Monday, 21 May 2012

The week after (after three attempts!)

The week after

Momentum was maintained with the ‘Former Players Association Dinner’ on the Thursday at the Etihad. Went with big bro Frank and met James H Reeve and Franny outside who were most welcoming, as you’d expect on such a joyous occasion.
Special guests of honour were City’s top goalies including Eric Nixon, Alex Williams, Alan Ogley, Ken Mulhearn and, of courses, the great Bert Trautmann, now 89. Bert had a few words to say about letting 8 in at Leicester (in 1958) and equalling Frank Swift’s 8 v Bradford PA.
He also compared Matt Busby’s congratulations to Joe Mercer in 1968 to Fergie’s mealy mouthed effort this year and lamented on the state of the modern game in this respect. Fuck me, the rags have won everything in recent years and they can’t even be gracious when someone else picks up a trophy. No wonder everyone hates the fuckers. There was a table with united old boys on it so fair do’s to them and Paddy Crerand even, turned up later on. I couldn’t shame Wilf McGuiness into paying me the fiver for our bet about ten years ago! No wonder.
On our table was Steve (from the Euro trips) his dad and son plus ex Manc 60’s rocker Johnny Peters and John Donahue who writes to the Muen when they can squeeze a letter in between those of Harry Singleton and Leslie Holt! Always great to meet up with ex City players and thanks to Roy Cheetham for arranging our tickets – and the food was superb.
On the same night though our reserves lost to the rags in the manc senior cup Final and just like a few years a go invaded the pitch. No wonder.........
What else? New England manager Woy has named his squad – omtting Micah and Adam J who’ve not featured much for City recently, but has included the likes of Downing and Ruddy, so we’ll see how that all pans out. Both should get a run out in the Olympics team though as compensation.
Elsewhere Villa have sacked McLeish, surprise, surprise, Wolves have a new manager that no one’s heard of, and Liverpool (the new City) have fired King Kenny.
Over at the Swamp the relocation of away fans to the north stand where no-one can hear them is on hold. According to Andy Mitten’s article in the MUEN they should be “out of sight so out of mind” instead of in a 'prime position', and the disabled rags in front won’t be subjected to being pelted with coins and stuff” First time I’ve heard of this, and what other club would put disabled fans in front of away fans, who are taunted with distasteful banners by the former. No wonder…. And where would Rooney run to then to goad away fans when he’s scored a goal, if they’re removed from sight? If they do create a singing section perhaps they’ll get Ian Brown to lead it – singing flat and out of tune!
Otherwise great coverage of City’s title winning exploits all week, and a superb special publishhed.
Saturday it was the Swinton Branch’s end of season bash at Clifton cricket club with pasty and peas plus live viewing of the Munich v Chelsea clash. I have no sympathy with Bayern Munich after they cheated us out of a win at the Allianz when, after outplaying them for the first half hour and having two penalties turned down we lost 2-0 and it caused the Tevez saga to commence. A big roar went up in the other room (rags?) when Munich scored, and an even bigger one in ours when Chelsea equalised and went on to win. So congratulations are in order, to complete a shit week for the rags. Sturridge didn’t feature, and if Roberto is thinking of signing him he should talk to Jim Cassell first.
West Ham won the play off v Blackpool so we’ve lost Bolton, Blackburn (can’t stand up now when they chant “stand up if you’ve won the league!” ) Wolves and Blackpool – short nice trips – replaced with Saints, Reading and the ‘ammers – all long ones, plus Norwich and Swansea who stayed up last year.
York (shudder!) are back in the Footy league.
What else? Patrick Knowles has asked me to put the following on the blog – A new City fans song, On on on with City, can be heard and downloaded by going on to : and just follow the link on the first page displayed.
Pat’s also got a great new idea for a song based on what was sung by City fans at the end of the QPR game “we won the league in Fergy time.
Transfer targets make interesting reading but we’ll wait and see what transpires. New City books are David Conn’s, part of which was seen in the Observer magazine, and Colin Shindler’s, both out soon. Incidentally you’ll find Us and Them on the very bottom shelf in the City store FFS.
Spurs, I’m told, have now beaten the long held Everton record for the shortest stay in the Champions League! Also it’s rumoured that John Terry will lift the trophy if Engelbert wins the Eurovision Song Contest!

