Thursday, 6 February 2014


Thursday and not much news. Saturday it’s Norwich away, and here’s the It’s A fix extract from KK212 :

Third season in the Prem this time. Last pot league Cup in 1985. 56th League meeting. Recent connection Garrido.

This season so far they’slipped to 15th place with 24 points from 24 games and 4 wins 4 draws and 4 losses at home.
In the Capital One Cup they beat Bury 6-3 at home in the 2nd rd, Watford 3-2 away in the 3rd rd, but lost 4-0 at united in the 4th rd
In the FA Cup they lost 3-0 at Fulham in the 3rd rd
At The Etihad in November it was a 7-0 City win, goals coming from Johnson (OG 16), Silva (20), Martin (OG 25), Negredo (36), Toure (60), Aguero (71), Dzeko (86).
Crowd was 47,066 with 1,406 Canaries.

Form at Norwich : At Carrow Road in December  2012 it was a thrilling 4-3 City win. We went two goals up early doors through Dzeko (2, 4) Nasri got sent off after they pulled one back through Pilkington (14) Aguero made it 3-1 (50) Martin made it 3-2 (63) Dzeko/Bunn OG made it 4-2 (67) and Martin scored again (75) to make it our usual nervy ending.
Crowd was 26,827 with 2373 Blues.

Comment :. We always do well against Norwich and so long as complacency doesn’t seep in, today should be no different. They’re only 2 points off the drop zone though so it looks like a battle.
Check out The White Horse Inn at Trowse if you’re up for karaoke on the Friday night..

Groundwise: We’re in the same place as usual, at one end of the stand opposite the main stand.
Tickets : £50
Carrow Road : Capacity : 27,000 (2,300 for City)

WWTWTWShite : Averaged 13,750 in 68/69 and this season it’s 26,835.
Parking : Local car parks.
Pubs : Plenty, but the hotel at the ground allows fans in and you can get a bite there too, very nice.
Away day zine : Kick it Off
Sat Nav : NR1 1JE


  1. I'll be very disappointed not to see a positive response at Norwich today. To add a little perspective to comments made earlier in the week - it would be ridiculous to suggest that City are anything other than a good team, they are indeed a very good team. My concern is that we seem to continually struggle against certain opponents and certain styles of play. There is little doubt that these days we are strong enough to defeat most of the bottom 15 teams in the Premier League more often than not. To win domestic trophies, however, we are also going to have to beat Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton on a regular basis too. We are certainly also going to have to be good enough to beat Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona and PSG frequently if we are to have any success in Europe. It is our ability to operate at this level that provoked my comments following the Chelsea game. After viewing Pellegrini's comments and the press reaction on SSN this morning, I fear we have just taken another step backwards in this regard - Jose must be laughing into his corn flakes. Just keep quiet and do your talking on the pitch.

    1. Yep, title is probably gone now after a draw we could not afford. To a degree, the Chelsea defeat could be understood, but not to be able to score against, never mind defeat Norwich, cannot. The team picked itself with what was available, so no excuses are able to be offered. We may even see a retrospective ban for Toure after a late incident missed by the ref.
      With their fixtures I cannot see how we will catch Chelsea when you look at ours. They have Arsenal at home and Liverpool away as the only fixtures you can see the possibility of dropping points. We all now our away run in, therefore, we need to shift emphasis to securing the C/L spot. Liverpool's form is very ominous, although Arsenal may now drop away and we could do with them not winning at o/t next week.
      As previously stated many times, our squad although impressive cannot cover losing the really top players in Sergio, Nasri, Kompany and Ferdy, and we have been found out in a big way over the last 2 games to prove this. The fun games are over and we need to buckle down and take a leaf out of Chelsea's book to ensuring victories by having some tactical nouse not previously shown. The Barca games now look well beyond us!

  2. I feel that's it. I know there's a long way to go, but Chelsea are on a roll ad they deserve the top spot. Despite what Mourinho thinks, they have benefited from a bit of luck to this season. We look very jaded and I worry that our season is about to peter out