Saturday, 10 March 2012


Back from Lisbon safe and sound. Another great trip clocked up. As usual more memorable for the camaraderie than the game which Neil’s description fits perfectly. Boring, boring City…we’ll score when we want. Yes and No!
We met up with comedy duo Steve and Ian again, finally met up with long time KK contributor (and now Lisbon resident) Simon Curtis, enjoyed the splendours of Lisbon, the sunshine, and for the first time ever were serenaded by a spaced out lad with a didgery- do.
Good craic with Lisbon fans who don’t like united but love City and Oasis. The stadium was great, with a Lidl’s and cinema, and I particularly liked the multi-coloured seats which made it look full even when empty. We’ve a lot to learn.
Game showed that whilst Edin continues to struggle, and his reported remarks fired up Sporting before the game, (and they booed him off) we’re probably going to need Carlos for the Prem., and on reflection we’ve all forgotten that the game was already lost in Munich when he was asked to come on.
All went well on Spike’s trip, brilliantly organised, until we arrived back at the ‘World’s best airport’ along with a flight from the far east. No automatic passport control centres open, and only a couple of desks open so it was a long wait to get through and you had to feel for those with young kids who’d had just had an eight hour flight. Complaints procedure in progress…..
So off we go to Swansea, in another vital match. Here’s the It’s A fix extract from KK 195 :
The Swans are back in the top flight for the first time since 1983, when they dropped out alongside our very own Manchester City.
No trophies for Swansea and not so recent connections are The Mighty Roy Paul, Vic Gomersall, Bobby Owen, Tommy Hutch and manager John Bond. Spencer Davis was born in Swansea but whether he supports them or manu is unclear, though as an Oxford Don you’d expect the former.
At The Etihad in August on the opening day of our season on a Monday night it was a 4-0 win for the Blues. New boys Swansea played well until Dzeko opened the scoring (57) then debut boy Sergio Aguero (68) made it 2, Silva added the third (71) and Aguero completed the rout (90) with a pearler to cap a fine debut. Best since Trevor F in 1981 at Stoke, probably. Crowd was 46,802 with 2785 Jacks.
This season so far : They’re currently in 14th place with 33 points after 27 games and 5 win 6 draws and 2 losses at home.
In the Carling Cup they lost in the 2nd rd 3-1 at Shrewsbury
In the FA Cup they won 4-2 at Barnsley in the 3rd rd but went out 2-1 at Bolton in the 4th.
Form at Swansea : 3 meetings pre-war with 1 City win and 2 losses. Post war it’s been 3 wins including the 2-0 on our last visit in 1983/84, 1 draw and 3 losses
Comment : Splendid recovery for The Swans from near oblivion a few years ago with the help of ex player Mel Nurse and part ownership of the club by a fans trust. They’re not making a bad job of it in the Prem particularly at home with only two losses so far, but form has waned a little recently (no win since mid December). We know what we must do and a point or preferably three would be good, to improve on our recent poor away form. Danny Graham wants to sock it to us so he’s the man to watch, with Sinclair, tho’ our Vinny’s out for a couple of weeks.
Groundwise : We had a good couple of weeks on the Gower for last year’s holiday. I sussed out the Liberty Stadium, a new ground for City, but it, and the club shop was shut owing to refurbishment! It’s on a big retail park so plenty to do when we visit, and if you get chance to spend time on the Mumbles and the Gower I’d recommend it. Take your brolly and your mack!
Tickets are £35
There’s no parking at the ground so it looks like a park and ride situation.
The Liberty Stadium : Capacity : 20,500 (2000 for City)

WWTWTWshite : Averaged 3,367 in 1991/92, and this season it’s 19,930.
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  1. That's two really poor away performances on the bounce, we seem to have been sussed and don't appear to know how to alter the course of matches away from the Ethiad. Our lack of pace is a major concern with only the very wasteful Kolarov and Richards able to inject any speed. The rest of the midfield is so bereft of zip at times, but what are the alternatives? Nasri, Milner, Barry, DeJong and Johnson don't seem to have a top gear leaving YaYa alone able to go past players, Silva is different to at least be able to pick a pass.
    Let's be frank, losing to Swansea is not the stuff of champions. United snatched a victory from a draw, we snatched a defeat and deserved to lose. I suppose the pressure is off now united are top and maybe chasing is more suited to us than trying to hold them off.
    No matter where we finish (assuming first or second!), the squad will need looking at if we are to go to the next step. One assumes Tevez will go, and I feel we need to replace DeJong, Kolarov, Dzeko, Johnson, Milner and Kolo. I'd give Barry and Nasri another season, but with a big question mark handing over Nasri who must be more consistent next season.

  2. I know it's unfair to single out one player, but as soon as I saw that our centre back pairing was Savic and Toure, I feared the worst and sure enough it was Savic's pathetic mis-kick to Toure that gifted them a goal. Back in December when we had to rely on Savic to cover for Kompany's ban and Toure's trip to Africa, it was plain for all to see that we needed cover as Savic wasn't up to it. We have been unlucky to have lost both our first choice centre backs for this game, but we should have signed a decent centre half in the transfer window. Equally, we knew Tevez was never coming back permenantly, if at all as the latest moves are simply to allow us to sell him. So whoesever decision it was to NOT sign a replacement forward and a cenre back back in January, must be blamed for us failing to win the league. Referees and the officials haven't helped either on a day when United won yet another penalty and WBA had a man sent off, we are denied an equiliser at the death by a dubious decision from some tart in shorts and a Phil Mitchell look alike who couldn't wait to give Swansea every decision possible. Apologies to the female official for my sexist rant as prior to that decision she'd had a reasonable game. Swansea played us well in the first half and even players such as Silva looked poor today, but in the second half, we looked better but rarely looked like scoring. I too think that that's it as United have too many easy games and will get too many decisions for us to catch them. Would our disallowed goal have been chalked off if they'd scored it? Convenient that WBA had a man sent off and a penalty given against them at a time in the second half when they were pressing.

  3. I still feel Onouha is a better central defender than Savic at this point in their development and Mancini's unwillingness to play him cost us a Carling Cup final place. Given the lack of replacement, we shouldn't have sold him in the January window. Didn't get the initial team selection(too defensive) or replacing Barry (rather than De Jong) early on. While I don't think we've had a good deal from officials this season, it wasn't down to them that City lost today.


  4. Perhaps not, but over the season, there have been many games where the officials have changed the outcome and it started with that disgraceful decision by Clattenberg at Stamford Bridge

  5. Don't forget Sunderlands offside winner and Fulham's goal after the foul on Dzeko, Tony. Having said all that, it's scandalous that an injury hit team like Sunderland and a team that was playing Championship football last year in Swansea should beat us in such vital matches.

    I thought the extended sunshine break in Portugal was supposed to refresh and invigorate the players but sadly not. I can't remember the last time I was so angry and depressed about football but surprised? Not a bit. Typical City.

  6. Too slow, lethargic,and lifelsss...hang on I wrote that after Lisbon.
    I said the other week that United play 4-4-2 with pace on the wings and strength in the middle. Even with a few players injured they stick to the tried and trusted.
    Can somebody explain to me how City hoped to score yesterday?