Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Burfies form guide

Pleased to report that all the subscription copies have all been sent out. here's an article that we couldn't fit in to KK 195 :


And we start with the big one, the visit of Tottenham Hotspur to the Blue Camp, and boy did it feel good to stick it to the media’s darlings for the second time this season. I don’t know at what point my antipathy towards Spurs reached its current level, but I think it’s certainly true that of all the clubs in the Premiership, jealousy and bitterness has been highest not amongst the dippers, the rags or Chavski (albeit that they have been consumed with varying degrees of envy and spite), but rather amongst those of comparable size and dearth of success that we left behind, the two most glaring examples being Spuds and Stokerton. All of a sudden City has become a veritable cup final for the denizens of White Hart Lane and Goodison Park, and supporters of both seem to infest the internet and the various phone-ins after every City defeat, with endless jawing about their ‘history’. In Everton’s case this is particularly laughable when you consider that this great ‘history’ of which their fans are so eager to boast, manifests itself in the shape of just 8 major honours since the 2nd World War (a mere one more than City who have 7)! Spurs have fared undeniably better with 14, until you consider that is, that they haven’t won the league, or even finished runners up, in the last 51 years, and that 6 of those 14 triumphs were recorded before the Beatles made the Magical Mystery Tour 44 years ago. Either way, both seem to have massively over inflated opinions of themselves, and particularly when you factor in their average attendances as well.
Another feature of my own personal disregard for both clubs concerns their respective managers. Gollum Moyes has been a watchword for pathetic bitterness ever since City eschewed the monkey for the organ grinder in their approaches for Joleon Lescott, but greater contempt just has to be reserved for Redknapp. There’s plenty more on the subject of Harry the Spiv elsewhere, but for the sake of this particular match in isolation we’ll concentrate only on the transparently desperate mind games he chose to play in the build up, the most laughable of which was portraying Spurs as the footballing equivalent of a plucky single mother, struggling to make ends meet in Netto, whilst City’s butler popped down to Harrods to pick up the caviare and Dom Perignon 64, and drove the Roller into puddles to drench the hoi palloi just for kicks en route. As ever though, the truth and Harry Redknapp are strange bedfellows and uniting them is only usually achievable via the administration of large quantities of sodium pentathol, and in the absence of any visible drip lines in the press conference anyone with half a brain would have immediately made a mental note to examine the veracity of the statements being made at a later date. Sure enough then, perusal of the gross spending figures for all Premiership clubs between 2006 and 2011 reveals, to no great surprise, that City top the charts at £531m, but who’s that lurking not far behind in 4th place? Yup, Tottenham Hotspur at £243m!
But whatever, after a month solid of being told that Spurs could win the title and that Spurs play the best football and that Spurs are a great example of how you don’t need to spend obscene sums of money to be successful and so on and so on, guess what? Yeah, that’s right, they were shit! Not that you’d have guessed it from the commentators and TV pundits of course, who all but tugged themselves blind over Harry’s Boys’ magnificent comeback. Great teams play for 90 minutes though, not half an hour, and until Stefan Savic’s latest piece of kamikaze defending gave them an ill deserved lifeline, Spuds weren’t in the game at all. Fair play in respect of the chimp’s goal mind – if he played for us we’d be absolutely unstoppable.
As it was then, last word on the day went to Super Mario. Personally I’m not convinced the lad isn’t borderline autistic when it comes to pressure situations, as whilst I was sitting there all but having a heart attack, up he ambled like he was taking a penalty against a 2 year old keeper in a net 100 foot wide, paused to catch his own reflection in the North Stand scoreboard, adjusted his hair, lit a cigar, and then tucked it away without batting an eyelid.
However, there was no chance of our being able to savour a well deserved victory of course, as an immediate inquest into Balo’s alleged stamp on Scott Parker involving 57 different camera angles and endless slow mo’s and freeze frames began. Did he do it on purpose? Doubtless we all have an opinion and mine is that he probably did (I base this on Mario’s penchant for similar acts of petty stupidity in Italy as much as anything else), although courtesy of a CSI style crime reenactment in my front room involving the cat, I can tell you it’s virtually impossible to generate any kind of power downwards and backwards when you’re falling forwards. However, the very reason it’s difficult to generate any power is because that particular motion is completely unnatural ie you’d have to have done it on purpose. The cameras made it look far worse than it was though and it was telling that for all Redknapp’s ranting about Parker having sustained a big gash on his head, the player himself was never wheeled out for anyone to verify this claim. Whatever, regardless of the fact that room for doubt existed there was no way anyone was going to listen. The opportunity to hang a City player out to dry was never going to be glossed over. The camel eyed spiv was allowed to allege, without providing any evidence whatsoever, that Mario had done it before, Dogger Collymore and the rest of the Talkshite boys did their bit for the witch hunt with a 2 hour phone-in