The week after and momentum was maintained with the 'Former players Association Dinner' on the Thursday at the Etihad.

Friday, 18 May 2012

All Together Now

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, Kun Aguero.

Come on everyone, join in!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

3 days after

3 days after

Still recovering!
Watched a bit of Soccer AM and sad to report that the bloke who plays Bates in Downton Abbey is a rag, so I won’t be watching that again.
D Day dawned. Read the Observer piece which was a bit mixed up, to be honest! We got to the ground at about one ish and strolled around City square fairly relaxed. Picked up a programme and was pleased with Gary’s interview with Sue and I though the photos were a tad embarrassing, but, I suppose a true reflection!
Game on, and a nervy start before Zab put us in front. Then I hoped that we’d be able to sit back and enjoy the day like we have done so many times this season. Not to be, of course. Joleon did a ‘Vonky/Savic’ for 1-1. Joey disgraced himself, after a clash with Carlos. Vinny had an uncustomary lapse for 1-2 with half an hour to go. It was gut wrenching and you knew you had to get over it and roar the lads on though we looked to have blown it until Fred got the sweets out. The 5 minutes went up to cries of “Gillingham” and Edin and Sergio did the business to give us the title and destroy the rags in the process. Felt a bit sorry for Micah who may have been brought on if Ya Ya hadn’t been injured, and that could hamper his England chances.
Fuckinell City.
Unbelievable scenes - on the pitch then strolled round the square cryin, huggin and a kissin with family, friends and strangers, then zipped into ‘Curry mile’ for an Indian with the Woodhouses and company (Steve and Andy sell the zine)
Fergie bleated that City beat ten men and had 5 minutes of added time, so we beat them at their own game. Monday then, and after endlessly watching repeats of the game and Merson’s ‘commentary’ Channel 4 asked me if I’d go to the ground – any excuse – finished up on the pitch re-enacting Sergio’s winner and the hour long interview was shown for about 5 seconds on the news.
Home and then back to town for the parade with the family again and how great to see the throngs of Blues of all ages in the square and along Deansgate. Tears shed as the bus went past then it was back home via MacDonalds.
Bit of fuss about Carlos holding up the placard with RIP Fergie on it – in the old days they used to carry coffins round with relevant words to that effect so no big deal really. Perhaps at some point the rags are gonna stop coming out with the utter crap we’ve been subjected to over the years (mind games my arse) and in particular this season?
Incidentally, despite the poor reviews we went to see ‘Dark Shadows’ last night which was brilliant. Any film which opens with ‘Nights in White Satin’ being played is on to a winner, not to mention an Alice Cooper appearance, though with some fairly obvious comments.
Still trying to come to terms with Sunday, and how Mancini didn’t get manager of the season is beyond me. But then….

Sunday, 13 May 2012

3 hours to go

Forget the shite negative manumirror's article - today is all about THE SPIRIT OF 1968, 1985, 1999, 2000, 2002, AND 2011, C'MON CITY!!!!!!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

1 day to go

1 day to go

OK let’s put things into perspective. Since our last title in 1968 we’ve:

Won 2 FA Cups, once runners up, 2 League cups, once runners up, 1 European Cup Winner’s Cup, once Division 1 runners up.

Been relegated 5 times

Been promoted 5 times

A word of warning to QPR, we’ve relegated, or played already relegated teams 5 times.

Best last days :

1972 beat Derby the eventual Champions at M/Rd

1974 beat united at O/T who were relegated

1977 beat Coventry away to make runners up

1985 beat Charlton 5-1 at home and were promoted

1989 drew 1-1 at Bradford and were promoted

1999 beat Gillingham in the play off final and were promoted

2000 beat Blackburn away and were promoted

2002 beat Portsmouth home and were promoted

2011 won the FA Cup, then beat Bolton to go 3rd.

