Wednesday, 19 June 2013

It's A Fix

Wednesday - It's a Fix
Was texted this morning by my daughter in Newport that we play Cardiff on the Bank holiday weekend, and there’s no game when second baby is due on September 7th!
Fixtures don’t look too bad. Pellegrini’s finally arrived plus a couple of decent looking signings and we’re after a couple more – Isco and Cavani. Why didn’t we do this last summer?
Anyway looks like we’ll be putting KK207 together in early July so all contributions welcome by the end of June please.

Eight weeks to go, season tickets all sorted. Stay focused!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Just back from a week in sunny (unusually) Wales, and pleased that articles for KK 207 are arriving. End of  June new deadline owing to the kyboshing of the Cup special.
No rag shirts spotted. Took a train journey after visiting Dylan Thomas’s boat house (had to get that in, sorry!). Ticket collector asked where were we from. “Manchester” “City or united?” “Citteeeh” “I usually find that, City fans come from Manchester and united fans from everywhere but” .No prompting, honest.
Holiday (re) reading was the updated and paperback edition of David Conn’s ‘Richer Than God’ – the book generally on City for united fans to read. Football’s bollocks, us fans are all idiots, and the country’s going to the dogs, cos of City. Same mistakes repeated, sadly, which I’ll cover later. I’ve also re-read the reviews by Steve Rigby and Tangled up in Blue from KK’s 198 and 199 which are sadly still valid, despite the opportunity to correct by the publishers.  Astoundingly it originally got a 5 star rating in the City programme, which says a lot for that publication, ffs. (TUIBlue wrote to Vicky Kloss to complain and got a fob off!) I did enjoy the read though the mistakes and rag fawning ruined it for me – again, spoiling what could have been one of the very best City books, considering the access David had .
Season tickets sorted now thanks to a very co-operative ticket office.
Just the grandson to sort now.
Pellegrini’s not yet arrived and we’ve signed a couple of players, I think, not confirmed.
Fixtures out mid June – looking forward to them.