that comprised almost entirely of foaming Spurs fans calling for life bans etc, and Merson’s mob duly followed suit on Sky. The aim of course was intentional, to find the player guilty before any hearing could take place, and to whip up such a high profile frenzy that the FA would charge Balo regardless of the subjectivity of opinion involved, rather than face a media backlash themselves. Whatever, a 4 game ban duly followed after Howard Webb opted to follow in the footsteps of Wiggy Clattenburg in implementing subsection (2), paragraph (g), clause (vii),of the footballing disciplinary rules, which states that if a referee admits to having seen an incident at the time (and, ergo, dealt with it) no retrospective charges shall be applicable, unless the player concerned belongs to Manchester City, in which case the referee shall be free to make it up as he goes alon…. erm, I mean reassess his original decision, so that the little blue basta… erm, player, gets what’s coming to him. Needless to say, a 4 gamer was not severe enough for some, with one popular argument I heard encouraged on Talkshite holding that City should be docked points as they had benefited from incorrectly having an extra man on the pitch when they scored the winner. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If every team that had a player commit a red card offence that was missed by a referee at the time, was subjected to this kind of “justice”, then the eventual champions would probably have a finally points tally of about 20 and the ensuing arguments would probably go all the way to the House of Lords!
“But it’s not fair” squawked Collymore, fanning the flames on his radio phone-in for the terminally dense, “Man City have got loads of great strikers on their books, so it makes no odds to them if Balotelli gets banned. They’ve got Aguero, Silva, Dzeko, Nasri. There must be a stronger, more effective punishment!”
Nice to know that our list of “great strikers” includes 2 lightweight central midfielders eh? It was just a surprise that layby lovin’ Stan didn’t try and pass Lescott and Zabaleta off as forwards as well in his quest to portray us as an arrogant stinky rich bottomless pit of talent.
As to Balotelli then, well only he knows if he did it on purpose or not, and if he did (and, as stated, my own inclination is that he did), then he needs to have a serious look at himself and Mancini needs to give him an industrial strength carpeting. The stamp itself is one thing, but the damage it could have done to the club’s title aspirations is something else again.
Last word on the actual game? Chris Coleman. Is he the thickest commentator of all time? The evidence, in the form of “Julian Lescott (sic), Mario Balochelli (sic), Roberto Manseeni (sic), Dayvid Da Silva (sic) and Gael Clichay (sic), suggests that ‘yes’ he is. As was suggested in one of the broadsheets, we should be grateful that Jason Cundy’s footballing career is long since over, or Sky would be forced to screen all their games after the 9pm watershed.
Whatever, Tottenham done and dusted, we should have been in a great frame of mind for the Carling Cup semi, 2nd leg, 3 days later. Alas we turned in a performance only marginally less pathetic than our effort in the 1st leg, and it was inevitable that Craig Bellamy should score the goal that knocked us out. Of all the players we have parted company with under Mancini, Bellamy is the only one I genuinely regret. Adebayor was a lazy lightweight who needed a slap, and his comments about not trying when he didn’t feel loved spoke volumes for why we were right to toe end him out of the door, Shaunny was nearing the end of his shelf life, Given was surplus to requirements courtesy of Harty’s brilliance, and Neddy was only ever a bit part player in a position where we had bags of other options, but Bellamy, for the sake of a little emollient and flexibility regarding his training schedule, was foolishness. Sure, he was never a world beater, but in a squad bereft of width and pace, here was a player that offered both, not to mention a never say die attitude, yet we allowed him to walk. True enough we had enough about us to twice take the lead on the night and true enough we were on the receiving end of Phil Dowd’s customary uselessness, but in all honesty we got what we deserved. Nothing. The manager picked a negative team, with a midfield quintet containing two blockers, Barry and De Jong, and two full backs, Zabaleta and Kolarov, inevitably ensuring we never got forward in sufficient numbers to really trouble Liverpool as a result, and several of the players just didn’t seem to want it badly enough. Perhaps they caught their complacent attitudes from some of the supporters, who seemed to think our exit from the competition ‘not that important’ the following day on some of the websites. Well, yes, the league is a far more prestigious competition, but have we really become so up ourselves that we are now too grand to bother with a Carling Cup semi final, with pub standard opposition awaiting the winner at Wembley?
One final comment. Stefan Savic. It’s been as plain as a pikestaff since that torrid debut at QPR that he just isn’t ready for the first team, and if his performance against Spurs wasn’t sufficient further evidence then heaven help us. As it was RM went and picked him again instead of switching Micah to centre half and the results were catastrophic. 45 minutes of near calamitous incompetence saw the lad withdrawn, confidence destroyed, transfer value reduced to nil. The only way back now perhaps is via strategic use as a substitute, to try and boost those confidence levels, slowly but surely, up to something vaguely approaching normality.