So even when we were ‘Typical City’ we’ve done the business, on the up, more often than not, in fact every time we’ve needed to, so I don’t see any difference tomorrow.

Yesterday Teddy Sheringham was at it with the usual “united will win it” shite, and David Sadler reckons we’ve bought the league.
Manumirror ran a story about Ya Ya wanting to go back to Barcelona at some point, but Derek McGovern kept up his usual humour in his betting column, never afraid to have a pop at easy target united. Fergie reckons that as Aberdeen once beat Real Madrid in the 80’s that QPR could do it tomorrow which will destroy City. Who’s cracking up ?
There’s still a dearth of stories of how Sunderland are going to upset the applecart v the rags.
Here’s a new song
We always win at home and we always win away
We won last week and we’ll win today
We don’t give a fuck cos we’re all pissed up

Went down to The Etihad today – you have to do these things dontcha! Pretty quiet actually, sold out of scarves in the shop, only ones left are £30! Honest!!
Here’s the It’s A Fix update : GAME 38) SUNDAY MAY 13Th : QPR (HOME) KO 3PM

First season back in the Prem. and they’ve found it tough. Last, and only trophy was the League Cup in 1967, oh Rodney, Rodney….most recent connections are Mark Hughes, Nedum Onuoha, SWP and Joey Barton. 42nd league meeting.
This season so far : Down there on Bonfire night it was a 3-2 jittery City win. Boothroyd opened (28), Dzeko equalised (43), Silva (53) put us in front but Helgusson levelled again (69) before Ya Ya clinched it (74) with a great header. Crowd was a very, very hostile 18,076 with 3,026 Blues. They booed our every touch and refused to throw the ball back at throw ins.
Currently they’re in 17h place with 37 points from 37 games and 3 wins 2 draws and 12 losses away from home, the 3rd worst record away in the league.
In the Carling Cup they lost 0-2 at home to Rochdale, Steven Eyre’s finest result.
In the FA Cup they drew at MK Dons 1-1 but won the replay 1-0 going out to Chelsea 0-1 at home.
Our form at home to QPR : Post war they never managed a win in the first 15 visits with 10 losses and 5 draws then won 3-2 in 94/95, lost 2-0 in 95/96 and won 3-0 in the last match of the season in 96/97. Then it was a 2-2 draw in 97/98 courtesy of Jamie Pollock’s incredibly ridiculous own goal, and a 3-1 win in 99/2000 which makes it 3 wins 1 draw and 1 loss in their last 5 visits which is a bit scary.
Comment : Mark Hughes took over from Neil Warnock but hasn’t really pulled up any trees so far but is looking forward to stopping City winning the title. Some strengthening was made in the January window with Zamora and Nedum coming in. They need a point to be safe but if Bolton don’t win at Stoke then they are safe and we can look forward to forking out our £50 odd quids at their place again next season.
Let’s see them quaking in their boots at our team and our support and there is only one possible outcome – a win for the Blues and the title. C’mon City.
WWTWTWShite : Averaged 5,670 in 1964/65, and this season it’s around 17,178.

United play Sunderland with all their ex united players, away, KO same time, BUT with Martin O’Neill in charge. What snidey tricks they’ll get up to is anyone’s guess – trying to delay the kick off, getting players sent off and diving for penalties. Even so they might get a draw.

Signing off now, won’t blog again until …….enjoy the day – hope for a repeat of 1985 – and let our ex Blues be gracious in defeat, as they’ve all been part of the Blue Moon Rising.


Friday, 11 May 2012

2 days to go

2 days to go

Thought it may be interesting to note how we’ve gone on at the end of the season since our win in 1968?!

1969 – after winning the Cup we had 3 games left and beat Liverpool home 1-0 on the last day.

