Thursday, 30 May 2013

season cards

Just renewed. Sadly couldn't find how to pay by 4 instalments on the debit card so the cost went on the visa card. Doh. Joined the 3 cup schemes - had to fill in the details 6 times for the separate schemes for both of us. Error (unidentified) on the UEFA one for Sue so that's a cock up. Had to e-mail the club in this respect.
Last season I sent a letter re renewals and inclusion on the cup schemes (plus a donation of which they sent half back!). and was stood out in the rain v Villa as I'd not been registered though my letter was very clear!
Hopefully we'll get there in the end!?
Any thoughts.
Dave (the dinosaur)

Monday, 27 May 2013


Palace v Watford – there was a pooh on the floor of the Palace dressing room at Brighton in the semi. Holloway asked “who’s shit on the floor?” One player piped up “me, boss, but I’m good in the air” Another said “if it’s got nuts in it, it’s mine!” Sorry, old jokes but still funny, to me anyway.
Palace have just won it with a penalty, won by Zaha (who looks like a handful I’m afraid) in extra time, converted by Kevin Phillips. So we’ve the worst trip in the country to look forward to.


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Born in the USA

Born in the USA
Magic weekend at the Etihad. Couldn’t face visiting the place I’m afraid. Watched one of my old clubs Hull KR on the box. Rugby league referees eh? Even with video evidence they get it wrong, and what about that roving camera?
Well, a couple of decent results in America, beating Chelsea yet again 4-3 (after 3-0 down) and 5-3. Makes you wonder why we pissed about against Wigan and Norwich.
Soriano’s been spouting his vision for City – the youth academy and 5 trophies in the next 5 years including the European Cup. Hope he’s right but has subjected us all to some piss taking in the pub. Any thoughts?
Have I mentioned Pellegrini yet?
Must renew our season tickets before June 3rd.


Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Tried out me bros ticket on the third tier of the east stand. Sue, who’d sprained her ankle, got the third degree when requesting the lift – got all that “it’s for the corporates bollocks” Same on the way out. Some of the stewards really piss me off. A bit of common sense and respect wouldn’t go amiss. It’s very high on that third tier, came down to the spare seat on the second at half time – seemed very low down. Got away with it a bit v Norwich, penalty wise, and they played pretty well, running about and stuff. Our lot couldn’t be arsed again, but I was quite impressed with Jack Rodwell. Physical impossibility for Norwich to beat us but they did – their second away win of the season and our second defeat. So the players can’t blame Mancini for that one. They  know how to put us through it? Another inept display, you’d’ve thought they’d want to win some respect after the cup Final debacle. No chance. Still, better for Norwich to clock up a win v us when points weren’t really at stake.
Still at least it didn’t rain, (but it poured)
Commiserations to Uwe’s Brentford and good luck to Dicky at Donny.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

penultimate Day

Penultimate Day
Well, nearly there. It’s been a long campaign, would’ve been successful if we’d lifted the Cup as we should’ve done.
What a week. Watched the Chelsea game at the Swinton branch, congratulations to them and Benitez. Shame on those Chelsea fans who wanted him out even before Christmas, knowing he was interim only.
City have announced that the stadium is to be increased in capacity and season ticket prices are now out on the web.
Been at a fans forum today – united and City plus a panel of Andy Ritchie, Frank Sinclair, Brian Horton on BBC world service. Too much on Beckham, Fergie and united.
Reminded Sinclair in the bogs of Chelsea v City mid 90’s mid week night match. Caught the ball on the front row and Frank ran over aggressively and shouted for  the ball which I chucked at him. He didn’t remember!
Tomorrow it’s Norwich who we normally beat, and if we do we’ll have had a fantastic home record again. 81 points would normally have given us the title. Here’s the it’s A Fix extract :


Now in their 2nd Premiership season, this time. 54th League meeting. League Cup winners in 1985 Garrido is the most recent connection, and there were loads in the past. Congrats to them for winning the Youth Cup.

