Monday, 30 April 2012

derby day

Derby Day Dawns

But first it was a busy weekend after picking the zines up from the printers and delivering to Aleef, who had a few KK196’s left even though we sold out on the street. Popped into the City store to pick up a pressie for grandson Joe’s birthday, 14 on the big day, let’s hope that City reward him with a win. Congrats to Eric Nixon for getting his book into the shop only a few weeks after publishing as I predicted some time ago. Begs the question why did it take 5 months for Us and Them to appear? Anyway look forward to reading Eric’s tales.

So the blank footy weekend was spent getting the subscriptions sorted – all now in the post though Saturday night was a Supporters club do, jointly with CITC . We had Andy Morrison and son on our table plus Archie Kelly the comedian. There was a good sprinkling of ex players, oldies like Johnny Williamson, Steve Fleet, Roy Cheetham, Stan Horne, Joe Corrigan, Franny and Buzzer. Fairly newies like David Oldfield, now at West Brom looking very fit, Nigel Gleghorn, ex manager Brian Horton bravely turned up after Macc were relegated, The Goat, and Uwe Rosler had flown up in his grandad’s Focker (which bombed O/T) athough this Focker was a Messerschmidt (boom boom!). The event was chaired by Gary Owen with Fred Eyre doing interviews and Alex Williams and Lakey on hand together with the very glamorous Natalie Pike and City square fanzone Danny. Nice touch was Patrick Vieira outbidding a Blue for a signed pic of Mike S and George B, then handing it over to the lucky Blue who he outbid!. Great night thanks to Kevin, Christine and all who organised.

Future opponents Newcastle got tonked at Wigan, and QPR at Chelsea.

So to tonight, and hasn’t this been a long, long week waiting for the big one. We got a lifeline and MUST take advantage.Here’s the it’s A Fix extract :


Second mid-week COMS derby in a row. What was everyone thinking of? Still at least the weather looks better than yesterday!

They’re ever present since promotion in 1975, last pot the title last season. Recent connections Owen Hargreaves and (Fergie, Fergie, sign him up) Tevez. 146th rd lg meeting

This season so far: They won the Community Shield beating us 3-2 at Wembley. Lescott (38) and Dzeko (45) opened the scoring but Smalling (52) Nani (58, 90) clinched it for them. So they went 2 down, got the winner from a daft mistake in injury time but classed it as “giving us a footballing lesson!” No wonder everyone hates them.

Over at The Swamp in October it was the much awaited derby preceded by the usual boasting from rags. However it turned out to be a fine day. Mario opened the scoring (22, 60) Sergio made it 3 (69) Fletcher pulled one back (81) then bang bang bang David and Edin with 2 made it six, six, six the number of the beast! Johnny Evans was sent off just after the break (“he should never play for united ever again”) and Clattenburg turned down a stonewall penalty when Micah was brought down in the box shortly after. Crowd was 75,487 (70,000 empty seats at the end) with 2996 Blues.

In the FA Cup they went 3-0 up after Vinny was sent off after 12 minutes through Rooney (10 and 40 pen – there’s a surprise) and Welbech (30) when it looked like they’d get revenge for the 6-1. However a spirited fight back saw the Blues pull 2 goals back through Kolarov (48) and Aguero (65) with Costel Pantilimon coming close in the last minute from a corner. Crowd was 46, 808 with 5961 rags (less than Scunthorpe brought) As it happens they lost 2-1 in the next round at Liverpool.

Currently they’re in top spot with 83 points from 35 games and 12 wins 3 draws and 2 losses away from home.

In the Carling Cup they beat Leeds away 3-0, rags’ fans disgracing themselves in the process, Aldershot away 3-0 but lost at home to Crystal Palace 1-2 in the 5th round.

In the Champs league they got the easiest group, Paul Scholes telling us “it’s proper teams in the Champs League!” However against Benfica it was 1-1 away, 2-2 home; Basel 3-3 home, 1-2 away; Otelul Galati 2-0 away, 2-0 home to go out with 9 points.

In the Europa Cup despite playing teams who “weren’t proper” they played a mid table (at the time) Ajax (who’ve won the Champs Cup a time or two or three) winning 2-0 away, losing 1-2 at home and Bilbao who no-one’s ever heard of before (not), losing 2-3 at home and 1-2 away, proving they can’t win f* ck all with proper refs.

