’t remember us calling them munichs at the time but maybe Tony (Petrie) has a point that the vast majority of the 35,000 they’ve amassed since then are in part due to the tragedy, hence the ‘m’ reference.
What if it had happened in Gelsenkirchen or Monchengladbach eh?

However, I accept that this is one we can’t win, just like one of our players viciously and maliciously winking at theirs, or kissing our badge, or us putting up a poster in town. We mustn't upset the suddenly sensitive dears must we?
Any thoughts?

new issue

We are pleased to announce that after nearly 23 years, King Of the Kippax number 188, the fanzine we always hoped to, but never thought we'd ever have to do - the Cup Final special - should hit the outlet at Aleef (Corner of Cross Street/Market Street) and the streets at the Everton and subsequent games.
It's, naturally, a bumper 52 page A4 issue with a colour front (Manchester City 1 united 0) and back (City Cup Final programmes) cover selling at just £3. It can also be purchased for £4 (bloody postage up yet again!) from King Of The Kiippax, 25,Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL..
This issue contains fan's stories from the semi-final, Cup Final preview, UEFA Financial Fair play regs, 1980/81 Cup Final, Who'd be a referee?, Clive Tyldesley chat part 2, match previews and reviews, cartoons, pics and comment on all things Blue, plus the odd pop at the dirty, filthy, despicable, nasty rags.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Just back from the dentist, but no instant cure. Strangely, no mention by him of how 'we' lost the semi-final to City. But it has been a long day and he did fit me in. Zine's practically all done, but the designer's gone off to play cricket so whether we'll make Everton on Saturday is in the balance!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Saturday night's all right

Saturday night’s all right…..
Phew, Chelsea just managed it, winning 2-1 v Spurs. So we’re still 4 points ahead of them, and if we win tomorrow that’ll mean 7 points ahead so out of the last 4 games they’ll have to win three if we don’t get another win. Liverpool are at home to Newcastle so they could catch up similarly so we could be in a strong position. Tomorrow it’s rags v the Arse, so a win win situation and we’ve got West arm, of course, here’s the it’s a fix extract :
Now into their sixth Prem season this time. Last pot the F. A. Cup in 1980, recent connection : Wayne Bridge. 84th Lg Meeting.

This season so far : They’re currently in 20th place with 32 points from 34 games and 2 wins 7 draws and 8 losses away from home.
At the Boleyn in December we put on a fine display winning 3-1 with goals from Ya-ya (30), Green 0g (73), and Adam Johnson (81 but conceding a late goal from Tomkins (89) to go second in the table without Tevez and with Jo in the team. Crowd was 32,813 with 2423 City.
In the Carling Cup they went out in the semis to Birmingham, after beating the rags 4-0, and in the FA Cup they lost 2-1 at Stoke in the 6th round .

At home to the ‘ammers : last season at COMS in September it was a 3-1 City win, with goals from Tevez (5, 61) and Petrov (32) with Cole replying (24). Crowd was 42,745 with 1100 ‘ammers only. In the nine Prem meetings it’s been 6 wins, 2 draws and one defeat, in 92/03 0-1.

Comment : Another difficult season for West Ham. They’re right there in the relegation mix with all sorts of speculation surrounding manager Avram Grant, though they might be buoyed, or not, with the proposed move to the Olympic Stadium. West ‘am playing in a ground with a running track? Surely not. Again we have a good record against them at home and whilst they’ve got a few stars, Green, Parker, Keane and company we should do our usual……

WWTWTWShite : Crowds were down to a commendable average of 17,679 in 55/56, and their current average is 33,392

KK 188 as previously reported is being put together this weekend. Unfortunately I’ve got raging bloody toothache and Sue’s not well. However we hope to be at the printers
early next week and hit the streets for the Everton game. It’s the Cup Final special, of course, and we’ve some cracking articles, thanks to regular and new contributors.
Good luck to our boys tomorrow, I’m sticking my neck out for a 3-0 win, and NO injuries.