Monday, 31 October 2011


Monday, Monday
Wolves on a Saturday at 3pm nice. Carling cup draw has us paired with Arsenal away. Not nice. Rags got Palace at home. Surely a Fix? Could’ve been Cardiff I suppose?
Anyway, nice day for it just. Rags won at Everton, Arse at Chelsea (now in crisis?)
We made hard work of it but got there in the end. Two vital wins against Wolves after the 6-1, and discarding that Typical City tag. Let’s hope so.
So, still 5 points clear. You can never write off the rags especially as Anthony Clavane in the manumirror has the 6-1 down as a “blessing in disguise” so that should make all the rags feel better about it!? No “City upstage united” articles again, what’s going on?
Wednesday night it’s Villarreal, - here’s the It’s a Fix extract :
It’s the return match with Villarreal and nothing less than 3 points will do.
Groundwise it is one of the most interesting and colourful, we’ve ever played in, with blue and yellow seating. Named El Madrigal its capacity is only 25,000, tickets are £50 and we’ve sold out of our 1500 allocation.
Looking at the structure beneath the stands, doing the Poznan might be dodgy, and it’s quite open so remember the rain in Spain, falls mainly on the away fans. I think you’ve gottit!
They were founded in March 1923, just a few months before Maine Road opened to ‘promote all sports, especially football.’
They played in the regional and the lower leagues until 1998 when they reached the Primera Liga. They were immediately relegated but promoted again in 2000. In 2002 they were defeated in the final of the Intertoto cup to Malaga 2-1 but won it in 2003 defeating Heerenveen to enter the UEFA Cup reaching the semi-final being defeated by Valencia the eventual winners.
In 2004 they defended the Intertoto beating Atletico Madrid but lost in the quarter final of the UEFA cup to AZ Alkmaar, but finished 3rd in La Liga, Diego Forlan, yet another Fergie flop, being top scorer in the league with 25 goals.
In the Champions league in 2005/06 they defeated Everton in the play offs drew both games against united, and with good results v OSC Lille and Benfica advanced to the last 16. Again good results V Rangers and Inter took them to the semis where they lost out to Arsenal 0-1 and 0-0.
In 2006/07 they lost to Maribor in the Intertoto and in 2008 they finished 2nd to Real Madrid in La Liga and reached the last 32 of the UEFA cup losing to eventual winners Zenith St Petersburg.
The club are based in the east of Spain in the province of Castellon, just north of Valencia.
Club colours date back to 1947. White shirts and black shorts were unavailable when the son of the then president visited Valencia to purchase so he had to settle for yellow shirts and black shorts. The players didn’t like the shorts so white ones were purchased and dyed blue. Since 2003 however yellow shorts have been adopted.
Because of the all yellow kit the club’s nickname is El Submarino Amarillo (the yellow submarine) The mascot Groguet, Little Yellow is characterised as a submarine in human form!
The squad includes the usual Spanish names of Lopez, Sanchez, Rossi etc.
Last season they finished 4th but this season they’re in the bottom half of La Liga and have already lost to Bayern Munich, Napoli, ans narrowly to ourselves in the Champs League, when we scored that last minute winner, and Kun would them up - allegedly!
Current coach is Juan Carlos Garrido.
Enjoy the trip.

Dear King of the Kippax,Can you put the info below in the fanzine please. Might be a few who fancy a trip to Benidorm - as there are cheap flights and good beer.Benidorm Sports and Social are putting coaches on from the Union Jack sports bar at 40 Euro, all cash to be paid on the day.Dave is taking bookings from anyone interested.Thanks.---------------------Villareal v Man City - 2nd November 2011Organized return coaches from Benidorm Sports and Social are to leave the Union Jack bar in Benidorm at 2pm. 40 Euro return.13 years experience of organising tours and events on the Costa Blanca.Contact DaveTel :0034 626 270 860Email :

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Friday night/Saturday morning
Wolves in the League Cup, and it looked a bit dodgy at 0-1, but we bounced back sensationally, banging in 5.
So, a fine night all round, and we look forward cautiously but confidently to playing them again today. Good articles on David Platt and Mario in the Guardian, by the way. Here we go with the It’s A Fix extract :