Our form at home to the rags : Last season at COMS on a November Wednesday night it was a 0-0 bore draw in front of 47,228 with 2617 rags Previously we’d lost the last two, 1-0 but prior to that we’d had 4 wins and 2 losses.
Current songs include :

“It’s only 4-1, only 4-1, 50,000 empty seats, it’s only 4-1, it’s only 5-1, only 5-1, 60,000 empty seats it’s only 5-1
It’s only 6-1, only 6-1, 70,000 empty sears it’s only 6-1

“It should have been ten, should have been ten, you lucky bastards, it should’ve been ten”

“He dives when he wants, dives when he wants, Ashley You-ung, he dives when he wants

But we seem to have moved on from :

Take me home Carrow Road, The city is ours….U-N-I-T-E-D, that spells f*ckin debt to me…. 37 years and you weren’t there… Que, sera, sera, you’re heading for bankruptcy…

Comment : They threw a wobbler at Christmas so something had to be done, step forward Chris Foy, Howard Webb, Michael Oliver, Martin Atkinson and others.
How wonderful it must be going on to the pitch to know that no matter what, decisions will go your way? How great to know that you’ll soon be playing against ten men, you’ll get dubious penalties, not one but two if required, instead of your player being booked for diving. There’ll be no chance of the opposition getting a penalty, you won’t get a player sent off or rarely carded and the opposition will have goals disallowed whist you’ll get away with a player being offside and STILL getting a penalty and the opposition player sent off, and not even later rescinded. Good to know you can constantly snipe in the referees ear to get players booked or sent off. That your manager can rant and rave on the touchline to intimidate referees into decisions going your way, also that your players can run over to the opposition supporters and goad and gloat and there’ll be no repercussions either way. But if an opposition player as much as winks at you after you’ve lost you can go apoplectic and everyone will blame the winker. On top of that there will be no witch hunt against you on the radio, on telly or in the press. You can also drag out all your players, ex players, coaching staff, rapists, granny shaggers, sister in law shaggers, piss artists, counterfeiters, perverts, ticket touts, drug test dodgers to proclaim how great you are knowing full well that the media will fawn all over instead of exposing the drivel you spout. You can be happy that one of your fanzines can come out with the most crass and bad taste front cover and content imaginable, which will be shamefully lauded by the Sportswriter of the Year to give you the publicity you crave, because all this, my friends, is how you win titles, and is classed as mental strength. However all this does is class you as the most despicable club in the history if the game, and it’s “No wonder everyone hates you”..

They once proudly went 37 years without winning a trophy, remind them.

WTWTWShite? Crowds were down to an average of 11,685 in 1930/31, and the current average is 75,379.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wolves and new KK 197

Wow, what a weekend. Heard the result from  O/T in the Asda cafĂ© next to Moilineux – you should have heard the cheer when we found out the final score!

We did the biz v Wolves, should have had a hatful and obviously felt a bit sorry for them being relegated. Just got to win the last three games and keep ahead on goal difference to clinch it,

Euro Champs semis saw Chelsea and Munich go through – what a difference those two pens would have made when we were outplaying BM at The Allianz. Is it me or is Mourinho turning into Jack Dee?

Anyway we are pleased to announce that King Of the Kippax fanzine number 197, should hit the outlet at Aleef (Corner of Cross Street/Market Street) on Friday April 27TH and the selling points around the Etihad at the united and QPR games, plus up at Newcastle of course.

KK197 is a 52 page A4 issue with Mancini on the front cover saying “Ees impossible now, but we’ll fight to the end.

This issue includes a Dennis Tueart interview, chat with Joe Corrigan, Frank Horrocks tribute, Should he stay or should he go? Twitter, Uncle Ryan ‘s Ukrainiaqn phrasebook, Balotelli, Tevez and Mancini, Myths exploded, monthly diary, DCMS select committee report, Leaving early, season reviews and reflections, stuff on the press and media, and all the usual regulars – Ged, Burf., Neil, Gene, Uncle Ryan, Paul, Tony, David C ., Sean, Bryan, Tom, Richard, Simon etc…

It sells at just £2.50 (unbeatable value) and can also be purchased for £3.50 (inc P & P) from King Of The Kippax, 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL.

Thanks to all contributors for making this a bumper edition.

So, 5 days to the big one, Robson’s at it again. Why doesn’t he just fuck off and hide in the ladies toilets like he used to?