Next up then Goodison, where we welcomed back Vinny and surely this season, with Everton reduced to a centre half pairing of Heitinga and Hibbert, we would overcome our daemons? Yeh, would we fishsticks! Losing to this shower of bitter no marks is bad enough when they kick us off the park, but when they play shit and still beat us, then it’s time to start asking some questions. You couldn’t even find reason to blame Peter Walton, even though his selection (yet again) for this particular fixture rightly induced a level of paranoia amongst Blues not seen since Cary Grant went on the run in North by Northwest. Again, we dominated possession, again, lacking the pace and width that routinely sees the rags triumph over such bus parking oafs, we tried to tippy tap our way through a central corridor of the pitch measuring about 10 yards across that could not have been more tightly packed with Everton defenders if they’d all been sewn together beforehand by Idi Amin’s chief surgeon, and again we created absolutely nothing. Since we rode out the storm at Loftus Road 3 months ago, our away day performances have comprised fail after epic fail. Any team that’s up for it either turns us over or, as a minimum, frustrates a draw out of us, and it’s worth noting our two lone victories have come courtesy only of truly abject surrenders by the home teams concerned (Wigan and Villa). Throw our customarily inept crossing into the equation as well, and we don’t even look like scoring, never mind winning.
Whatever, a truly desperate performance made worse by the fact that events unfolded exactly as most Blues knew they would. In the best traditions of the Special One, Bobby fell on his sword afterwards to deflect attention away from the players, which was a smart move albeit a fairly transparent one. The idea that Roberto Mancini, a man legendary for being more ruthlessly driven and meticulous in his planning than Rommel, should have not bothered to do his homework properly on Everton in all honesty was risible.
Fulham were up next, and to judge by the empty seats yours truly was not the only one put off by the weather. Considering the game took place in a sub-arctic blizzard then, City played some excellent stuff, revelling in the Etihad’s wide open spaces against a Fulham side that suicidally opted not to match our numbers in midfield. AJ won a decidedly iffy penalty of the type that Ruud Van Nistlehorse used to specialise in without anyone passing comment (needless to say AJ’s prompted a phone-in), trailing a leg out sideways for a defender to hit to start the ball rolling, Chris Baird finished off a flowing move for us by hoofing the ball into his own net to make it two, and Dzeko tucked away a third after a great run by Sergio. Were it not for our new found penchant for trying the walk the ball into the net, we could easily have doubled that tally, but all in all a welcome return to form. Sergio got man of the match, and Edin Dzeko had his best game in months as well, but perhaps we would have been better served by giving it to young Savic, who was back in the side following a knock for Vinny at Stokerton. It might all have reeked of a MacDonalds ‘Employee of the Month’ award (ie everyone gets a turn no matter how shit they are), but it wouldn’t have done his confidence any harm and, Fulham’s general toothlessness notwithstanding, he did ok.
A trip to our absolute favourite whipping boys, Aston Villa was next. Again, the team selection seemed unnecessarily negative, with Kolarov, Zab, De Jong, Milner, Barry and Johnson potentially leaving us with bugger all in the way of pace or creativity, and just Aguero ploughing a lonely furrow up front, whilst Nasri and Dzeko, both of whom had looked like they were starting to run into a bit of form, inexplicably dropped. Fortunately, Sergio and Silva were both excellent, and with Villa obligingly pathetic, one goal was always going to be enough. Be honest though, despite dominating the game from start to finish, can anyone remember Given actually having a save to make? We got in behind them several times in both halves, but on the odd occasion we did try and lash the ball across the 6 yard box rather than attempt to walk it in as usual, there was never anyone in there to get on the end of it. My heart wants to believe we will win the league, but my head tells me we will not finish within 6 points of the rags unless we start to adopt a far bolder approach away from home. Of the battle of the old boys, Gaz Baz had an excellent game, but Milner was well below par, and for Villa, well Dunney gave his all (and best wishes for a speedy recovery), but did anyone even notice Ireland when he came on?
Finally then, just a couple of quick words on our outstanding win in Porto tonight. It looked like we were in for a long evening the way they pressed us into going backwards first half, but we stuck with it, created the better opportunities and thoroughly deserved the victory. The defensive performance was one of the best of the season, with Harty having next to nothing to do, and it was pleasing to see De Jong back to doing what he does best and great to have Ya Ya back. Based on that display, I can’t imagine anyone will fancy playing us, and even though the competition is widely regarded as a ‘B’ lister and is an undeniable drain on resources, it would be good to go all the way as the rags’ co-presence in it, combined with Arsenal’s Chimps League humiliation, should ensure that any press sneering will be kept to a minimum.
The next 2 or 3 weeks will be crucial. City should pick up maximum points from Bolton and Blackburn, but a win at Swansea may prove far harder. However, win we must and pray for Spurs to turn the rags over at the same time. With trips to Stoke, Arsenal, Newcastle and Norwich still to come after that, I reckon we’ll need at least a 6 point lead after the Swansea game in order to hold the rags off, given that the fixture list computer has handed them their customary doddle of a run-in. Fingers crossed and onwards and upwards.