Third season this time in the Prem, most recent connections are Keith Curle, Mark Kennedy, Joleon Lescott. Last pot was the Lg Cup in 1980. 111th Lg meeting
Last season in October at Molineux it was a 2-1 loss, City opening through Adebayor (23p), with Wolves equalising through Milljas (30) and going ahead through Edwards (57) Crowd was 25,971 with 2505 Blues, in a massively disappointing performance, with strange substitutions, and on the field spats between City players which gave the press a field day, another one.
At COMS in January it was a 4-3 win, Milijas opening for Wolves (12) with City going 4-1 up through K Toure (40), Tevez (49,66) and YY Toure (54) then letting Wolves back in frustratingly through Doyle (68p) and Zubar (86)
Crowd was 46,672 with 2843 Wolves, City going top with 45 points.
This season so far they’re in 16th place with 8 points from 7 games and 1 away win, 1 draw and 1 loss. We’ve just played them in the Carling and won 5-2 so let’s hope it’s not a revenge mission for them!
At home to Wolves, season’s 2001/02 1-0 reversed their three 1-0 wins against us at M/Rd. In 03/04 it was a 3-3 draw as they headed for the drop, and we’ve won the last two, 1-0 and 4-3.
Comment - after staying up by the skin of their teeth last season they had a flying start but then hit the skids. Hunt has always been a thorn in our side for some reason, but not on Wednesday night, and Jarvis did well against us at their place last year, but really, we need to keep up the momentum with another three points and a few goals.
Wind ups are Wanky, wanky wanky wanky Wanderers, Going down, going down, going down, small town in Walsall, You’re not famous anymore,
WWTWTWShite? Crowds averaged 4,020 in 1985/86, so don’t let them chant “Where were you when you were shit” and averaged 27,622 last (94.6% full) now stand at 22,657 this season whilst the new stand goes up.
The Tevez saga rumbles on, and the fact remains that he DID refuse to come on at Munich, so all that PFA stuff is bollox.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


How about that then? Was asked to go on 5Live on Sunday morning at the crack of dawn, and after agreeing was told it’d be with Micky Thomas. So I got geared up but strangely it wasn’t the usual rag brag situation and I sensed they really were worried. Quite rightly. Went with youngest son and grandson and it’s hard to express the feelings of pride we had. If ever a club and its fans deserved a day like this then it’s us. The rest of the world was jubilant too and QPR did us a favour beating Chelsea
Look forward to receiving all the stories for the next KK. Wasn’t it quiet on Warwick Road on the way out? Just 3 more points and a double whammy of + 5 for us and - 5 for them on the goal difference
Anyway it’s Wolves twice this week and the old typical City would lose both games. I don’t think this City will, these are important games and we need to win both to show that we really are the real deal this time.Here’s the It’s A fix extract : GAME 9A) WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 26TH WOLVES (AWAY) KO 7.45PM
In the League Cup there’s been three meetings so far. First was in 1971/72 when City came back from 3-1 down to win 4-3 at home in the 2nd round, but went out at Bolton in the next. Then it was the 1974 Final which Wolves somehow won 2-1, despite City’s forward line of Lee, Bell, Marsh, Law and Summerbee. Mike Bailey running it for Wolves and goalie Pearce having a blinder for them.
Then, after both City (1976) and Wolves (1980) had won it again it was then the two legged second round in 1987/88. Wolves won 2-1 at Maine Road, their fans supposedly being banned, (foxing Bernardo Halfordo) but City winning the second leg at Molineux 2-0 to go through, eventually being knocked out at Everton in the quarter final.
So far in the Carling Cup they’ve beaten Millwall 5-0 at home and Northampton 4-0 away, so they’re obviously taking it pretty seriously. With our stuttering start so far in the Champs League, City probably need to take it seriously too, and Roberto needs to put out a strong team.

Molineux Capacity : 30,000 ( 2,700 for City if required)

At Molineux since the 1-4 in 1999/2000 it’s been 2 wins (2-0 in 2001/02; 3-0 in 2009/10) and 2 losses (0-1 in 2003/04; and 1-2 last season – when they told us they’d prefer their team spirit to our wealth – yawn) Home form has been dodgy this season with one win, one draw and three losses. They were dreadful on Saturday v Swansea but Mick got them outta jail with crafty substitutions, sticking two fingers up to the vociferous doubters.
The ground was completely re-developed by 1993, but ambitious plans are in place to increase the capacity to 50,000. First phase is the replacement of the Stan Cullis stand with a new two tier 7,700 job complete with megastore, museum, café, hospitality facilities and video screen. It will extend into the north east corner to house the away fans and take the capacity up to 31,700. It will be ready for next season and is partly being utilised at present. MOTD cameras finally gave an overview but we’ll still wait until after our visit before updating the ground diagram. City fans are in the lower tier of the Steve Bull stand and we’re taking 2,700 despite only 1380 going to West Brom last year.
Tickets are £19.
(* Info from Groundtastic, 21, Tiptree Grove, Wickford, Essex, SS12 9AL)
There’s some handy car parks nearby and you can grab a bite at the local supermarket if you don’t fancy a pint at the Goalpost on RHS just before Wolves ground.
Away day zine A Load Of Bull, who swapped with KK, has now disappeared which is a shame.
Sat Nav is : WV1 4QR
PS Carlos why doesn't he just apologise and forget all this sueing shite?

Monday, 24 October 2011


At Ewood Park they announced that City were winning 3-0. Both sets of fans erupted (so much for City replacing United/Chelsea as the most hated team in the Premier League)

After the game I kept a low profile and made my way to the Cricket ground. I found myself on a bus to Piccadilly with a load of gloomy Rags, most of whom were from Northern Ireland.
One of them turned to me and said, “Strewth, I can’t remember the last time we let in five goals at home”
I didn’t have the heart to tell him.
Neil Shaw


"united involved in seven goal thriller"

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Ps - some idea at the swamp of having bins to ditch our Tevez shirts in exchange for new ones. Can't really go along with this - OK for rags, but not for me, what about you?