This season so far : they’re in 12th place with 41 points from 37 games with 1 win 7 draws and  10 losses away from home.

At Carrow Road in December it was a thrilling 4-3 City win. We went two goals up early doors through Dzeko (2, 4) Nasri got sent off after they pulled one back through Pilkington (14) Aguero made it 3-1 (50) Martin made it 3-2 (63) Dzeko/Bunn OG made it 4-2 (67) and Martin scored again (75) to make it our usual nervy ending.
Crowd was 26,827 with 2373 Blues.

In the Capital One Cup they won 2-1 at home to Scunthorpe in the 2nd rd , 1-0 at home to Doncaster in the 3rd rd, 2-1 at home to Spurs in the 4th rd but went out at home 4-1 to Villa in the Q/F

In the FA Cup they won 3-0 at Peterborough in the 3rd rd, but lost 1-0 at home to non league Luton in the 4th rd.

Form at home to Norwich: Last season at the Etihad it was a 5-1 City win. Goals came from Aguero (32), Nasri (51), Y Y Toure (68) Balotelli (88) and Johnson (90) with Morrison (81) scoring for Norwich. Crowd was 47,201 with 2786 Canaries.
For City : WDWWLWD

Comment: Good first half of the season for Norwich including wins at home v united and the Arse, but not so good recently though they’re now safe. Chris Hughton, he of the ridiculous Affro hairdo in the 1981 Cup Final for Spurs v us has done a steady job there, after taking over from Paul Lambert. We hoped that he and Roberto would enjoy a carnival day, with us celebrating our Cup win and the Canaries staying up, but only Norwich will be celebrating tonight though we should still win against the team we usually beat.
Could be a strange atmosphere, with Roberto getting lots of positive chants and with a few  players shaking their heads.
Let’s have the 3 points

WWTWTWShite: Averaged 13,750 in 68/69 and this season it’s 26,663.

Good luck to Uwe’s Brentford tomorrow.

Thank You Roberto

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Reading (and writhing)

Reading, decided to give it a miss due to cost, distance, weather forecast  and work commitments. One part of me wanted to be there to show support, the other to boycott it in protest at Saturday and the fact that the players haven’t yet apologised to us fans.
So watched it at the Subbi club in Tyldesley which was a pleasant experience. Learned that Platt had walked out unsurprisingly. That makes his comments after the derby “we’re here to stay, we’re not going away” seem a bit ironic.
Been pestered a bit by the media – MEN, Talksport, and yesterday on BBC North West – 5 minute interview and 20 secs showing and looking like a fat f*ck!
Good article in the manumirror by Olly Holt on Mancini etc. apparently he didn’t have a holistic approach which is a bit rich as Soriano, apparently, goes around the club with his nose in the air, and doesn’t acknowledge the staff.
Moyes, incidentally, is described to me as a “vile person” by a senior BBC executive. So no change there then.
Anyway, we’ve secured 2nd place, some any other seasons we’d have been Champs. Wigan lost at Arsenal so are relegated and that makes Saturday seem even worse.
Still, in the next few years our new man is going to deliver better than The Cup, League and Community Shield with a permanent cheeky smile on his face, as all things to all men, so that’s all right then.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Who cares?

Reading tonight, here’s the It’s A Fix extract :

First season back in the Prem for the Royals after promotion in top spot last season. Recent connection Matt Mills. 18th league meeting 

This season so far they’re  in  19TH place with 28 points from 36 games and 4 wins 8 draws and 6 losses  at home.

At the Etihad in December, it was a 1-0 City win, Barry scoring in the 90th minute with that amazing header. Crowd was 47,007 with 832 Royals.

In the Capital One Cup they won 3-2 at Peterborough in the 2nd rd, 3-2 again at QPR in the 3rd rd, but lost 5-7 at home to Arsenal in the 4th rd after being 4-0 up at one stage.

In the FA Cup they won 3-1 at Crawley in the 3rd rd, 4-0 at home to Sheff United in the 4th rd but went out at the swamp 2-1 in the 5th rd.