John Burfield

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Here's the it's A Fix extract for todays game:
Promoted last in 2001 so currently in their 11th Prem season, winning their last pot, the League Cup in 2002. Recent connections are Santa Cruz and Benjani, and this is the 112th league meeting.

At Ewod in October it took until the 56th minute before Johno put us ahead, then Balotelli (59) Nasri (73) and Savic (87) made it a 4-0 win in front of 24,760 with 7, 531 Blues.

This season so far, they’re currently in 17th place with 21 points from 25 games and 1 away win (O/T 3-2) with 6 draws and 5 losses.
In the Carling Cup they beat Sheff Wed 3-1 at home in the 2nd rd ; Leyton Orient 3-2 at home in the 3rd rd., Newcastle 4-3 aet at home in the 4th but lost 2-0 at Cardiff in the 5th round.
In the FA Cup they lost to 2 late goals at Newcastle 2-1 in the 3rd round.

At home to Blackburn : At Coms in September 2010 it was a 1-1 draw, Kalinic for Blackburn (25) with Vieira (55) equalising for City in a disappointing display. Crowd was 44,246 with 1081 Rovers. At home to Rovers, in the last 15 meetings we’ve won 5, drawn 7 lost 3.

Comment : Despite putting a few good results together, particularly the 3-2 win at the Swamp, it’s been a real struggle, not helped by the Venky/Kean/ Samba situation, and City must take full advantage..

WWTWTWShite? Their crowds were down to an average of 5,826 in 1985/86 before Jack Walker moved in and this season’s average is 22,332.

Don't forget to look out for the new KOTK, number 195 which should be put and about

Thursday, 23 February 2012


Porto last night, pleased Roberto put out a strong team. Great start and great finish. East stand third tier folk miffed they were kicked out of their seats and for those fans without mobiles or computers totally baffling not to be informed.
Are Porto really complaining about the “you’re not incredible” chant to the Hulk – good job it didn’t get him mad.
Tonight Stoke went out, Sporting Lisbon went through in a dour match so we’re back to Portugal, very nice.
Ragmedia were poised with their “anything you can do City, we can do better” headlines after the rags went ahead after 5 minutes, but oh dear they lost but just scraped through. Athletic Bilbao next - watch out for the articles on how they beat (Atletico then!) them 3-0 (at
Maine Road) in 1957 – but there won’t be a mention of us beating them also 3-0 in 1969.
Anyway we are pleased to announce that King Of the Kippax fanzine number 195, should hit the outlet at Aleef (Corner of Cross Street/Market Street) on Friday February 24th and the selling points around the Etihad at the Blackburn and subsequent games.
KK195 is a 48 page A4 issue with a colour cover showing City fans enjoying the day in Porto with a caption – CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ? WE’RE HAVIN’ A LAUGH! (so much for the Arsenal and Chelsea taunts eh!
This issue includes a Stuart Brennan interview, stuff on the press and media, Tevez, referees, rich list, racism, Mourinho, Capello, Redknapp, travelling to the match, Us and Them book advert, Twitter, and all the usual regulars – Ged, Burf., Neil, Gene, Uncle Ryan, Paul, Tony, David C ., Sean, Bryan, Tom, Richard, Simon etc…
It sells at just £2.50 (unbeatable value) and can also be purchased for £3.50 (inc P & P) from King Of The Kippax, 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Well we finally got the zine off to the printers. Tomorrow it is, of course Porto at home – 5pm kick off so it can finish before the Chimps league games. Talking of the Chimps league the front cover of KK195 has City fans enjoying the days at Porto in the sunshiiiine with the caption – Champions league – WE’RE ‘avin a laugh. What was that the Arse fans were chanting, and Spurs? Thursday nights Channel 5, ooh err 0-4 in Milan and 1-3 for Napoli v Chelsea tonight. I expect Roberto to make changes for tomorrow’s game and just hope that we can progress ‘cos we want more trips like Porto.
Currently they’re 2nd to Benfica, 2 points behind , with 46 points from 19 games and 5 wins 3 draws 1 loss away from home. In the Champions League this season results were : Shakhtar Donetsk 2-1 home 2-0 away; Zenit St Petersberg 1-3 away, 0-0 home; Apoel Nicosia 1-1 home, 1-2 away; to go out on 8 points surprisingly, so 2 away losses gives us some hope.
Breaking news is that Tevez has apologised unreservedly. I don’t go along with these fans who travelled to Munich paying a lot of money, being miffed with him because of the cost and the travelling time as we’re all daft for doing it. Totally irrational and these trips are all about the camaraderie as you can’t usually trust City to do the business, yet.
Consensus in KK seems to be to get the little shit fit to give us another option up front but that’s up to Roberto. Certainly we need him fit and playing if only to be able to flog him for a decent fee in the summer – or to agree a deal if he helps us to the title.
C’mon City tomorrow night

