Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Monday Blues

Busy weekend then, picking the new issue up from the printers, delivering to the outlets and getting all the subscriptions off, now duly completed.
Sad news about Bert, following on from George Smith. Bert was 89 and had a tremendous life living to the full and having his wits about him to the end.
There’ll be a tribute to him in the next KK so if you’ve any thoughts let us know.
As for City, in our quest for World domination we’ve contrived to lose twice in South Africa, so not exactly the way to attract new fans and giving rags cause to gloat at our expense over there. These are not games to get us fit we could do that over here at Stockport or Bury, these are matches for us to win support. Other teams are banging in the goals.
Pellegrini is in Chile where his mother has died so commiserations to him and his family.
Transfers – we’ve just nabbed Negredo and Jovetic. So four new men to date, better business than last year, but Falcau, Cavani and Lewandowski have slipped the net.
Wednesday it’s Southern China and it’s on the box at 1pm so something to look forward to if we take it seriously. Course we landed there at the same time as Spurs so the welcome was diluted. Typical City? Fraid so.
New away shirts on show today


Friday, 19 July 2013

Goodbye Bert

Very saddened to have learnt of Bert Trautmann's death.  He was a legend to City fans, even those who never saw him play.  It's just a shame that the club never named a stand after him as was mooted a few years ago, at the Etihad whilst he was still alive.  RIP Bert.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

new issue

Looks like Maicon’s gone to Roma and Negredo’s coming in.
Anyway, whilst we missed the Cup winner’s special (doh) KOTK number 207 should be in the outlets some time tomorrow, Friday.
So look out for it in the National Football Museum, Aleef (corner of Cross Street/ Market Street) and BHa1JI newsagents, Merseyway, Stockport.
It’s A4, with a colour front and back cover, 56 pages, is priced at £3 and can also be bought direct from KOTK at 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL for £4.50 inc P and P.
This issue is ‘The One and Only Holistic  fanzine of the Champions of the 20th Premier League season (so the rags can stuff their 20 cheating titles up their ar*es)
We’ve got Pellegrini on the front cover. Note how City delayed the announcement of the ground extension until he was appointed , cos, as an engineer, it’s obviously part of his duties to supervise these works! Well that’s my theory anyway.
Back cover is a tribute to the Magician, Roberto Mancini.
This issue includes the summer diary, the Cup final (lest we forget), Frank Swift book review, Boys in Blue film review, FFP, Class of 2012/13, Fergie’s Wallets, Maine Road memories, Mancini, Pellegrini, Justice for Armani, and all the usual regulars to which we’re eternally grateful.
So we’re up and running, ready for the new season, though the first games are a few weeks off. Hopefully any Blues going on holiday will catch it for some reading on the beach or round the pool.
No Community Shield this year so let’s hope our record win in 1968 - 6-1 v West Brom won’t be beaten when the rags take on first division Wigan, a completely  decimated team from that which won the Cup and beat the rags 1-0 the previous season to help us on our way to the Title.
Good to be back,


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Manuel's press confrrence

Any thoughts on the press conference? Was there any real need to mention united?

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Family fun day, vote appeal and Bellers book

CHALLENGE for CHANGE  are hosting a family fun day on Saturday 20th July 2013 in celebration of the magnificent 7 who are attempting the Metronet (UK) 2013 Tower 2 Tower bike ride (Blackpool to Paris) as well as  to congratulate those that are cycling from Blackpool to Manchester on the day.
Doors open 2pm until 8PM
Loads of activities planned, to find out where and more details contact Dave Djordjevic at
Dave @challenge4change.org

Seven year old young City fan with aspergers Alexander Lewis Rothorne has entered a competition on facebook to design a card for the Royal baby and win £1000 for his school. Competition closes on July 13th so you can vote by clicking on :

This year’s Fathers Day pressie (on top of the City mug, and Beatles T-shirt XXL) was Craig Bellamy’s book ‘Goodfella’ co-written by Oliver Holt.
It’s an excellent read, with an obvious big Olly Holt influence. Craig runs us through his early days growing up in Trowbridge near Cardiff as a boy, watching Cardiff but supporting Liverpool (could have been worse) as well. He recounts his early start to his career moving to Norwich, his homesickness, then on to Coventry, Newcastle, Liverpool, West Ham, City (and I didn’t skip to the City chapter, well not until time was running out on our other holiday!) Cardiff, Liverpool again then finally Cardiff  again plus his career with Wales. He recounts his inner feelings and doesn’t pull any punches regarding managers and certain players plus his relationship with Gary Speed is particularly poignant. He also advises on the commendable instigation of the trust he set up in Sierra Leone. It just goes to show though, that us fans don’t know the half of what goes on.
Hopefully Steve Rigby will do a full review in a later issue.
Goodfella, Craig Bellamy’s autobiography, £18.99, proceeds going to the Craig Bellamy Foundation.
Magnificent effort from all contributors means that KK207 is in the final throes of getting to the printers early next week so should be out by the following weekend, well in time for the new season.