Form at Reading : This will be our 9th away meeting, 5 in the old second, one in the old third, and 2 in the Prem 06/07  (0-1) 07/08 (0-2).
For City it’s : LLWLLW

Comment: Well the players got their wish with the sacking of Mancini and after the disastrous display in the Cup Final need to get some pride back with a good performance at Reading. The Royals  have found it a real struggle in the Prem and replacing Brian McDermott with Nigel Adkins didn’t make much difference.
Last away game of the season and City go there in disgrace. We’ve just lost to a bottom 3 team, surely we won’t lose another, this time under Kidd and Platt.

WWTWTWShite : Averaged 3,459 in 82/83 and this season it’s 24,097.

Madejski stadium : Capacity : 24,200

Groundwise: It can be a bugger getting off the M4 to the ground but there’s plenty of on site parking, though, again, hard to get away from.

Sat Nav :   RG2 0FL

Monday, 13 May 2013


Not sure how true this is, but my son has just told me that the City Store in Market Street, Manchester has been surrounded by united fans who of course are celebrating their victory and abusing the staff, although no damage reported as yet.  Strange decision to stay open, I would have thought they should have shut up early.  but nevertheless, it takes class to abuse 18/18 year old staff who probably don't even support City.  What would they have been like if they hadn't won the league?

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday gloom

Sunday gloom
I’m still absolutely gutted, further to the Final loss/capitulation, welcome to the Manchester City Benevolent Society once again. I’m still recovering, if I ever do.
Some brilliant posts, thanks fellas for helping me through the day. I thought that if we lost I wouldn’t feel too bad as Martinez and Whelan deserve some success but I’m just devastated.
As for Mancini, yes, well done and all that but this season overall has been a disaster from the summer dealings to the Final loss. Yes some highs, and finishing second (if we do) isn’t too bad but the same mistakes have continued to be made. Speculation about the manager/Pellegrini didn’t help but you would have thought that the manager and players should have been professional enough to beat a (surely) relegated Wigan outfit yesterday.
Manchester City, bloody hell, if it wasn’t for Wolves, Blackburn and Sunderland etc, etc, we’d still be the daftest club in the League. Typical.

Mancini Oh-Oh

If the rumours are true and I suspect they are, he will be gone soon.  But can I ask our fabulous owners one favour, PLEASE allow us to say goodbye and thank you to Roberto Mancini.  The man brought us our first silverware for 35 years and our first League title since I was 11 years old.  He deserves to take the applause from the fans.

words fail

Words fail.
We can’t do corners
We can’t defend corners
We can’t do free kicks
We can’t defend free kicks
We can’t do crosses
But we usually defend em
How many headed goals this season?
3? Garcia at Stoke
Barry v Reading
Sergio v Chelsea in the semi
Was that it?
Burf texted –
Undone by every team operating a high press, and with a bit of width and pace, Southampton, Swansea, Liverpool, Wigan, Dortmund all the f*cking same. You know exactly how it will unfold before a ball’s even been kicked. Slow, narrow, toothless, attacks. Barry hustled into catastrophic mistakes and f*ck all protection for Zab and Clichy. Oh and I’d buy that McManaman in a heartbeat…. And that’s why he should go.

Personally (Ed) forget Pellegrini, snap up Martinez

Friday, 10 May 2013

Friday and the Cup

Job done v Albion. After a dodgy start thought we did OK. Micah played well, if I were Roberto I’d have him on the bench v Wigan to bring on in case our attackers can’t find the net again.
Draw for Chelsea v Spurs so 2nd place now nailed on surely.
Flat end to the season for the rags and risk of no-one turning up for their parade so what do they do?
Trouble is that when the f*cker dies we’ll have it all over again. Anyway Gollum now in place. He’s done a great job at Everton, winning nothing though – even Swansea have managed a pot in this time.
Trouble is, he knows how to beat City!
Anyway onto the real business, the Cup Final. I was surprised and disappointed for them when they lost at home to Swansea. Doubt though that the deflation will last until Saturday. Here’s the It’s A fix extract :


We should have been playing Reading away, but we’re happy to be in the Cup Final (again).