Friday, 17 February 2012

Porto, we opted for the one day Tommy Cook trip, so up at 4am! Parked up at T1 even though we knew the flight was from T2 (don’t ask) So walked through past the ads proclaiming Turkish airlines in partnership with manu – which were just at either gobbing or twatting level, so opted for the latter and gave the granny shagger a sharp one on the nose.
Must say everything went smoothly. Was dropped off in Porto by the river, and enjoyed the bars, then a river cruise, followed by the cable car, bridge walk, Funicular lift with Brian Hince in his wheelchair prompting us to sing Bowie’s Space Oddity (as you so ) whilst taking the descent. Then met up with Steve Mingle and his lady Lindsay being joined with Steve and Ian from the Napoli trip and Ian delighted in pointing out mistakes he’s spotted in the Us and Them book. He thought it was a great book though!
After exchanging pleasantries with many hardened and loyal Blues it was onto the ground and the impressive stadium. Swapped scarves with a couple of Porto fans – aw. Colourful display in the stands from Porto pre kick off and a few fireworks from City fans. 1-0 down at half time but great second half performance and a super 2-1 win. Good to see Ya Ya and Mario back.Smooth flight back and into bed for 4.30am to give us a feel good feeling to get on with KK195 this weekend! Front cover to fathom!
Didn’t hear the disgusting monkey chants, reminiscent of Old Trafford in the 70’s and 80’s aimed at Mario so we await developments on that score.
Thanks for all the KK 195 stuff, busy weekend ahesd!