1970 – won the ECWCup beating Gornik 2-1

1971 – lost 3-4 to united at home – their 1st win in 14 league derbies from 1967 to 1976

1972 – beat Derby (who won the league) 2-0 at home

1973 – lost 2-3 home to relegated Crystal Palace

1974 – beat united 1-0 away who were relegated

1975 – drew 1-1 at Luton who were relegated

1976 – lost 0-2 at united

1977 – beat Coventry away as runners up

1978 – drew 0-0 at Chelsea

1979 – lost 2-3 home to Villa

1980 – beat Ipswich 2-1 home

1981 – lost 0-1 at Liverpool after the Cup Final

1982 – lost 0-1 at Sunderland

1983 – lost 0-1 home to Luton and were relegated

1984 – beat Cambridge 5-0 at home who were relegated

1985 – beat Charlton 5-1 home and were promoted

1986 – drew 1-1 home to Luton

1987 – lost 0-2 at WHU and were relegated

1988 – lost 0-1 at Palace

1989 – drew 3-3 at home to Bournemouth after being 3-0 up in the last home game but drew 1-1 at Bradford and were promoted.

1990 – drew 2-2 at Palace

1991 – beat Sunderland 3-2 at home who were relegated

1992 – beat Oldham 5-2 away

1993 – lost 2-5 at home to Everton

1994 – drew 1-1 at Sheff Wed

1995 – lost 2-3 at home to QPR

1996 – drew 2-2 at home to Liverpool and were relegated

1997 – beat Reading 3-2 at home

1998 - beat Stoke 5-2 away but were both relegated

1999 – beat York 4-0 at home then beat Gillingham in the play offs for promotion

2000 – beat Blackburn 4-1 away and were promoted

2001 – lost 1-2 home to Chelsea and were relegated

2002 – beat Portsmouth 3-1 at home and were promoted

2003 – lost 0-1 at home to Saints, last game at Maine Road

2004 – beat Everton 5-1 at home

2005 – drew 1-1 at home to 'Boro, Fowler missed a last minute penalty to miss out on UEFA

2006 – lost 0-2 at Blackburm

2007 – lost 1-2 at Spurs

2008 – lost 1-8 at ‘Boro

2009 – lost 1-2 at Spurs

2010 – drew 1-1 at WHU

2011 – won FA Cup then 2-0 at Bolton to go 3rd

2012 - ?


3 days to go

3 days to go

It’s late Thursday. Manumirror had a couple of stories today saying that Ya Ya wants to go back to Barca, and then they tried to stir it up with possible departures from The Etihad. No stories yet of how Sunderland are going to stuff united, and how their Fergie flops are out to prove a point. Maybe tomorrow………?
Met Ed The Observer bloke today at the squash centre and we had a good chat about City. Also had a conversation with Chris Wheeler from the Daily Mail but put off the fella from ITV News.
Went to The Octagon to see the superb Queen Of The North play about Pat Phoenix tonight, anything to take the mind off Sunday.
Good posts from Tony and Neil, keep it up fellas only 3 dithery days to go…….

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

QPR post

Dear KK,

This post from Dave Thomas of "A Kick up the Rs" fanzine to the QPR Yahoo Groups list yesterday may interest you. Dave now lives in Bolton by the way!