Wigan, The Latics, were formed after the demise of Wigan Borough in 1932 . They were elected to Division 4 in 1978 and after Dave Whelan’s investment in 1995 rose up the leagues, relocated to the JJB, now DW stadium in 1999, and made the Prem in 05/06 when they also reached the League Cup Final losing 4-0 to the rags in Cardiff. This is their 8th Prem season. 

The teams first met in the Cup in 70/71 when City won 1-0 at Maine Road against a non league Wigan. Next meetings were in the league Cup in 82/83, a 1-1 away draw and a 2-0 City win at home.
Then it was the third division games, both 1-0 City wins and the play offs, the 1-1 away draw and 1-0 home win Sean Goater endearing himself to City fans but not Wigan with a goal off some part of his anatomy.
This was followed in 02/03 with a 1-0 away league cup loss in the 3rd rd.
Premiership games commenced in 05/06 with City finding it hard to beat the pie eaters, losing 5 (including a 4-0 in 06/07) drawing 3 winning only 2  of the first ten but with a home cup win 1-0 in 05/06 in the 3rd rd.
Since then though, after a 1-1 away draw, City have won the last 7 – 3-0,1-0, 3-0, 1-0 at home and 2-0, 1-0 and 2-0 away, so they’ve not scored v us in those games.
There’s been 18 league meetings so far.

This season so far : they’re in 18th place with 35 points from 36 games with 9 wins 8 draws and  19 losses.
They’ve had big home and away defeats to united both 4-0, lost at Liverpool 3-0 and at home 4-0 plus a 3-0 defeat at Newcastle. Remaining games include ……Arsenal away and Villa at home.

They had good wins in the Capital One Cup at Forest and West Ham both 4-1 but went out at home to giant killers Bradford City in the 3rd round 4-2 on penalties after 0-0.
In the FA Cup they drew at home with Bournemouth 1-1 but won the replay 1-0 in the 3rd rd, beat Macclesfield away 1-0 in the 4th then Huddersfield 4-1 away in the 5th and Everton 3-0 away in the 6th. They won the semi final 2-0 against Millwall.

Fred Eyre’s view : “It’s the dream final for me with my connections at both clubs (Ed - Fred was a successful manager at Wigan in 1978 with an unbeaten  record when they also didn’t concede a goal in his 2 games in charge, and he likes to think that he laid the foundations for their future!) I think everyone has been surprised at the rise of Wigan. If you’d have told me, or anyone, 30 years ago that they’d be playing City in a Cup final one day it wouldn’t have been believable. However, I travelled with Dave Whelan as a teammate to Crewe every day for a time and if anyone was going to do it for them it would’ve been him, and he did.
For me Maloney is one of their star men both in play and at set pieces which City aren’t good at defending, but they’ve other good players McCarthy, Boyce, McManaman, though they are in the bottom three so there are weaknesses. They’ve had some great performances in the Cup, notably winning at Huddersfield 4-1 and of course 3-0 at Everton, though that was probably more to do with Everton’s uncharacteristic performance that day.
I can’t see anything other than a City win, we’ve big players who can step up, Carlos one match Sergio the next, then Ya-Ya, but a word of caution – Wimbledon against Liverpool, Spurs v Coventry, West Ham v Arsenal, Sunderland v Leeds, Saints v United, there’s always been shocks.
I think it’s a disgrace that the kick off is at 5.15pm which could cause some fans to have to leave the ground before the end especially if there’s extra time or penalties.
I’m waiting to see what the arrangements are for Radio Manchester for the final. Last time it was brilliant. Glorious day, as Cup final days always used to be. We had the bus parked on Wembley way and fans were coming up to talk to us before and after the game, City fans and Stoke fans. It was absolutely fantastic, and the right result”