Monday, 13 February 2012


Villa – we had a good run down the M6, just a slight delay due to a burnt out car on the hard shoulder that everyone wanted to gawp at.
Parking restrictions don’t make it easy down there these days, but found a decent little car park for a fiver so we were all set. Snack at Tesco's with lots of familiar faces. Bloke on the next table was a Bristol Rovers fan who visited the Swamp when they beat the rags one tinme. So that was nice!
Got a text from Sean R as we parked up then looked up and there he was parking up in the same car park!
Apparently Fergie after the Suarez saga – (ironic that the monkey grunters of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are the ones to be up in arms – rightly after all this time) would like to also apologise in response to Suarez;s apology for :
Cantona’s kung fu kick
Ferdinand’s missed drug test
Giggs shagging his brothers wife
Rooney shagging granny prossis
Clayton Blackmore (unprintable)
Assault on Beckham with the flying boot
Keane purposely ending Haaland’s career and United fans giving Keane a standing ovation as he left the field.
Keane calling his own fans prawn sandwich munchers.
United fans pelting Craig Bellamy with objects with the score at 0-0 in the Carling Cup semi – aiding the rags to go on and win.
Bullying of referees and linesmen
Bringing the game into disrepute, continually.
So called mind games to intimidate other teams, managers and players.
All the insullting tweets that Rooney, Smalling and Ferdinand etc get up to.
He’d like to but he won’t.
Anyway it was quite pleasant at Villa – some young kids had a bit of a protest against McLeish presumably -Eck out?. Then we were into the match. 1-0 win, good enough I suppose but question marks again re team selection and the last ten dithery minutes, just like the rags v Liverpool.
Good getaway and a misty run home.
Tevez could be back and you have to say that time’s a great healer, or is it? Up to the squad and Roberto to decide but having slipped up not buying anyone up front in the window we may need him, fully fit of course.
Thursday it‘s Porto, here’s the It’s A Fix extract:
Futebol Club de Porto, the Portistas, Dragoas (Dragons), blue and whites, were formed on September 28th 1893, as a Sporting club after a certain Jose Monteiro da Costa returned from England full of enthusiasm for the game.
The city of Oporto , is in the Northern region of Portugal on the Atlantic coast, the Duoro river estuary where the sea is cold, even in August. It has a population of around 250,000 but 1.3M in the urban area, and is famous for its wine making. It dates back to the 4th century under Roman occupation, then by the Moors, but was reconquered, before in 1387 John 1 of Portugal married Phillipa of Lancaster prompting a long standing military alliance and trading between Portugal and England.
In 1809 Napoleonic troops invaded but were eventually booted out by the Duke Of Wellington though the locals later ungratefully rebelled against the English.
It’s known as the city of bridges and residents are referred to as Tripeiros as tripe is a culturally important dish. It’s twinned with Bristol, and there will be many historic sites for Blues to see if we so wish! But no doubt the bars will be most frequented.
They were founder members of the Primeira Ligua in 1933, and, like Benfica and Sporting Club, have never been relegated, unlike City, who have, once or twice. They were, also founder members of the now disbanded G14.
Other lower league clubs in the city are Boavista and Salgueieus
European pedigree is good, from the 80’s – Cup Winners’ Cup runners up in 1984 losing to Juventus; European Cup winners in 1987 beating Bayern Munich, and Intercontinental and UEFA Super cup winners; 2003 UEFA Cup winners beating Celtic; 2004 European Champions League winners beating Monaco (and united on the way) and Intercontinental Cup winners; 2011 Europa league winners beating fellow countrymen Braga.
In the Champions League this season results were : Shakhtar Donetsk 2-1 home 2-0 away; Zenit St Petersberg 1-3 away, 0-0 home; Apoel Nicosia 1-1 home, 1-2 away; to go out on 8 points surprisingly.
Domestically they’ve won the title 25 times, the Cup 20 times and the Super Cup 18 times, and since 2003 they’ve won the title 8 times and finished 2nd once and 3rd once, though in 2004 had 6 points deducted for bribing referees. (but still won the title)
Current ground is the Estadio do Dragao which was opened in 2003 ready for the 2004 UEFA European finals, which replaced the existing Estadio das Antas.

Esatadio do Dragonoa : Capacity : 50,399 (tbc for City)
The ground cost 97M euros, 18M being paid by taxpayers, with EDP sponsoring the south stand, TMN and SAPO ADSL the East stand, PT and MEO the West stand and Coca-Cola the East stand. Away fans are housed in the left corner of the North stand. Porto supporters groups the Portistas or the Dragoes used to be housed in the south stand but are now in all stands.
A museum is to open shortly and the club has had a full colour monthly magazine since the 1980’s.
Coach is Vitor Pereira who replaced Andre Villas Boas at the end of last season.
They play in blue and white stripes with dark blue or black away shirts.
This season, so far after 18 games they’re in 2nd place with 43 points and 9 wins and 1 draw, 0 losses at home and 4 wins 3 draws and 1 loss away. They’re 5 points behind leaders Benfica.
Danger man, as his name implies is probably Hulk.
Comment : Probably the toughest draw of the lot, (united play a mid table Ajax) but results in the Chimps league, if not in the domestic, show that a win can be achieved. City fans will enjoy the camaraderie of the trip with fellow Blues, and Oporto ain’t a bad place to visit even if it is just in the Europa League. Strongest team? We’ll see!
We’ve never played them competitively but friendlies were played in 1980/81 away resulting in a 0-0 draw, and in the Thomas Cook Trophy in 2006/07 it was a 0-1 home loss, after which we dined Thailand style in Albert Square.

