Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Monday Blues

Busy weekend then, picking the new issue up from the printers, delivering to the outlets and getting all the subscriptions off, now duly completed.
Sad news about Bert, following on from George Smith. Bert was 89 and had a tremendous life living to the full and having his wits about him to the end.
There’ll be a tribute to him in the next KK so if you’ve any thoughts let us know.
As for City, in our quest for World domination we’ve contrived to lose twice in South Africa, so not exactly the way to attract new fans and giving rags cause to gloat at our expense over there. These are not games to get us fit we could do that over here at Stockport or Bury, these are matches for us to win support. Other teams are banging in the goals.
Pellegrini is in Chile where his mother has died so commiserations to him and his family.
Transfers – we’ve just nabbed Negredo and Jovetic. So four new men to date, better business than last year, but Falcau, Cavani and Lewandowski have slipped the net.
Wednesday it’s Southern China and it’s on the box at 1pm so something to look forward to if we take it seriously. Course we landed there at the same time as Spurs so the welcome was diluted. Typical City? Fraid so.
New away shirts on show today


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  1. South China performance nothing to get excited about on a shocking pitch. Many issues from last season still in place - slow build up across midfield, lack of pace, no supply to Dzeko up front and Clichy struggled when attacked by a pacy winger second half with no support from Nasri when needed.
    Fernandinho did very little in the David Silva position. Negredo looked promising when he came on, Milner and Zab as reliable as ever.
    Be more interesting how we show against Sunderland on Saturday whcih will be more relevant with maybe Silva, Aguero and Jovetic to be looked at.