Saturday, 22 October 2011


The papers are full of it – the biggest derby ever – and how we’ll never match united, that legend Darren Fletcher having a pop. We are City, super City….and we certainly don’t give a toss about the despicables, and their pathetic sordid history.
Here’s the it’s A Fix extract – GAME 9) SUNDAY OCTOBER 23RD uNITED (AWAY) KO 1.30 PM
Prem. division regulars, last pot Prem title 2011,
Recent connection Owen Hargreaves, this is the 145th league meeting.
Last season at COMS on a November Wednesday night it was a 0-0 bore draw in front of 47,228 with 2617 rags. Over at the swamp in February it was a 2-1 loss, Nani (41), Silva equalising (65) then Rooney 78) clinching it for them. Crowd was 75,322 with 2977 impeccables.To the big one then and in the FA Cup semi at Wembley in April, with no one giving City a prayer, Ya Ya popped in the winner in the 52nd minute with Scholes getting sent off for the real bitters and after taking the pee for 35 years (at least) the rags showed they couldn't take it by getting all mardy, mardy at the end. Diddums.
This season so far – they won the Community Shield beating us 3-2 at Wembley. Lescott (38) and Dzeko (45) opened the scoring but Smalling (52) Nani (58,90) clinched it for them. So they went 2 down, got the winner from a daft mistake in injury time but classed it as “giving us a footballing lesson!” No wonder everyone hates them. As for Stretford flags, where was the “Liverpool, trophy free zone “ one? Tossers.
They’re in second spot with 20 points from 8 games and 4 wins at home. Cleverley was injured at Bolton and rag fans bombarded Kevin Davies and his wife with nasty messages and threats. When Evans ‘did’ Holden last year at the swamp Bolton, classily, just accepted it. Sums the rags up really. no wonder everyone hates them …..
In the Carling Cup they’ve beaten Leeds away 3-0, their fans disgracing themselves in the process, and face the mighty Aldershot away in the 4th round.
In the Champs league they got the easiest group but haven’t yet set it alight by drawing 1-1 at Benfica, 3-3 at home to Basel, after being 2-0 up, and winning 2-0 away to some team no one’s ever heard of.
Our form at the Liverpool Warehouse in Trafford/swamp/cesspit/leper colony :
In our last 10 Prem visits we’ve won 1 drawn 4 lost 5.
Old Trafford Capacity ; 76,000 (3,000 for City)
Comment : Off the field - typical united again, Giggs, Rooney and now his dad disgracing themselves plus Rio’s lost his court case for having all his transgressions exposed. Still no full page spread anywhere of the Rooney/Fergie spat in the Champs final and not a “ruining football” story to be found re their sponsorship deal with DHL (don’t use em) for their tracksuits. Cover up continues of the Thailand/Robson farce. Fergie reckons Rooney’s matured after his sending off in Montenegro and that the FA treat them like shit, punishing them for all their misdemeanours. Diddums
On the field they strengthened by bringing in Jones, De Gea, and Young plus Cleverley and Welbeck returned from loan spells so have a big, big expensive squad and look capable of winning the title again, which they should with the money they’ve spent unless….feeling quietly confident c’mon City, tho ‘ the ref is Clattenburg who we’ve only lost once under (Arse at home last year)
Groundwise, the record attendance is still 76,962 for the Wolves v Grimsby semi-final in 1939. It’s uglyville, but we make it beautiful in our corner between the main and north stand with the sky blue. They don’t have spirals so it’ll be up the steps for us, how quaint is that?
They once proudly went 37 years without winning a trophy, remind them. Tickets are £52/£43/£42. Watch your backs you know how bitter they can be.
WWTWTWShite? Crowds were down to an average of 11,685 in 1930/31, and the current average is 40,000 plus 35,473 tourists.
Away Day Zines ; united We Stand, Red Issue, Red News, Red Shite, Red Bollox, Red Lies, Red Cheats, Red Hypocrites, Red Bullies, Red Thugs, Red Drivel