Tons of stuff coming in for KK 195 incidentally

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Results didn’t go too well – Liverpool were rubbish, Spurs won, Arsenal won but Chelsea lost. We know what we have to do irrespective of everyone else, and it’s virtually win every game. Off we go to Villa tomorrow here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK 194 :
Premiership regulars, whose last pot was the League Cup in 1996. Most recent connections are Shay Given, Richard Dunne, Stephen Ireland, Gareth Barry, James Milner, and this is the 144th League meeting.
At The Etihad in October it was the usual fairly comfortable win. Balotelli opened (28) Johnson added (47) Kompany confirmed (52) before Warnock pulled one back (65) but Milner against his old club made it 4 (71) for us to go top.
This season so far, they’re currently in 14th place with 28 points from 24 games and 3 wins 4 draws and 5 losses at home.
In the Carling Cup they beat Hereford away but lost at home to Bolton in the 4th round.
In the FA Cup they beat Bristol Rovers but lost at Arsenal in the 4th round.
Form at Villa : Last season in January at Villa Park it was a 1-0 loss with a recently transferred Bent inevitably scoring after 16 minutes although City did everything but score, Dzeko missing a late header which would have kick started his City career. Crowd was 37,615 (2634 Blues)
In the fourteen Prem. meetings there we’ve won 4 drawn 6 lost 4. It’s a ground where we often do well and holds happy semi-final memories from the distant past. Gareth Barry and James Milner will probably get booed, Dunney will be cheered, and Ireland probably won’t feature at his new happy home after his outburst against McLeish. We’ll expect a result, but as ever it won’t be easy, as they’ll be fighting for their lives, and have signed Robbie Keane, though the Villa Chosen Few are up in arms at the mo.
Wind ups? Well you can’t beat the old “Shit on the Villa”
Their crowds averaged 15,237 in 85/86, and current home average attendance is 34,201.
Comment : I quite like Villa and Villa Park. Nice colours, better than West Ham’s somehow and Villa Park holds fond semi-final memories. Hopefully we can revert back to winning ways here.
Chance to visit the Heavy Metal museum too!
Groundwise, no change to Villa Park, we’ll be down the side in the (Sir now) Doug Ellis stand again.
Tickets are up to £43 pretty steep.
It’s the West Midlands police plus often over efficious stewards, so be careful out there..

Villa Park : Capacity : 42,602 (3,000 for City)

Away day Zines ; Heroes and Villains, who we swap with, and have been going as long as KOTK.
Post Code : B6 6HE. Parking on industrial premises off A4040 Aston Lane (or on side streets) to North West of ground, then return via A38 to M6 jn 7
Pubs : The Yew Tree, The Cap and Gown on Witton island, The Harriers on Broadway, Barton Arms, High Street Aston.
See you there.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Hey Fulham that was a stinker weatherwise. I met up with Gary Crate – club official and nice guy - before the game to look at the trip hazard on Commonwealth way where Blues fans go flying after the game so hopefully something can be done about it. Ok a soft penalty for our first but at least WE admit it.
“We wanna go home, it’s f*cking freezing, we wanna go home” - we all did with 3 points in the bag.
Handful of Fulham fans with their shirts off doing the Poznan after our goals!
Rags on the Sunday against a weakened Chelsea team, No Terry, no Cole, no Drogba, no Lampard and united went 3-0 down before 12th man Howard Webb stepped in. Not one, but two sofy penalties. No wonder everyone hates them. Rooney tweeted that we would be trembling after the way they came back. Who is this guy and what’s he on? It’s fine to keep coming back but shouldn’t the goals leaked be their major concern?
Surprise surprise ‘arry got off – had to laugh at his final statement “it’s been a nightmare to be honest….” Honest! Then surprise, surprise the FA have a meeting then it appears they tell Capello Terry can’t be captain no more so he quits cos he wasn’t involved in the discussion! Surprise, surprise.
Incidentally we’re getting stuff in for KK 195. So far we’ve got something from Neil Shaw, Bryan Duffy, Jim Whitworth, Tangled Up In Blue, and the Stuart Brennan interview so we’re well on the way. Deadline is next week, the sooner the better as it’s a busy one with the Porto trip etc. and first in best dressed.
Villa on Sunday but no game next weekend of course. Will Roberto take the boys out to Tenerife or somewhere for a bit of bonding, or stay on in Portugal to get better prepared than for the Everton game?

