Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wednesday and 4 days to go

Wednesday – Five days to go.
Lots of fuss about Rooney ‘coining it in’ at Palace, and how the rags are gonna win the Champs league. Pity no fuss was made in the Carling Cup semi at the Swamp that time when Bellamy was pelted and they went down to the other end and scored.
Obviously that goal at the mighty Palace meant that he’s worth every penny of the £300K per week. Hypocrites.
Oops they lost in Greece last night and Van Perv reckons that the open goal he missed with no one near him was due to other rag players getting in his way! Ex Blue Bill Leivers has just rung up to thank me for sending the zine, which he loves, to him. Bill’s not in the best of health but is still bright and breezy and is hoping to get to Wembley if his tickets arrive OK having been sent by mistake (or redirected by a Post Office rag) to Scotland!



  1. The worst performance in Greece since Demis Roussos entered the 1973 Salonika Slimmer of the Year competition.
    On a more serious note
    If we beat Wigan we will probably have 4 games in hand on Chelsea and 3 on Arsenal and Liverpool. Our game at Anfield might have to be rescheduled for the final midweek of the season.
    It doesn’t help matters when Premier League games are not allowed to clash with Champions League fixtures. That virtually rules out April for any rescheduled games.

  2. As omene pointed out on another board, this next month could make or break our season, but at least it lasted this long and we're STILL in four comps