Friday, 21 October 2011


Villarreal. Champions League you’re avin a laugh? Big queues at entrance J, as G was handed over to the few Villarreal fans, so we all got in late and were surprised to find us one down. Not sure if the singing South stand worked – Blues spent more time chucking paper balls than supporting the team, and to throw them at the Villarreal player taking a corner was just plain daft. UEFA fine looms or worse.
However, my view is that away fans should always be out of the way and not in prime position behind the goal.
We looked less like getting a goal than at Wembley in 1999 and I’m ashamed to say that I missed it, but what a relief. Apparently there were a couple of stabbings in Napoli – what are UEFA doing about that?
I did an interview a few weeks ago about City/united rivalry saying how orrible the rags are for the Finnair Blue Wings magazine. Johnny cum lately,rag bandwagon jumper and Stockport resident Terry Christian confirmed this belief as you’d expect. Unfortunately the article fell into the rewriting City history by saying that one week after City’s cup win united won their 19th title. Sigh.
I’ve also done an interview with La Monde on the Blues, and today I did one to a podcast fella on the merits of City’s move to COMS compared to West Ham’s to the Olympic stadium. Shouldn’t the club pay me as unofficial spokeperson?
Met up with Gary James on Wednesday for a chat who’s volunteered to do the foreword for the book and attended a ‘Geeks’ meeting (I know what you’re thinking!) with Chris Nield (who does very well) and company. As soon as I get this blessed book off to the printers I’ll get onto Facebook, Twitter and all that and get the blog sorted hopefully.
In the MUEN James Robson, who I refused to talk to last season as he’s a biased red twat of the worst kind, tells us that Rooney is bang on goalscoring form. Apparently over in Disneyworld he beat ten men from inside his own half to score and then popped one in from the halfway line with a magnificent overhead kick running on to nod it in? Actually he scored two penalties. Wow.
So derby day looms. Bryan Robson sticks his two penneth in about Tevez. What the f is it to do with him? All that “in my day” shite when Whiteside and McGrath were booted out cos of the booze culture and Robbo somehow survived g;ossed over.
Just heard a 'sad rag slag' on Radio Manc saying we’ve played no one yet, wait til Sunday.
No wonder everyone hates them.
Some confusion re the Tevez situation, staff apparently not backing Mancini. Worrying. Why didn’t he come on then?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Further to City's game at Napoli next month and Liverpool fans problems last season we asked if any of their fans could give us the low down. Here's the response. Incidentally Spike has a trip planned including a stay in beautiful Sorrento, and we'll repeat the ad and the one for Villarreal shortly :