Best wishes


United fans are Chelsea fans and City fans are QPR fans.
I know they have millions to play with, but City do far more for the community than United. The Hyde story is worth checking out if you can.
When my Christina's Dad was fit and able, he followed City all over. In later years, as his health gradually deteriorated, they would watch games on Sky. He was called Stanley and was born in Collyhurst, the same as Stan Bowles. He was great character, who during the war was Monty's
driver (I bet you didn't even know Monty played golf!). He was also best friend of Les Dawson, and best man at his wedding. Most importantly, he was Christina's Dad - and she misses him terribly still.
When he died, the funeral went past the Etihad. He had been to a match there once - just the once, but they treated him with the utmost care and attention. When the cortege went past the stadium, with Manchester City spelled out in flowers, plenty of folk touched their caps as an acknowledgement of respect - just like in the old days.
I wrote to City, by email. I asked if they could perhaps mention his passing in the programme. I asked if Bernard Halford (City's Daphne Biggs) could be informed of Stan's death. City replied, literally,
within minutes - and with a message back from Bernard. They also said they would put it in the programme - and they'd also include him in their role of honour at the end of the calendar year when they have a
minute's silence for and a roll-call of all those supporters who've they lost in the past year. It's an annual thing at City, apparently.
I am not saying that United wouldn't have done the same, (why not - Ed!) but I have my doubts. As Peter says, City fans are generally okay, while you have to live here to appreciate quite how blinkered and objectionable United fans are generally.
Which is why I hope we are 0-0 with two minutes to go, and Stoke have just added a third without reply. We then gift City the softest of soft goals, while doing a Peter Crouch yesterday - i.e, looking as if we are
really trying but not really. We then unfurl our banner that says:
'That one's for you, Ashley Young - diving cheat".
By the way, message to the Venky's: So you didn't know about relegation?
Well, you do now...
Dave Thomas

4 days to go

4 days to go

Looks like being a busy few days. Not much in the National press about the possibility of united losing or drawing at Sunderland, but plenty on the Blues v QPR. Would it go on alphabetical order if the goal differences were the same, and are the rags planning therefore to change their name to Manchester Athletic?
Went down to Media City yesterday for a chat on the radio with Becky Want and Bill Rice, part of which Cheesy used on Blue Tuesday last night. Going to the ground tomorrow (can't keep away) to have a chat with an Observer reporter, who’s also asking for any City pubs in Manchester tomorrow night. Any ideas?
Fairly friendly postings from QPR fans so far – they recognise that we don’t expect a formality on Sunday, this is City after all, but hopefully it’s the new and not typical City. Usually when we’re heading up we don’t cock up (Blackburn, Charlton etc) it’s when we’re going down (Luton etc) that we do.
Anyway, so far so good, enjoying this week and looking forward to Sunday, hope I last out!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Relax,enjoy the week  and watch the rags squirm. It's years since we played QPR ar home - 99/2000 (1-3), 97/98 (2-2), 96/97 (0-3), 95/96 (2-0) 94/95 (2-3) 93/94(3-0), 92/93 (1-1) 91/92 (2-2) prior to that 9 wins and 3 draws for City.
All meaningless of course as this is the new City, not the one of Pollock and Margetson. Isn't it? First time for them at The Etihad fortress. Surely no problem? City won't let us down will they?

Monday, 7 May 2012

Newcastle reflections

Monday, Monday, so good to me….

Set off to the North east around lunchtime on Saturday, with the City scarf out of the window, until the rains came down. Missed the Leeming services which is now just off the A1 and poorly signposted, so it was the Little Chef just before Scotch corner for a bite to eat. Arrived at the Metro centre where we dropped the Blue Vic off around 5 ish and had a stroll round. Not one rag shirt spotted so well done you Geordies.
After the evening meal in the pub we were staying at in Gateshead we got a taxi into Newcastle to meet friends who were staying at a city centre hotel. The City coach was parked outside but the boys were staying elsewhere so couldn’t give them a pep talk.
Sunday morning broke nice and sunny. We parked up and strolled down to the fantastic Back page shop where I dropped a few ‘Us and Them’ books off and bought Joe Corrigan’s biography but they didn’t have the photo of the two captains shaking hands before the 1955 Cup Final which I’m after.
After a coffee and a chat with Mark who does The Mag fanzine (which swaps with KK, and I pass on to Geordie Brian in the local pub) we strolled up the hill to the ground, passing the new Bobby Robson memorial on the way. Obviously all the Geordies we spoke to wanted the rags to win the title but were hoping for both City AND united to lose today
Incidentally, after previously (years ago) chatting to Mark re Newcastle’s poor attendances when he advised they weren’t as poor as some City fans thought, I decided to include the factual WWYWYWshite bit in the It’s A Fix article. No offence meant.
Game was a bit nerve racking tho we were always in control but with a slow build up. 0-0 at half time so far so good cos I knew that Ya Ya would repeat his Cup semi and final feats of last season to score at the right time, and he did.Secong goal was icing on the cake.
Absolute euphoria at the end, fully deserved, and an enjoyable trip home stopping off at Leeming for tea. In the pub at night the bloke who sang ‘Teardrops will fall’ "for Mancini" a few weeks ago was sulking and the rag slag who squealed with delight at this, went into a tirade about us buying the title. Rags eh, dontcha just love em? I was perfectly well behaved of course, though in fairness, the landlord (and rag ) was very gracious – must value my presence!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday and Newcastle