Some connections (from City’s programme): John Deehan, Sam Barkas, Daniel Redmond, John Benson, Kevin Langley, Roy Tunks, Ged Brannan, Dave Felgate, and Fred Eyre

Comment : We’ve a good recent record v Wigan but wins have generally been hard fought and the recent league game was a wake-up call though we weren’t at full  strength, after tough games v united and Chelsea.
Sometimes it’s enough for a club to get to Wembley for the first time but the semis being played there have taken that one away.
It’s been a good while since underdogs have won the Cup – recently both Millwall and Cardiff have failed, and Bradford City were hammered in the CCup final but we’re (I’m) still haunted by last season’s QPR game when we just about scraped through. It only takes a defensive mistake, or a sending off to balance things up, but all we ask is for City to be professional, play to our potential and not to be complacent.
We, of course, need to give our boys 100% backing throughout whatever happens.
3-2 for City is my prediction!

First team to reach a Cup final and be relegated (and I hope Wigan survive) in the same season was Chelsea in 1915 who lost .to Sheff United 3-0 but survived owing to the First division being extended after WW1.
This ‘honour’ inevitably fell to City, who lost to Bolton 1-0 in 1926, then took the drop.
Then it was Leicester in 1969 who lost 1-0 to City and then went down.
Brighton’s turn next who drew 2-2 with the rags and should’ve won but lost the replay 4-0 in 1983.
Finally it was ‘Boro in 1997 who lost to Chelsea 2-0 before being relegated after having 3 points deducted

Groundwise : Same allocation of tickets for each club, but with City now taking more, and  with  almost half going elsewhere of which most will fall into the wrong hands. Big danger is City fans in the Wigan areas – let’s hope there’s no trouble. FA to blame if there is. Blagging into the ground has been exposed in the manumirror but it’ll still go on. Enjoy the day in the pubs around the ground and inside the Stadium.

Sat Nav : HA 9 0WS

Wembley Stadium Capacity : 90,000 (30,000 + for City)


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday - Swansea and West brom

Swansea then. Yawn. Miss of the season? Or did Zab take it over the line before the cross?
Silva no better, so 0-0. “That was boring” said a Blue on the way out. “That wasn’t a classic” said a couple of Swansea fans on the way to Pizza Hut. Had the indignity of the Welsh waitress taking the piss out of my Manc accent!
Turns out that the other 3 all won so catching us up.
Chelsea very funny at the Swamp. Rags typically losing their rag after going a goal down and the ‘obbit getting sent off! Wigan won at WBA and City need to sharpen up for Tuesday and the Final.
Tuesday it’s Albion, we need a win to clinch second place. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract :

Apologies for the wrong logo in KK206
Third season in the Prem (this time) Last trophy FA Cup 1968, recent connection Ishmael Miller (now at Forest) 132nd lg meeting.

This season so far : they’re in 8th place with 48 points from 35 games with 5 wins 3 draws and  9 losses away from home.

At the Hawthorns in October  it was a 2-1 City win. Milner was sent off then Long put them ahead (67) but supersub Dzeko scored 2 (80, 90) to clinch the win in the last ten minutes. Crowd was 24,891 with 2575 Blues.

In the Capital One Cup they won 4-2 at Yeovil in the 2nd rd but lost 2-1 at home to Liverpool in the 3rd rd.

In the FA Cup they lost 1-0 at home to QPR in the 3rd rd

Form at home to West Brom : Last  season it was that 4-0 City win on an April Wednesday night, when news filtered through that the rags had lost 1-0 at Wigan and a glimmer of light appeared in the title race.
Goals came from  Aguero (6,34) Silva (61) Tevez (64). Crowd was 46,736 with 957 Baggies
Prior to that it’s been 2 wins 2 draws and the one loss (2-1) in 2002/03.
For City : WWWDDL

Comment : Good start to the season for the Baggies under Steve Clarke. Have faltered a bit but are still in the top half but were expected to do better in the Cups. Danger man/boy is Lukaku on loan from Chelsea plus Odemwingie seems to have settled back down (got that one wrong!) Tevez style. A win is expected but not guaranteed.

