Saturday, 22 February 2014


United are shit so the manumirror headlines
on Rooney’s new deal. No mention of holding the club to ransom, or comparing it to nurses wages, or how disgusting it is.
Nice day for a change at the Etihad. Bad news was that Chelsea scored to beat Everton in the dying seconds of added time.
Difficult for us today as we thought it might be. Dzeko looks to have eclipsed DJ Campbell’s last week’s miss of the season and just when you thought he couldn’t get any worse – he does. Yaya unlocked it eventually for 1-0 so a big relief.
Watching MOTD now and it doesn’t look any better. Still Sunderland lost 4-1 at Arsenal so praps a bit demoralised for next Sunday!?



  1. Edin's miss was embarrassing, a bit of a shame as he'd had a reasonable game. Ironically, I'd say he wasn't selfish enough when in a good position looking to pick out a colleague. Negredo more of a concern, and he looks a little lost without Sergio at the moment. Let's hope that Jovetic's injury isn't too bad as we could really use him at the moment.
    The game itself was an odd one, Toure sat deeper than Ferdy and then even deeper when Navas came on. We looked best. ironically, when Garcia came on and Ya Ya could push up and link the play with Silva and Nasri. Javi has looked ok in his last 2 games with the clearly defined role in front of the defense. Other than one timely interception I thought MDM was hopeless again, and eventually this guy is going to get targeted by the crowd who have been very patient with him.
    The League Cup final line up will be interesting. Other than Costas, I assume, I hope we go for our strongest line up (this does NOT include MDM!) to ensure silverware. A defeat does not bear thinking about.

  2. Anyone see Real Sociedad wipe the floor with Barca last night? You have to wonder if we’re really as good as we think we are. At least it gives me a bit of hope we can still turn things around in the Nou Camp – if we have a go and don’t give them too much respect.