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Swinton, Everton and Wolves

Swinton, Everton and Wolves
Andy Morrison was at the Swinton Branch on Wednesday, and as you’d expect he was very entertaining. We’re on with the fanzine at the mo and it looks like being a bumper issue and includes the Dennis Tueart interview we did with him on his book and all things City since 1974.
Today’s results saw Blackburn win, Wigan lose, QPR win, Newcastle win – all of which could affect the teams we’ve yet to play.
Tomorrow the rags are at home to Everton with Fergie’s surrogate son Moyes in charge of a host of ex rag players. They haven’t won at the swamp for twenty years but want to finish above Liverpool and get into Europe so we can but hope. Due to todays results Wolves are in a perilous position. Lescott had nice words to say about Everton and his time there plus Wolves under Terry Connor. By the time we kick off we could be 8 points behind the rags again who are surely due to play a team with 11 men, have a strong referee and don’t get any more dubious decisions. We#’ll see.
So it’s off to Wolves, here’s the it’s A Fix extract/update from KK196 :
Third season this time in the Prem, most recent connections are Keith Curle, Mark Kennedy, Joleon Lescott. Last pot was the Lg Cup in 1980. 112th Lg meeting

This season so far : At Molineux in October it was a 5-2 win for the Blues in the Carling Cup 4th round, a few days after the 6-1, with our million pound team! They went ahead through Milijas(18) – we chanted we’re gonna win 6-1 – as we could score when we wanted that month and goals from Johnson (37) Nasri (39), Dzeko (40, 64) Vries 0g (50) made it 5-1, O’Hara pulled another one back (65) but that was the end of the scoring. Crowd was 12,436 with 2364 Blues. Prior to that they’d beaten Millwall 5-0 at home and Northampton 4-0 away
A few days later we played our multi million pound team (according to Mick McCarthy) and won 3-1 at The Etihad with goals from Dzeko (52), Kolarov (67), Hunt made it 2-1 (75pen) when Vinny was sent off and Johnson (90) made the points safe. Crowd was 47,142 with 1587 Wolves.  
Currently they’re in 20th place with 23 points from 34 games, 11 points from safety, and 3 wins 2 draws and 12 losses at home
In the FA Cup they drew 0-0 at Birmingham but lost the replay 1-0 in the 3rd round

Our form at Molineux : Last season in October it was a 2-1 loss, City opening through Adebayor (23 penalty – the last away penalty we’ve had!!)), with Wolves equalising through Milljas (30) and going ahead through Edwards (57) Crowd was 25,971 with 2505 Blues. It was a massively disappointing performance, with strange substitutions, and on the field spats between City players which gave the press a field day, another one.
Since the 1-4 in 1999/2000 it’s been 2 wins (2-0 in 2001/02; 3-0 in 2009/10) and 2 losses (0-1 in 2003/04; and 1-2 last season – when they told us they’d prefer their team spirit to our wealth – yawn).

Comment - after staying up by the skin of their teeth last season they had a flying start but then hit the skids. Mick McCarthy was sacked after the 5-1 home loss to West Brom where they hit the bar at 2-1 and were unlucky to concede another 3 goals. Steven Fletcher’s bagged 10 goals so far. Chairman Steve Morgan made a pigs ear of things and they finished up with Terry Connor as temp manager, with little success so far. Surely rnow elegated and it’s up to City to, sadly, put the final nail in their coffin.

Molineux Capacity : 30,000 ( 2,700 for City)

Groundwise : The ground was completely re-developed by 1993, but ambitious plans are in place to increase the capacity to 50,000, surely now on hold. First phase is the replacement of the Stan Cullis stand with a new two tier 7,700 job which we’ll get another chance to view today.
City fans will be in the lower tier of the Steve Bull stand. Tickets are £38.
There’s some handy car parks nearby and you can grab a bite at the local supermarket if you don’t fancy a pint at The Goalpost on RHS just before Wolves ground.
WWTWTWShite? Crowds averaged 4,020 in 1985/86, 25,793 this season whilst the new stand goes up.
Away day zine A Load Of Bull, who swapped with KK, was read by Robert Plant, has now disappeared which is a shame.
Sat Nav is : WV1 4QR