Friday night and Newcastle

Jonny Evans was the latest rag to have a go. Apparently if we don’t win the title this year we’ll fade away just like when Liverpool finished second a few years ago. Keep believing the hype Jonny, no-one else does. Tosser.

Spent all day Wednesday chatting to Gary James and looking through my memorabilia stuff some of which Gary will be using in his forthcoming book as advertised in KK196.
Gary’s doing a piece on KOTK in the QPR programme hopefully, so there’s something else to look forward to (or not!)
So after the euphoria of Monday night, and don’t forget a couple of weeks ago we were dreading them fluking the title here so that didn’t happen, and we’ve got the Manc bragging rights whatever happens.
Newcastle mean while are getting cocky after the win at worn out Chelsea with Cisse’s goals. Everyone is warning us that it won’t be easy as if we hadn’t already figured that. Well it won’t be easy for Newcatle either. Newcy v City is always a big game for me as I came in at the 1955 cup Final. There’s been some great tussles over the years. 1968 is the one though. United beat them 6-1 at the swamp the week before the game and the headline was “this team won’t beat the new Champions” The game itself was a nerve shredder from start to finish but we got there in the end. I remember giving Les Lloyd a big kiss and a hug after the game. Les is on the back row of our team second from the right on page 11of the Ua and Them book. I've never seen him since, can't understand why!.
Let’s hope for a similar result on Sunday and that Swansea don’t lie down at the cesspit and concede too many goals. Here’s the it’s A Fix extract :


Put back to the Sunday so as not to clash with the Cup Final, unlike last season.
Second season back in the Prem. Last, and only pot since they beat us in the FA Cup final in 1955 is the 1969 Inter Cities Fairs Cup. They moan about getting to Cup Finals and having to play the top team unlike us and Stoke. Well boys, to get to the Cup final praps you have to play the top team in the semi-final and beat them. Recent connection is Shay Given. This is the 152nd League meeting.
This season so far : At the Etihad in November it was a 3-1 win for City, Balotelli (41 pen) Richards (44) Aguero (72pen) with Gosling getting a consolation goal for Newcastle in the 89th minute. Crowd was 47,408 with only 1685 Geordies (where were you….).
Currently they’re a magnificent 5th in the table with 65 points from 35 games and 11 wins 5 draws and 2 losses at home and are certs to be in Europe next season, maybe even the Champs league much to Robbie Savage’s dismay, and possibly ours!
In the Carling Cup they beat Scunthorpe 2-1 aet away, then Forest away aet 4-3, but lost at Blackburn 3-4 aet
In the FA Cup they beat Blackburn 2-1 at home but lost 0-1 away at Brighton.
Our form at Newcastle : Up there last season in late December it was a 3-1 City win, Barry (2) and Tevez (5) giving us a good start but Carroll netting (72) giving us the jitters until Carlos made it 3-1 ( 81) Crowd was 51, 635 with 2,808 Blues.
Prior to the 2-2 draw in 09/10, since our promotion in 2003, we’d won the last two and lost the previous four. So in the last 4 we’ve won 3 and drawn one.
Usual wind up (and they brought f*ck all to The Etihad) which really gets up their nose is “where were you….” Though the cheeky sods now sing it back to us? And we WERE here! A new one is “There’s only one St James’ Park – Exeter!” Or how about “There’s only one Magpies – Notts County!”
Comment: They are still the surprise team of the season, Alan Pardew, a flop at West Ham, Charlton and Southampton is doing an amazing job and has made some shrewd buys. Cisse (as suggested as a City target by Concannon in a previous KK) is class, Ben Arfa too after recovering from Nige’s tackle and Demba Ba are the danger men and Krol looks solid in goal. Who’s their Chief scout? Ex Blueman Graham Carr, father of Alan but don’t hold it against him! They took 4 points off the rags and were unlucky at O/T when united scored from a free kick that never was to draw 1-1
Memories of the last game of the season there in 1968, when we took the title 4-3 are still fresh in many Blues minds , but all we can ask for today is 100% effort and a great game of football, hopefullya win against the Prem’s current form team. We must grab the lifeline and we must be the 12th man. Bring the noise.
Sports Direct Arena (St. James’ Park)
Capacity : 52,387 (3,000 for City)
Groundwise: No change to the magnificent, but lop-sided St James’s Park since our last visit, we’re housed in the corner of the Sir John Hall Stand, Level 7, where you’ll still need oxygen to reach that level. Tickets are £42.

