Saturday, 25 June 2011

And another thing
Have you renewed?
We went down to the ground and joined the queue outside the ticket office now the upstairs of the store has been converted to Virtual City. Temporary we hope. Store is much brighter with lots of good merchandise and books on display. Hot and sunny on the South side of COMS but perishin’ on the North where the queue was. We were served fairly quickly and joined in the queue by Swindon Paul who’s going Superbia as he goes to all the games anyway and if anyone deserves an extra 2000 points it’s Paul. Not sure about the principle of others jumping the loyalty points queue though and neither do many fans - Sean Riley and Bill Garnett in particular have taken this up with the club. We went for Gold. Platinum was a good marketing ploy by the club to sell the ailing programme and City mag, but we didn’t fall for it despite the attraction of the extra points. Still, compared with the rest of the Prem., good value overall.
Not much movement on the transfer targets that, according to Noel G, were to blow our minds this summer, not to mention the dead wood removal, but it’s early days yet I suppose.
Copy’s coming in for the next KK with articles by Tony P, Howard H’s season review, Burfield’s Class Of 2010/11, Jon C’s City World, and HWIFY in already. We should be putting it together in the next couple of weeks so please send your stuff and Cup Final pics in soon please.
We’re also in the throes of final editing of the US and Them book, and thanks to all who have sent in pledges so far. Contributors, and there’s over thirty, will get a free copy of course.
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Nearly July

Nearly July
We had a good couple of weeks on the Gower. Came back up for a day for Peter and Siobhan’s wedding reception – you could say they’re now Tangled up In Blue!
So good luck to them, and best man Nedum Onuoha, who’s also just married.
I picked up Mel Nurse’s Mr. Swansea book whilst down there. Mel was a Swans player in the 60’s and 70’s then a Director. He virtually saved the Swans from extinction. Plenty of Blues mentioned – Vic Gomersall, Roy Paul, manager John Bond, and Tommy Hutch. Mel went to a game at Fulham in 1956 from his army base and headed for the floodlights. He did well finding the ground as lights weren’t erected at Fulham until 1962!
I sussed out the Liberty (bodice!) Stadium but it, and the club shop was shut, owing to refurbishment! It’s on a big retail park so plenty to do when we visit in March, and if you get chance to spend time on the Mumbles and the (David!) Gower I’d recommend it. Take your brolly and your mack!
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Saturday, 4 June 2011


June’s busting out….
Well the Swans did it so well done to them. It should be a happy place when we visit The Gower in the next couple of weeks.
Bank Holiday Monday saw the damp squid of the rags parade with more stewards and police following the bus than the number of fans assembled en route. Of course the muen tried to put a brave face on it and convince us there were thousands of local rags there but from what we saw on telly it was pretty sparse. They didn’t even go into the stadium. Whilst we had our gliches at COMS our celebration knocked spots off theirs. No wonder......
Picked up the latest 4-4-2 (July) today. Bugger me they’ve printed a daft letter saying that Paddy Fagan in the 57/58 photo looks like the actor William Defoe. Thought they might’ve put my beautifully constructed letter in on that subject, but no. still, a great photo!
No history? Not a mention of the cup final (we won it) Then they’ve got Vidic (who should've been sent off every other game) as their player of the season. No photo of Ya-Ya striding past him to score the winner in the semi-final. Then on the inside back page there’s a full page advert on rags’ merchandise. Trouble with ads is you finish up dancing to their tune or they withdraw the ad costs. That’s one of the reasons why we don’t do em at KK. Anyway did you know that we’re joint second in the trophy span years. Blackburn first then us and Spurs. Ours is 1904 to 2011 that’s 107 years. Not a lot of people know that!
Subscribers are coming in for the Us and Them book, so thanks to all so far. Keep em coming. All contributors (36) get a free copy of course
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