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Thursday it was a Mike Riley POB meeting at the club. Couldn’t get there meself so await an update from the Blue Vic.
Then it was rags coach Rene Meulensteen’s turn to have a pop at City –we’re just a bunch of individuals apparently whilst they are a team. Yeah we sopotted that in the 6-1 didn’t we and at Wigan.
Off we went to Norwich on Friday, and it was a pleasant run down there apart from a delay on the A11.
In the evening we drove out to The Artful Dodger where some years ago I witnessed one of the locals do an awesome version of Bon Jovi’s Bed Of Roses. It was shut, and had been turned into a residential place.
So we motored on to The White Horse Inn in Trowse where the locals were very welcoming to a pair of over 60’s out of towners. (the Blue Vic and I) We settled down at the back on a settee and watched proceedings on the karaoke. Limited list so I did The Calling song and everyone was very kind “awesome” one bloke said! He did Dedicated Follower Of Fashion!” The Blue Vic bottled out!
So Saturday dawned and it was off to the match. We had a chat with a couple of Norwich fans, flogged the remaining zines outside (but don’t worry as it is also now an e-zine on Amazon as a trial) and met up with loyal Blues.
2-0 up and at half time we didn’t think we’d do ‘a Fulham’, but weren’t happy at 2-1 until blitzkrieg arrived. “When did we last beat a team 5-1 home and away ?”.(Derby in 37/38 was 6-1 and 7-1 and we went down that season! – Liverpool in 36/37 was 5-0 and 5-1 and we won the title) That changed to “when did we last win 6-1 away?” Let me see….Norwich fans stayed til the end and were quite gracious in defeat as they don’t want the rags to win the title.
So a decent drive home making a comeback at The Little Chef with fish and chips at £5.
Sunday it was the rags v Villa and they even cheat when they don’t need to. Difference between City and united? Tevez gets booked for being fouled in the box whereas Young gets a penalty for diving. What was Given doing for that second goal? No wonder everyone hates them.
Then it was Spurs v Chelsea and an outrageous decision for their second goal which didn’t look like it crossed the line. So lucky Chelsea again after their stuffy win v Wigan and non pen against us. When weren’t they lucky? Why against the rags of course who managed two penalties against them. So 5 points between us and the rags again.
Stuff is coming in thick and fast for KK197, so thanks all for that though too many season review articles which will need editing.
Tomorrow Andy Morrison is at the Swinton branch so looking forward to that.
Some talk of Sturridge coming back. Not sure about that. Final thought on Tevez – I didn’t see any Blues not going mad with delight when he scored those goals. carroll got 'pool to the Cup final interesting to note he's been missing for as long as Tevez this season - so has Torres as a matter of fact!
Stay Blue

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Tuesdays Manumirror had Rooney praised for maturing with no yellows this season. Maturing? More like refs bottling it.
Well that was a bit more like it last night. Albion fans a bit subdued sat down from the start, no boing boinging.
Early goal set us on our way and the news from the DW stadium sounded good. Usual rag story – Wigan had a good goal disallowed then pandemonium at The Etihad when the news of the goal came through as we eased into a 4 goal lead and did the Poznan. Another roar was a false alert and 5 or 6 minutes Fergie time was added to no avail.
So only 5 points in it now. Off we go to Norwich here’s the It’s a Fix extract : GAME 34) SATURDAY APRIL 14TH NORWICH (AWAY) KO 12.45PM
First season back in the Prem. Last trophies the League Cup in 1962 and 1985. Recent connection : Lee Croft. 50th league meeting.

This season so far : At the Etihad in December it was a 5-1 City win. The goals came from Aguero (32), Nasri (51) YY Toure (68) Balotelli (88) Johnson (90) with Morrison (81) replying for Norwich. Crowd was 47,201 with 2786 Canaries.
Currently they’re in 10th place with 43 points from 33 games and 6 wins 6 draws and 4 losses at home.
In the Carling Cup they got a bit of a spanking losing 4-0 at home to MK Dons
In the FA Cup they beat Burnley at home 4-1 in the 3rd round, in the 4th won 2-1 at West Brom in the 5th round lost 2-1 at home to Leicester.

Our form at Norwich : Last league meeting was in season 2004/05, City winning 3-2 at Carrow Road after being 2 goals down and Delia doing her infamous “let’s be having you” speech after a drop too much cherry, presumably. Dean Ashton (12) and McKenzie (15) opened for Norwich and Sibierski (24) and Fowler (37. 90) clinched it for City. Crowd was 24,302 with 1159 Blues.
Prior to that it was 5 draws and 3 defeats since the 2-1 in 90/91, so not as successful as in the 70’s and 80’s.

Comment : We’ve always enjoyed good results against the Canaries even when we were shite so you’d expect us to pick up the 3 points today and continue our winning ways. They’ve been playing open attractive football which should suit us too, but have match winners in Holt with 12 goals, who’ll be back from suspension and Pilkington. Also they’ve just won at WHLane so will be buoyed up.It’s the clash of the teams with the nicest colours in the Prem. but there’s only one City –US of course!

