Monday, 10 March 2014

I Don't like Mondays

I don’t like Mondays
I was on 5 live on Saturday morning and predicted a 3-2 win which the Wigan fan from The Mudhutter fanzine said he’d take!
Well what the eff was that?
Lovely day for a change and after the euphoria of last week’s Cup final, it was the visit of Championship Wigan and the return of Uwe Rosler.
Internationals mid week though, so we wondered what toll that had taken on our ‘strong squad’ Would Manuel have learned from the difficulty we’d had beating Watford with a weakened squad, and the good sense to play a strong squad against Chelsea in the 5th round.
The answer was, for whatever reason, an emphatic NO.
Wigan fans were in cocky mood before the game going past me at my pitch chanting aggressively “ FA Cup Champions”. Winners, yes. Holders Yes. Champions No. If ever the team needs motivating before games like these then they should come and stand by me before such games.
I won’t dwell on the match. We couldn’t rely on wonder strikes to get us out of jail today so the rest of our season rests on the result at Barca. If we want to be taken seriously as top notchers then we need to do much better than this. I’m seriously pissed off.
Here’s the it’s A fix extract from KK213 :

Barca were formed in 1899 by Swiss, English and Catalonian footballers led by Joan Gamper. They are a symbol of Catalanism, their motto is ‘More Than a Club’ and anthem is ‘Cant Del Barca’. Club colours are reputed, peculiarly, to be based on those of Crystal Palace

They are an irreverent bunch and in 1925 booed the National Anthem, then sang God save the King, as a protest to the Rivera dictatorship. This caused sanctions, Gamper was forced to relinquish his presidency, and he committed suicide in 1930 due to financial and personal problems.
After the civil war in 1936 some of their and Bilbao players enlisted to fight against the military uprising and then president Sungal was murdered by the military.
In 1938 Barcelona was bombed causing 3,000 deaths , the Catalonia flag was banned as was the Catalonian language. When they lost 11-1 after winning the first leg of a cup game 3-0 in 1941 they were reminded that they were only playing due to Franco’s generosity!
In 1951their fans supported a tram strike by walking home from the ground in their thousands and have always been classed as staunch defenders of rights and freedom.

They’ve won 22 La Liga’s, (and are current Champions) 26 Copa Del Rey’s, 11Super Cups, 3 Copa Eva Duarto’s.
In Europe they’ve won 4 UEFA Champions cups, 4 Cup winners’ Cups, 4 UEFA Super Cups, 3 Cities Fairs Cups, 2 FIFA World Club Cups.
They are managed by Gerardo Martins.
They were the first team in 1961 to knock Real Madrid out of Europe, which was some revenge for an 11-1 drubbing in 1943.
They are currently 3rd in La Liga with both Atletico and Real Madrid above them with 63 points from 27 games with 20 wins 3 draws and 4 losses, including a 0-1 at Valladolid at the weekend, putting them 4 points behind Real Madrid at the top.
Current connections are Ferran Soriano and Txiki Beginstain, who will be frostily received!
Results in the Champions League : Celtic 1-0 away, 6-1 home; Ajax 1-2 away, 4-0 home; AC Milan 1-1 away, 3-1 home.
Last season they went out to Bayern Munich 0-4 away, 0-3 home

Friendlies :
1951/52 A 1-5; 1956/57 A2-3; 1974/75 A 2-3; 1986/87 A 1-1; 2002/03 H 2-1 when they opened COMS and we dreamt we might meet them in Europe one day: 2009/10 A 1-0 (Joan Gamper  trophy) where City fans had a very pleasant experience particularly on the beach, but transport after the game was abysmal! Be warned!

Groundwise : Their first ground was the Camp de la Industria which they moved into in 1909, capacity around 6,000, but in 1922 they moved to Les Corts capacity 22,000 increased to 60,000. Camp Nou was built in 1954 and completed in 1957, and upgraded in 1980 then 1992. Its current capacity is 99,786 with an allocation of only 4,500 for City.

Comment: We were given a bit of a footballing lesson at the Etihad without being threatened on goal and it was 0-0 at half time.
However, the ref was lenient it has to be said and it was a foul on Navas with the type of tackle we were getting booked for, in the build up to their first a penalty and sending off for Demichelis. We gave it a real go after that, but their second goal late on was a killer, and so we go to Barcas needing a 3-0 win, or maybe a 3-1 would do.
They’ve had a few set backs recently so it’s not impossible if we’re not daft.
Whatever, we need to get over Sunday’s disappointment, and enjoy the trip, and the City.
Just a reminder that the deadline for KK214 is Wednesday night, March 12th and stuff is coming in thick and fast.



  1. I want to see us go at Barca from the off and I don't care if we lose doing it. We are giving teams in the CL too much respect. Against Napoli at home, a game that was also their first CL game, we treated them like they were world champs and should have considered that they would be nervous too. Against Bayern away, we let them run the show for half and hour but when we settled we matched them. Against Real away we were like scared children for twenty minutes, then we started to attack them and should have won had it not been for a period of blind panic in the last five nminutes. Against Real at home, same story for half an hour but when we regained our senses we dominated them and the look on Mourinho and Ronaldo's faces said it all. Most recently at home to Barca, we again took forty minutes to realise that they weren't that special, but that we weremaking them look good. Let's go and give it a go.

  2. Whilst I agree with Tony's comments re: having a go, I think this tie has really got into the heads of our players. Since the week before the build up to the home leg up until now we have mustered only one good performance in six games - it is as if these matches have been looming over us like a spectre. It reminds me of a lower league club with a big cup tie coming up, subconsciously it plays on the mind, no one wants to get injured, everybody is saving it for 'the big one'. Win or lose I'll be glad to see the back of this one then maybe we'll be able to get back to what we do best.

  3. Bored with Wembley
    Bored with the Champions League
    Bored with having my account debited two months before a big game.
    Bored with moaning about players lacking the hunger for more trophies
    Bored with Alan Hansen describing Yaya as a colossus when he hasn’t won a tackle in four years.
    Bored with the twat behind me blaming Kolarov after two minutes.
    Bored with the media tipping City for the Quadruple
    Bored with the media ridiculing City when we don’t win the Quadruple

    Give me the Europa League
    Give me relegation six pointers
    Give me trauma
    Give me the Alfie Haarland long throw that doesn’t even reach the penalty area
    Give me Jamie Pollock clenching his fist to the Kippax before slicing his corner into the Platt Lane
    Give me Stuart Pearce’s lucky teddy bear
    Give me finishing the season with two goalkeepers on the pitch.
    Give me time wasting near the corner flag when another goal would keep us in the Premier League

    Why face Messi in Barcelona when you can be messy in Barnsley?

  4. A partial cure for my woes this morning came with the news this arrogant Bastard has been jailed 3.5 years for tax evasion.The following clip is from Blue Moon, April 2013... - "Bayern's Uli Hoeness says Uefa must throw out clubs such as Man City and PSG from the Champions League for Financial Fair Play to be effective." How ironic (and sweet)!