Friday, 29 November 2013


Friday – I see the rags are premiering their film of the Class of 92 in London., surprise, surprise. I wonder if it will include all the fridges, washing machines and cars etc offered to their parents to get the boys to sign up? Shame that City had to rely on the fans to celebrate our Class of '86.

Thursday, 28 November 2013


Been winding a few rags up in the MUEN with my letter re Lofthouse’s second goal in the 1958 cup final. Sadly they edited my reference to united fans death threats to Peter McParland that season, poison pen letters to Dennis Viollet, their own player, and the stoning and flour bombing of the returning Bolton coach in Salford - all as reported in the MUEN at the time!. I’ve  sent a response to the latest letters re Denis’s goal in 1974 etc. so we’ll see if they print that one.
Last night it was Plzen of course. Didn’t hear much singing from our singing section (now adopted by the rags)  but their fans kept us entertained.
Game was much as expected, and our big players saw us through. Munich won in Moscow, so we’ve little chance of finishing top now. Rags won 5-0 at Leverkusen surprisingly.
Much stuff on 40 year old Giggs in the muen. He was discovered by Dennis Schofield who lived on our street in Swinton, but I didn’t know he was a City fan.
Suddenly Giggsy is a Saint again. Brushed out is the booing he got from rags fans a few years ago when he was shagging Dani Behr and playing crap, not to mention betraying his brother with his missus.
The legendary rags selective memory syndrome kicks in again.
All for now


Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Plzen tonight, after a ludicrous article in the manumirror re Joe Hart going out on loan, and Begovic coming in.
Do me a favour. Joe’s back in tonight  so let’s see if the rest has done him good. He had a good game for England with just the one rush of blood but at least he gave Smalling a whack so could be forgiven. Watch out for ironic but humorous cheers every time he gets the ball .

Here’s the brief  It’s A Fix extract from KK 210:


We did well in the away leg after a few close things in the first half. Dzeko opened (48) YAYA (53) made it two and Sergio (58) put the icing on the cake. Crowd was 11, 281 with 729 Blues.
Since then they’ve lost 3-2 at CSKA, 5-0 at Bayern and 1-0 at home so are the fall guys of the group. It should be a comfy win then, provided we’re not over confident.
This season so far they’re in 2nd place with 31 points from 14 games, 9 wins, 4 draws 1 loss and 5 points behind leaders Sparta Prague.

See you there


Tuesday, 26 November 2013


I was on Talksport (by invitation) on Friday night, about  10.45pm, in between doing The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine and Here I Go Again (Whitesnake) on karaoke.
View on City? Must win on Sunday, but we could have already blown things  with the loss at Sunderland.. 2-0 win predicted.
Bright but cold day on Sunday for the launch of KK 210. Pre match I asked Richard if he’d kindly do the report on the 2-0 win, which he kindly aqreed to.
You know the rest. We were outplayed for the first twenty minutes then scored another five  goals. Always brilliant to score six v Spurs, a ballet on grass. Lovely. Negredo’s goal was referred to as an own goal. Rooney’s deflected goal at Cardiff wasn’t. Not even discussed. Why?
What did the result tell us? Nowt we don’t already know. Plzen and Swansea next, then the real tests of three aways.
Anyway all subscriptions and contributors now in the post .
Just the water leak in the loft, central heating and bedroom conversion to sort now.
Anyone know a good plumber (preferably a Blue?)
Phil Lines wants to know which game was it when Spurs had to play at Maine Road in City’s away strip?
All for now

PS Kindle version should be up and running by mid week

Saturday, 23 November 2013


Sped round all the outlets yesterday – two BHAIJ1 Shops on Merseyway Stockport,  Aleef – Cross Street/Market street; High Street, Piccadilly Approach, and the National Footy museum, after a Jacket (with beans and cheese) at Next to stave off the dithery doos.
Today Everton and Liverpool drew and Arsenal and Newcastle won so we dropped another place. Sunderland went bottom to really rub the 1-0 in. And so to tomorrow - Spurs at home, not sure if Joe’s back in or not, I’d put him back in to be honest but we’ll see. Must win tomorrow, here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK210 out tomorrow :  

Promoted in 1978, since then they’ve been successful in all the Cups, last winning the League Cup in 2008. Recent connection Adebayor. 127th league meeting.