Groundwise : No change since our last visit. The ground has been steadily developed over the years, and they’re planning an extra tier over one of the stands. I’ll be looking forward to selling KK at my favourite tree, if it’s still there!

Carrow Road : Capacity 27,000

WWTWTWShite? Averaged 13,750 in 1968/69 so not bad, and this season it’s 26,554.

We're currently getting read y for the next zine with the deadline asap bu by next Tuesday please. Also we're seriously looking at doing KK as an e-zine and KK 196 should be available in the next week on a trial basis.
Have a good weekend - come on Villa


Tuesday, 10 April 2012


It was a London weekend and we were privileged to stay with friends and lifelong Blues Raymond and Chrissie down in the Smoke.
Evening nosh was in a restaurant – we passed a table where John McCririck the horse racing bloke was tucking in and after we’d sat down the legend that is Bruce Welch of The Shadows sat on the next table with his nutty mate and two lovely ladies. Naturally I couldn’t resist asking for his auto on the only bit of paper I had which was on the back of the photo of me and Ben Kingsley as kids in 1949 which I carry round just in case I bump into him which of course I never ever do. (I also carry my letter to the MEN re Oasis but I never see them at games these days either!) So I had a bit of a daft chat about Miss You Nights, karaoke and stuff and Bruce was quite impressed with the photo of me and Ben (and I think he liked me!!) He looked very impressive, younger even than Cliff, but I didn’t tell him that, was a decent fella and I thanked him for being nice to nutty me and Raymond. “You were embarrassing, I was cringing “ Sue said afterwards but I didn’t care. So that makes it three pop/rock stars I’ve ever met. The other two being Mick Hucknall “you look just like him” I said, and Foreigner who I paid to meet backstage pre gig (and post Lou Gramme) at the Apollo a couple of years back – “ how do you preserve your voice” I asked the LG replacement then forgot what he told me. (Jason Bonham was the drummer)
And so to Arsenal. Watched the first quarter of an hour of the rags. Rooney should have been booked, they got a pen from a Young offside dive and the QPR player was sent off. Fuck me, could it be any more obvious? Corruption, no more, no less. Outside the Ems Dermot Gallagher walked past, John Stapleton and his lad bought a zine and told me that Brucie was his next door neighbour. “Give him my regards”
So to the usual lowpoint of the trip, the match. Haven’t seen MOTD but there were various fouls by Arsenal, and first booking as usual to City. No booking at all for the twat who put Ya ya out of the game. Outrage at Mario for the foul on Song but couldn’t see much wrong with his two 'tackles' for yellows and if the overhead had gone in he would have been a hero. KOTK crew decided months ago if he got a yellow he should be taken off in future just in case. So we were battered to be honest. Well done to Joe, Vinny and Joleon for coming over and throwing their shirts into the away crowd. Those lads knew just how much it meant to Blues fans.
Good run home but the title now seems definitely lost and we must make sure we hang on to second place.
Everton and Newcastle strengthened in January, we did nothing though the 'what if scenario' indicated we needed cover in attack and defence. I don’t give a fuck about FFP at this stage, break the bank (as there are no Academy players coming through) make the signings, win the league, then worry about it later. We won’t get a better chance.
Tomorrow it’s West Brom and it is by no means a formality, but we need to bounce back. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract: GAME 33) WEDNESDAY APRIL 11TH WBA (HOME) KO 7.45 PM
The Baggies celebrate their second season in the Prem (this time) Trophyless now since winning the F A Cup in 1968, Recent connection, Ishmael Miller (now at Forest) 130th League meeting

This season so far : At The Hawthorns in December it was a 0-0 draw, Mario’s goal being wrongly disallowed for offside, Crowd was 25, 938 with 2560 Blues and the home crowd were delighted with the result also gloating at the rags win
They’re currently in 13th place with 39 points from 32 games and 6 wins 4 draws and 6 losses away.
In the Carling Cup they won at Bournemouth 4-1 but lost at Everton 2-1 in the 4th round.
In the FA Cup they beat Cardiff 4-2 at home in the 3rd round but lost 2-1 at home to Norwich in the 4th.

Our form at home to West Brom : At COMS in February it was a 3-0 City win, Carlos getting a hat-trick with goals in the 17th pen, 22nd, and 36th pen minutes. Crowd was 46,846 with 2244 Baggies.
Prior to that it was 8 wins, 4 draws 1 loss (1-2 in 02/03),
Once again it’s a game which on current form should give us all three points and we need revenge for the 0-0 draw, and to regain the momentum.