Bill at Buxton

Gotta thing about the Blues?
Well, last night at the Buxton Festival Fringe you would have had a chance to indulge yourself to the full. The playbill at the United Reformed Church  suggested, “ a compelling tale of extreme survival, one man’s journey to the end of the earth and deep inside his own mind”.  Ok, that was the play in the other room based on Inuit mythology and Arctic exploration but with just a little poetic licence it could be the strapline for Bill Cronshaw’s latest offering “Maine Road Blues”. It’s a delightful wallow in the deep end of Manchester City nostalgia. The audience was a bit on the thin side; barely sufficient for a five a side team with just 2 Sheffield United fans, 2 young people who were probably at the wrong venue and three old farts with Blue antecedents going back as far as 1946. But undaunted Bill gave us the heart felt recollections of a true Blue, born and bred himself and father to a dynasty of younger blues
It’s for Blues of a certain vintage. Those of us who can recall Piccadilly Gardens as a well-manicured flower garden and not the reception area of the United Nations also remember when players got paid £10 a week, pitches were often like paddy fields and heading a casey could leave you with an headache for a week.  Five bob might get you to the match, a bag of chips and 5 Woodbines with enough left over to go to the pictures.
Bill is at his most lyrical and touching when recounting his own experiences in a series of vignettes which only a City fan could deliver. A lad with a pair of Corporation frame specs, a balaclava and a gabardine mac getting Bert Trautmann’s autograph. Laurie Barnett’s hilarious intervention with Bert’s broken neck in the 1956 Cup Final. A misty eyed roundup of the Mercer/Allison years. A phlegmatically borne summary of the descent of Maine Road from being a majestic venue to a collection of mismatched, ill fitted stands, “the Donald Trump of football grounds”.  And then they pulled it down and we were off to relative luxury on the other side of town. The separation was heart rending but the rest is, as they say, history.
When City and their fans are on the brink of an era which may see them win silverware on an annual basis it’s good to remember when being brought up a Blue was a bye word for life’s disappointments.
In the old score board end there was a urinal which should have borne the legend “IN” but the wag with the stencil had left us with ”NI”. That was life with City; upside down and back to front. The play captures that beautifully and it resonates with this old Blue.
 Bill Cronshaw’s insights, observations and humour make for a play which every Blue should get to see. It finishes on Sunday so time is limited.

Jeff Hill July 2013

Monday, 8 July 2013

City on satellite tv Latin America

City on Satellite TV – Latin America

On 26th June, Direct TV  Latin America visited City as part of making a programme about the club.  
They were hosted by Frank Newton and Rob Dunford, and toured the stadium under the guidance of City’s Sam Cooke, following a filmed interview with the two fans in the Townley Hotel in nearby Albert Street. They filmed in and around the Townley and both outside and inside the stadium (having had additional time available after the ragworld representatives cancelled an appointment there!)
They were particularly keen to interview Frank and Rob about fan culture over the years, especially the era of fanzines, fancy dress and inflatables – bananas being apparently the main (legal!) export from Columbia, where the station is based. Topics such as supporter organisations, standing terraces, the former Kippax and flag, contemporary  seating and today’s ‘subdued ’ fan culture were covered.
For anyone who is, or know of, a Blue expat, holidaying or other in Latin America (Spanish maybe an advantage!) or anywhere global with relevant technological accessibility, the programme is on Direct TV  the company which is the new TV right holders in the region for the next season. It will be broadcast in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Virgin islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, Martinique, Netherlands Antilles, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Maarten, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands.

It is to go out (Columbian time, so do the maths!) on Sunday July 14th at 8.30PM Channel 200, and at the same time on channels 610 and 1004. Repeats  also on Monday 15th July, 12.30pm same channels. Their website is http//directv.com/index_en.aspx