Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Yesterday’s game ended 1-1 to the referee. We thought the days of biased refs at Anfield had gone, but they were back on Sunday with a vengeance. Thank you Martin Atkinson.
Things paled into insignificance though with the shock news of Gary Speed. RIP.
Tomorrow it’s Arsenal in the Carling Cup, and I hear we’ve sold 5,000 tickets. Here’s the it’s A Fix extract : GAME 13A) TUESDAY NOVEMBER 29TH : ARSENAL AWAY CARLING CUP 5TH ROUND
Six meetings so far in the League Cup :
No joy at all until season 2009/10, with Arsenal going through in five, City just the once.
1977/78 5th rd : 0-0 home, replay 0-1 away
1985/86 3rd rd : 1-2 home
1986/87 3rd rd ; 1-3 away
1990/91 3rd rd : 1-2 home
2004/05 3rd rd : 1-2 home
2009/10 5th rd : 3-0 home (46,015, 4,787 Arses)
So far in the Carling Cup they’ve beaten Shrewsbury 3-1 at home, and Bolton 2-1 also at home.

The Emirates Capacity : 60,355 (5,000 or so for City?)

Our form at Arsenal is dreadful. Last 2 seasons we’ve managed 0-0 draws but haven’t scored for 4 games and haven’t won there since 1975 so by the law of averages we must be due a win?
Currently in the league they’ve recovered from that 8-2 mauling at the swamp and are now in 7th place with 23 points from 13 games with 5 wins 1 draw and 1 loss at home, having just drawn with Fulham.
In the Chimps league, they’ve beaten Udinese 3-1 on aggregate in the preliminary round, drawn 1-1 with Dortmund away, beaten Olympiacos 2-1 at home, and Marseille away 1-0 and drawn at home 0-0, and have just beaten B. Dortmund 2-1 at home to qialify with Olympiacos yet to play away.
Van Persie’s cracking em in and is the danger if he plays, and whilst we don’t know which team Wenger will put out surely we can win and progress?
Tickets are £10 and have been snapped up.
Parking’s crap and the City pub is normally The Drayton Arms
WWTWTWShite? Averaged 23,824 in 1985, and are at 59,930 this season, as they celebrate 125 tears of existance.
Away day zine is The Gooner, who swap with KK and is a very professional production.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Saturday night

It was an early Monday morning (up at 4am) for the 7.30am flight to Naples on Spike’s trip, which included, shall we say, plenty of seasoned City travellers, and we arrived late morning. After a short delay, (someone had lost their wallet) we were coached to Sorrento with a police escort. There followed an incredible piece of manouvring and driving by our driver. Three solid lanes of traffic were opened up miraculously by the police and the coaches steamed in and out and through as though it was a Sunday morning breeze down a leafy Cheshire lane.
We holed up in the majestic Hilton hotel and found our room was next to that of Barry and Yvonne who we last met up with in Portsmouth for the ill fated postponed game a few years ago.
We love Sorrento. Had a nice meal outside in one of the many cafes, then strolled through the town, chatting and nodding to fellow Blues, most of whom we’ve met over many years. “Better than that Tuesday night in Lincoln, eh?” The Sorrentorians specialise in inlay and marquetry and the display in the shops was breathtaking if you like that sort of thing, which we do. Then a further stroll took us to a cliff top area where we looked over the harbour towards Capri (where united fans shovel shit!). We met a couple of tremendous Blues, Steve, who now lives in Bristol, and Ian, who now lives in Edinburgh, and was in IT. We swapped tales of the modern way of team building, mission statements and flying geese and all that bollox. There was a group of American girls who asked us to take some photos of them which Ian duly did. Where are you from they asked “Manchester” I said “and the last time an American lady asked me that she thought I meant from New Hampshire” “No, when I think of Manchester I think of Manchester united” We nearly threw her over the cliff. I’d broken my rule of saying Manchester City when foreigners ask where I’m from!
Back to the hotel where we crashed out then had a snack before deciding to head off into town. However we were advised not to as there were reports of trouble between the local youths and, sadly, City fans on each other. Blues were herded back to the hotel where on police advice the bar was shut.
Got an early morning call from 5Live, then it was off to (Hiyo) Pompeii with Steve and Ian and fellow Blues all wearing their colours naturally.
It’s seen better days of course, but it was a fascinating place, and we entered the auditorium where Pink Floyd played that time. The outside architecture was similar to that of some modern day Italian footy grounds. We met some Americans and one of them said he liked Manchester City because of Oasis. Yes. (anyone see Ollie Murrs on Loose Women saying he’s a massive man u supporter, and he’s done a video on them? Soft twat. Sally Lindsay didn’t give the sad bastard enough stick. Disgraceful. No wonder….) Then it was back to Sorrento and the escorted coach trip to the stadium which was well organised.
Tremendous atmosphere in the ground despite the running track, but the place was crumbling and the amount of steelwork holding up the roof was completely OTT compared with modern designs. The ladies toilets, I’m told were a disgrace, and the City fan letting off fireworks was an embarrassment. Roberto’s team selection was a surprise, and we paid the penalty with a 2-1 loss (the same as at Lincoln!) Napoli fans booed our every touch and gave out those war time type rally chants. Blue Tony Dempsey told us he and his Yorkie mates had drank in the city bars and were subjected to confrontations with the mastiffs which they laughed off. One approached wearing shades and was told “what’s up with thee, is tha blind?” We await Tony’s after the match report. Then it was back to the airport without much bother and home for 4am in the morning. A great trip spoilt only by the result, and let’s face it, they could have had a couple more.