Comment : A reasonable season so far for Woy’s boys, and they’ve accounted for two managers – Mick M after the 5-1 Wolves defeat and AVB after the 1-0 Chelsea defeat. Peter Osemwingie’s hit form with 9 goals so far.
Away form has been good and on their day they can give anyone a game, but surely not us today?

WWTWTWShite? Crowds were down to an average of 9,134 in 1986/87, this season they’re averaging 24,631.

Friday, 6 April 2012


And the press turn the heat up on City yet again, Mancini and Mario – he’s slept with Rooney’s hooker (but not a granny) and had a bump in Manc.
Sunday it’s the Arse and a total make or break. Here’s the It’s a fix extract : GAME 32) SUNDAY APRIL 8TH ARSENAL (AWAY) KO 4PM
Ever present in the top flight since 1915, last pot the F. A. Cup in 2005, 7 seasons ago. Recent connections Clichy, Toure, Nasri, and Adebayor, 168th league meeting.

This season so far : At The Etihad in December it was a 1-0 win for City, in a great game with Silva scoring in the 53rd minute, Van persie having a goal disallowed for offside, in front of 47,303 with 2796 Arses.
Currently they’re in 3rd place with 58 points from 31 games and 11 wins 2 draws and 2 losses at home. They’re level with Spurs but have just lost at QPR.
In The Carling Cup it was a recent 1-0 win at The Emirates for the Blues in the quarter final, with Aguero’s late goal clinching it. Crowd was 60,028 with a magnificent 5,226 Blues. Owing mainly to the £10 tickets, a bit different to today’s at £51!
In the Chimps League they went out to Milan, losing 4-0 away but winning 3-0 at home.
In the FA Cup they beat Leeds 1-0 at home in the 3rd, Villa home 3-2 in the 4th but lost 2-0 at Sunderland in the 5th.
Comment : Three wins out of the last five at COMS and two away draws plus the recent Carling Cup win means we’re picking up against them after years of heartache.
They were down and out at home to Spurs (after previously Wenger gifted the rags 3 points with his daft late substitution) but recovered well to go on a revitalised spree, so are looking strong before facing us and are battling for 3rd spot.
Chamberlain is a hot one – remember his dad’s ‘shit off a shovel’ debut for Stoke v us in 1982? Future Blue Van (the Man) Persie’s on fire, with 26 goals, and they’re full of confidence. They’ve sorted the goalie (whose dad smacked Roberto in a game once) problem and they’ve put together some impressive results to take the pressure off Wenger. Today, though, it’s make or break, and we must put the pressure back on. Just a point – being as we can’t get our corners or free kicks past the first opponent couldn’t we put a man on the near post?
WWTWTWShite : Their crowds were down to an average of 23,824 in 1985, and this season it’s 59,969.

The Emirates Capacity : 60,355

Our form at Arsenal is dreadful. At The Emirates last January, we ground out a 0-0 draw with Joe performing miracles in nets. Crowd was 60,085 with 1440 Blues. So in the last 2 seasons we’ve managed 0-0 draws but haven’t scored for 4 games and haven’t won there since 1975 in the league so by the law of averages we must be due a win?
Parking’s crap and the City pub is normally The Drayton Arms
WWTWTWShite? Averaged 23,824 in 1985, and are at 59,966 this season, as they celebrate 125 tears of existance.
Away day zine is The Gooner, who swap with KK and is a very professional production, now being cheeky to City.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Well it had to happen. We couldn’t go on winning every home game, but with our poor away form sadly we needed to. We were poor, Sunderland played well and we looked dead and buried at 1-3 down so well done the lads for the fightback – it’s becoming a regular thing now! As for Mario he must learn to get up when he’s down and maybe he should’ve taken that free kick instead of Kolarov. I hear that Blues were scrapping amongst themselves in the South stand which is sad. As for MOTD when are they going to start showing the major incidents in games – like the 2 penalties we should have had before Dzeko’s, and Bendner was offside blocking Joe's view for their first, but no witchunt?
Brilliant spread in the programme for KOTK – I was asked to send stuff in with a write up and was well pleased with the way it was presented.
Referee Peter Walton's retired - he never gave us eff all so it's our gain and the rags loss, but it looks like Michael Oliver's stepped into the breach.
Last night Alex Williams was at the Warrington Branch which went down well as you’d expect. Unfortunately the rags were on the box in the down stairs room We’re now 5 points behind and could be 8 behind before we step out at The Emirates. Still we must give it all we've got - the last thing we want is for it to completely implode.