Hello Dave
Been given your email address via Ste Kelly. Funnily enough, I was going to put something on one of the City fanzine sites over the coming week or so anyway. Napoli - are you SURE you want to go? ;-)How much detail do you want?Our group did two nights there. The place is virtuallly lawless. Totally controlled by the Camorra and has been for many, many years. It shows. Graffiti and rubbish adorn every street - we're not talking 'looking untidy like it's bin day' - we're talking ROADS COMPLETELY BLOCKED by MOUNTAINS of rubbish. And we're not talking about a bit of tagging being the current 'street' thing to do - we're talking every wall of every building, every staircase, every fountain, every statue, every monument, everything that resembles class or culture virtually blotted out of existence with spray paints and rubbish. It's an absolute travesty, because if the place wasn't lawless from one decade to the next, it would be beautiful. Instead, it's at the other end of the spectrum.But that's not the biggest problem with going to Naples. Now your 'getting in the way of having a few bevvies and a giggle with your mates' is split into two different, yet instantly interchangeable, groups;1. The street gangs. I hope you've seen the Warriors and Escape from New York, because you'll be getting an idea of the kind of city and the 'after dark vibe' I'm trying to create here. There are little gangs of street urchins, bloody everywhere. They're there during the day and night - it's just that during the day, there are so many people around they're not immediately noticable, and the sheer hustle and bustle of the city provides an actual physical barrier to them getting 'in your face' as they seem so keen to do. But this isn't in an avuncular over-enthusiastic Istanbul type way, this is ‘ in a getting a kick out of seeing people as intimidated as possible’ sort of way. The later it gets, the more danger you're in if you're walking around. None of us in our group are particular shrinking violets, which probably saved us in a way. We were 'buzzed' by scooters, shouted at, had cars with 5/6 people in literally crawl alongside us all the way down certain streets late at night, staring at us, but there is something very distinctive that these 'street gangs' do and that's to try and amass numbers quick, because at the end of the day, like most gangs of little twats, they're cowards and want to vastly outnumber you. They do this in quite an effective way - like the old 'police whistle' system. If you get spotted, you'll get followed and they'll start doing their 'whistle', with fingers in mouths like they're trying to attract attention. You'll notice that other little shitbags will start gathering. It's almost like the pied piper. I'm sure there are enough rats in the city to create quite a scene..... That happened over both nights and we sort of fronted them out, got aggressive back (surprising how many languages 'fuck off' translates to isn't it) whilst sort of darting down a few side roads to get where we were going quicker than normal (think 'trying to look hard whilst going as quick as you can' speed). On the first night, whilst it was noticeable what they were trying to do and that they were trying to intimidate, we didn't exactly feel the need to start changing underwear - but what became apparent that other people had experienced made our little verbal exchanges a bit more sinister, upon reflection; Fella in his 60s getting slashed in the face, small groups of reds getting picked off and battered with weapons, somebody else stabbed. There are a few 'alfresco' bars around the city - a few of them were getting charged at by these gangs who were just running in with weapons and hitting or waving blades at anybody that looked slightly English (hence the fella in his 60s getting slashed). So that's two pieces of advice. a.) Try to minimise being on the streets too late, and if so, go in numbers - make your foot journeys as short as possible. b.) Don't sit alfresco in the early hours, because near enough all these slashings, batterings and stabbings happened after midnight, where these street urchins have got fuck all else to do. The whole city is FULL of them, so picture being in an outdoor cafe in Moss Side or Toxteth, as an out-of-towner, very late at night. You wouldn't do that would you? Yet when you're abroad on the ale, it feels safe and you relax. This city is like the worst areas in the worst English cities, all the time. If you keep that in mind, you'll be fine!2. I mentioned the other thing that'll get in the way of your general enjoyment. The Mastiffs (the Napoli hoolies - I'm not even going to call them Ultras because quite frankly, Real Madrid have Ultras and the latter would run away if you coughed). Whilst they are also c*nts, they do seem to have SOME sort of code of conduct, but that's not to say that they're not infiltrated by said street rats, and will intersperse with them where they see fit.The Mastiffs will gather in the Piazza Bellini (a small, quite charming square) in the middle of the city on VIA SANTA MARIA DI COSTANTINOPOLI from as early as midday on the day of the game. I know all this because guess where our bloody hotel was! The hotel manager explained in detail about the Mastiffs effectively considering themselves as 'owning' this specific part of the city. You can tell where it is because the pale blue and white graffiti is everywhere around there. It's mainly a student area. They were gathered the night before the game in the square as well - this is before we were brought up to speed by the locals and the manager about them. We turned the corner and instantly knew it was their 'boys' - about 100 of them all drinking together. Most of us have travelled a lot all over Europe following the reds and we're pretty clued up. We crossed the road (6 v 100 wasn't great odds) and they didn't give us any shit at all. It's a bit like the old 'top firm' mentality. We were a soft target so they didn't bother. The next day, we thought we'd be alright having lunch and a couple of beers in the square. We couldn't believe it when they were forming up at about 12.30. They were getting orders from their 'capitans' even at that time. After we'd been there about an hour, we were attracting a bit of attention from them. A fair few kept staring at us from across the square (we were the only three English looking people in the area!) and I think, in the end, they must have thought we were taking the piss because we didn't automatically leave their 'manor', so they started wandering over to us in ones and twos, walking past our table ridiculously slowly, staring at us. They might as well have just said 'fuck off out of our square', that would have done. We took the hint once the sixth person had virtually stood right at our table looking straight at us.Everywhere we went that day, the locals kept telling us there was going to be trouble. Looking at us like we were fucking mad going there in the first place, and even more mad considering going the match. We were beginning to think about jibbing the match, but considering that would be the first time in history we'd not gone 'out of fear' and the stick we'd get back home, quickly called each other names and accused somebody else of coming up with the idea first of staying in a bar, and that they're a softarse etc. etc. No, fuck you Mastiffs, we were going, end of. But we came up with the idea of going in taxis to avoid the buses which were obviously going to get bricked. Which brings me on to...Important point c.) Go on the official buses for fuck's sakeThe taxi drivers, because they are C*NTS, WILL drop you right in the middle of the home fans. Because of the layout of the ground, the roads around it and road closures etc., it's too much like hard work for them to drop you anywhere other than the wrong side of the away end, so you have to work your way through all the Napoli fans and most significantly, past the Ultras/Mastiffs gate, to get to the away end. Well that was mayhem. To actually have home fans visibly frightened ON YOUR BEHALF, and physically trying to usher you away from the worst Mastiffs purely out of wanting to avoid carnage, does heighten the senses somewhat. The ten of us end up pretty much separated, and instantly a big battle erupts between the Mastiffs, the Police and a few of us (plus one or two further straggler reds). There are baton charges, smoke grenades, stun grenades going off, bricks, bottles, signs flying through the air, the lot. I must admit that's the most scared I've been at a match (I was at Hillsborough but it's a long story) because I simply didn't know where to go and I ended up on my own in the middle of a riot, where loads of them didn't know whether to have a pop at me or at the police. Some fella ran after me with a lit flare in his hand, but luckily I'm quite quick so in the end he gave up and threw it at the riot police. I thought about twatting him but the 50 or so fellas behind him also running in my general direction had me thinking again. After running around like a single gazelle in a pack of lions for about 2/3 minutes, I decided that my best course of action was to run at the police shields and try and get behind their lines.......fortunately, I don't look Italian so they decided I wasn't worth battering. You should have seen the look on the stewards when I made it through the lines - given that the stun grenades were still going off, they couldn't have ushered me in behind their barrier with any more desperation - they were shitting it. I was bloody glad to get in there, I have to say :-D Everyone else turned up in the buses, encountered no problems whatsoever (from the opposite direction) and couldn't understand what the fuss was about. Thought we were making it up :-E Luckily all of our group came through pretty much unscathed. We got the buses back. They took us on a ridiculously convoluted route right out of the city and in again, which took a good hour, not including the 45 minutes or so between the end of the game and us getting on the buses. We were escorted by untold police. Just a quite beer after the game, but we had our second night of the street rats getting 'in our faces'. By that point, to be honest, we were sick of it and just wanted to twat them. We ended up getting an unofficial police escort back to our hotel. Day after the game, important point d.) Get out of Naples and go to Pompeii on the train. About half an hour away. No explanation needed.Well, good luck and that!I was on tripadvisor doing a review. I had to complete the sentence 'when in Naples, make sure you'.....wear a stab-proof vest. Not sure whether they published it or not.
So there you go. Hope it doesn't put you off but the message is, be careful, and be sensible. We'll repeat this in KK 192 which is out before the Napoli and Liverpool game

Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning
Villa and a lovely day for it. Rags scraped a draw at Anfield, Rio should, maybe have been sent off, so a win would put us top.
Traffic chaos in Manc – the ridiculous Crescent fiasco and the Manc way being shut meant many Blues arrived late, but after settling down we destroyed Villa again. Not too sure about that ole stuff, thought we should have gone for more goals and I don’t like us getting arrogant. However I did delight in Mario’s flicks – remind me of why that one was reported as being disrespectful by the rag media in the pre-season friendly at LA Galaxy? So 4-1 and top of the league. Game was marred by the south stand stewarding. I repeat my request for the club, and all clubs in fact, to stop burying their heads in the sand and campaign for safe standing otherwise these situations will escalate.
Manumirror has a positive article by David Anderson on the Blues – maybe our phone chats are paying dividends – and Derek McGovern has an hilarious pop at Fergie – check it out.
Tonight it’s Villarreal. Having been booted out of our normal seats next to each other for some unfathomable reason, I’m now in the third tier and Sue in the second – are they trying to tell us something?
After his good start to the season, Mario finishes his 3 match ban in Europe. Remember his sending off v Kiev? We all said what a daft sod he was. Rooney gets sent off v Montenegro and there’s outcry at HIS 3 match ban, and every excuse under the sun comes out. That’s the difference between the class of Manchester City and the drivel of united. No wonder everyone hates the f*ckers. I certainly do.
Here’s the it’s A Fix extract : GAME 8A) TUESDAY OCTOBER 18TH VILLARREAL (HOME)
They were founded in March 1923, just a few months before Maine Road opened to ‘promote all sports, especially football.’
They played in the regional and the lower leagues until 1998 when they reached the Primera Liga. They were immediately relegated but promoted again in 2000. In 2002 they were defeated in the final of the Intertoto cup to Malaga 2-1 but won it in 2003 defeating Heerenveen to enter the UEFA Cup reaching the semi-final being defeated by Valencia the eventual winners.
In 2004 they defended the Intertoto beating Atletico Madrid but lost in the quarter final of the UEFA cup to AZ Alkmaar, but finished 3rd in La Liga, Diego Forlan, yet another Fergie flop, being top scorer in the league with 25 goals.
In the Champions league in 2005/06 they defeated Everton in the play offs drew both games against united, and with good results v OSC Lille and Benfica advanced to the last 16. Again good results V Rangers and Inter took them to the semis where they lost out to Arsenal 0-1 and 0-0.
In 2006/07 they lost to Maribor in the Intertoto and in 2008 they finished 2nd to Real Madrid in La Liga and reached the last 32 of the UEFA cup losing to eventual winners Zenith St Petersburg.
The club are based in the east of Spain in the province of Castellon, just north of Valencia.
Club colours date back to 1947. White shirts and black shorts were unavailable when the son of the then president visited Valencia to purchase so he had to settle for yellow shirts and black shorts. The players didn’t like the shorts so white ones were purchased and dyed blue. Since 2003 however yellow shorts have been adopted.
Because of the all yellow kit the club’s nickname is El Submarino Amarillo (the yellow submarine) The mascot Groguet, Little Yellow is characterised as a submarine in human form!
The squad includes the usual Spanish names of Lopez, Sanchez, Fergie flop Rossi etc.
Last season they finished 4th but this season they’re in the bottom half of La Liga, could only draw at (Colonel!) Getafe 0-0 at weekend, and have already lost to Bayern Munich and Napoli in the Champs Cup. It is vital that City pick up 3 points tonight.
Current coach is Juan Carlos Garrido.
Away fans will be in the third tier of the East stand which is sensible, on a trial basis, but will we miss not being able to observe their antics, often entertaining with European opposition? Don’t think so !?
Have a great night,