WWTWTWShite? Crowds averaged 16,001 in 1980/81 and are up to 49,660 this.
Away day Zines: The Mag – swaps with KOTK – very profession, and sells loads as does True Faith, and Talk Of The Tyne.
Sat Nav : NE1 4ST
Plenty of pubs, on street parking and local car parks.
The rags play Swansea at the Swamp 4PM KO I think
C’mon City

Apparently theree is a big problem wih Amazon at the moment so the KK197 e-zine won't be up until next week which is very disappointing after all the work put in to convert it.. So apologies for that, sorry, out of our hands

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Deby day reflections

Derby Day reflections

After the rainy weekend the day dawned bright and sunny. Maybe those that changed it to the Monday knew something?
I was strangely calm. We popped into town for lunch with a friend and set off for the ground at about half one (no kidding) Nice leisurely drive until some idiot hurtled over the hill on the wrong side of the road at 100mph and missed us by inches. It was to be the only shock of the day.
Parked up in the East car park, after a bit of shopping at Asda, and picked up a programme. Splendid spread for Us and Them with some derby memorabilia I’d sent in plus my diagram of Hyde Road. Great to see the photo of (ex heart throb KK seller) Louise’s boys Edward and Freddie on the beach in Oz sent in by Louise’s mum Joyce. Son Richard, ex City MEN reporter, who also helped out with KK is now a bigshot at the Beeb incidentally. Also good to note that long time KK contributor Simon Curtis, who writes the entertaining ‘Down the Kippax Steps’ Blue blogger column is still on top form – and advises us that united’s 20 years of domination is nearly over! We’ll all go along with that!
So after settling down in City square, telling Robbie Savage to “be nice” chatting to ex Blues goalie Steve Fleet we took up our positions to sell KK197. We said hello to all the regulars plus Patrick Knowles from Spain and Phil Alcock who edits McIvta. No shenanighans from the men in black (they took out their bitterness on the City store in town) tonight and in we went to soak up the atmosphere which was brilliant throughout. Some great banners, the rags were bricking it on and off the pitch and what a fantastic night we were treated to by our colossal boys. Great to see Thaksin and Maradonna there supporting the Blues and Roberto giving it big style to past it Fergie. So much for them being a team and we a bunch of individuals. so much for us cracking up and their spirit, mental strength and experince seeing them through. What bollocks. no wonder everyone hates them.
Is this the new City and not the one who can beat the rags then lose the next game or are we in for an end of season treat? Surely we’ll grasp the lifeline and go on to win the next two whilst united slip up in at least one of their games?

I think so.

Sunday should be tremendous, more of that later but I can tell you we couldn’t find anywhere in Newcastle and Whitley Bay to stay on Saturday night so the place will be buzzing with Blues.

Dave (still on cloud nine)