Some celeb fans : Kenneth Branagh, Charles Bronson (the criminal), Pierce Brosnan, Warren Mitchell, Jude Law, Colin Firth, Linda Lusardi

Last season at the Lane in April we registered that  1-3 loss. Nasri opened the scoring (5) but Dempsey (75) Defoe (79) and Bale (82) sunk us without trace. Crowd was 36,121 with 3,015 Blues
They finished 5th with 72 points.
In the Capital One Cup they beat Carlisle 3-0 away in the 3rd but lost 2-1 at Norwich in the 4th.
In the FA Cup they beat Coventry 3-0 at home in the 3rd rd but lost 2-1 at Leeds in the 4th rd.
In the Europa League  they lost Basel in the Q/F, 2-2 home, 2-2 away, 1-4 on pens.

This season so far they’re in 7th place with 20 points from 11 games and 3 wins 1 draw and 1 loss away from home.
In the Capital One Cup they’ve beaten Villa away 4-0, drawn 2-2 with Hull at home winning on pens, and play West Ham at home in the Q/F.
In the Europa League, they’ve beaten Dinamo Tblisi 5-0 away 3-0 home; Sheriff Tiraspol 2-0 away, 2-1 home; Tromso 3-0 away (Nov 28 home) Anzhi Makhachkala 2-0 away (Dec 12 home)

Form at home to Spurs: Out of the 16 Prem league games we’ve now won 5 including the last three, but prior to those it was 2 draws and 9 losses.

Comment : Signings included Paulinho £17M, Chadli £7M, Soldado £26M, Capoue £9M, Chiriches £8.5M, Eriksen £11.5M, Lamela £26M – total of £106M, with Bale £85.3M, Caulker £9M, Dempsey £6M, Huddlestone £5M, Parker £3.5M, Luonga £400K – total of £109M! So not bad business really!
They’re doing OK in the Capital One Cup, and in Europe but have had a couple of set backs in the Prem so have dropped to 7th, after a promising start, one place above us. Always an entertaining game at home to Spurs, so hopefully our recent good run will continue, and it’s a great chance to go above them.

WWTWTWShite : Averaged 20,858 in 85/86 and this season it’s 35,974(don’t laugh!)

Thursday, 21 November 2013


Put the final touches to KK 210 on Sunday after attending the Bert Trautmann game at Prescot Cables ground. St Helens Town v City old boys.
Tuesday it was England v Germany reserves. Joe back in goal made some good saves and just the one mad moment. How tall is Chris Smalling ? 6’ 4”? 6’5”? How come he jumps under the ball?
Anyway we got KK210 to the printers and should have it in the outlets by tomorrow lunchtime.
Last issue had Vinny on the front cover so naturally he didn’t make an appearance whilst the issue was out. Hope this issue doesn’t put the mockers on Alfredo cos it’s the Beast  on this issue’s front cover with Shaun Goater in the crowd singin “Feed the Beast and He will Score” Clever eh!!!
It’s A4, 52 pages and £3. It includes : Premier League update, City book reviews, modern football’s crap, Fergie’s ludicrous autobiography, Joe Hart debate, Champions League, World Cup Worries, our Bob in Moscow, and all the usual suspects.
Buy it!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Well that was nowt to write home about was it last night?!
Anyway just a reminder that tomorrow it's St Helens Town FC v City old boys at Prescot Cables Hope Street ground in aid of  various charities, particularly the Trautmann  Foundation. As posted on the blog by Tony Petrie on 27th October. Hope to get there meself, keep you posted