So we’ve had all the gutter press stories about £194M debt to go into the Europa league, and the Napoli President has spouted off a load of bollocks about City whilst ignoring the fact that he should put his own house in order. What an opportunity Naples had to earn some tourist money to help the poverty stricken place prosper, because they can’t control themselves.

Pleased to say that the Us and Them book arrived on Friday so a busy time ahead to send em all out.

Today Newcastle did us a favour, getting a pen at O/T when Rio took out the ball AND the man. Fergie’s nose was a joy to watch as the excuses came out, and it went from red to deep purple. Lovely. No wonder everyone hates them! Spurs won with Adebayor starring and they look like a real threat. So to tomorrow’s game, here is the It’s a fix extract : GAME 13) SUNDAY NOVEMBER 27TH LIVERPOOL AWAY KO 4PM
Their last promotion was in 1962, since when they’ve won the lot but no title since 1990, and their last pot was the F A Cup in 2006. Most recent connections : Craig Bellamy
It’s the 51st Lg meeting.
Last season At COMS in August we battered them 3-0, with goals from Barry (14) and Tevez (52,68P) Crowd was 47,087 with 2698 Scousers
At Anfield though in April, Roberto’s team selection surprised Blues fans and we crashed to two Carroll goals (13, 35) and one from Kuyt (34) for a 3-0 defeat. Crowd was 44,776 with 2841 Blues. This was just days before the FA Cup semi-final showdown with the rags, and we were despondent but after the Wembley win we’ve never looked back.
This season so far : They’re currently in 7th place with 22 points from 12 games, having won at Chelsea, with 2 wins 4 draws and 0 losses at home.
In the Carling Cup they’re away at Chelsea in the quarter final after seeing off Exeter, Brighton and Stoke, all away.
Form in Liverpool : Prior to last season’s loss, we drew 2-2 in 2009/10 and 1-1 in 2008/09, but after our rare 2-1 win in 2002/03 it was 5 straight losses.
Comment : After Kenny’s (why did he ever leave?) January spending spree further money was spent on Henderson, Adams and Downing but they’re not ruining the game oh no. They had a pop at our naming rights deal then MD Ian Ayre tried to persuade the big teams that they should strike their own TV deals, but met with much derision.
We’ve generally struggled at Liverpool, Carroll has always been a threat, and Suarez is a star, tho’ tainted by the Evra situation, (not proven). Roberto must have learned from last year’s debacle and it really is time we did the business here.
Justice for the 96.
Groundwise it’s just the same and we’re in our usual stand and ticket prices are £48.

Anfield Capacity : 45,362 (3,000 for City)

Wwtwtwshite : Av’d 22,742 in 31/32, and this season it's 44,932.
Parking is always a problem, but the Arkles pub is always welcoming provided we behave ourselves
Sat Nav L4 0TH