WTWTWShite: Averaged  9,134 in 1986/87 and this season it’s 25,169.

Note : Wigan play Swansea at home tonight

Thursday, 2 May 2013

New issue, and Swansea

Thanks to a fantastic response from our contributors we are pleased to announce that King Of The Kippax number 206 is at the printers and should be in the outlets at Aleef (corner of Cross Street and Market Street) The National Football museum (Us and Them book also on sale at £9.95) and the two BHA1J1 shops on Mersey Way in Stockport, where I’m told one or two Blues reside.
This issue is A4 with a colour front and back cover showing Wembley heroes and goalscorers from Meredith to Ya Ya. It’s the Cup Final/Summer special, 56 pages and priced at £3, totally non cost effective but what the heck we’re in a Cup Final, and it has to last all summer, possibly…….
It is, of course, the last remaining City mag/fanzine to be available in the shops and on the street so make the most of it!
This issue includes the semi final, Cup Final preview, the derby, the many faces of Phil Jones (keep away from the kids) City in the 80’s, Mrs T and football plus all the usual regulars. HWIFY features our favourite actress, Lauren Drummond who plays Chantelle in Holby City, and is a big City fan, much to our delight
It's 56 pages and we’ve still had to miss out a few articles, hopefully saved for future issues.
It can also be purchased from (cheques to) King Of The Kippax, 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL, for £4.50 inc P and P.

Saturday saw a welcome 3 points against Wet Spam, and on Sunday Arse took a point off the rags with RVP getting some stick, unfairly according to Fergie. They just don’t get it do they? Everyone hates them. I was forced to send a letter to the MUEN which they printed but edited the bit out about the coin aimed at him which hit Garrido, in the tunnel of hate !

Looking forward to visiting South Wales this weekend as we play Swansea on Saturday. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract :

Second season for the Swans in the Prem. most famous connection is Roy Paul. Last Pot : Capital One cup this season. 22ND League meeting.

This season so far : They’re in 9 th place with 42 points from 34 games and 6 wins 7 draws and 4 defeats at home.

At the Etihad in October it was a 1-0 City win, Carlos scoring in the 61st minute. Crowd was 46,801 with 1,624 Jacks.

In the Capital One Cup they went all the way, defeating Barnsley home in the 2nd rd 3-1, Crawley away in the 3rd rd 3-2, Liverpool away in the 4th rd 3-1, Boro home in the Q/F 1-0, Chelsea 2-0 away and 0-0 home in the semi-final, and Bradford City 5-0 in the Final

In the FA Cup they drew 2-2 at home to Arsenal in the 3rd rd but lost 1-0 away in the replay.

Form at Swansea : Last season it was that heartbreaking 1-0 loss  when the title looked to be slipping away. Moore it was who scored in the 83rd minute and Micah had one struck off for marginal offside. Crowd was 20,510 with 2032 Blues

Comment : Michael Laudrop seems to have continued the good work started by Martinez and Rodgers. They’ve had a decent season, new signing Michu starring,  and have won their first trophy, a fantastic achievement considering where they’ve come from.They provided us with the funniest moment of the season when Ashley Williams nearly killed Van Persie by tamely kicking the ball at his big daft stupid head. 
Model club after the council house was built, the fans have a stake and they made a profit this season with a dividend being paid out to the Directors, tho they do have bad ballboys..
Having said all that we still need the points and  must also make amends for last season

Groundwise : It’s located on a big retail Park so plenty to do but limited parking. We get a good sized section behind the goals. Good time to play them if you fancy spending some time on the Mum- bles or the Gower.

The Liberty Stadium Capacity : 20,500 (2,000 for City)

WWTWTWShite : Averaged 3,367 in 1991/92 and this season it’s 20,366.
Them Welsh f*ckers can’t half sing but are they just a shit Cardiff City!?

Sat Nav : SA1 2FA

Note : Wigan play WBA away today

 Off to the Cornerhouse to see Gary's film tonight