Thursday, 14 November 2013


Had a great Tuesday night at the Reddish branch for the reunion of the 85/86 Youth Cup winning team further to the Teenage Kicks book.
A couple of strangely positive articles in Wednesday’s manumirror. We’re backed at 5-2 to win the title, and Oliver Holt reckons City are the most capable to go on a long run to win that title. There, I feel much better now! I was worried they might kill Chantelle off in Holby, but she’s just left because she can’t work with that prick Digby. Why didn’t he leave instead?
Full steam ahead on KK 210, should be at the printers early next week, so Ta everybody


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Away days

Mancini/Pellegrini away days
Just checking the facts PJ and I was mistaken – Pellers actually has done worse than Mancini away in the Prem Since the turn of the year under Roberto it was :
Wins: Arsenal, Villa, rags
Draws : QPR, Swansea
Defeats : Saints, Everton, Spurs
IE: Won 3, drawn 2, lost 3
Under Pellers
Wins : Wham
Draws: Stoke
Losses: Cardiff, Villa, Chelsea, Sunderland
IE : Won 1 drawn 1 lost 4
I was peed off under Mancini, but even more so under Pellers I’m afraid, and is there light at the end of the tunnel?


Monday, 11 November 2013

Monday Blues

Monday Blues
Good meeting at the Warrington branch last Thursday with Jeff Whitley telling some honest and interesting tales of his career and beyond.

Sunderland then, and we were in optimistic mood in the Gedmobile as we headed out to pick Mick up then Jason in snowy slushy Ashton, wondering if it was like that there what would it be like in the back end of beyond known as the North East?
As it happened, despite the early morning fog, it turned out to be a bright and sunny drive oop North, with a welcome stop at a KFC. We were (almost) buoyed with Pellegrini telling us that he wasn’t interested in the previous 1-0 defeats at Sunderland and only wanted to look forward. Sorry Manuel try thinking about learning lessons and maybe talk to Brian Kidd.
Parked up in the city centre, and made the short walk over the bridge which had a sign saying “Desperate? Call the Samaritans” We joked “Let’s hope that it’s Mackems who need that advice at the end of the game”. Gave zine selling a miss – only a few left anyway - and got the lift up to our high level area. Watched Spuds v Newcastle on the telly, saw the bar codes pinch a goal then hang on to win with a fine performance from goalie (Don’t be) Krol, then gasped in disbelief as we heard Pellers’ team selection.
Chelsea and Spurs’ results gave us a boost and with 3 former rags in Sunderland’s team what more motivation did we need? Typical City, I’m afraid the old Benevolent Society kicked in yet again. Unbelievable. Some dire displays, Garcia (why?) Micah and Yaya in particular. Thought Demichelis and Lescott did OK. Otherwise it was no better than Mancini’s away days last season, and what a lift for the rags v Arsenal. A win would have put us back on track. Now we’ve blown it. Where’s the next Prem away win gonna come from? WBA? Saints? Fulham maybe? Spurs, rags, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton, Arsenal yet to come.Daunting.
So we gave the rags some amusement and fired them up for their game v the Arse which they won with a goal from a corner. How many corners did we waste today?

View on the way home was that we should have picked our strongest team – Milner on for Garcia, in the middle and Navas on from the start, plus our regular full backs  at the very least – oh and we got the wrong manager. Is it me or does he look like David Dickinson?
So we go a point behind the rags and we’re in 8th place but Pellers is happy with our away form. Are you? Me neither – I got slated on this blog for questioning our  
away form a few weeks ago, after Cardiff, and there’s been little improvement.

Armistice day today and Real XS played Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms after the silence. Bluddy hell. Hairs on the back of the neck and all that.

Thanks for all the postings fellas and pleased to say that stuff is coming in for KK 210 Apart from the usual suspects!!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Saturday night

Saturday night
Liverpool won, Chelsea drew (in Mourinho time!)  and tomorrow we go to Sunderland without David Silva, and Vinny still.
Here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK 209 : -


Just like last season, two trips up to the North East within a couple of weeks.
Promoted  in 2007 so now in their 7th season back in the Prem. Last pot FA Cup in 1973 125th league meeting. Latest connection Adam Johnson.