Monday, 6 February 2012


Anyone notice how careful fergie was not to criticise Howard Webb for not giving the rags a third penalty but blamed the linesman?
Doing the rounds – Howard Webb’s children – Wayne, Patrice, Dimitrov, Cristiano and Bobby claim he’s not biased at all!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday on my mind
Well Saturday actually. Going back to Tuesday ironic that a scouser handcuffed himself to the goalpost because his daughter COULDN’T get a job!
So there we were – after complaining about too many fixtures we have almost a week off and we’re admitting we didn’t prepare properly – or we’re now being told it was said to protect our players.
Went to the Warrington branch last night where Steve MacClean was talking about his book ‘35 years’ which is on Kindle. Optimism was at a low ebb though on City’s current situation and mixed thoughts on Mario and Tevez. Would have been worth swapping him with Carroll is my view.
Had to go to the main post office in Leigh and who pops up but the Golbourne gob who I haven’t seen or heard of since the 6-1. “Wheels are coming off” “What, just cos we’ve gone out of 3 cups just like united? We’ll be back soon” Tried to sound convincing, but he didn't want to buy it.
So tomorrow it’s Fulham. I don’t need to remind you that Martin Jol has a good record against us and we’ve always found Fulham difficult opponents at home. So we must be well prepared and it’s time to get back on track after recent massive disappointments. Here’s the it’s A Fix extract :
They’re in their 10th season in the Prem., have never won eff all, but were Europa Cup finalists recently. Recent connection Mark Hughes! 54th League meeting
At The Cottage in September we dropped our first points of the season annoyingly, as, after going two goals up through Aguero (18 and 46) we took our foot off the pedal and allowed them back in - Zamora (55) and then Murphy equalising (75) after Clattenburg failed to give a foul on Dzeko. Crowd was 24,750 with 1584 City
This season so far they’re in 13th place with 27 points from 23 games and 1 win 5 draws and 5 defeats away from home.
In the Carling Cup they went out 4-3 on pens at Chelsea after 0-0. in the 3rd round.
In the Europa league they started at the end of June, playing NES Soknar, MST Runavik, Crusaders, RNK Split, Dnipro, FC Twente, Odense BK, Wisla Krakow, going out in the group stage.*
In the F.A. Cup they beat Charlton at home and lost at Everton in the 4th round
At home to Fulham : Last season at Coms in February we went one up through Balotelli (26) but Duff equalised (48) and once again we couldn’t beat them after going ahead. Crowd was 43,077 with 482 Cottagers.
In the 9 Prem. home games we’ve won 2, drawn 4 and lost 3.
Comment : Poor away form again for Fulham this season but somehow they always seem to manage a result against us at COMS. Some quality in their squad and Murphy cannot be trusted, but surely we daren’t slip up against them today.

Crowds were down to an average of 4,057 in 90/91, and this season stand at 25.514

Tonight it’s the Charity ‘do’ for the Rozzi cancer appeal at the Embassy club (as advertised in KK 194)
Tomorrow there’s a City centre Blues meeting 1pm til 3.30 pm at the Macdonald Hotel, guests are Colin Hendry, Richard Edghill.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cold cold night. There was a stewards ring round the away fans entrances for some reason (but not at the end of the game).
Apparently the ref was Peter Walton. He was the one who helped the rags to the title last year when he failed to give Blackpool a stonewall penalty when they were 2-0 up from which there would have been no return for united, so we knew we’d get nothing from him tonight.
We were in the lower tier a couple of rows from the front so had a poor view of play.
Usual story - despite thuggery from Everton the first booking went to City and no foul on Joe Hart for a blatant mid-air barge. Someone tell me how stewards come down on fanzine sellers like a ton of bricks – we weren’t allowed to sell inside the stewards cordon – yet some pillock can wander onto the pitch and handcuff himself to the goalposts for 9 minutes (according to the Blue Vic not 5 as this would upset the TV schedule). I must admit to have been jealous of Everton’s new signing – a goalscorer. They went ahead after what looked like a foul on Dzeko’ or was he just being soft? How this guy needs another summer break.
Everton had a weakened and small defence out – just like Sunderland did – so how come we hardly won a header in their box?
Kolarov came on and he put one of his dreadful crosses over which hit Neville on the arm in the box, but no penalty.
Continued marginal decisions against us must eventually demoralise our boys. The rags gain confidence from marginal decisions – I can think of half a dozen last season off the top of my head. They don’t need any this season because they’re almost ALL going against us.
Sorry if I sound like Ted Knott!
Transfer deadline came and went – one signing – a midfielder when we’ve needed a striker to replace Tevez since he handed his notice in a year last Christmas and compounded it in the summer. And he’s still here. I like the suggestion that he should now help us to the title and as a bonus be offered a cut price sale. Will it happen?.
Very disappointed last night.
Perused the programme when I got home. Inside was a great photo from August 1970 showing a great shot of Joe plucking the ball out of the air against the backdrop of the half completed Goodison main stand. City won 1-0 that day, it should’ve been 3 or 4. Everton were Champs, City were League Cup and Cup Winners’ Cup holders. I was in the paddock with my father in law, a latent red, we chatted with scousers about the wonderful football, we’d seen in the past twelve months . We walked back through Stanley Park on a hot sunny day past City fans who’d been slashed with Stanley knives and Joe Corrigan was signing autographs in the car park. We won the next two games at Goodison too. How come with this team we just can’t win there and they are nothing like as good as the early 70’s teams?
I don’t really know either.

Stu Brennan

I am currently typing up a recent interview we've done with MEN City journalist Stuart Brennan which will make interesting reading and should dispel any thoughts of any allegiancies he may have had with manu in the past. It should go in the next issue of KK number 195
I’ve just seen Roberto Mancini (looking like Keegan in his last days) on Sky Sports News agreeing with the interviewer that he underestimated Everton. I find that incomprehensible.
PS Glyn no threasts at Goodison!