Thursday, 13 October 2011


Well, a busy week at KK towers : KK191 is a 48 page A4 issue with a front cover showing Mancini booting Tevez to the MCFC exit with the caption “understand that!?”
It sells at just £2.50 and can also be purchased for £3.50 from King Of The Kippax, 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL.
This issue contains a review of Mark Ward’s book, Garry Cook and Carlos Tevez debate, Everton, Munich, KOTK review, match previews and reviews, cartoons, pics and comment on all things Blue, plus the odd pop at the dirty, filthy, despicable, nasty, cheating, bullying rags, who we play next week.
Thanks, as always, to all contributors, subscribers, and Blues for your continued support.
What a week it’s been. City players doing their stuff – Joe Hart in goal for England, Nasri scoring for France, Dzeko scoring for Bosnia, Silva notching 2 for Spain.
As for the rags – Rooney’s dad getting done. Rooney getting sent off for a vicious foul, Giggs’ missus having a row with her sis in law in Chinatown, Vidic missing a penalty. Fergie claiming that Rooney’s matured. Wow what united have done for England eh, and the FA treat em like shit. What did Ian Wright say? “the greatness of a club is measured by the quality of the people you employ”. Well that lets united out then. No wonder everyone hates them, they behave despicably and twats like Wright hold them up as being exemplary. Fuck off you cretin.
Anyway I’ve got some subscriptions off in tonight’s post and we should be in at Aleef – corner of Cross street and Market street tomorrow, so look out for it – please!
Carlos is back from his golfing holiday in Argentina – what’s wrong with Ellesmere Park? He’s still totally unfit and training on his own. Inquiry result expected tomorrow.
Called in at the club for some tickets today and found out that we get upper AND lower at QPR and OAP’s get a mere £5 reduction – meanies I’ll be writing to them.
Saturday it’s Villa to shit on with a bit of luck, here’s the it’s A Fix extract: GAME 8) SATURDAYOCTOBER 15TH VILLA (HOME) KO 3PM
They’ve been in the Prem ever since 1988. Last Pot, League Cup 1996. Most recent connections : Shay Given, Richard Dunne, Stephen Ireland, Gareth Barry, James Milner. 145th League meeting.
Last season in late December it was a 4-0 City win at COMS, Mario notching a hat trick (8p, 27, 55P) and Lescott (13) for a comfy win in front of 46,716 with 2033 Villans. A few weeks later in January at Villa Park it was a 1-0 loss with a recently transferred Bent inevitably scoring after 16 minutes although City did everything but score, Dzeko missing a late header which would have kick started his City career. Crowd was 37,615 (2634 Blues) There was also a 5th round cup tie at COMS in March with the Blues going through 3-0 Balotelli (25) Y Y Toure (5) Silva (70) Crowd was a disappointing 25, 570 with 2273 Villans, (upset that Houllier had put out a weakened team, though he disagreed) though it was our 4th home game out of 5 on the trot.
This season so far they’re in 7th place with 11 points after 7 games and 0 wins 3 draws and 0 losses away from home.
In the Carling Cup they beat Hereford 2-0 but then lost 2-0 to Bolton, both at home.
Form at home to Villa : In Manchester, results have favoured City at home in the Prem. Out of the last fourteen meetings Villa have won only 2, (2-0 in 06/07 and 3-1 in 00/01) City winning 10, including the last 4, with 2 draws, and long may it continue.
Comment : After the ridiculous appointment of Gerard Houllier, Roberto Martinez turned them down and they finished up with Ally McLeish from over the road at Brum which went down a treat! They lost Young to the rags but nicked N’Zogbia from Wigan. They’ve not had a bad start to the season though, being unbeaten so far. Dunney’s still popping in the OG’s (a bit unlucky at QPR) and Agboniahor, Heskey and Bent are doing the business up front, though Ireland is still out of sorts.
Our good home record against them would indicate nothing but a home win.
Wind Ups : You can’t beat the old “Shit on the Villa”
WWTWTWShite? Their crowds averaged 15,237 in 85/86, and current home average att. is 31,547
Final point - Joe H on Rooney, Micah on Phil Jones, cut it out lads you would never ever hear any united player praising a Blue. Secomd thoughts, maybe it shows our class!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Blackburn then and a chance to bounce back after the Munich debacle. What a fantastic sunny day it was. With no zines left to sell it was a leisurely trip through Lancashires finest (apart from the M61 Blackpool traffic - did they give out my warning on Radio Manc?) So time for a coffee at our favourite café, and a Cheesy type brekky for the Blue Vic whilst he and Tom Richie, editor of City Til I Cry compared heart problem notes. So it was an early entry into the ground where there was a heavy Police presence for some reason. Blackburn had nothing to offer, and City eventually got our just rewards. We were screaming for Adam, having a dosy one to come off, with the proviso “he’ll probably score now!” Which he did. Mario can still be annoying, once in particular staying down too long when if he’d jumped up could’ve retrieved possession, but he's getting there. Nasri should have passed to unmarked Adam for the third but hey let’s enjoy it while we can. Actually felt sorry for the Blackburn fans, Robinson, a good pro, looked totally demoralised for our 4th. Wonder what the blonde in the tight blue jeans leaving the ground looked like from the front? C’mon, you were all thinking the same weren’t you?
Rags beat the green and yellow scarves 2-0 and I looked forward to the Sunday's headlines of how we upstaged them with our 4-0 win. Funnily enough, not one paper……no wonder everyone hates them.
This week it’s Montenegro v England to qualify for the Euros., C’mon. Tevez has gone back to Argentina with his family whilst the inquiry’s concluded, presumably leaving his girlfriends behind. Aguero’s there too. Mario’s back from Italy, injured and Roberto is in Italy, presumably with his burglar battering missus in Sardinia. Funny old world. Loads in for KK 191, thanks to all, and so another slight delay on getting the book finished, but I can assure one and all that it’s nearly there.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday morning