Some celeb fans : Steve Cram, Kate Adie, Paul Collingwood, Sugar Ray Leonard, Brian Marwood (?), Heather Mills, Tasmin Archer, Bryan Ferry, James Bolam, Peter O’Toole

Last season : They finished in 17th place with 39 points and 5 wins 8 draws and 6 losses at home.
They went out of the Carling Cup 1-0 at home to ‘Boro in the 4th rd, 2-0 at Bolton in a replay in the 3rd rd in the FA Cup.
At the Etihad in October it was a 3-0 win for City, goals coming from Kolarov (5) Aguero (60) Milner (89) Crowd was 47,036 with 1722 Mackems.

This season so far : They’re in 19th place with 4 point s from 10 games and 1 wins 0 draws and 4 losses at home.
In the Capital One Cup they beat MK Dons 4-2 at home  in the 2nd rd, Peterboro’ 2-0 at home in the 3rd rd and have just beaten Saints 2-1 at home in the 4th rd in front of only15, 966.

Our form at Sunderland : Last season it was that 1-0 loss, Adam Johnson scoring the long range winner in the 53rd minute when Joe fell asleep. Crowd was 42,190 with 2125 Blues.
That made it 3 losses, all 1-0, in a row after a draw and 4 wins.

Groundwise: We’re in the top tier of the stand they couldn’t fill, with chaos ensuing at the turnstiles down below. No lifts last year so a trek to the top and probably a reduced allocation again as we tend to stand up at away games
Tickets : £34

Stadium Of Light : Capacity : 48,300 (3,000 for City?)

Comment : Paulo Di Canio replaced Martin O’Neill as manager and just about saved them from relegation last season. We beat them 1-0 in the Asia Cup in the mud in the summer. Then, after a host of summer signings totalling £20M, no big names, and major outgoing goalie Simon Mignolet to Liverpool for £10M, and Sessignon to WBA , after poor results plus outrageous but entertaining behaviour, he was given the chop. Caretaker manager Kevin Bell took over but Gus Poyet is now in charge, and they managed a win over Newcastle  so we’re still facing new manager syndrome again, but surely they can’t beat us again?
Win this one and we could be back on the right track.
WWRWTWShite: Averaged 13,601 in 86/87 and this season it’s 41,458.

Pubs/parking :Plenty of pubs near the ground and street parking but hard to getaway
Away day zine : A love Supreme

Sat Nav : SR5 1SU

Thursday, 7 November 2013

England tickets

Halifax Steve has a couple of England v Chile tickets going on the cheap - if you fancy them let me know and I'll put you in touch


Drove to the game full of confidence, strange  what a seven goal win does to your brain. Awesome firework display. Thought Sergio was on for his hat-trick but it was the Beast who clinched it. And we’re through with 2 games to go. Bluddy hell. Wonder who we’ll get?
Rags continued to “terrify Europe” as the manumirror announced after their win over BL at the swamp. So much for Moyes saying that he was going to discourage Young from diving, it was the usual rag shitespout.
Anyway Jake Bugg’s on at the Apollo for a few days. I was talking tomy boy. “I see Jake’s on, I do a couple of his numbers, ‘Seen it All’ and ‘Lightning Bolt’ which is very hard to do. You going?” “Yep, on Thursday” “I’ll come with you” (I knew what his reaction would be!) “You can’t , you haven’t got a ticket” he said petrified. “I’ll get one outside” Deep down I knew it would be inappropriate at my age, and I suppose ageism from your own son is acceptable!! Sad though.