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Good result v Newcastle, as usual. A few scares, and Vinny a current worry. We played some exquisite stuff not reflected on MOTD needless to say. Nice day for it and great KK sales.
We’re off to Napoli next, here’s the It’s A fix extract :
(History reviewed in KK 190, and see Liverpool/Napoli article in KK 192)
So far they’ve drawn 1-1 with City, beaten Villarreal 2-0 at home, drawn 1-1 with Bayern Munich at home, and lost 3-2 away, to give them 5 points.
The game at home showed us what to expect. Napoli played some fast direct football and went one up in the 69th minute through Cavan. It looked curtains for the Blues until Kolarov foxed their goalie with a free kick in the 75th minute. Crowd was 44,026 with 2533 mean looking Naps.
Napoli is in the south west of Italy on the coast. The Eds visited there last year on holiday and were disappointed. After spending half a day in beautiful Sorrento we journeyed back to Napoli where we were told we must have a Pizza as it is the birthplace of the dish. We did and it was the worst one we’ve ever had, and couldn’t finish it! Then we strolled around the town, where people were friendly and helpful, but we couldn’t miss the beggers and tramps taking food out of the waste skips, and waste disposal is an issue.
So this is a tricky trip for Blues and we’re well aware we must be on our toes and have eyes in the back of our heads. Liverpool fans were stabbed last year and Bayern fans this so we are well aware of the dangers. So just be careful out there, strength in numbers and all that.
Napoli first played at the Stadio Georgio Ascarelli from 1926 but under Nazi influence changed it to Stadio Partenopeo owing to its Jewish connotations. It was destroyed in WW2 bombings and the club moved to the Stadio Collano in the Vomero district, but in 1943 the Neopolitans turned on their German allies and suffered many reprisals as a result.
In 1957 Stadio San Paulo was built, opened in 1959, in the outlying district of Fuorigrota, capacity 85,012 all seated but fans stood up on the upper levels.
They averaged crowds of 70,000 but due to riots and pitch invasions, fences and a moat were installed. It survived an earthquake in 1980 measuring 7 points on the Richter scale but noise from their supporters is reported to also get close. It did become an international venue, and aided by millionaire president Achille Lauro (not allowed now of course) Napoli won the double in 1987 with Maradona, Kun’s dad-in-law. Facilities were upgraded and capacity to 86,000 but was down to 74,000 for the 1990 World Cup. They’ve had a bloke throwing salt on the pitch for luck, one dressed as a Mexican walking round the pitch crashing cymbals, have wheeled out a donkey as a mascot and have a ceramic tile representing the Madonna in an inner sanctum for those who wish to pay respects.
Capacity is now 60,240 and they’re the 4th best supported team in Italy. This season they’re in 6th place with 15 points from 10 games, and 4 wins 3 draws and 3 losses.
Mario Balotelli did, of course, get involved innocently with the Camorra, but having observed a drug den is now reported to be a police witness. Bloody hell what next? If he escapes without being kidnapped or anything we’ll do well! So we’re in for an interesting visit, let’s hope we can return home, safe and sound, with the points we need.
Stadio San Paulo Capacity : 60,240 (2,800 for City?)
Tickets are £25
On the night you’d expect a comfortable win for Bayern at home to Villarreal.

Saturday, 19 November 2011


Something I missed a couple of weeks ago on Saturday AM. After the 6-1 they had a couple of pumpkins on the table with a 1 and a 6 on them. Mysteriously after the break they were turned around. A case of the manumafia striking again? No wonder everyone hates them!
Tomorrow it’s Newcastle. Can we burst their bubble? Here’s the It’s A fix extract :Game 12) SATURDAY NOVEMBER 19TH NEWCASTLE HOME KO 3PM
Second season back in the Prem. Last, and only pot since they beat us in the FA Cup final in 1955 is the 1969 Inter Cities Fairs Cup. Recent connection is Shay Given. This is the 151st League meeting.
Last season, in October at COMS it was a 2-1 home win for City with Tevez opening (18 p) Gutierrez equalising (24) and Johno clinching it (75). Game infamous for Nige’s tackle on Ben Arfa which put him out for a few months and sent the manumediamafia into overdrive. Crowd was 46.067 with 2,614 Geordies.
Up there in late December it was a 3-1 City win, Barry (2) and Tevez (5) giving us a good start but Carroll netting (72) giving us the jitters until Carlos made it 3-1 ( 81) Crowd was 51, 635 with 2,808 Blues.
This season so far, they’re doing incredibly well and are in 3rd place with 25 points from 11 games and 3 wins 2 draws and no losses away from home.
In the Carling Cup they lost a thriller at Blackburn 3-4 aet, after seeing off Scunthorpe and Forest away.
Form at home to Newcastle: We’ve lost only once (0-1 in 00/01) in the last 12 meetings.
Comment: The boys from the Sports Direct Arena (oh dear, and I bet Exeter City are pleased!) are the surprise team of the season, (despite Fergie flop Obertan), particularly after last season’s upheavals – Hughton going, Pardew coming in and starman Carroll going to Liverpool for £35M. Ba’s on fire but our strong home form against them usually sees us through and you wouldn’t expect anything different today.
Usual wind up which really gets up their (and our!) nose is “where were you….”
WWTWTWShite? Crowds averaged 16,001 in 1980/81 and are up to 46,111 this, the Ashley disgust still causing 5,000 or so to stay away, and who can blame them?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