Saturday morning
Early rise for the Munich trip. I was told at the airport that I’d put Wednesday not Tuesday for the game. Doh!
All went smoothly. I was pleased to see that the club took up my suggestion of doing something for the 1958 victims at the old airport but wasn’t surprised that I wasn’t invited with the official party. Fanzine editors eh? OK they may have already had it in hand but those I spoke to at the club a few weeks ago expressed surprise and enthusiasm at my proposal.
So we took the tour bus and then repaired to the Augustinerkeller where we sat at a table away from Blues having fun and singing the songs. We joined in with the “if you hate man united….” You couldn’t not do it could you? But the German couples on an opposite table took great exception, admonishing us though we didn’t understand a word so it had no effect whatsoever. “When I asked what was that all about one of the guys said “I expected a bit more culture from the English, they were pissing in the middle of the tables over there. I asked a table of four German lads and they said that one Blue had gone up the slope behind the trees but they didn’t find it offensive and indeed it was quite amusing. After mingling with fellow Blues it was off to the match and we had a great sing song on coach 4 to the ground. Again as per Schalke and Hamburg we parked a good walk away and when we got to the stadium there were no signs for away support which meant a tramp all the way round before finding our entrance with a Newcastle type trek up the stairs to the top tier. Not daft these Germans, away fans in the top tier not in prime spot behind the goal like at Eastlands and home and away fans mixing on the concourse. As for the card system for drinks and food, it's a rip off , just don't work and doesn't speed things up.
As for the game, and what a great occasion. Should’ve had 2 pens apparently then Nasri lost the ball and it was 1-0. Dzeko did his daft foul and 2-0, game over, or was it? Not too worried about Edin’s reaction when brought off , understandable, and Nige shored things up. We were surprised that Carlos wasn’t brought on but were soon informed why. All very baffling. Overall bayern certainly showed up our limitations but it'll be different at The Etihad. Got to bed at 3 then was mithered to death by the media and finished up doing a midday interview for channel 4 (not seen it!) before picking the lad and his mates up at Manc Airport.
So what do we make of it? Presumably Roberto gives a team talk before the game and explains to his players the team selection who’s in, who’s out, and why, who’ll be brought on etc and what plan A and B is. So they’re all fully briefed and no excuse for Carlos misunderstanding – or is there?
“They should never play for City again” – remember that being said about Tiatto, Dunne, and Joey Barton – who we got £7M for in the end, so we leave the decision to those at the club to earn their £1.8M a year, even though Carlos can’t blame Garry Cook this time, and he’s been taking the piss for far too long. Cheerio, but we want £40M please.
Deadline for KK 191 is next Tuesday and there’s plenty of topics to discuss!
Anyway here’s the it’s A Fix extract for today’s game :
Promoted last in 2001 so currently in their 11th Prem season, winning their last pot, the League Cup in 2002. Recent connections are Santa Cruz and Benjani, and this is the 111th league meeting.
Last season they finished in 15th place with 43 points and 7 wins 7 draws and 5 losses at home.
At Coms in September it was a 1-1 draw, Kalinic for Blackburn (25) with Vieira (55) equalising for City in a disappointing display. Crowd was 44,246 with 1081 Rovers.
Different story at Ewood though in April just a few days after Ya-Ya had put the ball in the rags net at Wembley. Dzeko popping the winning goal in the 75th minute showing signs of things to come. Crowd was 23,529 with 4,364 ecstatic Blues.
This season so far, they’re currently third from bottom with 4 points after 6 games, but in their last home game they beat Arsenal.
In the Carling Cup they beat Sheff Wed 3-1 and Leyton Orient 3-2 both at home and face Newcastle at home in the 4th round.
Form at Ewood, two wins in the last two for us but prior to that since our 3-2 win in 2003/04, it was 2 draws and 3 losses.
Comment : Struggling again this season and Steve Kean’s days might be numbered, though they’ve sacked assistant manager John Jensen. Summer deals didn’t inspire and the loss of Phil Jones to the rags for a mere £16.5M has surely weakened them. This week’s events will surely fire up City fans and the team alike so it must be 3 points for the Blues.
Groundwise, no change since our last visit, and we should get, and fill the whole Darwen end again, whilst the Fernhurst should be rocking before and after the game.
Ewood Park Capacity : 31, 367 (7,500 for City)

WWTWTWShite? Their crowds were down to an average of 5,826 in 1985/86 before Jack Walker moved in and last season averaged 24,999
Sat Nav : BB2 4JF

Cheers Dave