Friday, 14 February 2014


Sunderland. Well, a bit of wind and rain. Cheesy told us the game was on from inside the stadium, then a caller rang up and said how could it be as Manc was on a red alert. We thought it was yellow. Then as we settled down in Macdonalds at half six we found out it was off. Should’ve been done hours ago. Last postponed game was the semi v the rags in 2010. I remember once at Leeds in the 80’s, Frank Worthington’s debut being a wild night. Joe Corrigan punch a high cross out mightily, the ball went out straight up in the air, he caught it on the way back down, and had to roll it out!

Chelsea tomorrow in the Cup. A draw or a win will give us a real fixture pile up but a win would be nice particularly as Mourinho continues to spout off.
We know what we’re up against after last week’s defeat and it just needs our players to be a bit more clinical in front of goal, then no problem.


  1. The next 2 games will tell us a great deal about the tactical abilities of our manager, as the 2 home games against Bayern and Chelsea saw our 442 rendered wide open and unable to cope with our opponents more flexible 4231 set up.
    Assuming Nasri and Garcia are fit, I would go for Milner on the right for Navas to help Pablo with the Hazard threat. I guess Garcia as the other holder with Toure, although I think it would be worthwile to try Rodwell in a fixed covering role. Nasri on the left for Jovetic leaving Nergredo up front. I guess there's no chance of Lescott to partner Kompany, so it'll be MDM yet again. Maybe Cliche ahead of Kolarov for Chelsea.
    At least then we've the option to switch to 442 if we need to go for it later on. Cahill is out, but I can't say I'm overflowing with confidence.

    1. Well, initial worries at formation and Chelsea picking their first choice team banished as we swatted them aside in one of the very best team performances of the season. Every City player very good tonight, and special mention for Garcia and Lescott. They were both outstanding and how Manuel can possibly see MDM or Nastasic as a better option than Lescott in defense is baffling.
      Also, great to see Nasri slot straight back into the form were he left off, Dzeko worked his socks off and Jovetic looked very good, silly booking aside. To finally put one over that arrogant twat Jose M. is a real pleasure. Lets hope to avoid Everton and the winner of Arsenal/Liverpool and yet another semi should be the least we can achieve in this years FA cup.

  2. The key thing was in this game we converted one of our earlier chances; Jovetic with a cool finish having nearly scored a minute or so earlier. Agree Lescott a definite improvement on MDM and Garcia the ideal player for this type of game, while Dzeko especially in the first half was impressive. Given the good performances by the 4 named, a little surprised Silva nominated for MOM.
    Aside from Hart for Pantilimon and maybe Nasri starting if 100% fit, wouldn't want to change the line-up much for Barca. However expect Pellegrini has different ideas.


  3. Congratulation to Manuel Pellegrini on this victory. I'm happy to say I was wrong about this one, we were not only deserved winners but made it look like quite comfortable for most of the match.

    I'm a bit puzzled as to why there was such a big difference in the performances between two games only twelve days apart. Did MP learn so much from the first game? Was it that he has finally realised that Lescott and Kompany are our best pairing at centre-back? Was the availability of Garcia to allow Yaya a more forward role key? Or was it simply that the Godsend of a night off on Wednesday meant that all of our players were that much fresher?

    A special mention for Garcia - I have been unconvinced virtually from the start of his career at City and have let my opinion be known on here and elsewhere, but the lad put in a performance yesterday - more please, Javi.

    Now let's just hope I am equally wrong in my fears regarding the upcoming games against Barcelona.

    1. Sorry, that should read "made it look quite comfortable"

      Incidentally, following our draw at Norwich the sports media were suddenly asking questions about whether City were starting to fade, did we really have it? etc. etc. I note no such questions about Chelsea following their draw and defeat in their last two games. (Yes, I know some of us were asking those questions, but we are still trying to overcome years of conditioning, of expecting things to go wrong. Some of the sports media have other agendas, I suspect)

  4. We played well yesterday and we need that sort of team against Barcelona rather than our usual open attacking formation which leaves us vulnerable to a speedy counter attack. Unlike the majority of Premier League teams a speedy counter attack for Barcelona or Bayern Munich normally leads to a goal.
    Strange how Lescott only made one mistake during our Premier League win yet we’ve tried about five different options to replace him.
    I also think Kompany looks more imperious with Lescott alongside him.
    As I argued earlier in the season Garcia gets far more stick than he deserves. He helped to smother the Chelsea midfield and should be allowed more slack from some fans who are strangely tolerant when Zabaletta can’t cross a ball or when Yaya and Silva look disinterested.

  5. For the sake of all our wallets please can we draw one of the Sheffield teams at home

  6. There have been a few occasions this season when I have said that the result was important, but never more so than this game. As previously pointed out, people were beginning to ask questions, ourselves included. Mourinho's open mouth policy was working and Chelsea gained a slight advantage after their 1-0 win. This win and more importantly, the way in which we won set us back on track. Well done to everyone, but particularly Lescott who looked rock solid, Garcia, Jovetic and Milner

  7. I've said much the same thing about Garcia on Saturday. Chelsea's central midfield had no pace or tricksiness, thus negating Garcia's lack of pace. He seemed happy to mix it where necessary.

    In the league, City were wounded by needing to play a substandard midfielder in Demichelis who never got close to the attackers.
    In the cup, Chelsea were wounded by playing a substandard midfielder in Mikel who never got close to the attackers.

    Also, when playing a 6/7 man massed defence, Jovetic's subtlety is a better match with one of our two CFs than the two CFs together. He looks properly fit at last. Shame about the pathetic dive.

    Wigan then. Haven't we a decent record against them in the cup?? Uwe should get a decent reception though.