 PS - deadline for KK210 is next Monday please, so get cracking.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tricky day weatherwise on Saturday but we did OK. Expensive cold burger, chips and Bovril from the outlet near Commonwealth Way, so we won’t be going there again. Woman went flying near my selling point after the game so the kerb needs further attention.
Brilliant performance from the Blues - breathtaking, not that you’d have noticed from the media. Costel had a safe day again and Norwich fans had to eat their words about Ruddy being England’s number one whilst “Joe Hart washes his hair!” Bet Joe regrets that advert now.
Watched a bit of Everton v Spurs, could you imagine if Mario had done the goalie like Lukaku did, deliberate or not? Everton fans a disgrace with their reaction.
Anyway tomorrow it’s CSKA Moscow and a win will put us through. We won 2-1 in Moscow and surely any racist chanting from the away fans will be met with zero tolerance and they will be turfed out.
Currently they’ve just won 2-1 at FC Volga and they’re 4th with 27 points from 15 games – 8 wins 3 draws and 4 losses, but are 9 points behind leaders Zenit.
We are strangely confident, let’s hope it’s not misplaced.

Friday, 1 November 2013


It was fine but cold in Newcastle. Ashley had, apparently, instructed Pardew to make changes for the game as the Capital One Cup is not one of the club’s priorities. We made a host of changes and Pantillimon, as expected, was in nets. The lad must have been devastated to be left out of the Cup final team, but has responded professionally and on this display deserves to keep his place whilst Joe sorts his head out or whatever it is that’s causing his problems.
Dire game but some good performances and a good result in the end and a trip to our old Cup foes Leicester in the next round in December.
Kindle version of KK 209 is now available incidentally.
Norwich tomorrow and here’s the It’s a Fix extract from KK209 :
Now in their 3rd Premiership season, this time. 55th League meeting. League Cup winners in 1985, once beat Bayern Munich away, Garrido is the most recent connection, and there were loads in the past.

Some celeb fans: Delia Smith and Stephen Fry are directors; Jake Humphreys, Ed Balls, Mylene Klass, Hugh Jackman, Simion Thomas (Sky)

Last season : At Carrow Road in December it was a thrilling 4-3 City win. We went two goals up early doors through Dzeko (2, 4) Nasri got sent off after they pulled one back through Pilkington (14) Aguero made it 3-1 (50) Martin made it 3-2 (63) Dzeko/Bunn OG made it 4-2 (67) and Martin scored again (75) to make it our usual nervy ending.
Crowd was 26,827 with 2373 Blues.
They finished in 11th place with 44 points and 2 wins 7 draws and 10 defeats away from home.
In the Capital One Cup they went out at home 4-1 to Villa in the Q/F
In the FA Cup they lost 1-0 at home to non league Luton in the 4th rd.

This season so far : they’re in 18th place with 8 points from 9 games with 1 win (Stoke 1-0) 0 draws and  3 losses away from home.
In the Capital One Cup they beat Bury 6-3 at home in the 2nd rd, won 3-2 at Watford in the 3rd rd and lost 4-0 at the Swamp in the 4th rd. The rags opened the scoring with one of the most outrageous penalty decisions ever seen even at O/T.
Form at home to Norwich: Last season at the Etihad it was a 3-2 City loss in the last game of the season. Norwich opened the scoring Pilkington (26), Rodwell got his first of two (29,59) but Holt (54) and Howson (65) won it for Norwich as City’s defence capitulated (sign of things to come)
Crowd was 47,054.
Prior to that it was 4 wins 2 draws and 1 loss

Comment: Summer signings included Garrido, Redmond, Gary Hooper, van Wolfswinkel, for £27.5M in total whilst Grant Holt departed to Wigan.
I like Norwich, nice bright colours and we can usually get a win. Chris Hughton seems a decent guy, and the recent racist abuse he’s had is a disgrace.
They finally managed a win at The Etihad last game of last season only their second of the season and there must be no repeat today, spesh as they must be a bit demoralised after the 4-0 loss at O/T.

WWTWTWShite: Averaged 13,750 in 68/69 and this season it’s