England beat Sweden at Wembley for the first time in ages with a goal from Gareth Barry. Joe Hart and James Milner also appeared.
Anyway we are pleased to announce that King Of the Kippax fanzine number 192, should hit the outlet at Aleef (Corner of Cross Street/Market Street) on Friday November 18th and the selling points around the Etihad at the Newcastle and subsequent games.
KK192 is a 48 page A4 issue with a front cover showing, inevitably, Roberto celebrating the 6-1 with the caption : Bob On, and on, and on etc.
This issue includes stuff on the 6-1, A Liverpool fan’s experience at Napoli; Rise and fall of Manchester City 1894 to 1904, Andy Morrison and Dennis Tueart book reviews, Hillsborough, HWIFYou (we’ve won every game in this issue) Tevez (yawn), Adam and Micah, Alan Turing Way, Hughes, Us and Them book advert, and all the usual magnificent regulars – Ged, Burf., Neil, Gene, Uncle Ryan, Shell, Paul, Tony, David, Sean, Bryan, Tom, Richard, Simon etc…
It sells at just £2.50 (unbeatable value) and can also be purchased for £3.50 (inc P & P) from King Of The Kippax, 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL.
Next up Newcastle, preview shortly.

Friday, 11 November 2011


Good performance and win at Villarreal. Gave it a miss as was getting the Us and Them book finalised, and managed to get it off to the printers before departing for QPR. 5.30pm kick off meant a lie in and late start and good road conditions meant arriving in plenty of time. Parking was surprisingly OK too. Entrance to the upper tier had its very own security fence round it. Merson at the end of last season said he thought that QPR would come straight back down as Loftus Road isn’t an intimidating place. Well they did their best, crowd booing our every touch, throwing the ball away from our players at throw ins, but generally giving their team good support, to no avail. A steward came up to me and asked me to sit down as the woman behind me had complained that she couldn’t see. “That’s my wife” I said, and off he toddled without a word to the hundreds of Blues stood up in front of me. We were wasteful in front of goal and were sweating at the end but hung on for a 3-2 win.
Rags beat Sunderland 1-0 and had a penalty decision against them reversed. Haven’t seen it so can’t comment.
So City remain 5 points clear, but not a “City upstage United” article anywhere. No wonder…..
Travelled over to South Wales after the game and went to Cardiff Bay on the Sunday. Now whilst it wasn’t the warmest day, I have to report not a single rag shirt spotted. Result!
We are currently on with KK 192, the 6-1 special, and it's coming on fine. We hope to be at the pr inters on Monday ,out on Friday, in the shop at Aleef and on the streets for Newcy at home next Saturday.
So it's international time again so let's hope we're clear of injuries by next week.
Enjoy the weekend off

Friday, 4 November 2011


Good performance and win at Villarreal. Been busy getting the book finalised and it should be off to the printers this weekend, and back by the end of November.
Also a reminder to all that deadline for KK 192, the 6-1 special is next Tuesday, send us your pics, stories and jokes.
Tomorrow it’s QPR and another win is essential. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract :

They’re back in the Prem for the first time since season 1995/96 when they went down with our very own Manchester City, and Bolton Wanderers. It’s been a long haul back and they even had to sweat it out at the death to see if they would be allowed up by the FA owing to player registration complications. But here they are, and good to have them back.
Last, and only trophy was the League Cup in 1967, oh Rodney, Rodney….most recent connections are SWP and Joey Barton.
This season so far they’re in 12th place with 12 points from 10 games.
Form at QPR - after the 2-1 win in 1950/51 we went 9 league games without a win until the 3-1 in 1989/90. Since then it’s been 4 losses 3 draws and 2 wins (1-0 in 1993/94; 2-1 in 1994/95) We drew 1-1 in our last meeting in 1999/2000. It’s been a long time.
Comment : Welcome boardroom changes made, Tony Fernandez taking over, but not an easy start for Warnock’s men even though they’ve picked up a few points, and strengthened with the addition of SWP and Joey . They had a good win home to 9 man Chelsea, but lost at Spurs. C’mon it’s got to be another three points and some goals hasn’t it?
Groundwise looking a bit worse for wear now is Loftus Road. Tickets will be in short supply even at the high price they’re charging - £50 and £55 and we’ve got the upper AND lower tiers in the stand behind the goal with its diabolical views in the upper..
Loftus Road Capacity : 18,000 (1500 for City?)
WWTWTWShite : Averaged 5670 in 1964/65, and last season it was 15,635 (81.7% capacity) and this season it’s around 16,530.
Away day zine is still A Kick Up the R’s (Pete Doherty reputedly edited ‘All Quiet on The Western Avenue’) and celeb fans include Ian Gillan, Bill Bailey and Robert Smith amongst many others.
QPR is one of the more accessible London grounds. No doubt they’ll have cocked the street parking up though so that’s a lottery no doubt.
Sat Nav : W12 7PA
Pubs : Moon on Green, Walkabout bar in Shepherds Bush, also Springbok possibly.